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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Look Alikes: The Huynh (Wong) Brothers

Sorry, I've been really busy with a big group project that is due Monday. My group is the smallest in the class so I have to do alot more. I dont have time to do anymore major update but enjoy of the classic feature-The Look Alikes. I just happen to notice this very recently.

Stephen Huynh-Raymond Lam: When I saw the picture of Stephen I had to take a second glance because I knew he looks like someone but I couldn't put a name on it then. Then I realize that he looks sorta like Raymond Lam. Maybe thats why I find him so cute, he's looks like a younger version of Raymond but he has a fresh look because he's new.

Francois Huynh-Rain: I realized this when I saw a picture of Rain with short hair. I think its because of their eyes.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Devil's Disciple Full Themesong!

Haven't update in a couple of days so I felt bad, here's another update for today. The Themesong for Devil's Disciple wasn't suppose to be release until it airs in Hong Kong, but Kevin Cheng's official site Forum just uploaded an exclusive Full Version to YouTube. So far its my favorite themesong this year, I love the guitar solo in the full version.

Kevin Cheng & Bosco Wong [Devil's Disciple] Themesong

Please Credit Kevin Cheng's Fans Club if you're going to repost the video.

: : : DOWNLOAD LINK : : :
>> Please give proper credit to me and the site if you share the song or the link. It took me a very long to download it off youtube & convert it to MP3 Format.

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TVB-G Hot Chart/Buzz Log

Billboard Music has its Top 100, even TVB has its Weekly Music chart. People are very intereted in ratings so why not not rank what is generating the most buzz and is a hot topic in the world of TVB. Here is TVB-G's Top 10 Hot Chart/Buzz Log. (The ranking are from the beginning of March until now.)

10. The Gentle Crackdown 2: Plans of a sequel have been on since forever but finally filming has started. The cast & the story has change completely. Leads in the series include Steven Ma, Yumiko Cheng (Popular Singer), and Elaine Yiu.

9. Toby Leung Eyes Set On Being a Fa Dan: Was I right on the money or what? Just a few days after my Hot Female newcomers post news broke that Toby will be in another TVB series. She will be couple with Bobby Au-Yeung. (Waat?...). Its clear now that she wants to be a TVB Actress.

8. The NEXT Magazine Awards: The official winners list will be release on March 29th. But artistes announcing they will attending the ceremony is basicly telling us they have won awards. So far Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, & Jessica Hsaun have confirmed to be attending. I think they all made the top 10, so that means there are only 7 spots left. No need to speculate just wait for the results.

7. Devils Disciple: For a series warehouse series its generating a whole lot of buzz on the internet. This due to the popularity of its genre. Also partly due to so many site webmasters watching the series and posting their views & opinions. It has also driven Sharon Chan's popularity up.

6. Ten Brothers ratings: Current ranked #1 overall in the ratings of series that have aired this year. Highest ratings in months. Its definitely generating alot of talk.

5. Survivor's Law II: Another anticipated sequel finally in filming. The originally had good ratings on top of the young cast that now became TVB's cream of the crop. This time Kenneth Ma is lead male (First Time Ever, Very Happy For Him.) along with with other cast members Sammul Chan, Ella Koon (Lead Female), Selena Li.

4. Esther Kwan: Her long awaited return to TVB in a sitcom, The Best Selling Secret, finally aired last week. Esther fans are still buzzing about the sitcom & her return.

3. Charmaine Sheh's Lady Iron Chef: Forums, Message Boards, Shoutboxes, ... are still buzzing over this. People are debating over why the movie didn't do well in the box office ranking pulling only little money. Some talks have gotten very heated over this issue.

2. Heart of Greed: One of the year's most anticipated series will finally air in April. People are debating & specualting who will have the bigger part and who has more screentime. Some of the members of the cast have generated many strong discussions. Supporters of HOG should be more worried about the ratings, it will take over the 9:35-10:35 time slot (I found out its really 9:35-10:35 not 9:30-10:30). Most people in Hong Kong are asleep by then because they take their work & study very seriously. Most & recent series in this time slot have done too well.

1. Gigi Lai: Gigi Lai alone is dominating in terms of buzz. The media have put most of their focus on her. She's practically in the news everyday for so many different things like Life Art, rumours that Kathy Yeun is her daughter, rumours she's dating a 60 year old billionaire, rumours of disputes on the set of Jewel's Splendor & her walking out.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

>> Hot Male Newcomers <<

The days when Bosco Wong & Kenneth Ma were newcomers, and Ron Ng was King of the Newcomers are long over. A new breed male newcomers have arrived. Some of which are extremely fresh faces and some of which are familiar faces that are now getting bigger roles.

