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Monday, February 26, 2007

TVB-G They're Just Like Us

Introduction: US Weekly Magzine in the U.S. has this really funny feature where they feature pictures of celebrities doing everyday things with captions like-"They Pick Up Money, They Take Out The Trash, They Eat Sandwiches". I love it so much I decided to do a TVB-G version. All of these pictures were found at Kevin's Official Forum, I did manipulate these scans in anyway, all I did was crop some of them. If you like this feature let me know so I can do more. (Some these pictures are written in satire & in a sarcastic manner.)

They Eat Noodles & Vegetables.

They Expose Their Underwear When A Pretty Girl Is Looking.

They Make Funny Faces.

They Put Their Head On A Company Executives.

They Relax In Nothing But A Bathrobe At A Spa.

They Need Another Guy To Help Fix Their Beach Short. (That's Kenny Wong)

They Also Need The Same Guy To Help Tie Their Beach Short's Straps. (That's Bosco Wong)

They Charm Teenage Girls.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Sneak Preview of Life Art Airing March 12th

Asia's Sidenote: Sorry for the lack of update recently. Some of relatives came down from up North to visit so I took a few days off to spend time with them during the CNY holiday.

Introduction & Commentary: Earlier there was a request for a post on this series so I gather some information to make this preview. This is the first series for both Gigi Lai & Kevin Cheng to air in almost a year in Hong Kong, about 9-10 months. (Gigi-DOP-May-June/Kevin-TS-May-June) Its still amazing how both have maintain popularity despite the longtime without airing series. Quite a big change from artistes like Charmaine Sheh. This is the first we will see Kevin & Gigi paired up and I find it very refreshing.

Like I said before Kevin is somewhat shy and Gigi is charismatic so they might have very good chemistry in the sense that they will balance each other off. Also in the series both Kevin & Gigi will not be able to rely on their looks because they will have tone their appearance down. Gigi's hair is rather short & constantly kept up to keep away the long flowy look, she is only able to wear very little make-up, and her wardrobe is extremely conservative. Kevin kept his hair comb in a business orientated style, he wears semi-thick dark outline glasses, and his wardrobe consist mostly of polo shirts.

Life Art Preview:

Chinese Title

Cantonese: Se Yi Yan Sung

Tommy Leung Choi Yuen


Leading Female/Male: Gigi Lai, & Kevin Cheng
Veteran Actors: Paul Chun (One of the Main Characters), Helen Ma
Returning Star: Astrid Chan
Hot Newcomers: Natalie Tong, Kathy Yuen, & Matthew Ko
Supporting Cast: Queenie Chu, Ben Wong, Josephine Shum,Vinci Wong, Rabaee Yeung, Yvonne Lam, & Sam Ho Yan

Get To Know the Characters:

Gigi's Characters: In Life Art, Gigi’s image is one of gentleness and innocence. She will be dressed in a simple white dress with minimal make-up through out the series. In the series, her character loves to paint and do calligraphy. But an accident causes her to lose the use of her right hand. She goes through a lot. She has to find the strength to move on and through her determination, she strives to use her left hand to paint and draw, and eventually she becomes a famous cartoonist.

Kevin's Character: Kevin plays an IT executive in the series. Due to the nature of his job, which also influences the way he lives his life, everything is fast-paced. As a result, he doesn’t know how to relax or enjoy life until he meets Lai’s father, played by veteran actor Paul Chun Pui. In a character trait most of us can relate to, Kevin is also Western-educated and doesn’t know Mandarin. But because the company he works for is taken over by a Chinese company and my boss is Mandarin-speaking, he have to take lessons from Paul Chun. From him he learns to slow down and take notice of people and things around

Paul Chun plays Gigi Lai’s dad. He teaches Kevin how to live and enjoy life while teaching him Mandarin.

Natalie Tong once again plays a rebel. Kevin's younger sister, whose outlook, behaviour and mannerisms are reflective of Hong Kong’s younger generation. (apathetic attitude towards their family and society. The message they are trying to convey in the series is that they have to change.)

Queenie Chu: Based on interviews, it seems like Queenie Chu will be the third party that will come between Kevin & Gigi.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

>> Currently ^NOT SUPPOSED TO BE Watching <<

Devil's Disciple

I totally blew off all my homeworks & studying today and watched [DD] instead. God, this happens everytime a Kevin series is released. And only four episodes have been released so I have a feeling I'm going to blow off alot more work. I'm supposed to do this everytime. The series is good. I'm in love with the Wuxia type genre so I really like it but those who aren't into these type of series might find the special effects & fighting scenes a bit too much.

