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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Most Enjoyable Couplings of 2007 (Minor Spoilers)

My Personal Top 10 Most Enjoyable TVB Couplings of 2007

10. Linda Chung & Raymond Lam: Quite enjoyable in the beginning, but got uh... weird towards in the end. Alfred Leung cheating on Seung Joi Sam with her best friend in the storyline is kind of a turn off. And that whole diary thing got old...

9. Bosco Wong and Bernice Liu: They had good chemistry in Devil's Disciple but sadly the storyline did not let them end up together.

8. Alvina Kong & Tsui Weng: Their characters Diana & Kau Chun from The Best Selling Secret was enjoyable in the sense that they both knew they were something between each other and their relationship started to developed more interesting over time with both not acting on it completely leaving some mystery.

7. Gigi Lai & Moses Chan: Let's just talk in terms of the first half of The Ultimate Crime Fighter. They were considered an odd couple. Gigi originally didn't care for Moses but then she developed a huge crush on him. He however thought she didn't match him, but her sincerity won him over. Jonh Lung eventually fell in love with Ching Ching which was very touching, but their ending....

6. Feng Shao Feng & Myolie Wu: Their storyline was unique. They both face rejection from people who they love and thought love them. They found love between the two of them in the end which was sweet.

5. Sharon Chan & Kevin Cheng: Both had loner personalities in Devil Disciple because of their tough childhood. Both were misunderstood because they had a personal mission
in life that strangely brought them together. It's clear they developed love for each, but their ending was pityful.

4. Sheren Tang & Michael Miu: A shaky relationship that went through alot of turmoil in The Drive of Life. They broke up in the beginning, but both were still in love with each other. All the things they were willing to do for each other were very touching. In the end they were brought back to together again by their strong love bond.

3. Esther Kwan & Gregory Wong: Their characters Wong Ka Lam and Vincent in The Best Selling Secret had one of the most interesting storyline that developed over time. What seemed to be a sudden crush turned out to be a love spark that first occured almost two decades ago, but did not fall into place. There is clearly feelings between both but will they both ever fully act on it??

2. Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam: This relationship had humor, sparks, and turmoil. It was a love hate relationship between them through out the storyline, but in the end they ended up together and they were willing to do anything for each other.

1. Steven Ma & Bernice Liu: I just dont know what it is about them, but they seem to have a great chemistry. The things they do in the series were very cute, for example, the turning back to glance with the coin thing is absolutely adorable. The overall storyline enhanced their chemistry greatly. The music in the series made their scenes together so lovely. I enjoyed this coupling the most this year. Ja'Dore!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope Everyone Had a Merry Christmas / The Seventh Day MV

Sorry, I didn't go online all of Christmas Day so I couldn't wish you guys a Merry Christmas, but I hope you all had a Happy Holiday!

I was so bored, happy, and sad at the same time today. I don't have any new TVB series left in my house, and my cable TV (Direct TV Satellite) went out, I was absolutely devastated. I'm left without my favorite channels like MTV, VH1, E!, Oxygen, & Bravo. Well, at least I was able to watch the finale of "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila" before it went out. My friend told me there are software programs online that let's you watch streaming Cable TV from your computer, DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS??? I would be eternally greatful if anyone show me how to do this. Anyways, in the mist of this depression I got a new laptop. With absolutely nothing to watch (Sniff Sniff...) I decided to make a TVB Music Video on my new laptop.

This Music Video
is the first Video I ever made. I made it with scenes from the latest trailer of The Seventh Day combined with one of my favorite song-How To Save A Life by The Fray. Plz Check it out & tell me what you think.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Ultimate Crime Fighter **SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!***

I Can't Believe What I'm Watching... Kevin Cheng's character (Aaron Chong Man Hei) is horrific. I was watching the scene where he killed Ching Ching (Gigi Lai) at 2 AM last night and I couldn't believe her life came to an end that way. Gigi's character is very innocent and sweet and to see that she was killed by someone she trusted like that was shocking. I knew even before watching the series that it was bound to happen but OMG... I anticipate the last few episodes will be very tense. Her death seems to have make a huge impact on most of the major characters in the series. Kevin's gay (or bisexual) psycho serial killer character Aaron is really one of the scariest I've seen in series.

I really like watching TUCF. I had doubts about it in the first 4 episdoes because I so afraid the entire series will revolve around Yuen Biao's psyhic abilities, but I'm glad it eventually faded almost completely out of the storyline. Once I got past the first 5 episode and it got alot better. This series somewhat reminds of series like the Justice Files. I want to see how everything will end. I heard Moses Chan's character makes a drastic change after Gigi Lai's death.

