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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Have A Great New Year Everyone!!!!

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>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART III <<

Novemeber ===> December

Leanne Li-Had her first role in Love Guaranteed aired, and had another role in Dicey Business do so as well. However her roles are considerably smaller than the roles Fala Chen have been getting even though Leanne is MCI 2005 while Fala is only first runners up because Leanne is isn't getting enough buzz and she doesn't dress as revealing as Fala.

Jonhson Lee-Had supporting roles here and there before signing on to the cast of Welcome To The House with rumors of a falling out with Raymond Cho shortly following. But he is gaining popularity because of WTTH.

Mandy Cho-I have the up most sympathy for her. I know I never really liked her but I feel so sorry for her. The press has reported that TVB gave up on Mandy after a 9 months leave so she can finish her education. I know how education can take over life so I feel sorry for her that it affected her so much. TVB haven't been giving her any new roles I really think its true.

Selena Li-Watch out for this girl in 2007. In my opinion she has really improved. Face To Fate will soon air so I think she will get a popularity boost. She recieved some buzz this year surrounding her rumors with Patrick Tang and the news that she had to lose 10 pounds in 10 days for TGWL.

Kenix Kwok-After A Pillow Case of Mysteries aired she disappeared in Hong Kong. She headed to China filming Mainland series. I wonder if she would have stayed with TVB if she won the Best Actess in 2005.

Joe Ma-Maiden's Vow aired and had good ratings for the first few weeks so Joe gained alot of popularity and was one of the hot contender for the Best Actor Award. Soon after he was caught vacationing in Thailand with his "girlfriend", but recently it was reported that his wife and him are still in a loving relationship. The Conquest is currently airing but the current air ratings aren't that good.

Shirley Yeung-AR recieved bad ratings and Au Revoir Shanghai & The Price of Greed were warehoused. Devil's Disciple also potentially could be warehouse (Hope it wont though). Shirley was also criticized by the public for being too sexy following articles in magazines that said she was using being sexy for advertising event jobs. But she won the Chicago TV award for her role as a blind character & of course she won Best Supporting actress.

Evergreen Mak-Still doing supporting roles for TVB, his year was good. There is nothing out of the ordinary.

Charles Szeto-Dominated in getting roles where he played young men in high school or college. He's being somewhat type-casted but at least his roles are pretty significant.

Derek Kwok-Delivered many good performances with roles in series like LWOLAP, but its safe to say he's under-promoted by TVB.

Kenny Wong-His body has been getting alot of attention causing a popularity surge and advances in his career. He even won Best Supporting Actor, but he still isn't that well liked among TVB fans. If anything, his poularity is dropping because people are pretty sick of him showing off his body at every chance he gets.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART III <<

September ===> October

Rocky Cheng-One of TVB's most promoted new supporting actor. I'm surprise Rocky & Kenny Wong aren't best friends yet because he takes his shirt off at every chance he gets also.

Joel Chan San Chung-Still a supporting class actor but his roles are getting bigger so his career is going well, just a bit slow.

Kenneth Ma-Had a whirlwind year. Its clear he won fans over with his charm and humorous personality. He appeared in La Femme Desperado & Love Guaranteed which were highly rated. Of course he won the Most Improved Actor Award at the TVB Awards. But of course he was dragged into the whole Sammul Chan betrayal scandal, but it has died down now.

Yoyo Mung-OMG! She sucked the life out of 2006 with the whole Ekin Cheng romance. A couple months back all you couldn't go to one news site without seeing an article about them. Is it really that big of a deal? Dating Ekin actually helped her career though because she is sponsored by alot of companies now. I think its not fair that she is allow to openly date but stars like Raymond Lam have spoken out saying TVB has forbade him to date girls.

Moses Chan-His series received disappointing ratings. We all know DOP didn't live up to its hype, and Land of Wealth received low ratings. Its a bad omen when the series's acronym is L.O.W. His year wasn't bad though, his populariry still continued to climb. For some reason I think Moses will have a big year in 2007.