Bosco dominates in screentime. It was said Bosco & Kevin were equal leads at the time but I knew it wasn't true because Kevin just bail out of filming Land of Wealth causing rumors that TVB wasn't happy with him so I knew he couldn't just take the lead. This was Bosco's first leading role (He filmed it before The Price of Greed).

I thought it was really unfair to put Bosco in so many scenes with Wayne Lai because Wayne's acting overpowered Bosco's because he delivers his lines, uses his eyes, & facial expressions alot better than Bosco. Bosco had so many scenes with him because Wayne plays his mentor but Wayne is so experience that Bosco is somewhat overshadowed.

So far Bernice doesn't have as much screentime as Bosco either but atleast she appeared already. Sharon just appeared & she only had a couple minutes onscreen since while Shirley Yeung's character hasn't enter the series yet. I thought it was funny seeing Patricia Liu in this series with such a small role. This was her last series with TVB. She's now a leading actress over at ATV. Ah, how the tables have turned... Maybe the grass is greener on the other fence for Patricia.

: : : Devil's Disciple ThemeVideo : : :

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

>>> Happy Valentines Day! <<<<

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Enjoy an awsome Music Video of Kevin & Niki's duet of the UTCOL Theme to the Final Fantasy video. I posted the video a long, long, long time ago but to this day it still doesn't get old for me because its just beautiful to watch with the music. If you've already seen it, relive it for Valentines Day. If you haven't, its a MUST WATCH! Trust me, it wont disappoint.

~~~~ Cute Valentines Day Pics ~~~~
~~ Photo Credit To the TruthLies ~~


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who Are The Smokers??

There have a lot of discussions about smokers lately, from what I know it all started with an article about Ella Koon stating that she will never date a smoker but the reporter pointed out Ron has a smoking habit. Well, I think that got people interested in who smokes, who smoked, and who dont.

I think we shouldn't judge actors who smoke because their job is very stressful & you cant blame them for turning to smoking as a method of relief. Yes its bad for their health, but its their choice what they want to do. I'm going to name some of the smokers that I know based solely on my knowledge NOT all though because that will take too long. Important: PLEASE don't freak out and get all defensive, they smoke, its not like they kill people so please chill out. Also, I'll use a phrase called "Cold Turkey" which is slang meaning you have quit smoking.

Maggie Cheung Ho Yee-I'm 100% sure she smokes. I remember reading that she used to smoke a pack a day when she was filming and the doctor advised her to stop when she fell ill to thyroid problems and had to take a leave from filming.

Kenix Kwok-Kenix is refered as a "Chain-Smoker", meaning that she is addicted to smoking & smokes on frequent bases. Ask any hardcore Kenix fan that know about her smoking habit & they will tell you that she loves Marlboro. She smokes onscreen alot too like in Reaching Out & Revolving Doors of Vengeance.

Frankie Lam-Doesn't smoke as much as his wife I'm sure but I've seen a couple pictures of him smoking. A couple that smokes together stays together lol.

Chilam (Julian) Cheung-He smokes onscreen, offscreen, and when the cameras are taking pictures. Yet not alot of people know that he smokes for some reason. He even chose to be photograph smoking even in the celebrity photography book that benefited charities.

Sheren Tang-Decades of being in the stressful entertainment industry might have turn Sheren into a smoker. I've seen pictures of her smoking on the set of War & Beauty in China. Also you've might have seen her smoking onscreen in La Femme Desperado.

Lawrence Ng-Another "chain smoker", its was ironic because I think they worked how he smokes into A Taste of Love because Flora kept constantly telling him to stop smoking in the series which didn't have much to do with the storyline.

Ron Ng-I saw a magazine scan of him holding a cigarette outside a restaraunt. From what I know he smokes very rarely, but he still hasn't quit completely yet so thats why the press refered to it as a "smoking habbit".

Raymond Lam-Many people said that he still smokes but I think he's gone "Cold Turkey" from what I know because I haven't seen him with a cigarette in a long time.

Kevin Cheng-Kevin said himself that he used to smoke but he quit because of his high blood pressure condition, going "Cold Turkey".

Bosco Wong-I'm not clear about this but Sam told me on shoutbox Bosco smokes. A fan sensed some smell of nicotine when she got clcoser with him for a pic. He also said that he always thought that Bosco smokes because his lips look purple. And I have to agree, his upper lip does look purple.

