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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My TVB 41st Anniversary Award Ceremony Overview & Critique

It was an overall good show. It would have been better if it wasn't all awards. A short singing performance or something along that line would have been nice. When I saw just the Winner's list I thought there wasn't surprises but there was quite a few.

Myolie Wu Winning Most Fashionable: She went in a Tuxedo. From a distance she did actually look like a man. I think she was inspired by Heidi Klum who wore a Tuxedo during the Emmy's. Myolie's Fashion is only fairly good in my book. I thought there other worthy winners.

Surprise! Francis Ng was at the show!! He's like the Biggest TVB Hater! Just this year he came on the radio with Sandra Ng and trashed TVB. He said their quality has gone down and the newcomers can't act. I was shocked to see him, I dont why, probably as as apology for what happened. He still acted like a doucebag on stage in my opinion. Athena Chu, still so pretty. She played Wong Yung in Legend of the Condor Hero 1996 & Michelle Yim played Wong Yung in Legend of the Condor Hero 1976. It was pretty interesting to see them both in the same room.

Wong Cho Lam Wins Most Improved: There were plenty of other nominees that were deserving of this award like Johnson Lee, and Derek Kwok. I think he is a good actor but his win was somewhat of an upset in my opinion. Plus, he wasn't very humble. His whole reading his acceptance really fast was just trying way too hard. He was trying to be like Kenneth Ma two years ago who was hilarious. It wasn't that funny and only a few people in the crowd thought it was funny. It was almost like "HaHa, Yay, I win, This Is Stupid So Lets Try To This Funny Skit..."

Nancy Wu Wins Most Improved:
Well deserved win. She cried and showed how thankful she was to win and showed respect to the other nominees unlike Wong Cho Lam.

Tavia Yeung wins Best Supporting Actress: I thought it was pretty cool that Best Supporting of HK Cinema Anthony Wong presented Tavia with the Best Supporting Actress Award. She truly deserved it. Her acknowledgement of Lee Heung Kam was also very sweet.

Wayne Lai wins Best Supporting Actor: Best Supporting Actress of HK Cinema Karena Lam presented him with this award. He got a huge crowd reaction. He really deserves it.

Raymond Lam winning the TVB.COM & Favorite Male Character Award:
He looked the least happy out of all the winners. A Best Actor should know how to look happy even though his chances of winning are getting slimmer. The disappointment in his eyes made it seem like he was unappreciative. They should have gave one of his award to someone else who would have appreciate it.

Havent seen Dicky Cheung in forver. His presentation speech was a little weird to me though...

Lee Sze Kei Winning Favorite Female Character:
No big surprise, I think everyone expected her to win.

Moonlight Resonance Win Best Drama:
An Entourage of Stars floods the stage like last year with HOG. Once again, no big surprise.

Michelle Wins Best Actress: I knew she was going to win. A well deserved win & a touching acceptance speech.

The BIGGEST SURPRISE of the Night was the TOP 5. After all the interviewing Carol Cheng did. It was clear the Award was between Lee Sze Kei, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, and Liza Wang based on the other actresses opinion. It was shocking when the Top 5 was announced to be Michelle Yim, Lee Sze Kei, Liza Wang, Sonjia Kwok, and Linda Chung. HOLY CRAP! They didn't show Susanna Kwan's face but it must have been like "WTF?". I was so Happy for Sonjia Kwok, she was shocked herself and was just so happy to be in the Top 5. That's humble!

Ha Yu Wins Best Actor: Lee Sze Kei presented the Award. I thought she was rude & kind of out of line. After the announcement of the Top 5 she started talking about the award and who might win, her Lau Kung (Husband) and her two Jai (Sons). She completely excluded Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng out of the picture like they're chop liver in her opinion. Even if their chances are low because of the popularity of MR, a good presenter would treat all nominees with the same respect.

Ha Yu took home the Award which he was very deserving of. He said he waited 40 years for this day and pulled out as inspirational speech from MR by Sa Yi. The crowd was very happy for him.

Congratulations to Paul Chun for Winning The Life Time Achievement Award!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

TVB 41st Anniversary Award Ceremony BT Download

For those of you who couldn't catch the Live Showing of the Award Ceremony Here is the Bit Torrent Download for it. The Show is 545 MB & is in RMVB Format. The Show just ended a few hours ago so there's no Direct Download links yet. I'll keep you guys posted if there is. There is currently alot of seeds so I would download it from BT .

BT Download Link:
(Click on the " TV Awards Presentation 2008.torrent" Below the Screen Cap. & It Will Prompt The BT DL )

Winners: (Very Predictable, Nothing Controversial at All)

Most Stylish Actor/Actress:

Myolie Wu

Most improved Actor:

Wong Cho Lam

Most improved acress:

Nancy Wu

Most popular TVB Blog:

Raymond Lam

Most Popular TVB Program/Show:

So Good

Most informative program:

Letting a million people know

Most Valued/admired show:

Liza Wang's show..unsure of English name

Most Favourite Female Character:

Lee Sze Kei

Most Favourite Male Character:

Raymond Lam

Best Supporting Actress:

Tavia Yeung

Best Supporting Actor:

Wayne lai

Most Favourite TVB series:

Moonlight Resonance

Best Actress:

Michelle Yim

Best Actor:

Ha Yu

Lifetime achievement award:

Paul Chun

Monday, November 10, 2008


Can't Get You Guys Out of My Head lol. Let's use some popular male Vocab. 4 Fun. =P

Stephen Huynh, Hello Sexy!
I'd Hit It!!

Kevin Cheng, Hello Hotness!
I'd Definitely Hit It!!

What Do You Think Michelle Yim??

Moses Chan. Dang, You're Fine!
I'd So Hit It!!

What Do You Think Susanna Kwan?

Thursday, November 06, 2008



TVB Will Be Going Into It's Anniversary With Poor Ratings... TV Rating is taking quite a hit in Hong Kong because of the global economic crisis. This is a big change from most of the past anniversary. This is all happening on the eve of the crowning of the new "TV King" & "TV Queen". They are symbolically the leaders for the upcoming TVB year. Whoever is chosen, they will take over the toughest reign with the current condition.

SO WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR?? Who is Right For The Job?

As TV King...

Roger Kwok? "Two Terms" of Experience as TV King under his belt.
Raymond Lam? The Youngest "TV King" elect ever if he wins, he also has the young popularity vote behind him.
Moses Chan? Will he be re-elected for a second term in a row or will TVB give it to someone else this year?
Ha Yu? He will be the oldest "TV King" elect if he wins. He has the most career experience out of all the other candidates. Will he prevail as the hot favorite or will the company favorite win?
Kevin Cheng? Rushed into his first term as "TV King" somewhat prematurely. With redemption from a near flawless performance in LOS, is he ready to take the platform again?

As TV Queen...

Liza Wang? A Legacy & the most experienced as TV Queen.
Susanna Kwan? The underdog out of the hot favorites two years straight.
Louise Lei Sze Kei? Will she be re-elected for a second term? She played many great moms in her career, but do we need a mom or a Queen right now?
Michelle Yim? One of the greatest villain in the history of TVB. Her win might be a "necessary evil".
Charmaine Sheh? Highest in company status with the recent announcement of a retiring Fa Dan. Will TVB appease her with a second term as TV Queen?

In Case you have you havent figured it out, this post has other symbolic meanings besides just the TVB awards. And yes, I know there are more nominees but I was using my Top 5 predictions to get my point across.

I'm not going to go into Politics too much but I'm proud of the U.S. as a Country. We witnessed History in the making on November 4th. For those of you who voted regardless, I applaud you!

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