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Friday, June 30, 2006

::: Did You Happen To Notice? :::

.: Times Flies: Whether you notice or not this year is more than half over. The month of July starts tomorrow. This year flew by, one TVB series after another. TVB Generation is almost 9 nine months old now, I feel alot of stuff has happen since. Alot of stuff has change also, personally, blogging has become a hobby for me now, I'm sure all the readers changed in someway whether its growing an inch or noticing a few wrinkles, lol, just kidding. Thinking about time gave me the idea to do "Did You Happen To Notice?", because they're are alot stuff that went un-noticed.

Before I started I want to just tell everyone here to pat themself on the back for making it more than half past the year of 2006. Remember the theme proverb from my "Step Into the Past" Feature, "Yesterday is a nothing but a thing of the Past. Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Did You Happen To Notice...

To Whom It May Concern: Did you happen to notice that Mandy Cho has been gone for almost five months now? She's in the U.S. taking courses on Jewlery designing, pursuing an education. Not many people care about Mandy. Mandy is not very well like, but people come to forget she's just a regular girl from overseas pursuing acting in HK. I dont understand why some people hate her, she hasnt had any major villainess roles. Its sad to say not many noticed, and if I were her I would devasted that almost nobody cares. Only some of you will read this, others will skip this passage because they dont care. I applaud all the compasionate readers reading this passage.

A Sad Story of Surviving: Did you happen to notice Cerina De Graca stopped filming TVB series? Cerina is very sweet girl who is very innocent onscreen. Even she's not popular, she's never been really hated by anybody because of her innocent look. Cerina was the last actress still acting from the Miss HK winners in 2002. Tiffany Lam & Victoria Jolly all left years ago and she was only one left pursuing fame. Cerina is half Portugese, and TVB at one point thought she could be the next Michelle Reis, but her popularity never took off. Her last TVB series was RDOV, aired almost a year ago. I sincerely hope she comes back. Did you happen to notice she was gone?

A Story of Triumph: Sheren Tang was excluded from "The Dance of Passion" project but did you happen to notice she got the last laugh? After her popularity spiked potraying the role of Yu Fei, TVB made the decision to not include her in the "sequel" because of the controversy concerning the Best Actress Award. At the time Sheren was frozen by TVB, but later unfrozen and took part in La Femme Desperado. LFD's cast wasnt exactly grand production material like DOP, but pulled off extraordinary ratings, best so far. While DOP was a disapointment to most, getting beaten in the ratings several time a warehouse series (Trimming Success). I think Sheren lucked out by not being a part of it.

Still More "Did You Happen To Notice?" To Come...

>>The Polling Results Are As Followed<<: I sincerely apologize for not posting up the Polling Results sooner. It wasn't until I recieved an E-Mail requesting the final results to be posted. I honestly didnt know my poll had been promoted at sites like Dien Anh Discussion Forum or Gigi Lai Cinple Forum. The poll started about three months or so ago at my old Voting Booth ( The polling question was - Base solely on beauty and grace, if all of the main actresses were put into a TVB Generation pageant, who would win?

The Polling results are now finalized, many may argue that whoever has the most fans will win, but if they are fans then must think who they support are truly beautiful in their own sense. Remember, "Beauty is the eyes of the beholder", and for men, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder." The battle was pretty fierce between Gigi & Charmaine, constantly switching on who is in the lead, lets find out who won.

.: The Winner of the Pageant/Poll was Gigi Lai With 137 Votes out of a total of 1591 Votes (9%) :.

.: The First Runners Up-Charmaine Sheh (129 Votes/8%) / The Second Runners Up-Bernice Liu (109 Votes/7%) :.

.: The Finalists- Tavia Yeung (84 Votes/5%) and Kenix Kwok (83 Votes/5%) :.

>>For Full Polling Results On All The Contestants Click Here:

Thursday, June 29, 2006

::: Asia's Blog: When Men Talk :::

Not Just Any Men, Leehom+Lee Kai+Jin+Leehom's Brother...

>>They Do It Too: Not really TVB related, but all men & women can relate to this. Me and some of my girlfriends were at Starbuck on the computer, one of them read a bulletin about Leehom off her myspace. It was a video saying they were talking about girls. The video was pretty funny at first, it starts off with the men (Leehom+Lee Kai+Rapper Jin+Leehom's Brother) talking like men do in movies. Jin started talking about women, I'll explain more, watch the video and you'll see. I'm not gonna over react with some feminist comments because lets be honest, women talk about men too. As a matter of fact after we saw the video we talked, and it was strangely similar to the group dicussion in UTCOL.

