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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shashe Shante!!

Go Gigi & Christine! I love fashion so I naturally love this video. Its a clip of the Moiselle fashion in HK. Its a little hard to see but the first model out is Gigi Lai. OMG! Her catwalk is amazing, its like she's pro model. The second one out and also a guest model is Christine Ng, she was also extremly sassy. Ja'dore! The model to come out is supermodel Kathy Chow, then Cathy Tsui, and I think the next model is Ana R. By the way, the song in the beginning is Buttons by The Pussy Cat Dolls, and I dont know the second one. Anyone here know?

Bonus! I might as share another one of these videos I found a long time ago. Its a clip of a bigger scale Moiselle fashion show, with big name supermodels like Cathy Tsui, Rosemary, and Vanessa Yeung. You guys might have seen picture gallery from this fashion at Jayne Stars. In the end that Ada Choi who is the spokemodel for Moiselle coming out with the designers. The song in the background is Hung Up by Madonna.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Beautiful Men Cooking?

Hey guys!! once again sorry for the lack of update, I think I'm really close to going insane from school work. Oh well, its taken over life, but life must go on...

Just a brief update today. First of all thanks to Christine for the funny E-Mail telling me about "Beautiful Men Cooking". Its a little strange that I've been reputed as the boy crazed webmistress at TVB Generation. I'll take it as a joke & compliment I guess...

I really find much news about it, maybe more will pop up later. But HK-IMAGE just released some pictures of the filming. It looks like the Judges for the special will be Carol (Dodo) Cheng, Ella Koon, Nancy Sit, & Louisa So. It also looks like Chilam Cheung & Chin Ka Lok are the first two "Beautiful Male Chef" (Shouldn't be handsome??). Then, they will become judges as well in the second round, when the hosts Alex Fong, Edmond Leung, & Ronal Cheng become contestants. For full gallery CLICK HERE.

It looks funny, I guess they're trying to change it up a little. I think it might air this Sunday or maybe next sunday.

:D lol, funny Carol Cheng Pic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, September 21, 2006

>>> Top Model Meets TVB PART I <<<

. : ANTM Fever! My obssession with America's Next Top Model starts again with the new season already begining. I really love this show, I incorporated the show into my posts before and this time I'm trying to incorporate photo shoots with the models with photos of TVB stars. I was so surprise I was able to find so many. I had to split it into 3 different parts or even more. I found that the pictures in the next couple posts will be more intetresting so stay tuned. I also have a pretty cool video I found for ANTM fans. I understand this how is broadcast in over 130 countries, and there are also spin off shows like Britain, Canada, Germany, & Australia's Next Top Model so I think most people will know the show. Now on with the Feature:

-Alter Ego: Masculine Vs. Feminine- I love this photo of Eva (Winner of ANTM 3), I think I did do a mini spotlight in the past with this picture and Anne Heung's version. This time I found another picture of the M vs. F type theme, this one is with Niki Chow and her Supermodel sister Kathy Chow. Its so weird to see Niki dressed up as a man.

. :The Bald Is Beautiful Collection: Love these bald photos, I think its amazing that they can look so pretty without hair. I really like Gina's picture, I think its the only picture I like of her, if you dont remember she is the confused Korean girl). I also like Sarah's picture. I think Moses Chan is so cute bald, I really think he looks fresh & youthful without hair. I think he can take on these bald poses as well, after all he is model turned actor.

. : Spunky Mohawk Pose- Naima Vs. Ada: I really like this picture of Naima (Winner of ANTM 4), I think its so spunky and kinda punk with the really cool "shehawk" (A feminine version of a mohawk). When I saw Ada sporting a Shehawk I thought it was so cool that the photos really resemble each other. These two pictures just shows so much personality.

>>> PART I Finale-FIERCE!!!! Tyra Vs. Moses: Former male model turned actor Moses Chan takes on World Class Supermodel Tyra Banks in this pose off. Both are working this ultra fierce angle as well as almost the exact same pose. Both showing skin and working the firey red element in the picture. As Tyra puts it "Both of them worked it, and both of them rocked it." Awsome pictures!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Ada!!

Ada is still looking extremely youthful, she's only 33 so the best is yet to come. She has come quite a long way since competing in the MHK Pageant in 1991 at the tender age of 17-18, about 15 years in the industry now. Ada looks young nomatter what, even if she has to play Maggie Siu's mother-in-law and have her call her "poh poh" in the Dance of Passion. Cheers to Ada, Happy Birthday Ada!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

>> Look Alikes: Ada Choi & Ella Koon <<

Resemblances... Maybe this just me, but found this picture of Ada that I thought really looks like Ella. I think they share alot of resemblances, but my eyes may be decieving me, and I'm the only weirdo that see them. Ada looks like more mature & slender version of Ella, while Ella looks like a more youthful & girlie version of Ada. What do you guys think?

