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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TVB-G Hot Chart/Buzz Log

Billboard Music has its Top 100, even TVB has its Weekly Music chart. People are very intereted in ratings so why not not rank what is generating the most buzz and is a hot topic in the world of TVB. Here is TVB-G's Top 10 Hot Chart/Buzz Log. (The ranking are from the beginning of March until now.)

10. The Gentle Crackdown 2: Plans of a sequel have been on since forever but finally filming has started. The cast & the story has change completely. Leads in the series include Steven Ma, Yumiko Cheng (Popular Singer), and Elaine Yiu.

9. Toby Leung Eyes Set On Being a Fa Dan: Was I right on the money or what? Just a few days after my Hot Female newcomers post news broke that Toby will be in another TVB series. She will be couple with Bobby Au-Yeung. (Waat?...). Its clear now that she wants to be a TVB Actress.

8. The NEXT Magazine Awards: The official winners list will be release on March 29th. But artistes announcing they will attending the ceremony is basicly telling us they have won awards. So far Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, & Jessica Hsaun have confirmed to be attending. I think they all made the top 10, so that means there are only 7 spots left. No need to speculate just wait for the results.

7. Devils Disciple: For a series warehouse series its generating a whole lot of buzz on the internet. This due to the popularity of its genre. Also partly due to so many site webmasters watching the series and posting their views & opinions. It has also driven Sharon Chan's popularity up.

6. Ten Brothers ratings: Current ranked #1 overall in the ratings of series that have aired this year. Highest ratings in months. Its definitely generating alot of talk.

5. Survivor's Law II: Another anticipated sequel finally in filming. The originally had good ratings on top of the young cast that now became TVB's cream of the crop. This time Kenneth Ma is lead male (First Time Ever, Very Happy For Him.) along with with other cast members Sammul Chan, Ella Koon (Lead Female), Selena Li.

4. Esther Kwan: Her long awaited return to TVB in a sitcom, The Best Selling Secret, finally aired last week. Esther fans are still buzzing about the sitcom & her return.

3. Charmaine Sheh's Lady Iron Chef: Forums, Message Boards, Shoutboxes, ... are still buzzing over this. People are debating over why the movie didn't do well in the box office ranking pulling only little money. Some talks have gotten very heated over this issue.

2. Heart of Greed: One of the year's most anticipated series will finally air in April. People are debating & specualting who will have the bigger part and who has more screentime. Some of the members of the cast have generated many strong discussions. Supporters of HOG should be more worried about the ratings, it will take over the 9:35-10:35 time slot (I found out its really 9:35-10:35 not 9:30-10:30). Most people in Hong Kong are asleep by then because they take their work & study very seriously. Most & recent series in this time slot have done too well.

1. Gigi Lai: Gigi Lai alone is dominating in terms of buzz. The media have put most of their focus on her. She's practically in the news everyday for so many different things like Life Art, rumours that Kathy Yeun is her daughter, rumours she's dating a 60 year old billionaire, rumours of disputes on the set of Jewel's Splendor & her walking out.

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Blogger kozzi said ... (8:53 AM) : 

Moses also announced that he'll be attending.


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