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Friday, February 23, 2007

Sneak Preview of Life Art Airing March 12th

Asia's Sidenote: Sorry for the lack of update recently. Some of relatives came down from up North to visit so I took a few days off to spend time with them during the CNY holiday.

Introduction & Commentary: Earlier there was a request for a post on this series so I gather some information to make this preview. This is the first series for both Gigi Lai & Kevin Cheng to air in almost a year in Hong Kong, about 9-10 months. (Gigi-DOP-May-June/Kevin-TS-May-June) Its still amazing how both have maintain popularity despite the longtime without airing series. Quite a big change from artistes like Charmaine Sheh. This is the first we will see Kevin & Gigi paired up and I find it very refreshing.

Like I said before Kevin is somewhat shy and Gigi is charismatic so they might have very good chemistry in the sense that they will balance each other off. Also in the series both Kevin & Gigi will not be able to rely on their looks because they will have tone their appearance down. Gigi's hair is rather short & constantly kept up to keep away the long flowy look, she is only able to wear very little make-up, and her wardrobe is extremely conservative. Kevin kept his hair comb in a business orientated style, he wears semi-thick dark outline glasses, and his wardrobe consist mostly of polo shirts.

Life Art Preview:

Chinese Title

Cantonese: Se Yi Yan Sung

Tommy Leung Choi Yuen


Leading Female/Male: Gigi Lai, & Kevin Cheng
Veteran Actors: Paul Chun (One of the Main Characters), Helen Ma
Returning Star: Astrid Chan
Hot Newcomers: Natalie Tong, Kathy Yuen, & Matthew Ko
Supporting Cast: Queenie Chu, Ben Wong, Josephine Shum,Vinci Wong, Rabaee Yeung, Yvonne Lam, & Sam Ho Yan

Get To Know the Characters:

Gigi's Characters: In Life Art, Gigi’s image is one of gentleness and innocence. She will be dressed in a simple white dress with minimal make-up through out the series. In the series, her character loves to paint and do calligraphy. But an accident causes her to lose the use of her right hand. She goes through a lot. She has to find the strength to move on and through her determination, she strives to use her left hand to paint and draw, and eventually she becomes a famous cartoonist.

Kevin's Character: Kevin plays an IT executive in the series. Due to the nature of his job, which also influences the way he lives his life, everything is fast-paced. As a result, he doesn’t know how to relax or enjoy life until he meets Lai’s father, played by veteran actor Paul Chun Pui. In a character trait most of us can relate to, Kevin is also Western-educated and doesn’t know Mandarin. But because the company he works for is taken over by a Chinese company and my boss is Mandarin-speaking, he have to take lessons from Paul Chun. From him he learns to slow down and take notice of people and things around

Paul Chun plays Gigi Lai’s dad. He teaches Kevin how to live and enjoy life while teaching him Mandarin.

Natalie Tong once again plays a rebel. Kevin's younger sister, whose outlook, behaviour and mannerisms are reflective of Hong Kong’s younger generation. (apathetic attitude towards their family and society. The message they are trying to convey in the series is that they have to change.)

Queenie Chu: Based on interviews, it seems like Queenie Chu will be the third party that will come between Kevin & Gigi.

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