>>What The Big Deal?: Behind the stage look at Leehom before the Golden Melody Award. What my friends & I can make out from what Jin said when Leehom said lets hang out with Blackie later is "We need need to go to that vent you were talking about earlier, cant tell... (Guy Sitting) with the girls... the camera might need to be off for this one... Uh Oh (Leehom)... I might incriminate myself with something stupid... We need to go to the club where you cant you cant tell if the skirt's the belt or where the skirt & the belt starts." Basicly meaning clubs where girls wear skirts skimpy as a belt, & its goes on from there... Jin is nasty, but what else is new, he's a rapper. BTW, Jin is cantonese, he funny, he only speaks a little bit mandarin so in the video he said "I'm learning one word a day so in one year I'll know 365 phrases."

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

.: TVB Production Update: The Academy II :.

The Academy 2, The Real Deal: Its official, The Academy 2 will happen. The last one had really good ratings so TVB is banking on this sequel. It looks like Tavia wont be a part of the sequel. Fiona Sit's name was mention, but she's not confirmed yet so I dont know whether or not she will take part. Sammul Chan isn't leaving for mainland after all, he's back to film this sequel. So far only seven confirmed cast members. Michael Miu's is gone so I guess Michael Tao will take his place. I heard that Joey & Ron were definitely going to take part, but I didnt expected Sonjia to though. Here's the latest production news:

*Credit To Chuong Chuong & Kitson @ TVSF Forum*

-Filming Starts: July 2006-

The Confirmed
Cast Members:

Michael Tao
Ron Ng
Sammul Chan
Joey Yung
Sonjia Kwok
Kate Tsui
Kenny Kwan

.: The Dish :. Word in the forum is that Ron will have a reduced role, because he was speeding during the first Academy so they dont want him to film in the Police track. I also read in the news that he's been blacklisted as well so this very well could be true. I'm kinda unclear on whether its a completely new storyline or not so I guess we will just have to wait and see. I think the pairing is still up in the air, most likely Michael & Sonjia. Not sure about Ron & Sammul though, I predict Ron & Joey, and Sammul & Kate. Kate has been paired with both Ron & Sammul already so its not like its gonna make a difference. Kenny Kwan most likely will play a Cadet I think.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

>> Asia's Blog: Do You Have a Ph.D In Photoshop?! <<

>>I Don't, That's For Sure: I'm feeling EXTREMELY tired now. I've spent the last 1-2 hours doing step by step tutorials on how to work Photoshop. I had to switch over to Photoshop 9.0 CS2 because my Ulead Photo Express 4.0 decided not to open on my computer anymore (Roll Eyes). Photoshop is in another language, its so hard to naviagte, I have no clue what was going on. Its like I'm reading Hungarian. I'm slowly catching on, because Ulead was just simple slicing with soft edges for blending, but photoshop is alot harder. I was shouting "Where The **** Is The Feather!" at one point, but dont worry, I found it, Its all good now.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSince opening this site, I've met alot of amazing people with awsome photoshop skills. Webmasters, Forum Artists, and even alot of readers on shoutbox (You All Know Who You Are ;) When I was doing the tutorials, I was thinking all those people have a Ph.D's in Photoshop. So far I'm coming along OK. Alicechen taught me how to make GIFs (My First GIF I ever made is shown on your left, dont laugh too hard) , master basic special effects, and I just made my way through my first blending tutorial. Halfway through blending, I was thinking "Forget" This! But I hang in there, and I think I got it now. I hope I can master it soon so can change the banner, its been up there for a while now.

My First Blending Result With Ulead (Estimated Time-8 Minutes, Simple)
>>Click To Enlarge<<

My First Blending Tutorial Result With Photoshop (Estimated Time-32 Minutes!)
>>Click To Enlarge<<

>>Asia's Request: I really need a new banner, and I'm not quite 100% confident with photoshop yet. If any of the Photoshop Ph.D holders here would kindly like to "donate" me a banner I would really appreciate it. It can have any TVB stars, preferably with a summer theme & baby blue color scheme. 900 x 250 would be ideal. Thank you for your time. ;)

Monday, June 26, 2006

.: TVB Releases Official Mr. HK Potraits/Videos :.