Derek Kwok-He smokes ALOT onscreen, and I see pictures of smoking offscreen also.

Bowie Lam-I saw this Taiwanese series with him in it and in every scene he was smoking like a pro. He blew smoke out his mouth and nose like he has been doing it for years so I thought he might be real smoker. Then I saw a picture of him with a cigarette offscreen so I was sure.

I'm Not Really Sure-Jessica Hsuan, Ada Choi, Flora Chan, & Myolie Wu: I'm not sure about these ladies because I've only seen them smoke onscreen. I highly doubt some of them though.

Smokers Outside of TVB: Jordan Chan, Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung, Shawn Yue, Stephen Fung, Daniel Wu, Stephy Tang (I was so surprise to hear a fan saw her smoking.), Kenneth Chan, Simon Yam, ... Too many to name...

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

. : : Quick Update-Miss Hong Kong Moments : : .

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I think I'll update again tomorrow but for now I'll just leave a small post. I was looking through the Miss HK Beauties site with my friend because we were really bored, and we found all the crowning videos available at their site. I looked through all of them and a few of them caught my eye. If you're insterested CLICK HERE and click on the year you wish to watch & scroll down to the bottom, there you'll find the links to the crowning videos.

You'll see many things like how pretty Sonjia Kwok was when she was crown in 1999, or even how Anne Heung ignored one of the finalist trying to hug her in 1998, and how Vivian Lau stood so much taller than Sonjia in 2000.

But the most touching moment in my opinion was in 2002 with Miss Hong Kong winners Tiffany Lam, Victoria Jolly, Cathy Wu, Cerina Da Graca, & Nikki Chung. It was almost like a little girl's dream making her family member proud & be honor like that. My friend & I actually cried, we felt like little girls.


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Women's Weight In The Media & Today's Society

Did you get the memo? Thin Is In, but how thin is just too thin? The media have been influencing how women view what is the ideal weight. One of the hardship of being a woman is pleasing society's standards like how you should look or how many pounds you should lose. Lets face it, as ridiculous as it was before they raised the bar & lowered the ideal weight, 0 is the new 2 while 2 is the new 4, and anything below doesn't exist.

I sit at lunch with girls who read Vogue magazine while they're drinking green tea & eating celery sticks just to try to lose some weight. I'm a size 4 and feel like I'm a hippo just sitting next to them. Of course I feel the pressure to be like them & go down to a size 2 but there is no way I'm starving myself. I've learn to be comfortable in my own skin & not conforming to society's standards.

Why I Think "Fei Tin" Is Sending The Wrong Message.

Dont get me wrong. I do not think Myolie Wu is sending the wrong message, but I think the series & its concept of filming is sending people the wrong message. People remember its moral values maybe for about second because the storyline was really bad. The thing everyone is fixated on is Myolie Wu's weight gain for the role. I think there is huge misconception there. Even though its a common thing in Hollywood for actors to gain weight to fit a role, its always been done very tastefully. Fei Tin's weight gain was not. It wasn't just her weight but also Jack Wu's & Selena Li's weight loss.

I was so mad when I read this message in the forum from this guy that wrote "I think Myolie should have won the award because she sacrificed her beauty for the role by gaining weight." Sacrificed her beauty?! She sacrifced but what are you trying to say about people her size & bigger? Are they so ugly because they're fat that its a sacrificed to look to them for a couple months!? Sad to said he's not the only one that have said this & its become a mainstream statement. I think Myolie gaining weight as an actress was a challenge, but its not commendable because its not healthy for you to do that. For reason I'm just really afraid that there is a twelve year old girl out there who is a Myolie Wu fan starving herself because she saw Myolie gaining weight & shedding all of it off as soon as possible.

But Hey, for $998 HK you can look like Myolie after she lost all those awful weight. <= Extreme Sarcasm.

Current Event: Tyra Banks Fat?