Mostly see Ella in movies since RDOV was the only series she did with TVB. I hope she films more series in the future. For some reason I think she would have really good chemistry Raymond Lam . Maybe its because they sorta look like they match and somewhat cute together.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

>> TVB-G Showdown: The Sitcoms <<

Hey Everyone! I wasn't kidnapped, school took over my life. I'm trying my best to balance things. I'll to update more often if get the chance, sorry.

>>TVB-G Showdown: I saw this special on VH1 a couple weeks ago called VH1 Celebrity showdown, I thought it was interesting because it analyzes two celebrity and see who the showdown through varies battles. I decided to do a TVB version. I'll start off today with the sitcoms, and I'll add more in later installments.


Round 1- HOH: "Head of Household", Nancy Sit Vs. Sir Chung King Fai, who is the most entertaining head of household? Well, each in their own rights are great veteran actors but who is more interesting to watch? In my opinion, Nancy Sit is, she has the charm & a natural comedic look that cheers people up. Sir Chung King Fai is an awsome actor, but I think looks boring when compared to Nancy Sit. So round 1 goes to VOH.

Round 2-The Demographic: Both are family type sitcoms, but Welcome To The House takes it to the EXTREME. Its so family oriented that I like it could be considered to be in the same category with children's cartoons. Maybe I'm exaggerating it alittle, but its basicly along that line. VOH had some adult themes that weren't too inappropriate, but funny so I think its more funny & adult suited. WTTH can be shown to any age demograhic between the ages of 8-65 because it is extremely family oriented, while I think VOH is more suited for the age groups of 13-60. With a bigger demographic WTTH takes the second round.

Round 3-The Ratings: Simple, which has the better air ratings. WTTH is very steady, keeping a good paste every week between about 27-29 region, and once in a while going in the 30's. Despite maybe a smaller demographic, VOH still takes the cake in ratings as it did really well back when it was on almost always keeping ratings in the 30's, rarely slipping down the 20's. So round 3 goes to VOH.

Round 4-The Romances: Although they're are family sitcom both have their share of romances, but when it comes to the interesting ones, I have to give to VOH. It simply had alot more interesting romances on the show with couples that had good chemistry like Bernice & Frankie, Bondy &amp; Michael, & Linda & Steven. So Round four goes to VOH.

Round 5-The Resident Beauty Queens: VOH had two main beauty queens, Bernice & Linda, both MCI. WTTH has MHK 2005 Miss Photogenic Shermon Tang. All three have alot of charm and "girl next door" type personality onscreen that shines. Shermon is one of new favorites, I also really like Linda & Bernice. So who should I give this one to? Well, this round is alittle unfair to Shermon because although her fan base is big & growing fast, its still pale in comparison to the combine base of both Bernice & Linda. I decided to throw a sympathy vote to WTTH and give it round five.

TVB-G Winner: VOH With A Victory of 3-2 over WTTH.

Viewer's Choice Round-The Ensemble: I'll let you guys determine this one, which has the better cast ensemble? This is up in the air, if you pick WTH then the scores are tied up.

Friday, September 08, 2006

>>> Did You Know That??? <<<

: : : Another Installment : : : Once again, "Did You Know That" brings you interesting insights that may or may not have known about from al walks of life. If you happen to miss the last one just CLICK HERE to view it.

>>>Did You Know That???: Hong Kong as of 2006 the fourth most expensive city in the world to live in. Moscow was number one on the list followed by Seoul & Tokyo. Hong Kong even outranked New York City, Los Angeles, & San Francisco by a long shot so if you think its expensive living in the U.S. & cheap in Hong Kong, think again For more rankings of cities CLICK HERE.

>>> Did You Know That???: Joyce Tang can sing really well. Joyce first entered showbiz in 1995 when she competed in the Five New Singers Competition and ranked 8th out of hundreds that competed. Eason Chan was the winner of the entire competition. The Five New Singers Competition that year launched both of their careers but of course we all know Joyce later turned to acting instead and became a TVB actress.

>>> Did You Know That???: Adam Cheng has a mutual agreement with TVB that in every TVB series that he is in, he will sing the themesong unless he decides he doesn't want to sing it. And I also think Adam gets paid very handsomely for singing their themesongs. This is a bummer for me because I dont really like his songs & I think that TVB should give theme singing opportunities to other young artistes like Sammul & Leila in Bar Benders.

>>>Did You Know That???: the World's highest paid male supermodel, Tyson Beckford is part Chinese. Tyson is the son of a Jamaican father and a Jamaican/Chinese-American mother. He is the most sought after male model in the world right now. He has appear in many Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, & countless ads so I'm sure alot of you guys might recognize him. He is infamous for his "seductive" squinty eyes which he credits his mother side for.