What It Takes: Good looks are essential. Acting skills may always be improved after all they’re newcomers, we don’t really expect a Oscar Award winning performance from them. Height is now crucial to be an actor. The new breed of actresses are much taller than back then, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, & Bernice Liu are some examples of how things have change. No longer will the norm for actress be 5’3-5’5, but 5’6-5’8, maybe even 5’9. Actors must now be between 5’8-6 foot atleast, but not too tall that it looks awkward.

TVB Loves Foreign & Overseas Men: Most of the hot newcomers I’m going to name are “foreign” and are from overseas countries. Matthew Ko & Fred Cheng are both from Canada. Stephen Huynh & Francois Huynh were both born in France & of Vietnamese descent in the mix. Rocky Cheng of course is mix Chinese & Caucasian. TVB loves the fact that talents now come from abroad. And I really the diversity.

Finding Talents Through Mr. Hong Kong: Everyone doubted me when I said Mr. HK would bring some good men into the industry, but now look at all these newcomers Mr. HK has produced. Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Rocky Cheng, Francois Huynh, & TVB Host Otto Can are just some of the new bloods TVB found through Mr. HK. This now levels the playing field for the women & MHK. Its officially going overseas this year so if any male readers are interested….

Matthew Ko: Mr. Hong Kong 2005. He just appeared in To Grow With Love and people are fond of him now. His acting is actually pretty good considering he’s only been acting for a year or two. He appears in the TVB Calendar for the second year in a row so its clear TVB is promoting him. His roles are actually pretty big for a newcomer because he was Mr. HK. He’s 6’1, that’s just a little tall to be an actor because right now all the actresses he’s work with must look up to talk to him & he kinda has to tilt his head down, but its not a major problem.

Stephen Huynh (Wong Cheung Hing): They say French is the language of love so a lot of people find his French accent to such a traditional language as Cantonese very romantic & sexy. Stephen was a Mr. HK finalist in 2005. TVB is also promoting him by giving him bigger & bigger roles. I think he’s dashing & his body is amazing, no wonder advertisers & sponsors love him. I just saw him in the Pok Oi Charity Show, his Cantonese has improved ALOT. He looked really sharp playing Michael Miu when he was young in DB, he kinda resembles him.

Rocky Cheng: I’m not really fond of Rocky, but I think he’s going to be really big in the Supporting class. Afterall, there isn’t that many actors left supporting , I mostly just see Kenny Wong all the time. Rocky doesn’t appeal to the 18-29 demographic but more towards the 30-45 group. The OL-Office Ladies are we refer to them as.

Francois (Fran-Swa) Huynh : Stephen Huynh’s younger brother, TVB is marketing them as a brotherly duo. I think TVB sees the same marketability in Francois as they did in Michelle Ye. TVB always praised Michelle for being fluent in English, Cantonese, & Mandarin. I was reading Francois’s Mr. World profile, he speaks English, Spanish, French, & Mandarin fluently. That’s extremely impressive. I read he’s working on perfecting his Cantonese to pursue acting, being fluent in 5 languages would be truly talented.

Stephen Wong Ka Lok: He’s often confused with Stephen Huynh & Jimmy Wong Ka Lok, the HK male supermodel. His acting is actually pretty good. TVB is giving him bigger & bigger roles. He’s good looking, and I think he has great potential. All he needs is better roles.

Frederick Cheng a.k.a. Fred Cheng: Really like him. This guy is extremely easy on the eyes. The camera loves him because its clear he has the classic good looks. But besides being handsome, I think his acting is also very good. He did an really good job in Forensic Heroes. The romantic rumors of him and Winnie Sum might have affected him getting bigger roles, after all TVB sees those reports as bad press. But the rumors have stop. ( Winnie Sum is now linked with Matthew Ko.)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

>> Hot Newcomers: The Ladies <<

2007 will bring many things, including hot newcomers. I’m going to define what my definition of a hot newcomer is. They aren’t necessary hot as in exuding sex appeal which some do but more like hot as in they’re moving fast & will make their mark. A newcomer doesn’t necessarily mean that they really new & they‘ve only been acting for a couple months to a year. Kenneth Ma was acting for more than 2 years before he was even labeled a newcomer. I will name 8 ladies & I’m almost sure by the end of the year half of them will have people buzzing. I don’t necessarily like all of them and I bet you don’t either, but if they’re a hot newcomer than we’ll have to deal with them.

