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Friday, August 25, 2006

: : : TVB-G Superhero Satire Parody : : :

. : To The Rescue, Not Really... This isn't really a reacasting so dont get confuse. This is solely for fun. I just tried put fun twists on which TVB artsites are parody of the heros that we are know. Dont take it personally, they are only for fun. If it goes well I'll do more. I'm gonna start a real recasting of superheros soon as suggested by Jayne.

The Flash-Linda Chung: Faster than a bolt of Lightning, Quicker than the Speed of Light, its the Flash, No... Its Linda Chung! Linda is moving at an unprecedented speed. TVB gave her first leading role in less than a mere 1 1/2 years in "The Bitter Bitten". Breaking even Charmaine Sheh lightning fast record to the top, and is even on the same track as popular Bernice who got her first leading role in her fourth year. Linda is still going strong with her second leading role already filmed, and currently working a grand production. Will she ever slow down?

Catwoman-Maggie Cheung Hor Yee: If you thought Catwoman was the Cat's Meow, then you definitely never heard of Maggie Cheung gossip history. Known for being very Catty, and not getting along with several actresses that she has worked with. This catwoman has striked many times, just look back at her "critiques" of Kenix Kwok & Jessica Hsaun after the Best Actress Award in 2003, and her reportedly not getting along Charmaine Sheh while still filming War & Beauty. I must admit, I would be more intimadated to be lock in the same room with Maggie than any other fa dans. *Cough* Queen B...

The Invisible Woman-Anne Heung: Anne Heung and the Invisble Woman both share similar Super Powers. The power to remain unseen by people. Anne Heung has pick up this neat power in the last few years as she was demoted to supporting roles. She tried to control her power in her excellent potrayal in "The Charm Beneath", but her power took over and she remain unseen to people. She "ended up" with a leading role in "Au Revoir Shanghai", but once again her power proved too hard to control as it was made a Warehouse series.

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