Monday, September 04, 2006

>>> Sleep Deprivation <<<

zZZ Just a brief commentary about the health & lifestyle of artistes while filming. I read these two articles about Raymond & Ron this week. The Raymond article talked about when he was filming a kissing scene with Yoyo Mung, and he revealed that he hasn't had any sleep in the last 40 hours! And Ron's article talked about how he had to work during his birthday with filming ended at 2:30 AM and he had to start filimg again at 6:30, leaving him barely 4 hours to sleep. This is scary how the filming schedule is plan. I think this how all TVB series are filmed. Thats why singers try to avoid filming series unless they really want to get on TVB's good side, plus they dont get pay that well.

I think I might get by on 4 hours of sleep like Ron if I've gotten used to it & its part of my work. However, I think Raymond is just exaggerating it alittle. If any of you have taken psychology, you would know that if you go 35-50 hours without sleep, your mind starts to slowly give up its regular functions and you begin hallucinating. If you get pass the 40 hours mark you most likely will past out on your own fairly soon.

Only big name artistes are able to request sleeping time. Adam Cheng is guaranteed 8 hours of sleep by TVB. I also think Liza Wang also has a similar deal. Lydia Shum had like 10 hours back when she was still filming. Charmaine said she was able to get 6 hours of sleep in China while filming LWOLAP and that sounds good to me because thats how many hours I'm getting now.
Maybe thats another reason why so many artistes are turning to Mainland companies.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

>> Holy Smokes, Kate Tsui Is On Fire!! <<

I know this is really random, but I'm just so shocked after reading this article at Asianfantics. CLICK HERE to read it and see what exactly is so shocking to me.

Well, basicly the article talks about the upcoming movie, Eye In The Sky. Its stars Simon Yam, Tony Leung Ka Fai, and Kate Tsui! Yes, Kate Tsui. I couldn't believe Kate snaged a role with two lengendary actors infamous in Hong Kong cinema, but I was floored when I found out she is the female lead! Simon Yam is an international actor and Tony Leung Ka Fai was this year's winner of the Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Award. Both are big name actors who made it into the top ten list of most influential actors in Hong Kong cinema.

Its every newcomer's dream to working with them, and Kate Tsui gets to play their opposite female lead. I dont think big names fa dans could have even gotten the role if they wanted, but strangely she got it. If Kate really put alot heart into the movie, it might get her a nomination as Best Newcomer at this year's Hong Kong Film Award. The film is directed by Yau Nai-Hoi, the writer of almost all Johnnie To's movies. And its produced by legendary director of Election 1 & 2, none other than Johnny To himself. With big names like those, this might take Kate all the way to the Cannes Film Festival.

My finals thoughts: I'm surprise. I know Kate isn't exactly beloved among TVB fans, but she isnt exactly hated so I really dont know what to make of her poularity-wise. I like Kate, but I'm not really a big fan. I think she is moving at really quick paste with alot of big roles in series, she was almost as fast as Linda Chung until she talked about sexual position on the radio & almost got frozen. Otherwise, I think she would have gotten a lead in a series by now.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

>>> Happy Birthday Ron!! <<<

I was reminded on shoutbox that today is Ron Ng's Birthday, so I just wanted say Happy Birthday to him. So far TVB Generation has only celebrated 3 star birthdays, Bernice, Kevin, & Ron. This blog is more upbeat, & festive when we actually celebrate fun events. If any of your favorite stars have upcoming Birthdays just let me know, and we can celebrate it here with other TVB fans.

Ron's age... So how old is Ron? He was born on Semptember 2nd 1979 so he's officially 27 today. And if you're wondering, Ron is older than Raymond. Ron is about three months older than Raymond. Raymond was born December 8, 1979, coincidently the same year.

Friday, September 01, 2006

>>> "Step Into The Past": Joyce Tang <<<

Its Back! Its been so long since I've done this feature. I really wanted to keep it alive so I added this addition.

Joyce Tang: Joyce Tang is no longer filming with TVB. I really hope she will return. I really like Joyce Tang. I think her acting is really good, and she is extremely pretty. I wanted to do a mini spotlight so I back tracked into her old pictures, and did a "Step Into The Past" feature on her.

Joyce Tang of the Past: She looks so different in these pictures. Joyce has a very androgynous look, I guess its because of her very short hair. To be honest if I saw these pictures alone I wouldn't have recognized it was her. In the picture where she is wearing black & blue, she kinda looks like Astrid Chan & some what like Charmaine Sheh in "Always Ready".

Joyce Tang Blossoming: I took notice of Joyce Tang in her middle stage. She all of a sudden flaunted this feminine beauty that was amazing. Joyce Tang is one the rare actresses having a very classic outline of an asian beauty like Gigi Lai. I think she really embodied this in her middle stages when she blossom.

Joyce Tang Now: No longer a young actress but an experienced actress calling her own shots, choosing if she wants to work with TVB or film in mainland. She is endorsed by my company for her beauty. She still looks amzingly beautiful. Joyce still shows no signs of fading beauty with age.

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