Tavia Yeung-After experiencing two months with big boobs filming Dicey Business she upgraded to the real thing by enrolling her on the beauty enhancement program and becoming their spokesperson. I thought it was weird that she made it into the Most Improved Award Top 5 because he has already won the award three years ago. I think she is doing very well.

Steven Ma-Safe Guard got good ratings while Land of Wealth received bad ratings so I guess they cancel each other out. He injured his eyes while filming with a horse so their was a little mishap in his year. One happy event is when he won the Favorite Male Character Award.

Vivien Yeo-A little more well known now, but she is still acting in very small roles. I find her acting very innocent, and she seems like a sweet girl. I think TVB should promote her more than Elaine Yiu.

Stephen Huynh-Had his first acting role air in Land of Wealth. TVB was somewhat promoting him but when his brother won Mr. HK this year they change their tactics and promoted them as a brotherly duo. He has more roles in upcoming series in 2007.

November ===> December...
Will Be Up Tomorrow Just In Time For New Years Eve...

Friday, December 29, 2006

>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART II <<

May ===> August

Matthew Ko-Didn't successfully defend his Mr. HK title but had his first series air. He had a pretty significant role on "To Grow With Love" which was his second acting job next to a smaller role he had in Super Cops which hasn't been released yet. He gain popular for his role in TGWL so TVB is promoting him in new series.

Fala Chen-Had a small cameo role in Forensic Heroes. Her other series will be released in 2007 so she hasn't become known among series watching fan but in HK there is alot of buzz surrounding her with plenty rumors and the fact that she always dress very sexy.

Sharon Chan-Had a song in the Lady In Red CD putting her foot into the door of the music industry. After filming Glittering Days she stop filming series and joined the sitcom "Welcome To The House". Unfortunately, she joined when the sitcom ratings started to drop.

Bernice Liu-She didn't have one series that aired at all so she didn't have a chance at any TV awards in HK. However, her poularity didn't fade with numerous advertisement deals under her belt.

Ron Ng-Bounced back from his time working on his music career, filming more series and focusing more on his acting career. Men In Pain did well in the ratings so his year has been good, he's just been really low key this year.

Myolie Wu-I personally think Myolie had a bad year. War & Destiny got warehoused, Master of Tai Chi is still unreleased, and she gained all that weight to play Fei Tin for nothing because the series received disappointing ratings & she didn't win any awards.

Anna Yau-Secured her status as one of TVB's top MC as she is still under TVB management. She is co-hosts to big shows like TVB Lightning Ceremony, Mr. Hong Kong, and of course the annual TVB Anniversary Celebration.

Bosco Wong-was accused of taking advantage of Fala chen & Natalie Tong, but those accusations have died down now. he was romanticly link with Myolie as always and Niki Chow. Two of his series got warehoused (ARS & TPOG), and another will potentially be warehoused (DD). LWOLAP recieved horrible ratings but Dicey Business is doing OK.

Lai Lok Yi-Still a character actor. He has had the least success out of the six Oympic Stars. However, he is friends with big name stars like Ekin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, & Emme Wong so he still gets alot of buzz.

Winnie Sum-Starting to work her way up, slowly getting bigger roles so her career is progressing alright. She is rumored to Fred Cheng's girlfriend.

Vin Choi-Still a Kelefe (An Extra). I don't know what he is doing in the actual calendar, he should be on the cover page with other minor role actors. There are actors in the front page who had actual lines in series who should be on this page like Eric Lee or Ngo Kanin.

Raymond Lam-This year's Annual Artistes Best Actor Award winner. TVB-G established that he has had the best year. If you would like to read more about his year refer to the "Best Year' post.

Linda Chung-Progressed very fast this year. She already won the The Most Improved award & leading series. Aside from rumors Linda had a good year.

Ada Choi-Returned to TVB with The Dance of Passion. She was a hot contender for this year's Best Actress award. She will film another 80 episodes series for TVB in 2007. Ada is one of the Most Welcome Back stars of the year.

Kevin Cheng-Gained alot of poularity from UTCOL with Niki Chow. All his series received good ratings this year & TVB allowed him to pursue his singing career after renown musician Lau Ka Cheung signed a contract with TVB accepting him as his student. He won Best Actor, but he was sued by his former music teacher Dai Si Chung so his year somewhat half baked.