This series is very violent in the beginning. However, it died down towards the middle. And became more violent towards the end. I was so surprise to see TUCF got a NC-16 Rating ( No Children Under 16 are permitted to watch) in the U.S. My rental store would let this 15 year old boy rent it because of the warning DVD set came with. They were afraid they might lose their lincense to rent out DVDs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sonjia Kwok Leaving TVB

I just read Sonjia Kwok will not renew her contract next year with TVB and will instead be focusing on mainland productions because that's where the real money is. This saddens me, I know I'm not a HUGE Sonjia Kwok fan, but she was a good actress that I liked. Watching her through out the years made me fond her acting and she serves as a familar face in series. It seems like TVB is going on power trip overporomoting new actresses like Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, ... that they lose sight of people who has stuck by them over years and loyal to them and not moving to ATV. C'mon, Leila Tong deserves alittle promotion even though she's not under contract. You can tell there's real substance in her acting. Anyways, I hope she will still come back to film TVB series like Ada Choi did when she left TVB management. This remeinds me of how I felt when Michelle Ye left. I know there were so many rumors about her, but I quite enjoyed her acting. By the way, Toby Leung is in talks to officially become a TVB mangament actress in 2008. She will move away from singing and more towards televison so get ready lol. I'm guessing she will become the next Sonjia Kwok in TVB's eyes....... (Roll Eyes..)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Rundown on The Drive of Life

So much to say, but I want to keep brief and not long winded.

1st: The first 10 episodes of Drive was bleh... It was a horrible idea to use the Damian Lau and the three brother's love hate relationship as the opener to the series and hook people. It quite boring to me...

2nd: The dialogue about cars through out the series was so zzzZZZ... They were talking about mechanical parts, car engines, tires, and the list goes on. This might be new to some people but the majority of people that watch TVB series are women. And most women aren't that interested in hearing about car parts... Raymond Lam's body parts, that's another story...

3rd: The last 25 episodes was actually REALLY GOOD. The storyline had finally developed into it's climax. We finally knew who were the true villains and the suspense building towards the finale.

4th: Toby Leung was TERRIBLE! Actors basically pretend to someone their not and most of the time it is believable. Toby does such a horrible job at "pretending" that she looks like one of those people that are bad liars. It was like she was lying to me onscreen. Her crying was just so BAD. She basically just opens her mouth REALLY wide and cringes her face.

5th: I know the storyline was male dominated but I found the women's storyline more interesting.

6th: Best Actress in this series goes to Sheren Tang, hands down.

7th: The most dynamic character in this series is Wing Sau Fung (Charmaine's). So well crafted and had such a huge impact on the series. Wing Sau Fung to me was a combination all four dominant women in War & Beauty because possessed qualities that existed in all of them. On Sin-Highly Intellegant; Yuk Ying: Foolish; Yee Shun: Cunning; Yue Fei: Strong Willed. (By the way, I know the series were not produce by the same producers.)

8th: WHY JESSICA? WHY?! Why did you accept this role? Her character was so annoying and did nothing dynamic to the overall storyline until all the way towards the end. She basically lived off of what Joe Ma's character did. Her character was irrational, stupid, and a push over.

9th: The ending could have been better. It was good, but I really expected a better ending.

10th: Overall, this was a really good series. I have no clue way everyone is saying it is bad. Alot of them didn't watch it yet, but they had to jump in with comments saying it's not interesting and it's a failure. I think they're just bandwagoners who dislike one or two of the cast members so they'll say anything to bring it down or bring up the series their favorite stars are in. This is so stupid to me, if you're a TVB fans you should have an open mind about all series... This goes for all series, not just [Drive] by the way...

Monday, December 03, 2007

TVB Should SERIOUSLY Do Research Before They Name A Series

My Finals are next week so that's why it's been crazy for me. I've been getting only 4-5 hours of daily sleep in the last week. Please bare with me.

Anyways, I was reading a series of Articles for my Law Studies class & I happened to run across a bunch of articles about "Devil's Disciple". At first I was like, TVB series? Because I only read the title. But after I read everything I was like OMG!

TVB should have done research before they named their serial "Devil's Disciple". Turns out Devil's Disciple is a very well known prison gang consisting of gay men who rape as a tradition. This prison gang exist in almost every state in the U.S. and internaitionally established in countries like Germany, Australia, The Phillipines, & ironically China. The head boss of the prison is called the Devil and all his followers are called Disciples. Inorder to become a disciple they must be "sodomized" by the Devil and all the top Disciples. Some time these men forcefully anal raped and become disciples even they fight back. Each rape victim are raped on average by 10-20 men. The gang "Devil's Disciple" now exist outside of prisons because members get out & establish it outside. Calling someone a Devil's Disciple is now slang in the urban gang community for saying you like it up the butt.

Members of Devil's Disciple were prosecuted & had to testify before a federal court because U.S. President George Bush drafted the Anti-Prison Rape Act. So the name Devil's Disciple is quite infamous for "gay rape". It is suppose be added to the famous "Urban Dictionary" in 2009.

It is so ridiculous that TVB name it "Devil's Disciple". After all the premise of the series revolve around Disciples under a tyrant Master or "Devil". Thinking back I remember someone made a video that depicted Kevin Cheng & Bosco Wong as lovers in the series & now I kind of think that's a little weird. I read on Baidu a long time ago in Kevin's next series "Walking With The Enemy" he has scene where he is in prison & he's fighting all the inmates because they want to... Sure, it will be a break through role for him but I think TVB is really getting open with all these topics that people would never openly talk about. I was quite surprise when I saw a scene in "Men Dont Cry" where Dayo Wong & Benz Hui in prison there were actual blunt references to Benz being butt raped by Rocky Cheng which he wasnt.

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