I didn’t include Linda Chung & Kate Tsui because they both have lead a series so it would negate the point that they will soon make it big & making their mark.

Selena Li-I have express my opinion about her, with that being said, I would call her a hot semi-newcomer. She’s been in the industry since 2003, but she didn’t start acting until 2004. I feel that a lot of people still look at her as a newcomer, because they don‘t see a lot of her & some of her roles are kinda newcomer-ish . That’s why I’m keeping her in this category, but I have faith in her to pull off a breakthrough.

Natalie Tong-Another hot semi-newcomer. She was a host for K-100 for the beginning part of her career, she didn’t become a full time actress until it ended so people still see her as being new to acting. Her roles were kinda newcomer-ish as well. Her roles always seem to feed off of another character, for example she’s always one of the main character’s sister & her storyline just builds from there. But her role in The Seventh Day might change things.

Fala Chen-She’s in the news practically everyday. Being a big flirt & dressing sexy definitely helped out her career, lets face it, sex sells and there are a lot of men in Hong Kong. Because of her numerous rumors she was label as Michelle Ye II. Hey, Michelle Ye is quite a successful actress so I think she should take it as a compliment.
Vivien Yeo-I really like her. I think she’s such a sweet & pretty girl. I was pretty mad at TVB for giving all the big roles to Elaine Yiu instead her. I’m hearing she’s popular in Malaysia because she’s Malaysian so its definitely a plus (She was the MCI representative for Malaysia in 2004). She’s second female lead in Dayo Wong’s new series “Evil Kin”. His series are always a big hit so she catch a big break.

Suki Chui-If you thought Charmaine Sheh & Linda Chung were moving fast you have no idea. After competing in MHK last year Suki Tang signed a 5 year contract with TVB. And TVB wants to milk the most out of those five years & they’re developing her in a somewhat aggressive manner. After filming The Seventh Day just a couple months back, she is now working on a series where she is second female lead to Christine Ng. Will she be leading soon? Hope not, I’m not really that fond of her right now. Like Fala she’s also refer to as a flirt.

Shermon Tang-I like her, I think her acting is good & she is very likable. She’s full of personality. If you haven’t seen Welcome To The House then you most likely wont know her, but since the sitcom has ended I think she’ll make her move over to series. Since people in Hong Kong have seen her on TV for the last year, she’ll definitely have a good shot at fame. She English Tang’s daughter, and she has express she has ambition to make it as an actress so I applaud her because she’s not too money driven .

Erica Yuen-Another MHK contestant from 2005. She was labeled as the Selena Li of her year. She was moving pretty fast with roles in series and hosting E-Buzz, but after a picture scandal she seem to slow a bit. I like her, after reading her blog I feel that she is very down to earth. Her acting isn’t bad either. I think she’ll speed up again soon & progress.

Toby Leung-I’ve been keeping my eyes on Toby Leung. Although she’s a singer, she seems like she has her eyes on acting and I don’t think she’ll have any problems because her dad is a TVB Executive. We’ll see how things turn out. If after filming the Drive of Life she still is acting with TVB in another series, it will be clear she’s taking aim at TVB and wants to be a fa dan.

Up Next: Hot Male Newcomers. And I Mean HOT…

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Blogging

The 3 New Series Airing In HK: The ratings are out for the three new series. WAD got 30 peaking 34 which is a very respectable rating. Its a grand production with a meaningful message so I knew the ratings would be good. Congrats to the WAD crew. The Best Selling Secret got 28 peaking 31. I'm hearing from people the sitcom isn't funny, I think its because the producer is Catherine Tsang, she hasn't produce a series in a long time . Life Art got 27 peaking 28, not the greatest ratings in the world, but life goes on. 9:30-10:30 is late, alot of people are already asleep so there's nothing much to do about that. Hope the ratings are better next week.

In all fairness, the ratings for LA & BSS were only for Episodes 1-4 while WAD were 1-5. Maybe 1 episode for each might have change the overall average rating. lol, yeah, I notice weird details, but it keeps me optimistic.

I Finally Did It! I finally know how to make a video clip as animation (GIF) image. My friend showed me his myspace & I saw his animations so I asked him how to make it. Turns out all you need to do is open an AVI, MPG, or MOV file in ImageReady & then prepare a GIF afterwards. The only downside is it takes a while to load completely on a webpage. I'll only post a couple here. If anyone is having trouble with the page loading then I'll remove it. I'll take them down after a while so it wont slow you guys down.

