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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TVB Artist's English Names-Just What Do They Really Mean?

Ever met anyone who had to pick a name for their baby? If you have, they would probably tell you its one of the hardest thing to do. Some in my had to and I found out that almost every baby nursery/hospital has a book for new parents to pick their baby's name, but most people nowadays make up weird names so their baby would be unique. By the way, some of the English names I hear of on TVB Dramas are ridiculous, for exmaple-Candy, Sugar, Apple, ... Seriously, who would name their baby that? Well, Gweneth Paltrow named her baby Apple, but lets hope nobody named their kid Sugar (From VOH II).

The topic of names spark my interest to find out what some of TVB star's names really mean. With the help of I looked up alot of artist's names. I also added some commentaries on stuff like whether the name really fits the star or just basic opinion of the name. Also, as predicted names like Myolie, Bosco, and Kenix weren't even listed as real names. By the way, C = Commentary.


Kevin (Kevin Cheng) --Meaning: Beautiful at birth -- Origin: Gaelic
C: I personally agree with the name, its very fitting. I would name my kid Kevin.

Bernice (Bernice Liu) -- Meaning: Victory bringer -- Origin: Greek
C: Although Bernice hasn't brought home victory with any TVB Awards, she's definitely brought home a Victory in terms of her popularity.

Ron (Ron Ng) -- Meaning: Ruler with counsel -- Origin: Norse
C: Huh??... lol

Linda (Linda Chung) -- Meaning; Pretty --- Origin: Spanish
C: Umm... No Comment from me. No offense.

Steven (Steven Ma) -- Meaning: Crown -- Origin: Greek
C: Crown, sounds very royal. Nice meaning.

Ada (Ada Choi) -- Meaning: Noble kind; of the noble sort -- Origin: Germanic
C: Very interesting, very fitting to Ada's character.

Gigi (Gigi Lai) -- Meaning: Earth worker -- Origin: Greek
C: Hummm... I'm not sure what Earth worker is so supose to mean so I can't really comment on it.

Charmaine (Charmaine Sheh) -- Meaning: N/A -- Origin: Latin
C: I thought that Charmaine would be one of the names not listed. However it doesn't have a meaning, but atleast it has an origin.

Raymond (Raymond Lam) -- Meaning: Advice; decision protector -- Origin: Germanic
C: So many people in the industry are name Raymond. I guess by its meaning, if you ever need advice Raymond is your guy.

Moses (Moses Chan) -- Meaning: Drawn out of the water -- Origin: Hebrew
C: This a very traditional name based on biblical roots, I think its a good name.

Maggie (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee) -- Meaning: Pearl -- Origin: Pearl
C: Sounds very classy, I think its fitting.

Michelle (Michelle Ye) -- Meaning: Who Is Like God? -- Origin: Hebrew
C: I couldn't believe Michelle's meaning is a question. Strange. Michelle would be the rumour & gossip god.

Shirley (Shirley Yeung) -- Meaning: Bright grassland -- Origin: English
C: By its meaning I dont I think I would name my kid Shirley.

Sharon (Sharon Chan) -- Meaning: The Plains -- Origin: Hebrew
C: Like Shirley, its too landscapish...

If want search up any other TVB stars I miss just visit:

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Fever/Alive Not Dead/MHK

I Came Down With A Little Illness. Nothing serious, just Daniel Wu fever. After working all week, my friend invited me to her party and I ended staying at her house. I helped her cleaned and she insisted that I watched a Daniel Wu film. I was reluctant at first because I wasn't really a Daniel Wu fan, for some reason he always rubbed me off as a playboy that's a little cocky. But after seeing his acting I was very impress, he is extremely skilled actor. After reading his blog, I also found out he's pretty down to earth also. After this, I think I will watch Naked Weapon and Enter The Phoenix, and maybe The Banquet because it has Daniel+Huang Xiao Ming. Did anyone see The Heavenly Kings? How is it?

ALIVE Not Dead. I Highly recommend you guys visit this site called Alive Not Dead, it was started initially as just an official site for the band Alive, but I discovered its really an interesting site that hosts several artists and their Blog & Photos. Blogs from some notable people like Andrew Lin, Daniel Wu, Jet Li, Rapper-Jin, Josie Ho, International Actress-Kelly Hu, Supermodel Lisa S. & Rosemary, Terrence Yin, and many more. I would describe the site format to be like a celeb myspace with stars that mostly appeal to younger generations.

I found that Aimee Chan's site blog to be most interesting. She's Miss Hong Kong 2006. On the site she posts personal pictures and expresses herself freely, really being herself. If you go to her discussion forum at the site, she actually answers and interact with fans at the site. This is truly an interesting site.

This Year's Miss Hong Kong: Ehhh... This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants didn't live up to its hype. This year is Hong Kong 10th anniversary return to China and the promotion this year was really big but it only yielded a couple good contestants. I found the Top Four Contender to be:

No. 7-Loretta Chow (5'9): She's the Flora Chan look alike mention in the news I believe. I think she's the best out of the group. (Left)

No. 2-Lily Ho (5'5): She's the Gigi Lai lok alike that is getting alot of hype in the news. I find that she looks nothing like Gigi Lai. However, with all this attention on her, she's pretty much guaranteed a contract with TVB and she will be this year's Suki Chui. (Right)

No. 12-Nicole Lee (5'5): I think she has good potential, she's pretty. I like her because she's the only one that put Internet as a hobby which is one of mine. (Left)
No. 8-Janis Leung (5'4): She has potential, she stands out from the group because she's exude sex appeal in her eyes without it being trashy as appose to the 'cute' pictures from the other girls. (Right)

-Credit To MHK Gallery For the Pictures-

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

: : : TVB-G's Top Outside Source Hunk : : :

Refreshing, is the feeling you get when you experience something new that you like. Well, with TVB you only get this feeling once in a while. Actors who are with TVB are often time used in series repeatedly, if you like them its definitely a good thing, but it wouldn't hurt see some new faces. However, most often time the new faces are newbies with small roles, so I've turn to watching outside source dramas for some fresh faces.