Kate Tsui-Lucky Kate got her acting role in the year's #1 rated series La Femme Desperado. She ran into some trouble though when she openly talked about sexual positions on public HK radio, but TVB forgave her & still gave her more roles in upcoming series. Kate also was in a couple of movies this year making her good overall.

Elaine Yiu-Still not very well liked among TVB fans, but she is getting bigger roles in series. Safe Guard did really well in the ratings so she gained some popularity this year.

Amigo Chui-He's such a successful host & TV personality now. He hosts alot of big shows like the JSG Award and is considered one of TVB's master of show so I think he had a really good year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART I <<

January ===> April


Sunny Chan-Filmed a couple of series with TVB and had one that aired. War and Destiny was warehoused but Love Guaranteed was big hit and one of the year’s top rated series. Overall he was kind of low key this year.

Frankie Lam-Had a big hit with Forensic Heroes. He later left TVB but he will be returning in 2007 to film Forensic Heroes 2.

Bowie Lam-Always Ready received bad ratings but Bowie said he expected it. But I’m sure he didn’t expect The Dance of Passion to receive such disappointing ratings. Reportedly he had a falling out with Wong Hei while filming for TVB‘s variety show “Landscapes & Beauties” a.k.a. “Homegrown Beauties“. Bowie also obtained a somewhat conceited and arrogant image after he proclaim himself the biggest contender for Best Actor and Moses Chan should wait a couple more years. This lead to the infamous Liza Wang incident at the Award Show.

Roger Kwok-He was gone for the early part of the year, but shortly return. He also got married to long time girlfriend Cindy Au in a fairy tale wedding at Disney World. His series “Glittering Days” was aired as the anniversary series, but ratings weren’t high as expected. He is currently filming “Curious Detectives” with Sonjia Kwok, Margie Tsang, and Kenneth Ma.

Bobby Au-Yeung-This year, Bobby showed that his relationship with TVB is better than ever. He filmed a Pillow case of Mysteries last year and it was aired early this year being the first series in 2006 that received ratings in the 30’s helping TVB recover from its ratings slump which seems to be starting again this year. Forensic Heroes was aired and the second highest rated series of the year. Bobby is currently filming another series for TVB called “Trouble Daddy”. He also signed on to film Forensic Heroes 2 in 2007.

Adam Cheng-He filmed one series and only had that one series that aired which was Bar Benders. BB received good ratings and was one of the top 10 series of the year.


Winnie Yeung-After having a baby last year we all thought she would take a couple months break and return to filming but she was pregnant again and had another baby this year. Congratulations Winnie!

Melissa Ng-She was extremely low key this although she was a big contributor to TVB’s high ratings with series like LFD & LG. She kind of disappear for a good while. It wasn’t until recently that we saw a little news about her.

Jessica Hsuan-Ended her management contract with TVB and lost her status as the number one sister at TVB. However, she is still filming for the company. She is currently filming for “The Drive of Life” and Dicey Business is currently airing in Hong Kong.

Charmaine Sheh-Had a not so good year in the ratings with only Maiden’s Vow doing well but she received a lot of awards including Best Actress at the TVB Anniversary Award Show. Charmaine’s popularity is rising fast and with the departure of Jessica from TVB management, Charmaine may take the title of Number Sister at TVB away from Gigi Lai who was considered next in line last year.

Gigi Lai-Had an OK year, nothing special happen with her. She continued to film for TVB and DOP was aired. I read this column I think in the Easy Finder or one those tabloid magazine a couple months back saying that a cat fight might be brewing between Gigi & Ada Choi because Gigi is stepping into Ada’s territory and potentially will be the spokeperson for Moiselle in place of Ada. I didn’t believe it but Gigi has been shooting a lot of Moiselle ads and pictures for their catalogues. Anyways. Gigi had an Ok year, don’t always believe what you read in magazines lol.

