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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

>> Asia's Blog: Current Controversies <<

Yeah... About These TVB Ratings...

Ratings Report ( 22/05/2006 - 28/05/2006 )

1. Trimming Success ( EPS 06 - 10 ) - 32 PTS Peaking at 34 PTS
2. The Dance Of Passion ( EPS 16 - 20 ) - 32 PTS Peaking at 33 PTS
3. Beautiful Cooking - 30 PTS Peaking at 32 PTS
4. Welcome To The House ( EPS 31 - 35 ) - 29 PTS
5. On The Load - 28 PTS
6. Big Heart, Small Heart - 28 PTS
7. Gourmet Power Zoom II - 25 PTS
8. Justice To All - 24 PTS
9. Scoop - 22 PTS
10. Stephen's Daily ( EPS 05 ) - 20 PTS
11. Jade Solid Gold - 16 PTS

*Credit To Kitson*

What About Them?: These ratings are a little hard to understand. I kept my lips sealed for the last couple weeks about why DOP ratings keep on dropping because I havent yet seen it, I never downoad grand productions because they're just too long. I'm glad to see it improving from 31 to 32 this week though. I've heard nothing but good things the first week it came out, but now alot of people are saying the plot is dragging, & boring.

This week's rating probably made ATV pretty happy, because they just began airing "Central Affairs 2". The irony of the ratings is pretty clear. Trimming Success, originally a warehouse series is now beating a very high profile grand production. As much as I love Kevin, I actually kinda want DOP to do better because I've been anticipating DOP for so long, and really dont want it to be a disappointment. I really want to hear your view on DOP. I guess only time will tell now...

"If You Dont Have Nothing Nice To Say, Say Nothing At All..."

"Earlier Kenneth Chan Kai Tai boldly said that the female cast of "Dance of Passion" were all old. Michelle said that Ken has his own opinions and often she would consult his opinion on various matters for work. Michelle also said that she thinks the female cast of DOP are all beautiful. "
-Excerpt From Recent News-Credit To Jayne

Keeping Your Manners At Home?: I cant believe Kenneth Chan said that. That was totally uncalled for, & absolutely disrespectful. This guy used to be a TVB artiste and now just for self promotion of his series, he disrespected his former collegues, escpecially Ada & Maggie who I remember doing series with him. Michelle's comment made his sound less provoking but I still cant believe he was that much of a jerk. ATV artistes lack respect, you dont see Moses & Bowie calling Michelle & Pinky fat or ugly.

So what if they're old? People dont watch series for young actresses otherwise why would they even need acting classes just put a bunch of high school girls on TV. They're not old by the way. Ada, Charmaine, and Gigi are in their early & mid 30's, and Maggie just turn 40 last year, but still looks amazing for her slimming ads. The nerve of that guy, I hope he realized that he made enemies with one of biggest combined fan base...

Monday, May 29, 2006

>>>>Fashion Double<<<<

~~>><<~~The Double Visions Are Back...

>>Vicki Zhao & Shirley Yeung: Vicki Zhao wore this dress at a promotional event if I'm not mistaken, and Shirley wore it for her picture in the 2005 TVB calendar probably arranged by TVB. I think this dress isn't all that special. Its mediocre, like 9th grade homecoming dress or a really tacky brides maid dress. According to the Calendar the dress is designed by BCBG.

>>Coco Lee & Marianne Chan: Got crabs? Do what Coco & Marianne did. Catch them by wearing this fish net looking dress. But all jokes aside I give these ladies props for being bold enough to wear such a revealing dress. Wow, I cant belive Marianne was that brave to wear it a public function.

>>Vivian Chow & Gigi Lai: The legendary Vivian Chow wore this orange beaded strap dress for some promotional pictures, while Gigi wore it to last year's Hong Kong Film Award. I actually think it looks better on Gigi than Vivian though.

Until Next Time TVB-G Readers...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

: : : : Hotties With Bodies : : : :

"Keep Your Pants On!", No Longer?: The phrase keep your pants on is a popular idiom used in the english language, but I predict I will soon become pale in comparison in terms of popularity because of the recent growth of TVB male artistes competing to take their shirts off. It seems like almost every male artsites are signing endorsements to take their shirts off. Soon enough I think we will start using the phrase keep your shirts on instead. the most popular & recent male artistes taking their shirts off are Bosco Wong, and soon Kevin Cheng. Lets analyze some hotties with bodies.

