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Monday, June 26, 2006

: : : TVB-G Special: Change Over Time-Male Artiste's Slimming Success : : :

>>>Slimming Success: You mostly hear about female artiste's miracle weight lose in newspapers, but very rarely do hear about male artiste's. Maggie Siu was and still is the icon in weight loss & slimming with nonstop pictorials releasing causing quite a stir. But I think its time to spotlight some male artistes making them the icons in weight loss. Past, Present, & Future, discover some weight loss that were very low key, and future weight loss I predict will hopefully be on the money.

.: The Past-Raymond Lam 2005: Raymond was the biggest news maker in terms of male weight loss publicty in 2005 when he loss more than 15 pounds while filming for "Face To Fate". Even though it wasnt for any slimming company and totally unintentional, Raymond caught the attention of the media. His weight loss seemed a little drastic in the begining but after a few weeks the results were quite ideal.

I actually thought he looked like he was towards the ending of filming a "La Femme Desperado". Months later he gained the weight back on though, as you can recall when he was poked fun of for being a little chubby on a radio show while promoting for "LWOLAP". Recently he was asked by reporters while filming "The Breath of Love" with his shirt off that he looks like he has gain a bit of weight & did really gained weight as matter of fact? Raymond responded saying he has only gained 3 pounds.

>>Raymond Lam 2005-Comparision Chart ( Top-Before; Bottom-After) *The After picture seems quite drastic because he was at the peak of his weight loss in the begining of filming for "LFD"* <<

.: Present-Kevin Cheng 2006: Kevin's is this year's most significant male weight loss yet. You can just tell he has loss alot of weight. Unlike Raymond, Kevin's weight loss was for a slimming endorsement. I have to admit his weight loss is happening very rapidly. Over the last 2 months his weight loss is very visible. You can just tell by looking at his face that he dropped alot dead weight.

His weight loss has very been low key. His shirtless endorsement ads have not been shot yet, because apparently more time would yield more significant & ideal results. When they do come out, I'll keep you guys posted, most likely in another installment of "Hotties With Bodies". I think Kevin is currently working on toning his muscle now that he dropped most of his body fat.

>>Kevin Cheng 2006-Comparison Chart (Top-Before; Bottom-After) *The change is clearly visible in his face. Everyone wants bone structure, and Kevin's nice bone structure is now complimented by the weight loss.* <<

.: The Future-Ron Ng 2007?: Ron is a definite hottie, an icon for his good looks, but you guys can recall this picture was release about a month ago. The reception by TVB fans online were in agreement. The vast majority were shock by Ron's "beer belly". I was particularly very shock as well. I thought Ron would have been very toned because all the dancing he did while launching his singing career.

I'm putting my bets on the table that Ron will be the most significant weight loss of 2007. Even though you guys might remember he was also chubby in a fitness training scene with Sammul in "The Academy", I think "the Academy 2" might give him an unexpected weight loss like it did for Raymond in "Face To Fate".

>>The now infamous picture. I'm thinking I have to hang on to this, because I will have to use it next year for his before.<<

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