Sonjia Kwok-Had a lot of rumors this year, ranging from being romantically linked with Joe Ma to billionaire Chan Kwok Keung. She spent some time filming a movie but she’s back filming series. The ratings were not good to her at all this year with LWOAP & LOW getting bad ratings . Now The Conquest is airing but its receiving bad ratings as well. And Vagabond Vigilante was warehoused. But on the bright side, she has become more popular in China from filming a lot of mainland series.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

TVB Generation Closing Out 2006: 2006 TVB Calendar Final Report

. : 2006 Coming To An End: Last year I closed out the year with a TVB Calendar higlighting, and summarizing 2005 for the artistes on the TVB calendar. This year will do the same thing, 2006's calendar is alot different from 2005's because it contains alot more stars. That's why I split the Final Report into a multipart post.

To view the 2005 Final Report: CLICK HERE. This was back when I was fairly new at blogging with only about 2 months of experience on my hand so you might see a slight change in my blogging. Can't believe its almost 2007 already. I wont actually start the Final Report until tomorrow with January-February but today I round up the Cover Page with notable artistes on the front.

The 2006 TVB Calendar Cover Page: Note that I will only highlight the notable artistes on the cover page, if I highlight all of them I'll still be here on this post until 2007.

Back Row: Eric Lee-Had a very significant role in Vagabond Vilgilante, sad to say it was ware house. He mostly played villainess roles this year, overall no big jumps in his career. Nancy Wu-Gained alot of publicity because of her relationship with Deep Ng (Broken up now). Her career is progressing at a faster paste now with a couple of series where she had significant roles airing soon in 2007.

Second Row: Devily Leung-Her career is moving so slow, the only series she had this year was Maiden's Vow which she had small role in the 70's era. Yoyo Chan-She was nowhere this year, out of the three sisters from Sunshine Heartbeat (Her, Charmaine Li, & Vivien Yeo) she has the least sucess. Heidi Chu did some acting here and there, but she mostly worked on Radio Show. Angel Sung is a very successful reporter for TVB for the Ent. Scoop Show. Ngo Kanin got started getting bigger roles this year & had alot of hosting jobs so he is progressing at a good paste. Charmaine Li showed alot of improvements in her acting so she is starting to become more well recieved among TVB fans.

MHK 2005: Sharon Luk-Mostly hosting jobs if not all, if you only watch TVB series and not variety report shows you most likely won't know her that well. Tracy Ip was linked romanticly this year with Don Li, she signed a one year contract TVB, but she also express that would like to finish her education or pursue her modeling career soon. Carrie Lam stood high and mighty on her acting career, despite many thinking she would not act but rather model because of height she still pursued acting with a role in Heart of Greed as one of the "four beauties" in the series.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

. : : Happy Holidays Everyone!! : : .

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! I will be on a little break, but I will return on the 26th to start TVB-G's annual Calendar Final Report again. See you guys then, have a warm & festive Christmas, hope everyone gets the presents they all wanted. Stay safe. -Love Asia

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who Has Had The Best Year?

This pretty simple, who has had the best year? This means that 2006 was fruitful for them and they didn't really go through a really bumpy road to get there, so basicly they didn't go through alot of hardship. This will be an elimination type style post where I will eliminate 3 stars a day until we get a winner. I got this idea while watching VH1's Best Year Ever so I decided to do a TVB version. Let me know how you feel?

Your Winners For Best Year Ever Are...

Winner-Raymond Lam: When I began this post I was planning to let Raymond be the First Runners Up, but through alot persuasion and reasoning from readers I decided that Raymond did have the Best Year. LWOLAP didn't do well in the ratings but it wasn't the lowest, however his other series LFD was this year's #1. Face To fate got warehouse its airing next month. He also won Best Actor at the Annual Artiste Award. He made Top 5 at the TVB Awards. Besides that he has been participating alot of grand productions, he even had time to go film for a Mainland series with Tammy Chen & Alex Fong. His popularity is really rising fast. So Ray definitely had the best year.

