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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who Will Be Miss Chinese International 2007???

Sorry for not updating these past few days. I was really sick, but I feel better now. I had to catch up with my school work so I was really busy.

Miss Chinese International 2007: Well its that time of year again. TVB is holding its annual Miss Chinese International pageant with beauty queens from all over the world. MCI has found alot of well known actresses like Melissa Ng, Angela Tong, Michelle Ye, Bernice Liu, and Linda Chung. So who might we find this year?

I really hope Hong Kong will win because the last time the won was all the way back in 2000 with Sonjia Kwok. I kinda dont think Hong Kong will win this year because Aimee Chan is 25 going on 26 which is old in the pageantry world. Plus she looks very plastic to me.

Who most likely will win: This isn't my personal choices but base on the news here are the top favorites of the press. 4. Chen Shuang (Sherry) - Toronto, 14. Su Xiaorui (Susana) - Vancouver, 21. Zhao Ying Ying - Nanning, & 9. Wang Sining (Sirena) - New York.

Who I Want To Win: 16. Wisutthiphat Parichart - Bangkok, OMG, talk about a striking beauty. She is so pretty. I think she looks like supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. But I kinda doubt she will win because her look might be too exotic for TVB & the pageant. 21. Zhao Ying Ying - Nanning, pretty girl with a classic Chinese beauty, she stands at 5'9 so ideally in big pageants like Miss Universe she would have the upper hand but Chinse pageants dont really care as much about height. 20. Lu Yi Shuan (Ivy) - Johannesburg, she has sweet look very soft & innocent.

Visit For More Coverage:

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1.Leung Ho Ting (Tina) - Seattle
2. Aimee Chan - Hong Kong
3. Suzanna Louisa Wu - San Francisco
4. Chen Shuang (Sherry) - Toronto
5. Leow Cai Ling - Singapore
6. Choi Chi Kwan (Chinzy) - Rotterdam
7. Erwina Catharina Maireraurii Chanson - Tahiti
8. Li Rui (Carol) - Pearl River
9. Wang Sining (Sirena) - New York
10. He Mingzhu - Chicago
11. Cui Zhu Zi (Bamboo) - Montreal
12. Song Xi Nian (Sarah) - Sydney
13. Yvonne Pann Chapman - Calgary
14. Su Xiaorui (Susana) - Vancouver
15. Lim Siew Theng (Novel) - Kuala Lumpur
16. Wisutthiphat Parichart - Bangkok
17. Rachel Tan Carrasco - Manila
18. Hsu Tzu Hsuan (Cindy) - Auckland
19. Jiang Jue (Jenifer) - Melbourne
20. Lu Yi Shuan (Ivy) - Johannesburg
21. Zhao Ying Ying - Nanning

*CREDIT To EM @ TVB Space*


Comments on "Who Will Be Miss Chinese International 2007???"


Blogger hithere05 said ... (11:28 PM) : 

Thx a lot for posting the contestants' pix and their name :).

Aoccording to those pictures, there are a few beautiful girls, but I like #4 and 5 the most, ESPECIALLY #4 :) because to me, she has the most pretty face out of those girls.

I agree with you that #21 has the ancient beauty's look. :)

Your favorite one also has a nice face too. :)


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