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Friday, January 26, 2007

>>> TVB Senior High School <<<

. : TVB Senior High School : .

Nothing Educational: All I have to say is sorry if you expected something educational. This is pure randomness. TVB Senior High School will a multi-part post which will analyze what clique or role TVB artistes might fall into if they were in high school. Its funny to watch movies about social cliques because its so true. Movies like Mean Girls depict this very well & mocks it in a very clever way. Please dont take any of my comments seriously, its just for fun.

The Geeky Guy-Lawrence Ng: Lawrence Ng rubs me off as a geeky guy, because of his appearance. Although he looks geeky Lawrence is actually pretty sauve. He is engaged to a 21 years old mainland actress who is half his age. (Lawrence is 42). Yes that picture is of Piao from Beauty and the Geek 3.

The Class Clown-Bobby Au-Yeung: This was a no brainer for me. A class clown is someone who is funny & outgoing with a lively personality. Having this in mind, I automaticly thought of Bobby Au-Yeung because he is famous for all of the above.

The Girl Who Dress Revealingly For Attention-Fala Chen: Who all know "this girl". She dresses very sexy to get some attention from people. Most likely from men, and all the women are just looking at her asking themself "What is she wearing?" or "What is NOT wearing?". Fala Chen stole this tittle from Shirley Yeung in my opinion. Recently Fala has earn the reputation as the the TVB actress who dresses extremely revealing. (Those are the "plastics" from Mean Girls by the way.)

The Jock-Kevin Cheng: The athletic type of guy who is sporty & buff looking is known as the jock. Most likely good looking also. I think of Kevin as the jock because he seems like he is the Abercrombie & Fitch type of guy who has that type of physique & drive. He looks like he very sporty and athletic with his built stature from playing Tennis & Soccer. Kevin actually wears Abercrombie alot so he came to my mind really quick.

The Popularity King-Raymond Lam: hmmm... Another no brainer. Raymond Lam has that popularity glow around him. I think of him as the popular guy who may have won Homecoming King or Prom King. He also seems to have that spark that makes him look like a ladies man popular among the girls.

The Popularity Queen-Bernice Liu: We all also know "the popularity queen" after all she is popular. I think Bernice fits this role perfectly because she's pretty, talented, social, and popular. She is the picture of Homecoming Princess or Prom Queen because she does somewhat exude this image.
I Will Be Doing More Role Depictions, If You Have A Role You want me To Do Let me Know.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

>>> MCI 2007 <<<

MCI 2007: Its safe to say it was boring. At first it looked interesting because it looked like they were going to do it very different from other year but it was even more boring once it got started. It was funny because when the judges walked on the red carpet they seem very timid like they were going to prom or something. Its just my opinion but I think its a terrible idea to have TVB actors be judges, I understand Charmaine & Sonjia because they had prior experiences in the pageantry world but what pageant was Steven Ma & Roger Kwok in? I think their idea of beauty is very commercial & mainstream not what is unique and important. But its not like its anything new, its been like this for years.

The Q & A portion was really funny though. If you didn't speak Cantonese fluently you had no chance. Hong Kong's Aimee Chan did terrible, I totally called that she wouldn't win. I dont think she is pretty as the other contestants, she just looks so plastic. She kept on stuttering during the Q & A portion trying to explain the slangs. And her hair looked like a giant bird's nest. Well, that makes it the third year in a row Hong Kong didn't make it in the Top 5.

The winner , Miss Sydney-Sarah Song, was OK I guess, she wasn't the prettiest contestant but she did really well in the Q & A portion. Her overall performance was really good. She's really short though. I thought New York did good & she should have place but whatever...

I say if you have to rent it to watch it, just skip it. Its not worth spending your money on. If you want to download it, go to if you already have an account & enough posts. Please dont ask me to upload it because the file is way to big.

Picture Credit To:

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

>> Taiwan See News Top Ten Leading Stars <<

Lets go oversea for some Honors given to TVB stars. I'm interested in doing an update on Malaysia's Astro Awards but I want to wait for more news, updates, pictures, or even videos to do my commentary. Hopefully I'll find more soon. To see Winners List head over to TVB Space, for now lets see what's going on in Taiwan.

. : TW TVB 2007 十大主力星: Taiwan's See News released the results for their Top Leading Stars, this gives us a good idea of who are popular in Taiwan. If someone would like to translate the scans be my guest, just click on the scan & use the magnifying tool on your viewer for a better read.

Top 5 Leading Female:

1. Charmaine Sheh
2. Myolie Wu
3. Sonjia Kwok
4. Yoyo Mung
5. Gigi Lai

My Commentary: Charmaine is extremely popular nowadays so I didn't find it surprising that she was Number 1. I didn't find Myolie being second a surprise either. Gigi being ranked 5th below Sonjia & Yoyo did sorta surprise me.

I'm surprise Sheren Tang, Bernice Liu, or Melissa Ng aren't on the list. For some reason I had pictured Linda Chung being on it because she's being winning alot of awards lately so I kinda got stuck on that mindset.

Top 5 Leading Males:

1. Kevin Cheng
2. Raymond Lam
3. Bosco Wong
4. Ron Ng
5. Moses Chan

My Commentary: You can imagine that I'm really happy that Kevin is number one so I dont need to say anymore. Raymond is popular almost everywhere so it was surprise either that he was second. Nice job Bosco, topping both Ron Ng & Moses Chan even though none of his series where he's leading had aired yet. Roger Kwok, Steven Ma, and Bowie Lam being left out was pretty surprising.

Congrats To The Top Ten Stars!

>>>>>> CLICK TO ENLARGE <<<<<<<<

Picture Credit: Forum

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who I think Will Win Best Actor In 2007...