The Competition Heating Up: This year's Mr. HK is finally kicking into gear. TVB finally updates the official site with Potraits/Intro Videos. Contestant's profile are also up, Click HERE to view their profiles (Chinese). Alot of the contestants are very cute, its just the portraits kinda make them look weird, the press pictures are actually better. I actually have a handful of favorites, unlike the MHK (Low Standards). Number 9, Gordon Yeung, & Francois Wong shown on your left are two of my favorites. Their English names were also revealed, please restraint from laughing too hard. Come on, whats up with names like Kitterick Yiu and Fury Wong.

*Make sure to Check Out their two short group Intro Video I uploaded to Youtube. They actually look alot better in the video, alot more dashing.*
>>The Style Group-English Names (From Left To Right Moving Downwards): Francois Wong, Bryan Pun, Kitterick Yiu (lol), Larry Chan, Gordon Yeung, Fury Wong (HeHe...), & Johnny Lam.

>>The Fitness Group-English Names: Otto Chan, Kelvin Leung, Kenneth Wong, Bernie Ho, Maurice Siu (Looks a little scary in this portrait), Billy Lam, & Ronald Leung.

*I'll do more Mr. HK updates later since its fast approaching on July 8th and the MHK will be held alot later on August 12th.*

: : : TVB-G Special: Change Over Time-Male Artiste's Slimming Success : : :

>>>Slimming Success: You mostly hear about female artiste's miracle weight lose in newspapers, but very rarely do hear about male artiste's. Maggie Siu was and still is the icon in weight loss & slimming with nonstop pictorials releasing causing quite a stir. But I think its time to spotlight some male artistes making them the icons in weight loss. Past, Present, & Future, discover some weight loss that were very low key, and future weight loss I predict will hopefully be on the money.

.: The Past-Raymond Lam 2005: Raymond was the biggest news maker in terms of male weight loss publicty in 2005 when he loss more than 15 pounds while filming for "Face To Fate". Even though it wasnt for any slimming company and totally unintentional, Raymond caught the attention of the media. His weight loss seemed a little drastic in the begining but after a few weeks the results were quite ideal.

I actually thought he looked like he was towards the ending of filming a "La Femme Desperado". Months later he gained the weight back on though, as you can recall when he was poked fun of for being a little chubby on a radio show while promoting for "LWOLAP". Recently he was asked by reporters while filming "The Breath of Love" with his shirt off that he looks like he has gain a bit of weight & did really gained weight as matter of fact? Raymond responded saying he has only gained 3 pounds.

>>Raymond Lam 2005-Comparision Chart ( Top-Before; Bottom-After) *The After picture seems quite drastic because he was at the peak of his weight loss in the begining of filming for "LFD"* <<

.: Present-Kevin Cheng 2006: Kevin's is this year's most significant male weight loss yet. You can just tell he has loss alot of weight. Unlike Raymond, Kevin's weight loss was for a slimming endorsement. I have to admit his weight loss is happening very rapidly. Over the last 2 months his weight loss is very visible. You can just tell by looking at his face that he dropped alot dead weight.

His weight loss has very been low key. His shirtless endorsement ads have not been shot yet, because apparently more time would yield more significant & ideal results. When they do come out, I'll keep you guys posted, most likely in another installment of "Hotties With Bodies". I think Kevin is currently working on toning his muscle now that he dropped most of his body fat.

>>Kevin Cheng 2006-Comparison Chart (Top-Before; Bottom-After) *The change is clearly visible in his face. Everyone wants bone structure, and Kevin's nice bone structure is now complimented by the weight loss.* <<

.: The Future-Ron Ng 2007?: Ron is a definite hottie, an icon for his good looks, but you guys can recall this picture was release about a month ago. The reception by TVB fans online were in agreement. The vast majority were shock by Ron's "beer belly". I was particularly very shock as well. I thought Ron would have been very toned because all the dancing he did while launching his singing career.

I'm putting my bets on the table that Ron will be the most significant weight loss of 2007. Even though you guys might remember he was also chubby in a fitness training scene with Sammul in "The Academy", I think "the Academy 2" might give him an unexpected weight loss like it did for Raymond in "Face To Fate".

