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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

>>> MCI 2007 <<<

MCI 2007: Its safe to say it was boring. At first it looked interesting because it looked like they were going to do it very different from other year but it was even more boring once it got started. It was funny because when the judges walked on the red carpet they seem very timid like they were going to prom or something. Its just my opinion but I think its a terrible idea to have TVB actors be judges, I understand Charmaine & Sonjia because they had prior experiences in the pageantry world but what pageant was Steven Ma & Roger Kwok in? I think their idea of beauty is very commercial & mainstream not what is unique and important. But its not like its anything new, its been like this for years.

The Q & A portion was really funny though. If you didn't speak Cantonese fluently you had no chance. Hong Kong's Aimee Chan did terrible, I totally called that she wouldn't win. I dont think she is pretty as the other contestants, she just looks so plastic. She kept on stuttering during the Q & A portion trying to explain the slangs. And her hair looked like a giant bird's nest. Well, that makes it the third year in a row Hong Kong didn't make it in the Top 5.

The winner , Miss Sydney-Sarah Song, was OK I guess, she wasn't the prettiest contestant but she did really well in the Q & A portion. Her overall performance was really good. She's really short though. I thought New York did good & she should have place but whatever...

I say if you have to rent it to watch it, just skip it. Its not worth spending your money on. If you want to download it, go to if you already have an account & enough posts. Please dont ask me to upload it because the file is way to big.

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