The VERY Honorable & Notable: These are the first two of many honorables & notable men who also couldnt wait to take off their shirt. First off we have the notorious Michael Tong, who is infamous for his buff exterior, & manly physique. You cant blame him for showing off his body while tanning on the beach, sure enough the press was fast to capture it in photo. Second is Julian (Chilam) Cheung is quite known for being athletic, and here we have one of the rare pictures of him shirtless, I actually didnt know he was this buff.

From Scrawny To Brawny??: Bosco Wong & Kevin Cheng as mention before are on a very a strict diet & workout routine, because they've been endorsed by a slimming company to pose shirtless for future slimming ads. Both are not quite at the condition they want to be at, but Bosco is the first to release his slimming photos. These are just the first couple, Bosco does look like he is adding on muscle compared to the earlier photo taken when he was filming LWOLAP.
He did initially look scrawny with not much of an ab, but now he's showing a little bit more chest, & bicept muscle, and even a six pack growing in. But trust me these wont be the last you'll see of him.

A Hottie Without A Body: The funniest thing I've seen in the last two days has to be Ron's public display of his beer belly. What was even funnier was that the article said Ron boldly wore his rob open to show off his muscles. Ehh, I dont know if you guys see muscles, but all I see is one big flab. I think its sad that Raymond & Ron have been battling out as rivals of the hotties, but we have to see Ron lose in the war of fitness & physique. I remember Ron having a shirtless scene in The Academy, I'm sad to say he was also flabby. But look on the bright side at least he's consistent.

More Hotties With Bodies To Come...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

>> Source & Credit << Credit to NINARRGGHH* & Triumph2004 at TVSF Forum for Production News, and Info.

Title of New Series:
Fung Wan Shui Yut

Title Temporary Translation:
The Turbulent Times

Chinese Title

>>>Asia's Title Commentary<<<: wow, another "Fung Wan" series, so many of them now. Started off with Trau Dim Fung Wan (RDOV), Seung Hoi Fung Wan (Au Revoir Shanghai), the new Dou Cheung Fung Wan, and now this. The temporary english title has the word Turbulent like alot o the recent dramatic series, so expect plenty of drama.

Cast-Main Leads: Michael Miu, Kevin Cheng, Deric Wan, Ada Choi, Melissa Ng, Sheren Tang, ...

>>Asia's Ensemble Commentary<<: This is what I call a grand production lead ensemble. I'm very impress, alot more so than with Tai Chi which was also a grand production but only included Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, and Vicent Zhao as leads. Even though Sheren is only in the first 30 ep., I'm still very content with the cast, especially at the fact that the supporting artistes haven't been announce yet, but its still impressive. Deric Wan is back, and Ada is also back again, awsome news. I guess both Melissa & Sheren were recruited to join the cast because of the recent success of LFD. There's always the chance that one or two of the artistes might drop out, but I'm sure they'll replace them with someone else equally good.

Grand Production

Starts Filming
September 2006


America, Canada, Mainland, Malaysia

>>Asia's Location Commentary<<: YES! This is going to partly be film in America so I hope they swing around my part of the country. Crossing my fingers. Be on the look for them also if you live in Canada, Malaysia, or Mainland.

Additional Info.:
- Sheren Only Appears In The First 30 Episodes
- Sheren Is Ada's Older Sister
- Kevin Will Play As A Villian
-The series is said to air next year to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Hong Kong handover back to China 1997-2007

>>Final Commentary<<: I'm completely fine with Sheren only being in the first 30 ep. as mentioned before. I'm interested to see kevin as a villain, even though I think Deric should have casted as a villain because he always seem to nail the role of a villian. I just hope I dont end hating Kevin. The plot of the story seems interesting, but maybe a bit too controversial since I've heard alot characters will be killed off. I sense it will revolve around alot of politics.