Actually, I didnt really purposely watch them for new faces, but it was nice discover this hunks. Before I announce the Top Three, I would like to say some notable mentions are Chen Kun, Gabriel Harrison, & Hu Ge. Also, I think important to note that although new faces are refeshing I will still always support my favorite TVB actors.


Daniel Henney: I heard about him for quite sometime before I even saw him in anything, but after I saw him in Seducing Mr. Robinson (Seducing Mr. Perfect) I knew what all the crazed was about. He's a dream! Daniel is mixed. His mom is Korean & his dad is Caucasian. I think he's really handsome, and he is what is known as what we call "Man Pretty". I also love the fact that he is really tall, but not too tall. He used to be model in Taiwan & Hong Kong. He's from the U.S. and speaks little of his native language like some of us. Most of his movies and dramas are of him speaking English. He's really become one of my new favorite eye candies.

William Feng Shao Feng: From Daniel Henney to the "Shanghai Daniel Wu". Alot of you guys may know Feng Shao Feng (formerly known as Feng Wei) as Prince You in last year's Co-Production The Conquest. I first saw him on SehSeh's Blog and it sparked my interest in watching The Conquest. I loved his character and I became a fan of him. He's very handsome with great bone structure perfect to be a model. I saw alot interview clips of him and I think he has a great sense of humor as well. I'm looking forward to seeing him soon in The Drive of Life. He is currently being linked with Myolie Wu, which I think is awsome. He's perfect for her, I was getting so sick of rumors of her fighting over Bosco with Fala like she's desperate for a boyfriend, Bosco isn't even all that.

Huang Xiao Ming: I first saw him in The Saviour of the Soul also known Return of the Condor Hero 2006. I fell in love with him. He is just amazing. He's sharp, suave, and handsome. His face is so unique, his features are just so distinctive. His piercing stare is haunting. Plus, saying his name is fun because it just rolls off the tongue. His popularity in Hong Kong is quite high after TVB aired ROCH 2006 last year. TVB has bought the right to air the Mainland version of Duke of Mount Deer with him in it but so far no confirmed date to when it will be aired, but I'm actually looking forward to it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hiatus Because of Computer Problem

My computer officially wouldn't turn on the other day. I dropped it off at the local repair shop for them to take a look at it. They said it would take between 3-5 business days. I really don't have any form of internet access right now, I writting this message on the computer at Starbucks, so until then I guess I'll be on a hiatus. Sorry :(

Just a short & little TVB sidenote before I go, Devil's Disciple might not air after all in July. TVB might be airing the Mainland version of Duke of Mount Deer starring Huang Xiao Ming [Wong Hiu Ming] (I think he's so HOT!), he's the actor that played the Condor Hero in last year's ROCH 2006 that recieved really high ratings in Hong Kong and made him really popular in HK. I heard about TVB's plan to air it since last year, but they never really officially set up a day for it. If it airs then it would mean about 2 more warehouse series will be release overseas because its a large scale production with many episodes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

HELP! & Random Blogging

PLEASE HELP! The reason I haven't been online the last few days is because my computer won't turn on. However, at the back of my CPU there's a switch like a light switch on the Power Supply, once I turn it off and then back on a couple time it turns back on. If there is any computer genius reading please me know what to do. Is it a sign that it damage other parts or it will crash soon? Just leave a comment under this post, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Just a heads up, if I don't log on for a very long time, its likely my computer crashed.

Now On To The TVB Stuff...

Upcoming Series: After The Family Link will be the new series with Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, & Suki Chui (As second female lead, OMG, that's crazy, she's being promoted so much). And after that will be Devil's Disciple. TVB made a last minute change, yanking it from the Payvision Channel because Producer Lau Kar Ho's Heart of Greed did so well.

After that, there's a big possibility The Seventh Day will air. I was reading some chat session at Kevin's official site, and it was said that TSD is taking so long to air because Niki Chow is frozen by her company Sony BMA for lying to her boss thus TVB didn't air it because Niki wouldn't be able to attend any functions. But others said it was made up by reporters. I dont know about you guys, but I'm a little "Bosco-Out" right now, he's like in every series and the overexposure is getting daft.

Heart of Greed: A very good series. I'm joining the bandwagon of people who are changing their opinion about Linda Chung. Great improvements in this series. Fala Chen actually isn't that bad, kinda good for a newbie. Lai Lok Yi showed improvements too. Moses is good as always. The veterans are amazing. I feel so sorry for Yoyo, her character totally made people dislike her. I think Bosco's acting is very stiff in HOG, he has lack of expressions. I thought it was just but after visting alot of sites turns out the majority of people also think that. I'm not completely done with the series, but so far so good.

Stephen Huynh In WOIL II: The costume fitting for it should be today, we will see the full cast and their images onscreen. The female cast is very big from recent reports, Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, Nancy Wu, ... But the male cast is very empty, only Bosco was officially announce. I'm sure Shek Sau will be a part of it. Finally another male cast member was announce, Stephen Huynh, another potential love for Myolie. Like alot of other people I'm looking forward to their chemistry more, that would be a very fresh & interesting couple.

TVB's Version of Prison Break: We don't know much about it yet. So far only the Main Cast have been announce. Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, & Yoyo Mung are confirmed. It will be a modern mystery/suspense drama similar but not completely like the original Prison Break. Kevin will play the prisoner.


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