Here's two more I made as Avatars & Signatures for forums:

Friday, March 16, 2007

Currently Impress With These 3 Ladies

So much to do so little time. I was very busy with school and a couple of personal & social problems so sorry I couldn't update. But I finally have a little break off of school. Hopefully I can start on Life Art, & finish Man's Best Friend.

Well, lets move on. Despite what somewhat think I pay attention to all artistes and not just Kevin & all the good looking actors. I have to say in the past few months I have been impress by three actresses in particular even though they aren't well known leading actresses. These three ladies are Selena Li, Shirley Yeung, and Sharon Chan.

Selena Li-She impressed initially in the Herbalist's Manual . It was pretty hard to carry a series with almost as much screentime as Michelle Ye when you're a newcomer who only have been acting for like 1-2 years during filming. But that was a really long time ago.

In terms of recent she impress me alot in Face To Fate, she improved alot. She was very confident in her acting and she no longer seem like a newcomer. Her character was very likeable yet pityful, it contributed to why she was well like. Her good chemistry with Raymond Lam also was an added bonus. She also really impress me in To Grow With Love. She was very charming. Her acting improved even more. I remember there was one scene when Selena found out the girl Matthew Ko was always referring to was his grandma so she burst out in joy, and somehow she made her face turn red. I was just thinnking that's really good acting when you're able to blush for acting effect. She's an extremely sweet & pretty girl who can really act so I hope TVB will promote her. Can't wait to see her in The Seventh Day.

Shirley Yeung-Shirley for me was never really an actress that I was extremely excited to see, but more of actress that served as a familar face to see in series. But recently she has been on fire for me. Her acting in The Price of Greed was excellent. She wasn't able to speak out her lines onscreen because her character is a mute but she manages to use her expressions very well. There was a scene when Bosco & Kingdom Yeun left her to help Kate and she was still working the Congee Restaraunt & she cried due to all the pressure. Her crying was amazing. It was so emotional. I didn't know if her sign language is accurate or not but she was able convince me that everything was 100% correct.

Her role in The Brink of Law also impress me. She was very good at being evil. It was nice to see her in a new light outside of the normal cute & sweet role she usually gets. She was a good villain & a very interesting series Vixen.

Sharon Chan-I always like Sharon but there weren't any one role she had that was spectacular. The only one that was remotely close to that was her role in The Charm Beneath. Recently in Glittering Days she slightly impress me but it didn't really leave a deep impression. Recently I finished watching Devil's Disciple. Originally I was only looking forward to Shirley & Bernice, but I ended up excited to see Sharon. She did an awsome job. She had a really big role in this series. Her character made me pity her in the beginning, and her tragic ending left a deep impression. She stopped filming series a couple months back to join the sitcom Welcome To The House, now that it has ended I hope she will return to filming series.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Final Thoughts-Devil's Disciple


I just finish watching [DD]. The ending was... ehh... weird... Its definitely a bit on the looney side. This series disappointed me in the last 2-3 episodes. I almost never write much about a series but I'm really into this genre plus it has Kevin and cast members I really like so I'll do a mini review.

The plot was an OK plot for a 20 episodes series, its definitely no Jing Yong novel that's for sure. In this series you have to decipher who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. Even though Sharon's character is the leader of an "evil" clan, I consider her a good guy. I think it will easier if I give my opinion on the characters and the performances.

Sing Fung-Bosco Wong: Dear god, please give me the strength to explain why I hate his character so much without getting angry. Sing Fung has got to be the dumbest, most foolish, and annoying character I've seen in quite a while. I'm so glad alot of people also see this. Just like in Dicey Business, he admires his enemy while not taking things people around him say seriously. His shifu-Wayne Lai told him that Bernice's dad (Bat Tong Ngou) killed his master, Kevin told him that Bernice's dad also killed his mom, and lets get to Sharon. Sharon was almost able about to kill Bat Tong Ngou but Bosco stepped out saving him but Sharon had feeling Bosco was her brother because of the crows so she went easy on him. But in return he injured his sister, saving the man that killed his mom & dad becoming a hero.

When Sharon confronted Bosco and told him they were twins Bosco didn't get mad at Tong Ngou for killing his parents but he threw a hissy fit running in the river splashing water all over the place because he was mad over who he is. It was so stupid, worst than when Ron found out he was Japanese in WAD. The part that got me ticked off was when Bat Tong Ngou found about Bosco relationship with Sharon, Bosco didn't even seek revenge for his mom & dad but instead he kneeled down on knees to the man that killed his parents. I really dislike his character, I could understand if he was villain than I applause him for doing a good job making me hate him but he's suppose to be a good guy & lead actor. Honestly Bosco's performance was weak. He did his happy go lucky routine again with a hint of playing dumb, his character could have died in the first 10 episodes & I could have care less.