I really do have a great deal of respect for retired Supermodel Tyra Banks. She's a woman who always have struggled with her weight & she had to deal with it in the eye of the media. Tabloid magazines have printed a picture of her in a bikini & proclaimed her a fat mess. Tyra have said young girls send her mail telling her she's beautiful because she isn't stick thin & that she is their size and its makes them good about themself for once. But when the media called Tyra fat, how do think that makes them feel?

Her message to media on her show was awsome! I thought ending statement was very touching. PLEASE watch this video.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

>> TVB-G Showdown #3: Ada Choi Vs. Gigi Lai <<

What do you know, I was right a couple weeks ago when I mention that Gigi Lai is stepping into Ada Choi's territory Moiselle because she might take over as Moiselle's spokesperson. Just a couple weeks later news broke that Gigi will be Moiselle's spokesperson for another 3 years, although the ACTUAL ARTICLE said Moiselle was "kicking out" Ada, I think its a little rough so we will just say she was "dropped".

For those of you who don't know Moiselle is a fairly high end fashion line in Hong Kong design for women. Being endorse by this company means big bucks, if you read the article about Gigi Lai being in the top 5 money makers in television you'll know she made millions from just this endorsement alone. Gigi originally was just a guest at a fashion show, then went to being spokesperson alongside Ada, now she is the sole spokesperson.

But who is the right person to represent Moiselle? Let's put them in a TVB-G Showdown.

Round 1-The Body: Who has the body & figure right for Moiselle? Both Ada & Gigi are size extra small so its not a big difference in the figure. However, its clear that Ada is alot more slender. And here is where I think Ada wins, her height. Moiselle is a high fashion brand and being a spokesperson means that they will have to walk the runway. Ada stands just as tall if not taller than the top models like Cathy Tsui, Rosemary, & Vanessa Yeung. Gigi herself even said that she is quite tiny compared to the other models. So Round 1 goes to Ada.

Round 2-The Look: So who has the right look for Moiselle? Obviously they both do because they both represented Moiselle. However, I think Gigi Lai's look is more suited for Moiselle. Although Ada is younger than her, Gigi seems to have a more fresh and youthful look right for the Moiselle demographic. Ada has the extremely high end & expensive retail look which might not be the best for Moiselle but maybe better for Louis Vuitton. Round 2 goes to Gigi.

Round 3-Is The Price Is Right?: Its a no brainer that Ada's endorsement cost more than Gigi because she's been the face of Moiselle for many years. I dont even remember who it was before Ada. You couldn't look through any Moiselle catalogue without seeing pictures of Ada. The plus to only signing Gigi is that its alot cheaper to renew with since she is still considered fairly new to the company. Plus, Ada was filming alot in mainland while Gigi mostly stayed in Hong Kong so if there was an event Gigi is alot more convinient for them giving them the most for their money. So Round 3 goes to Gigi. I guess she is the right person for the job.

Asia's Sidenote: I was really interested in this because I love Moiselle's designs, I order clothes from them online. They're alittle bit on the pricey side but I think its worth it.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

>>> TVB-G Trivia <<< *ANSWERS UP NOW*

Think you know all there is to know about TVB and verything surrounding it?? Test your knowledge with these Trivia questions. Please dont cheat by looking them up, just see if know it or not. This round is pretty easy.

TOP 3 Winners (First 3 To Get It Right.)
1. Candie
2. lildeity
3. love_kevin


1. Who was the first winner of the TVB Anniversary Best Actress Award?

a. Marianne Chan
b. Maggie Cheung Hor Yee
*c. Esther Kwan (First To Win It In 1997)
d. Jessica Hsaun
e. Ada Choi

2. Which Miss Hong Kong set the record for the most award ever won by a single contestant. (6 awards total.)

a. Anne Heung
b. Michelle Reis
c. Sonjia Kwok
*d. Shirley Yeung (Current Record Holder)
e. Amy Kwok

3. Which one of these serie's theme songs is incorrectly paired up with the singer?

a. Survivor's Law-Raymond lam
b. Greed Mask-Andy Hui
c. Triumph In The Skies-Eason Chan
d. Detective Investigation Files 4 (sub.)-Edmond Leung & Louis Koo
*e. Where The Legend Begins-Moses Chan (Steven Ma Sang It.)

4. Which TVB actress has a small scar on her chin slightly under her lips?

a. Tavia Yeung
*b. Charmaine Sheh (Has a very small horizontal scar on her chin.)
c. Sonjia Kwok
d. Linda Chung
e. Gigi Lai

5. Who was never part of the TVB Artistes Acting Class and entered the industry through another route?

a. Raymond Lam
b. Lai Lok Yi
*c. Myolie Wu (Enter through MHK 1999)
d. Tavia Yeung
e. Kenneth Ma


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