First Runners Up-Kenny Wong: I don't know if this was a good year for him or his body. His body has been getting alot of attention causing a popularity surge and advances in his career. He even won Best Supporting Actor, but he still isn't that well liked among TVB fans. If anything, his poularity is dropping because people are pretty sick of him showing off his body at every chance he gets. So Kenny had a good year, just not as good as Raymond's.

Second Runners Up-Michael Tse: Just last year VOH of Harmony ended and the only TVB series Michael was filming was LFD. His career didn't seem to be taking off at all, but now his career is at an all time high. Just last year when we think of Michael Tse, we think of him with Bondy Chiu, but now Bondy left and Michael still has made a name for himself. Stepping into the Leading Male league and his series LFD was #1 in the ratings this year. Too bad he didn't win any awards, he had a great year, but lets say it could have been better...

Round 2 Elimination:

I was planning to let Shirley go to the final round but sos's reasoning on Shoutbox really influenced my decision. Shirley Yeung is out, because AR recieved bad ratings and Au Revoir Shanghai & The Price of Greed were warehoused. Devil's Disciple also potentially could be warehouse (Hope it wont though). Shirley was also criticized by the public for being too sexy following articles in magazines that said she was using being sexy for advertising event jobs. She won the Chicago TV award for her role as a blind character & of course she won Best Supporting actress but it still doesn't her year the best.

Linda Chung had a good year but she still isn't exactly very well recieved among TVB fans. She now has the spotlight shined on her so alot of rumors following her for example her rumors with Raymond Lam and most recently rumors that her co-workers & cast members are ostracizing her. Though she won The Most Improved award it still has not been the best year for her. Linda is out.

Sheren Tang had a great year in my opinion with her series La Femme Desperado coming in #1 in the ratings, but public opinions feel that she was "robbed" of her award so she didn't have the best year. And I think it makes sense on some level so Sheren is out.

Round 1 Elimination: As Heidi Klum saids on Project Runway, "Either you're in or you're out." and Charmaine, Kenneth, and Kevin are out. All three are award winners this but it doesn't mean that they had it good all year and had the best year.

Charmaine Sheh had about 5 series that aired this year and the ratings were pretty disappointing. AR & LWOAP had bad ratings, DOP was a disappointment, Maiden Vow had good ratings in first week or two then it slip into the 20's by the last week, and Glittering Days ratings were so so considering it was an anniversary series. A year of disappointing ratings mix with some awards still does not make it the best year for Charmaine.

Kenneth Ma's year went pretty smoothly with the majority of his series getting good ratings. His overall high this year was him winning the Most Improved Award. Then a couple weeks later the whole Sammul Chan betrayal scandal surfaced and the Apple Daily pointed the finger at Kenneth hinting he was the "backstabber". If this isn't bad press it certainly isn't good press so Kenneth's year was not the best because of the bumpy road he encountered towards the end.

Kevin Cheng's year was half baked. The beginning was average then UTCOL & TS aired and he experienced a rise in popularity. Now he's labeled as the dark horse with series that gets good ratings, and then he Best Actor last month. However, he was sued by his former music teacher & manager for a percentage of all the money he earned and will make. Though it aroused alot of sympathy but its still a lawsuit so I wouldn't say his year was the best.

3 Hot Contender out in the first round, so do you think will be out next and who will win?

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Monday, December 18, 2006

>> TVB-G Showdown: Michelle Reis Vs. Sonjia Kwok <<

If you missed Part I: The Sitcoms, CLICK HERE.

Why Michelle Reis Vs. Sonjia Kwok?: Wondering why I put Michelle Reis (Lei Ka Yan) and Sonjia Kwok (Kwok Sin Ley) in a head to head battle? Well, if you're pageant fan then you have would catched it right away. These ladies were the only former Miss Hong Kong who were able to win the Miss Chinese International pageant.

Hong Kong has only won twice, and its been about six years since Hong Kong won the last title. Every year now, I'm wondering "Is this year's MHK is pretty enough to take the title again?". I kinda think Aimee Chan wont be able to, because of her age and many other factors but we'll wait and see. Right now, Michelle Reis still holds the title of the Most Beautiful Miss Hong Kong, will Sonjia fill her shoes? Or will a younger MHK take over it in the future?