Monday, May 22, 2006

>> Imperfection or Just Humanly Flaws? <<

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting>>Smile!<< I just got my braces off a couple months ago, and I was happy at the results after two years of wearing metal around. I was very skeptical at first because I thought I really didnt need all that bad, but now its inspired me to start up new mini features to spotlight TVB artistes with both bad and grood teeth. You'll be surprise to see stars that you think are perfect having crooked teeth and bad bites. Nonetheless, I think these are humanly flaws that should acknowledge and not covered up using photo softwares. Lets start the "bad" feature off with Ada Choi and Moses Chan showing off their humanly flaws.

>>Ada Choi Siu Fun<<: Ada to me is one of the prettiest actresses I've ever seen but it wasnt until I actually saw her live pictures, and not all the studio pictures that I knew she was just one of us humans, and not a perfect saint studio pics depicted her as. Her teeth are always edited in ads for Moiselles, or any kind promotional campaigns to perfectly straight and white. While Ada really does have crooked teeth on both her top and bottom. I do applaud Ada for not secretly going to fix it with all the money she is making but leaving naturally as it is. Here's a picture you might not have notice:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

>>Moses Chan Ho<<: Moses Chan used to be a model, but when started out acting people were very fixated on his noticable overbite, and his crooked anterior teeth. Moses over time slowly had them fixed, and is less crooked than before, but the only way to fix an overbite is with braces so I guess Moses cant since he has alot of filming and clear braces will still be too noticable especially in ancient series. Can you imagine him in the Dance of Passion with braces on?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"TVB-G Recasting-Friends":
Friends is one of my favorite TV show outside of TVB. Its one of the funniest show ever, too bad it ended already. I would love for the show to be remade by TVB, but I sadly think they will never remake it though. But if they ever do I really hope they cast people base on who's right for the roles and not favoritism within the company. I think if they do the show right, I think it would be a really funny show. Here's my take on who should play the characters in Friends.

*Rachel-Jessica Hsaun: Who better to play Rachel than the Hong Kong Jennifer Anniston. She's beautiful, sophisticated, and attention grabbing like Rachel. Nonetheless, I think Jessica has great comedic skill to add into the mix like Jennifer did. Also, hey both kinda look alike at an angle.

*Phoebe-Cutie Mui: This was a tough one since Phoebe's character called for someone with an awsome comedic skills. It was down to Rain Lau or Cutie Mui, and I think made the better decision to cast Cutie for the role. Eversince VOH I, Cutie caught my attention as one of the most bubbly, and cuckie actresses I've ever seen perfect for the role of Phoebe.

*Monica-Bondy Chiu: Monica's character is humorous and compulsive, always striving for perfection. I think Bondy Chiu is the one for this role as Monica. Bondy's performance in both VOH demonstrated to me that she will do Monica's role justice. Plus she shares alot resemblances.

*Ross-Kevin Cheng: Ross is geeky, dorky, but funny because of it. Ross is also very level headed, and intelligent. I picked Kevin Cheng to play Ross, because role fits him perfectly simliar to his role as Alan in UTCOL if he added some comedy into the mix. Besides that he is only one that came to mind when recasting Ross because none of the other TVB actors I could think of is right for the role of Ross. Is it me or they also look alike at an angle.

*Joey-Moses Chan: Joey is the male Friends with with the best comedic skills. I was stuck on whether I should pick Bobbby Au-Yeung or Moses Chan. I ended up deciding on Moses, because Bobbby just isn't right for the role. Moses actually is a very funny guy if you seen him in interviews, he also did an awsome comedic job in The Gentle Crackdown. There's something about the way Moses looks that makes me think that is meant to play Joey.

*Chandler-Michael Tse: Funny man Michael Tse is perfect for the role of Chandler. Who else better to play Chandler? Chandler is funny in the way that he tries to be funny. Michael Tse is right for the role because of his comedic skill similar to Matthew Perry's.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

: : : TVB-G Picture of the Week : : :

Silly & Cute: I found this picture while surfing around in the Asianfanatic's gallery, and I had to stop to take a closer look because it looks so unique, and it grabbed my attention. This is sorta the reverse role playing with Bernice playfully licking her lip with her tongue while filming, and Raymond covering himself up like he's being violated, nonetheless he still has his cute smile on and goofy face. The poem on the picture is so cute you cant help but say AWwwhh.... By the water mark it was made by someone name Senorita, who did an awsome job.

