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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling a little Uninspired and need a Will to Continue

3 more years college and 4 more years graduate school to go!!! Oh god!! And in my head, somewhere in between Prince Charming is suppose to appear lol. Man, how do people stay so focus??? This is just so HARD. Luckily I have people around me that help keep me sane. I usually just watch some series about life, work, love, and success like Slim Chances or Under The Canopy of Love to cheer me up but they've been played out in my book. I finally am able to rewatch In The Realm of Success after 6 years. This is probably one of the best Cinderella Story TVB has ever produced. It tells of Nadia Chan's rise to change her life, her looks, her love, and her career. I'm going currently rewatching it.. Man, this takes me back to the old TVB days...

Even watching the Themevideo makes me feel alittle better. It's fashion runway theme remind me to get up even if I fall. Plus, the themesong by Steven Ma is Awesome.

Au Revoir Monsieur et Madame!!

***French Kisses***

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Professor of Thuganomics

Just finish the 1st Episode of the Last One Standing. So far, very promising and good. Watching this series in the dark at midnight is just slightly scary lol. This is definitely not your mom and pops series.

Kevin Cheng is a Thug! Very impressed with his acting here... Now for episode 2...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Legend of The Demigods/ Hot Men on Your Class or Mine / Feeling The World Wide Financial Crisis

Just Finish Watching Legend of the Demigod: I actually was anticipating this series alot because I really like mythical series like Journey To The West but it kind of disappointed me. When I heard the money that went into this series' CGI was the most for any series I was expecting really good special effects but it really wasn't that good after all. I thought the CGI in Twins of Brother was better and this was along of the lines of Devil's Disciple.

The storyline was not very enticing. It was clearly written for a younger audience that ranged from ages 5-13. To me, it was like a rip off of God of Honor. Nonetheless, the little kid inside me did somewhat enjoy it's entertaining value.

I'm now watching Your Class or Mine: It's actually pretty good. I think this series was made targeting the 13-24 age group. Bobby & Sheren are clearly the only real big name artists headlining it. However, I wouldnt say the casting in this series is bad.

The Men in this series are HOT!
Benjamin Yuen (Mr. HK 2007), Him Law, Oscar leung, and Leung Chin Kar make up the main four soccer player. They all are handsome and have a cuteness quality in them. Sadly, the younger females in this series aren't very pretty with the exception of Rabaee Yeung.

I really like Him Law Ching Him. He's another english speaking actor getting a shot at fame with TVB. He's from Australia so he does have an accent as some of you might have noticed. He was also in Dressage To Win. To me he looks like an exact Asian Version of Chace Crawford (Nate from Gossip Girl). That's HOT!

The Financial Crisis: This crisis is quite scary. The U.S. is on the verge of a depression if this keeps up. This has spread to virtually every country throughout the world. Younger generations like most of us should be very worried because it will be very hard to get a student loans for college or graduate school.

The last three weeks have been the worst three weeks for Stocks and Money Markets. It didn't surprise me ratings for TVB Series were down. 2/3 of the population in Hong Kong have investments in Stocks which practically crashed the last few weeks including that gold digging tramp Tracy Ip who claimed she made 300 millions HKD worth of assets from Stocks. People are clearly in no mood to watch to watch TV. If was TVB I would bring out the low budget series now and save the good ones for later.

My Kevin-Niki-Charmaine Apologize Music Video

I made this video to reflect the controversial love triangle that the Press have been reporting. Check it out! The Song is Apologize by One Republic. I posted it on YouTube a long time ago but I forgot to post a link here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everyone and Anyone Can Be Beautiful!!!

Are there times where you feel like your self esteem is at an all time low because of how you perceive your own personal looks? Don't get too down. The standards for beauty these days are set so ridiculously high for both men and women. The asian community in particular has one of the highest because everything is based on celebs.

However, don't use them as a basis for your personal standard. Everyone and anyone can be beautiful with money and plastic surgery. Check out this video with before/after plastic surgery pics of some of the most well known celebs in Asia.

It'll will one of the best 5 minutes you'll spend for your self esteem if you're ever down in the future.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

When a Series is a Watse of Time!!

When a Dog Loves a Cat has to be the most pointless series this year. The script was just terrible. It was written like a sitcom as a filler in between commercials. I regret watching the whole series. Gallen Lo returned to TVB in the worst possible way by being in this series. The premise of the storyline is ridiculous. I wasted 20 episodes of my life and I want it back!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe I actually sat there and watched dogs talking to cats, cats talking to dogs, dogs talking to dogs, humans talking to dogs, dogs talking to humans, humans referring to humans like they're dogs, and dogs referring to dogs like they're humans. Someone please stab a pen in eye!

I think they were trying to make it like Man's Best Friend with Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, and Jessica Hsuan but it was a complete failure. The only part I found interesting was the short lived love triangle between Gallen, Myolie, and Raymond Wong. P.S. Someone tell Bernice Liu to get her money back for that horrible dye job, her hair looks terrible. It's unevenly highlighted and color are off toned.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

MR Log: Final Thoughts

Wow. This series flew by. Mostly because I watched it at every opportunity I had when I was off of class & wasn't studying. The last 20 episodes were very good. A lot of dramatic scenes that left me in a nervous wreck trying to figure out what would happen. So many twists and turns... I never cried so much watching a series.

Bullets of Notable Things:
  • Michelle Yim is one of best villains ever. She rivals villains like Gallen Lo in Cold Blood Warm Heart.
  • Tavia Yeung amazed me in this series. The role obviously didn't get as much screen time as other characters but really did raise the bar. I was so disappointed not seeing her nominated for Best Actress.
  • Fala Chen also surprised with an excellent performance. She made me cry during her wedding scene.
  • I eventually started fast forwarding most the scenes with Linda & Bosco. Their relationship was pointless and not needed. Linda's character was needed for series but the love triangle with Linda, Raymond, and Bosco should have been scrapped. I finally knew why the lowest ratings were during their scenes.
  • I hate Kate Tsui's character. She's like a mix of evil and annoying. She did a good job with the role. Although, I have to say, Kate isn't as pretty as the character was made up to be. I actually think Tavia looked prettier. I couldn't get pass Kate's ears and her weird line when she had her hair up.
  • Linda Chung did an OK job I think. There was SO MUCH Crying that wasn't even needed which came off as over acting.
  • LSK character was very pityful. She gave a very touching performance.
  • Susanna Kwan also did a great job. Sa Yi is a very hard character to play.
  • Lei Heung Kam was brillaint as the grandmother who just wanted the best for her grandchildren.
  • The love between Moses Chan, Kate Tsui, and Tavia Yeung to me was the best love triangle in the series.
  • It's my opinion that Ha Yu deserves the Best Actor Award this year. He's not a TVB Siu Sang but his performance was amazing.
  • I think TVB will either give the Best Actor award to Raymond Lam, but if it comes down to Siu Sangs I would like Moses Chan to win just because I think his acting was one up on Raymond.
Overall, this is one of the best series TVB has ever made. In my opinion this "sequel" was by far alot better than Heart of Greed in every way.

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