I know, I know, how do I have predictions so early in the year. After all its only January but this is just an insight to what I had on my mind.

My Top 2 Predictions Are: Moses Chan or Bobby Au-Yeung. Why? Ada Choi. Whoever is on the page as her on the annual TVB calendar seems to be rubbed off with some good luck to win Best Actor. If you're superstitious then you'll might find this interesting.
TVB 2004 Calendar: This picture was shot late October of 2003 and about a month later Roger Kwok won Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary awards. he also won again at the 38th annual TVB Anniversary Award.

TVB Calendar 2005: This was shot early Novemeber 2004, and about two weeks after the photo shoot Bowie Lam won Best Actor at the 37th Annual TVB Anniversary Award.

TVB 2006 Calendar: Ada Choi & Kevin Cheng were featured on the same month along with other artistes. The "Ada Effect" strikes again when Kevin won Best Actor at TVB's 39th Anniversary Awards.

If The "Ada Effect" Strikes One More Time: Ada was featured on the same month with three other male artistes on the 2007 calendar, Raymond Cho, Bobby Au-Yeung, and Moses Chan. I doubt Raymond cho will win so I think based on superstition either its going to be either Bobby or Moses. For some reason I think its Moses's year.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

>> Faceless-Round 2 *ANSWERS UP NOW*<<

I'm done with most of my school work so I finally spent some time updating. I just got finish updating the layout pictures. The top searches stayed the same so I didn't change it. I'm working on some updates so until then try your luck with Faceless Round Two. People were saying the last round was "TOO EASY" so it was made harder by popular demand.

TOP 2 Winners (Only 2 Got This One Right)
1. Carmen
2. Kenny


1. Angela Tong
2. Kate Tsui & Ron Ng

3. Myolie Wu & Roger Kwok

4. Linda Chung & Raymond Lam


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who Will Be Miss Chinese International 2007???

Sorry for not updating these past few days. I was really sick, but I feel better now. I had to catch up with my school work so I was really busy.

Miss Chinese International 2007: Well its that time of year again. TVB is holding its annual Miss Chinese International pageant with beauty queens from all over the world. MCI has found alot of well known actresses like Melissa Ng, Angela Tong, Michelle Ye, Bernice Liu, and Linda Chung. So who might we find this year?

I really hope Hong Kong will win because the last time the won was all the way back in 2000 with Sonjia Kwok. I kinda dont think Hong Kong will win this year because Aimee Chan is 25 going on 26 which is old in the pageantry world. Plus she looks very plastic to me.

Who most likely will win: This isn't my personal choices but base on the news here are the top favorites of the press. 4. Chen Shuang (Sherry) - Toronto, 14. Su Xiaorui (Susana) - Vancouver, 21. Zhao Ying Ying - Nanning, & 9. Wang Sining (Sirena) - New York.

Who I Want To Win: 16. Wisutthiphat Parichart - Bangkok, OMG, talk about a striking beauty. She is so pretty. I think she looks like supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. But I kinda doubt she will win because her look might be too exotic for TVB & the pageant. 21. Zhao Ying Ying - Nanning, pretty girl with a classic Chinese beauty, she stands at 5'9 so ideally in big pageants like Miss Universe she would have the upper hand but Chinse pageants dont really care as much about height. 20. Lu Yi Shuan (Ivy) - Johannesburg, she has sweet look very soft & innocent.

Visit For More Coverage:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1.Leung Ho Ting (Tina) - Seattle
2. Aimee Chan - Hong Kong
3. Suzanna Louisa Wu - San Francisco
4. Chen Shuang (Sherry) - Toronto
5. Leow Cai Ling - Singapore
6. Choi Chi Kwan (Chinzy) - Rotterdam
7. Erwina Catharina Maireraurii Chanson - Tahiti
8. Li Rui (Carol) - Pearl River
9. Wang Sining (Sirena) - New York
10. He Mingzhu - Chicago
11. Cui Zhu Zi (Bamboo) - Montreal
12. Song Xi Nian (Sarah) - Sydney
13. Yvonne Pann Chapman - Calgary
14. Su Xiaorui (Susana) - Vancouver
15. Lim Siew Theng (Novel) - Kuala Lumpur
16. Wisutthiphat Parichart - Bangkok
17. Rachel Tan Carrasco - Manila
18. Hsu Tzu Hsuan (Cindy) - Auckland
19. Jiang Jue (Jenifer) - Melbourne
20. Lu Yi Shuan (Ivy) - Johannesburg
21. Zhao Ying Ying - Nanning

*CREDIT To EM @ TVB Space*


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Thursday, January 04, 2007

>>> TVB-G Mini Game <<<

Faceless: Sorry I haven't been updating these last few days. I have been extremely busy so I'll trying to stall some time with a game. Lets just call this game Faceless. I'll post pictures of TVB artistes but their faces will be censored. Try to figure who they are by things like what they are wearing, their hair, where they are, what is in the background, or simply try to remember if you have seen these pictures before. Some of them are dead give aways. 4 pictures, 6 celebs, should be fairly easy. So are you up to the challenge?

Top 3 Winners (First 3 To Get It Right)

1. Lavendar_Bluez
2. lee
3. Carmen

1 & 2: Very easy, I posted both pictures before, Plus in the Melissa Ng pictures there is the signature LFD font title in the background.

3. This one trip alot of people up. I think everyone got Kevin right but alot of people thought it was Niki Chow. Actually its supermodel & TVB host Kathy Chow. Her surname is shown in the background plus there is water mark that saids My Dream Kathy.

4. This picture has been posted in numerous places before including my blog so it was pretty easy.

The Next Round Will Be More Difficult.


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