The Body: Michelle Reis stands at 5'7 with a body of supermodel, many fashion designers like Christian Dior sponsor her to represent them. Sonjia Kwok is about 168 which is about 5'6, she is quite fit but her body isn't quite celebrated as Michelle so Round 1 goes to Michelle.

The Education: Michelle went to Maryknoll Convent College which is good and small college. But Sonjia graduated from Vancouver University majoring in Physicology & Economics. Vancouver University is bigger is more well known, and I'm sure its alot more accredited. Round 2 goes to Sonjia.

The Love History: Well, lets just say both Michelle and Sonjia had their share of rumours with Billionaires in Hong Kong. Sonjia was rumoured earlier this year to be dating Chan Kwok Keung. Michelle as a matter of fact is currently dating a Billionaire. Both of them were linked with leading males in TVB's "the Breaking Point. Michelle was linked with Leon Lai, while Sonjia dated Deric Wan for two years which actually brought her career down. Round 3 goes to Michelle for scandalous love life.

The Age: Michelle turned 36 this year, while Sonjia turned 32. For reason in live pictures outside of the studios, Sonjia looks older than she really is. But the fact is Sonjia is younger so Round 4 goes to Sonjia.

The Beauty: This one is totally based on my opinion, if you guys feel different about it then consider who ever you picked the winner. I think honestly, Michelle Reis is prettier, she looks amazing for age, like she is a decade younger than she really is. Both ladies are mixed, Michelle is half Portuguese, and Sonjia is a quarter British. Michelle looks so much more exotic with very unique look. Plus, she still holds the title of the Most Beautiful Miss Hong Kong almost 18 years after she won MHK. So I picked Michelle to win Round 5.

In This Battle Michelle wins 3-2. Once again its a matter of opinions.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

English Speakers!

It's always fascinate me when I hear TVB artistes speaking english. I know there are a handful of artistes who come from overseas and are fluent in English. Its so interesting to actually hear those artistes speak it. I found a couple videos of artistes speaking English, actually a full sentence not just "thank you" or "Merry Christmas" which we cant really go on.

You guys dont have to worry, I know there are alot more of these artistes who speak english like Flora, Moses, Bernice, Linda, Selena,... but these were the only ones I have videos of so far. If you other videos would like to share with everyone just leave a message.

Angela Tong, Kate Tsui, & Sonjia Kwok Speaking English: This clip is from Ent Scoop last month when The Village People were visiting Hong Kong. They were interviewed by Angela, Kate, & Sonjia.

Angela Tong's English is excellent. I read she grew up overseas, and Cantonese is actually her weaker language. She is definitely fluent.

Kate's English is a little weird. It's a bit choppy, and thick at times like when she pronounce fascinating. I think she isnt fluent, because grammaticly she kinda speaks broken English.

Sonjia's English is quite good actually, if I'm not mistaken she is from overseas also. Her English
is grammaticly correct and I have to say alot better than Kate even though Kate is the one known for English speaking skills.

Kevin Cheng Speaking English: This clip was uploaded by Kate6002. Its from his movie Boys in 1996 where he was lead along with Edmond Leung & Fennie Yeun, yes he's not a acting newcomer like everyone thinks. Kevin was born in California and has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering. He was born before the time of the Civil Rights Movement so I wonder how his life experiences living in the USA at that time were.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Things I Miss

Nothing special, just a little & short piece that I wrote really quickly with random stuff in my head. It might or might not keep you guys entertain regarding about what I miss. If you're bored feel free to read.

I Miss... Pictures of Kevin or Niki alone. Seriously, they have been at almost every event together. When I see a picture of Niki alone, I start asking myself "Where's Kevin? Something must be seriously wrong.", vicesa versa. I saw a picture of Kevin with Amanda S. & Ankie Bui, and I just thought to myself its strange to see him without Niki and with other girls...