If I Had A Dime For Everytime I Got Excited Seeing Bosco In This Series... I Would Be Dead Broke!

Mok Man-Sharon Chan: Mok Man is Sing Fung's twin sister. They were seperated when they just babies. Mok Man is the leader of the "Bloody Shadow Clan". Sharon plays a very independent & strong woman who is raised basicly to achieve a goal of killing Bat Tong Ngou and avenging her parent's death. She is one of the strongest martial artist in the series, the only one a stood a chance against Bat Tong Ngou in the begining. She is injured several time in the series and once really bad. She almost lost her life but after developing a realtionship with Ging Lui (Kevin), he risk his life and was able to heal her. However, she ended up dying when she was once again assaulted by Bat Tong Ngau in a sneak attack battle. I really like Sharon Chan's character, I thought she improved alot.

Ging Lui-Kevin Cheng: Kevin plays a very solemn, quiet, and cool character. Ging Lui is Sing Fung's good friend. In the beginning he was very focused on finding his mom. He later found out that he was mom was tricked & killed by Bernice's dad. Bat Tong Ngou tried to kill him but Sharon saved him. They ended up falling in love with each other. It was really sad that they didn't end up together. Kevin's role was kinda small & he had alot less screentime than Bosco. Why did TVB try to make it out like he was lead, putting him all the way in the front and Bosco at his back in the program highlights?

Bat Tong Chi Lung-Bernice Liu: People said her acting in this series wasn't good but I disagree. She didn't much to go on. Her character wasn't very well developed, the only character background she had was that she's Bat Tong Ngou's daughter. Even though Bernice is lead female she doesn't even get nearly as much screetime as Bosco. She basicly served as a love interest for Sing Fung, even though they didn't even end up together. Bosco & Bernice look kinda weird together. She looks very fit & in shape since she dances & does yoga. Bosco looks a little scrawny & punney, espcially when he had his shirt off. It wouldn't of hurt for him to bulk up just a little to play a skilled martial artist.

Dong Fong Mou Ngai-Wayne Lai: A very righteous & noble character. I really like him. He played Bosco's shifu. His master was also killed by Bat Tong Ngou. His ultimate demise was basicly because Bosco didn't pay attention to the flying messages trying to warn him. Wayne's character sacrificed his life trying to save Bosco from Bat Tong Ngou.

Shui Ling-Shirley Yeung: A member of the Sky One tribe. She's more of a healer than a martial artist. She is a very sweet & innocent girl who met Bosco very early on in her life but she didn't realize it was him until later. She soon developes feelings for Bosco's character Sing Fung. They ended up getting married after she tricked him into sleeping with her to get her dad to save Sharon. They had a son together in the end. (Yes, this means Bosco didn't end up with Bernice)

Bat Tong Ngou-Eddy Ko: The ultimate villain in this series. He is responsible for most of the deaths in this series. He is a very evil man and I think his death in the ending was very justified. But I do praise Eddy Ko for doing an excellent job as a villain, he was really able to make me hate him.

Overall Rating: It was a good series for like the first 16 or so episodes. I say if you can catch it, watch it just for its entertainment values but its not a must watch. The ending is very rush, and the final scene was stupid. I've never seen a wuxia drama end with a cheesy song & dance in my life.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

. : : : Plugging Life Art : : : .

Consider This a promotion for Life Art since it will be airing starting on Monday. I'm a fan of Kevin & Gigi so I must support them to the best of my ability. I randomly look at my Blog's MapStat sometime to see where readers are from. I do see a some readers from Hong Kong in places like Kowloon & Mongkok, so I really want to urge you guys who live in Hong Kong to watch Life Art.

Ratings have been a slump lately but Ten Brothers is doing really well so there might be a change occuring. I hope ratings for Life Art will be good, & I wish them the BEST OF LUCK! The first week's rating usually isn't really that high, but I hope the show will do well in their overall run.

. : : : Life Art Official Website : : : .

. : : : Life Art Poster : : : .
I really like this poster! Its very pretty. It looks almost like a painting. Gigi looks really pretty with the wind blowing in her hair.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

. : : : Life Art Gallery : : : .