Just a little side note, I did a minor update today because I was to busy watching Danielle win America's Next Top Model on its season finale, and now I'm finishing up some Homework while watching My Date With My A Vampire II.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

--TVB-G Family Ties: The Father & Son Relationship--

Intro: TVB-G's Family ties is back, this time exploring two father and son relationships you may or may not know about in the Hong Kong entertainment circle.

Sam Chan & Shek Sau: I this is the most known father son relationship at TVB because they have been very public about this, expressing their father son kinship at many functions and promotions. Many did not know at first because Sam's last name is Chan and Sau is Shek. Well, the reason is pretty understandable. Shek Sau changed his surname for his acting career. Shek Sau is actually a pretty big stud at his age, he was even one of the men TVB used as a spokesperson for the Mr. Hong Kong competition because represented that image. Sam Chan as you know is still a newcomer but if it doesnt work out he still has an architect degree to fall back on. The resemblance between them is uncanny.

Lau Dan & Hawik Lau: This relationship is probably not that known, but the relationship is still no big secret since they are very close. Lau Dan was actually the person who mentored Hawick into the acting industry & TVB. They collaborated many times in series like VOH I & II. I actually didn't know at the time that they were father and son until I saw a K-100 interview. I sadly dont think they look anything alike though, I guess its because they do have a big age difference between them.

Monday, May 15, 2006

. : : Asia's Blog : : .

I'm feeling kinda excited that TVSF is back. TVSF had to shutdown because of something legal with TVB, but soon later it came back as TVSS. TVSS shutting was a pretty another sad moment because I didnt even realize it until a week later, because I just thought their server was just having troubles again. It was kinda sad because I still had both URL adresses on my link bar so kept checking back to see if its back. I had a feeling it would comeback and sure enough it did.

I kinda stop going to forums when it closed until the TVB Square's forum came along, and now I have both dicussion forums. I must admit I'm very impress at the job they did revitalizing TVSF. The new TVSF is growing really fast, & the atmosphere, lively dicussions, and the most extensive stars, series production forums are back. I dont know why I'm this excited though, I guess its because TVSF was the first forum I ever signed up for so it has alot of sentimental value. Anyways if you haven't registered for an account yet, click this link button: TVSF Remember to help yours truly earn some forum points by putting Asia as your referral. See all of you there ;)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

First Video-UTCOL Cast-Kevin, Bosco, Niki, & Sammul???: This is a funny clip, its kinda cool to see everyone at TVB just walking around the studio. Bosco at first was accepting an interview for TVB Ent. News, but all of a suddent Kevin walks and joins the interview. Its like a school hallway with everyone passing. It was really funny was Sammul kept on walking around, and gooffing off in the background. If you've never seen Kevin & Bosco laugh really hard you might wanna check this out.

Second Video-TVB UTCOL Theme- Final Fantasy: I think this video is so cool, when I saw it I was kinda speechless, because this song and the video went together so perfectly, and beautifully. I never would have thought a video game clip could be made so romantic with just an addition of a song. You guys must check this out.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

)) Step Into The Past (( Frankie Lam Man Lung ))

Frankie Lam of the Past: I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Frankie Lam's old pictures, because who knew that he would so diffrent. He had this Old Spice, Dorky, and Nerdy thing going on especially with the glasses. If you walked up to me before Frankie was famous, showed me these pictures, and told me that he would become one of the hunkiest TVB actors of the 90's and still today, I wouldnt have believed you if my life depended on it. He's living proof that you have no idea what the future has instore for you.

Frankie Lam of the Present: Frankie Lam is considered one of the biggest babe magnet of the 90's. I dont know if you guys knew this, but Frankie and Gigi Lai were ex-lovers before he met Kenix Kwok. Looking back who would of known that Frankie dated so many Fa Dan's and even married one. Frankie definitely looks alot different today. Very cute, and alot younger than when he was younger, strange...

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