I Miss... Series Where Gigi Lai & Bowie Lam Aren't In It Together. They have been in so many series together, paired up and not paired up. Lets see there's WAB, HH3, DOP, ... And now its been announce they work together again in Jewel's Splendor. I could understand if they had awsome chemistry like LJ, but they're just lacking that "it" factor. I can think of like 5 actors Gigi would have better onscreen chemistry with, I hope they're not paired up again in JS.

I Miss... Series Without Stretch Marks. Some TVB series these days have the skin texture of 8 month pregnant belly. Why cant they keep a good series in the 20 episodes range when it is fitting. Don't stretch it out to make a pretty boring 30-40 episode series. *COUGH*LWOLAP*UNCOUGH*. Hopefully the 60 & 80 episodes series will not have that effect.

I Miss... Wuxia Series. There have been a lack of them in the past few years. Considerably less than the 90's. Face To Fate was a really good series I thought shouldn't have been warehoused. I think its all because LWOLAP got really bad ratings so TVB got the impression that people don't like Wuxia type series anymore so they haven't aired any in a while. They mostly only air Romantic Comedies now.

I Miss... The Days When I Thought TVB Artistes Were Poor. There was a time when I thought some of the artistes were so dead broke. Now all of them seem extremely rich. Ron, Bosco, Sonjia, Charmaine, all talking about how they have to pay for 6-7 figure income tax. Bernice talking about buying real estate to invest in. Charmaine shopping for a Porsche. Raymond driving around in a Benz. Kenix & Frankie investing in luxury homes. I love the articles where they casually slip in they made 5-6 figure sum for attending a 2-3 promotional event. My gosh, how much money do they make a year.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

: : : TVB-G Superhero Satire Parody PART II: : :

Missed The Intro & Part I? CLICK HERE To View It.

Magneto ==> Charmaine Sheh: Magneto the Magnet from the X-Men series is known for his power to attract. Magneto is able to attract metal and maneuver it to his control. Charmaine Sheh also has the power to attract. She is attracting so many fans to her fan base at such an alarming rate. Her fan base is one the fastest growing and one of the biggest when it comes to TVB artistes. Jessica Hsaun has the biggest fan base when it comes to fan dans but Charmaine is now stiff competition. She has attracted a huge fan base as big as Jessica's in a shorter time span, with countless websites, forums, BBS, blogs, and clubs dedicated to her giving her lifts when it comes time to vote.

Jean Grey/Phoenix ==> Kevin Cheng: Jean Grey is the famous mind controller and reader who is linked with Cyclops & Wolverine. As the story tells she is embodied and transformed into Phoenix. Kevin Cheng is a mind reader is his own rights. He is almost infamous now for being able to know what is on the TVB executives mind, and becoming their favorite and "TVB's Son". Some might say the once Underated actor is now Overated because of good ratings, somewhat like Jean becoming Phoenix.

Mystique ==> Sheren Tang: Mystique, another character from the X-Men saga. Mystique has the mystic power to transform into anyone. Sheren also has the mystic power to transform into anyone, acting wise that is. I'm just blown away by her acting. Its so superior and truly shows that she has so much experience that she can drown me in it. She always perfects the character that she sets out to potray and embodies the character. The poster of La femme Desperado has Melissa in the center of the focal point, but it doesn't mean Sheren isn't lead, because as we all saw she stole the show with her potrayal of Hilda. And there's no need for me to mention Yu Fei.

Storm ==> Virginia Lok: Storm is my favorite character from the X-Men series, she is often refered to as the Weather Witch because of her abilities to control the weather. Virginia Lok A.K.A. Lok Yi Ling is a TVB executive who basicly controls the weather at TVB. If she wants wind she'll get wind, if she want rain she'll get rain. For a person who has never appeared in any TVB series she has become as almost as famous the artistes themself.

Happy Belated Birthday To Raymond Lam!

Happy 27th Birthday Raymond!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Leila Tong !!!

I didn't forget about Leila's Birthday thanks to mr. x on shoutbox. Leila officially turns 25 today. She currently isn't filming any TVB series, I hope she will return to film more series son. Hope Leila has a Happy Birthday!
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Juicy Gossips!

Scandals! Scandals! Scandals!