>>The now infamous picture. I'm thinking I have to hang on to this, because I will have to use it next year for his before.<<

Sunday, June 25, 2006

>>> TVB-G Fashion Double Vision/ Asia's Bonus Humor <<<

>>>Niki Chow & Liza Wang: Both these ladies wore this same suspender oufit with a slight change of the feather and chain accessories. Niki wore it at the 2005 JSG Award, and Liza wore it performing her duet with Kelly at JSG for their song "Goddess of Freddom". So who does it look better on? My Pick-Niki. *SUBMITTED By Sidney Lu*

>>>Charlene Choi & Ada Choi: Charlene Choi wore this same American stars top in a photoshoot for PR pictures. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe thats Ada Choi wearing that same top in catalogue ad. I'm almost positive it Ada though because it looks like the spring Moiselles catalogue which she is endorsed by. So who does it look better on? My Pick-Ada.

>>>Nnadia Chan & Michelle Ye: These pictures are very old. You can just tell it was taken a really long time ago, because both of them look very diffrent compared to now. Both Michelle & Nnadia were spotted wearing this blue ruffle & bow tied top. So who does it look better on? My Pick-Nnadia.

>>>Spot Any? I'm running fairly low on Features like Fashion Double, Underneath It All, & Look Alikes. If you spot any, please help me and send it in to keep the features alive. Thanks!

>>Asia's Bonus Humor<<: This video is absolutely Hilarious! Its a spoof by MTV Comedian Andy Dick creating a fake pop princess called Daphne Aguilera (Supposively Christina Aguilera's Cousin). The first half of the 5 min Video is the making of the Music Video, and the second half is the Music Video itself. The Second Half is an absolute must see!

*Daphne Aguilera - Naughty Baby Did A No-No. Check It Out, Its A Must See!*

*NOTE: I will stop using the Windows Media Player on this page because it automaticly plays for Firefox users. I'm signing up for a Youtube account to accommodate them.*

Saturday, June 24, 2006

::: Dependent Look Alikes / Asia's Two Pennies :::

Brief Intro: I'm finally catching up with this feature with some more look alikes. This week's look alikes are what I called dependent look alikes this means whether they look alike or not, it depends. Usually on the angle of the photo when taken. Also added some commentaries of my views on these artistes while we are conviniently on the subject like I did for the Elaine Yiu & Niki Chow look alike. You might agree with what I say or you might not.

  • Hard To Get Kate Tsui & Likeable Nancy Wu: Kate looks so much like Nancy that picture that I actually thought it was in the wrong forum thread, and it belong in Nancy's, but turns out it was really Kate. I think its because of their similar features.

  • My Two Pennies On Kate: Kate is hard to get. In the beginning you might not make much of her, you might even ponder why she was a Miss Hong Kong. Truth is, I did too. Soon after I realized that Kate keeps you interested. Her rumours with Leon Lai, tripping when relinquishing her MHK title, and the recent scandal of her talking about sex on the radio, she knows how to grab your attention. Her acting is also quite surprising good. Usually your first few acting jobs are horrible but Kate was actually not that bad in WRTL & LFD.

  • My Two Pennies on Nancy: Nancy is very likable, but I dont why TVB doesnt promote her. At a certain point Nancy & Leila were at the same place, but now Leila is so far ahead of her. It happen so fast you dont even realize it. Nancy is dating Deep Ng now, and is actually getting bigger role, so I guess she's progressing but I have to admit very slowly.

  • Youthful Shirley Yeung & Just Plain Tracy Ip: Tracy looks so much Shirley in that picture. I think its in the eyes, and her lip also resemble Shirley's.

  • My Two Pennies On Shirley: You all know I feel about Shirley, and sleeping beauty status. I have to add this though, is it me or Shirley looks so young in series? Its like she's teenage. Especially in The Bitter Bitten and Au Revoir Shanghai.

  • My Two Pennies On Tracy Ip: If you guys dont know her, I dont blame you. She pretty, but that's about it. She's so boring. Even though she won last year's MHK, I find her losing out in terms of charm and personality to competitors like Erica Yeun & Shermon Tang. Everything about Tracy seems so rehersed or staged, and nothing really from her especially in interviews. Her fan base is so small compared to Shermon, even companies looking for MHK endorsements are not impress by her. She caught my attention for a minute with her rumoured relationship with Don Li.

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