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've been really busy, as usual I know. This week is actually mid-term for me so I've been studying my butt off to make the grades. But today I really tired & fed up of study so I took a 3 hour break to update. I'm watching couple TVB series so I'll do a smal write up about them, afterwards I'm watching America's Next Top Model.

Currently Watching: I shouldn't say currently because I haven't watched any of these lately but I'll pick up watching this weekend once I'm done with everything.

I'm watching a couple of series like Devil's Disciple & The Brink of Law. [DD] episodes 17-18 are apparently out, too bad havent found time to watch them yet. I cant wait to finish the series. So far episodes 1-16 one character in particular really irritates me COUGH*Bosco's. I've been discussing it with memebers at Metal's VOH forum, if you're interested come join us. Dont worry I'll explain why he frustrates me in a later post all about [DD].

I'm also rewatching Man's Best Friend with Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Sammi Cheng, Jerry Lam, & Lee San San. I saw it when I was like 11-12 years old so its basicly like watching a new series because I don't remember anything. Its such a sweet & funny series, I really like it. Louis Koo looks so much different back then. I like his look back then more, very round, youthful, & soft. These past few years he started to look really weird, his tan isn't natural looking anymore-it looks really orange. And his hair is kinda bleach orange looking as well. He's not as round with the soft look anymore because his face is so define that it looks "boney" like he had plastic surgery. I'll also tell ya how this series turns out.

Man's Best Friend THEME VIDEO:


Friday, March 02, 2007

>>> TVB Senior High PART II <<<

. : TVB Senior High School : .

Once again another TVB High School post. If you missed the last one just click on the “TVB High” tag at the end of the post.

The Girl Next Door-Leila Tong: The Girl Next Door is a name given to girls who are sweet, pretty, smart, and all around nice. They don’t necessary have to live next door to you, but that definitely have to grab your attention. There’s always one in each high school that we all know and love. I think Leila Tong fits this image because she seems like such a sweet , innocent, and intelligent girl that has that “IT” factor. She definitely has that likeability factor that also comes with the title. (The picture next to Leila is Haley from One Tree Hill, people often refer to her as the girl next door.)

The Cool Guy-Sammul Chan: The cool guy is that guy in high school who is soft spoken & mysterious yet there is something that makes him very appealing to the ladies. A lot of us think of “that guy” as the quiet handsome guy that leans against the lockers . Vin Choi’s character in Sunshine Heartbeat is a good example. I picked Sammul Chan because he exudes these qualities. I didn’t pick Bosco because I can’t really remember a time when he was ever quite & soft spoken. Sammul on the other hand shows a more reserved side. (The picture next to Sammul is Darien-Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.)

The Youthful Girl-Shirley Yeung: This is a very common girl we might have seen in high school. The youthful girl is the girl that is maybe a senior but she still looks like young girl that might be in 8th or 9th grade because her face doesn’t seem to age. I chose Shirley Yeung because she still looks so young. Shirley was MHK 2001 and its 2007 yet when I look at the pictures she looks exactly the same. Its quite a big change from other actresses who look like they aged double the time they have been in the industry. (The picture next to Shirley is Shirley Temple, people say even when she got old she still looked a young girl.)

The Teacher’s Pet-Linda Chung: I think we all know what is a teacher pet. A lot of people actually suggested Linda is the Teacher’s Pet and I have to agree. Linda said that she was a nerd in high school who was kinda tomboyish & shy but I don’t know any shy & nerdy girl that would enter a pageant like MCI Vancouver & MCI at the age of about 18-19. I read she was in another pageant at an even younger age. But lets just say she used to be a nerd, nerds usually are teacher’s pets too. Linda is very well liked among executives & she gets opportunities other new actresses can only dream of so she does fit the image of teacher’s pet.

The Cheerleader-Gigi Lai: In movies Cheerleaders in high school are suppose the head of social hierarchy & are usually very charismatic. However, not all cheerleaders are stuck up & mean, its just a stereotype, I know a lot of cheerleaders & they are extremely friendly. I think Gigi is TVB High’s cheerleader. She’s the “#1 sister” at TVB along with Charmaine now that Jessica Hsuan left. And there is no doubt that Gigi is very is very charismatic. (The picture next to Gigi is Claire from Heroes, “Save The Cheerleader, Save The World” lol.)

The Principal-Virginia Lok Yi Ling: This one is pretty plain and simple. Ms. Lok is a TVB executive who is basicly in charge of the Artiste’s Department. She has the power to make you famous or decide to demote you. She is very well respected in the HK Entertainment industry. She’s is definitely the Principal at TVB High to all these artistes.

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