So much gossips flying around the last couple couple of days. Particularly the list of gay celebrities that was release on Walter hau's blog. Apparently it wasn't him because someone hacked into his blog but there's still alot specualtion flying around. Another is the Sammul Chan being betrayed by one of the Olympic Six. There have alot of discussion about, and when I read at Em's Blog how juicy its getting so I had to do a post about it.

The Walter Hau Blog Scandal:

Cinple has a very informative dicussion going on about about it. Click Here: Go through all the posts for full details. YY, has provided us alot information on the scandal.

Here Are The Names I'm Familiar With That YY Mention that were allegedly reported:

* Bowie Lam (introduced by mutual friend, Gigi Lai)
* Sammul Chan (had one-month relationship with)
* Derek Lee Ho Lam (open secret)
* Carlo Ng (I've always suspected that, despite his married status)
* Chun Wong (Chow Bat Tung in LOCH); Fei Tin's father in TGWL (new to me)
* King Sir (rumoured before)
* Kwong Wah - Bi-sexual (new to me)
* Mark Kwok (open secret)
*Ricky Chan

*The captions in parentheses are of YY not me.

My Commentary: Of the allegedly gay on the list. I don't think Bowie Lam is, but what do I know. Sammul Chan has always been rumored to be gay, I don't know why though, Lai Lok Yi is alot more feminine than him. Derek Lee, I'm not sure about. Carlo Ng is married, but I thought he was gay before because of the way he dress. I don't even want to think about Chun Wong & King Sir, that's so weird. Kwong-Wah, never though he was bi-sexual or gay. Mark Kwok, didn't think he was gay either. Ricky Chan (From Central Affairs II), he didn't seem gay at all to me.

Besides those, recently Steven ma have been rumored to be gay. Manila @ Cinple also mention in the post that Wong Hei was caught having a guy in his house couple months ago. But lets turn our attention to Walter Hau. For those who don't know, he is male model in Hong Kong. I actually knew who he was, I saw news about him a long time ago about him & Carmen Choi. I thought he was the ugliest male model in Hong Kong. Here are pictures of him:

The Sammul Chan Betrayal Scandal:

Basicly Sammul came out and said of the Olympic Six betrayed him by bad mouthing to producers and crew members but he didn't say who. Lai Lok Yi, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, and Kenneth Ma were questioned about it. The Apple Daily basicly hinted it was Kenneth by saying "Ma Yi Gwok" (Kenneth's chinese name is Ma Gwok Ming). CLICK HERE to read all about what happen.

My Commentary: Something about this smells fishy. Ron, Raymond, and Bosco had bigger success than Sammul from the gecko, so I don't see why they would attack Sammul. So that's just leaves Lai Lok Yi and Kenneth in my opinion. I still don't believe any of them did it really. The fingers are being pointed Kenneth, but the guy seems so ginuwine. Its like War & Beauty of the Olympic Stars.

I kinda think Sammul is making all of this up for attention. There's alot of gay rumors flying around about him, so I think he might of just made this up as a distraction to draw the attention away from the gay rumors. But only Sammul really knows so I can't say much about it really. After this, I dont see him ever coming back for TVB ever again.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

: : : New Layout! : : :

I had some time today so I worked on the new layout that will be use "to welcome" the new year. This layout's theme is Beauty, and lite colors are the color scheme. I haven't done an animation in a while, but I gave it a shot, and made an animated banner. The banner pictures are from the 2007 Sales Presentation HDTV clip featuring Sonjia, Moses, Bernice, and Kevin. Everyone thought it was very beautiful so it used it as the banner. Ada Choi takes the TVB-G for this layout.

I also updated the Top Searches with the Most Searched Artistes of 2006, Raymond, Leila, Bernice, & Ron. lol I realize people are searching over and over to increase their favorite artistes inquiries, *COUGH*RAYMOND*COUGH*, I know this because they spelled his name wrong and kept on pressing search without realizing the typo so there were about 65 inquiries searching for "Ramoynd Lam" on that certain day. But I cant really do anything about it, plus I cant always tell, so be my guest, feel free to search.
Hope Everyone Likes The New Layout!

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