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Sunday, October 05, 2008

MR Log: Final Thoughts

Wow. This series flew by. Mostly because I watched it at every opportunity I had when I was off of class & wasn't studying. The last 20 episodes were very good. A lot of dramatic scenes that left me in a nervous wreck trying to figure out what would happen. So many twists and turns... I never cried so much watching a series.

Bullets of Notable Things:
  • Michelle Yim is one of best villains ever. She rivals villains like Gallen Lo in Cold Blood Warm Heart.
  • Tavia Yeung amazed me in this series. The role obviously didn't get as much screen time as other characters but really did raise the bar. I was so disappointed not seeing her nominated for Best Actress.
  • Fala Chen also surprised with an excellent performance. She made me cry during her wedding scene.
  • I eventually started fast forwarding most the scenes with Linda & Bosco. Their relationship was pointless and not needed. Linda's character was needed for series but the love triangle with Linda, Raymond, and Bosco should have been scrapped. I finally knew why the lowest ratings were during their scenes.
  • I hate Kate Tsui's character. She's like a mix of evil and annoying. She did a good job with the role. Although, I have to say, Kate isn't as pretty as the character was made up to be. I actually think Tavia looked prettier. I couldn't get pass Kate's ears and her weird line when she had her hair up.
  • Linda Chung did an OK job I think. There was SO MUCH Crying that wasn't even needed which came off as over acting.
  • LSK character was very pityful. She gave a very touching performance.
  • Susanna Kwan also did a great job. Sa Yi is a very hard character to play.
  • Lei Heung Kam was brillaint as the grandmother who just wanted the best for her grandchildren.
  • The love between Moses Chan, Kate Tsui, and Tavia Yeung to me was the best love triangle in the series.
  • It's my opinion that Ha Yu deserves the Best Actor Award this year. He's not a TVB Siu Sang but his performance was amazing.
  • I think TVB will either give the Best Actor award to Raymond Lam, but if it comes down to Siu Sangs I would like Moses Chan to win just because I think his acting was one up on Raymond.
Overall, this is one of the best series TVB has ever made. In my opinion this "sequel" was by far alot better than Heart of Greed in every way.

Comments on "MR Log: Final Thoughts"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:31 PM) : 

you basically said everything that was on my mind after finishing this series. i loved everything about MR, it was so much better than HOG and there was so much drama and conflicts, all of the actors did an amazing job. but still the only thing that got on my nerves was linda and bosco, that seriously wasn't necessary at all. once i'm less busy, i'm gonna rewatch the entire series again! it's so good!


Blogger MC3 said ... (11:15 PM) : 

ive been following your thoughts on MR... and i love you because you like moses'... hahaha... :P
the series wouldve been better if there were more moses & tavia scenes... i totally love this pairing after this series...


Blogger randomness said ... (11:15 PM) : 

i couldn't agree more with what you said. I really don't want Raymond to get the award for best actor, because in MR alone it was quite obvious that his performance wasn't as good as Ha Yu or


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:13 AM) : 

I have not seen this show and I really do not know that what should I say....!!!!!!!!

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