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Sunday, August 31, 2008

NEWS: Kevin Cheng & Bosco Wong Share an Intimate & Playful Kiss On the Set of Burning Flames 3

Producer Amy Wong decided to add a "Brokeback" Scene to the upcoming Burning Flames 3 in order to lighten up the very serious storyline. The scene tells of Kevin Cheng pretending to be gay to fool Myolie Wu. However, Myolie's character didn't fall for it so she demanded Kevin to kiss Bosco Wong to prove it. The two actors were extremely professional on set and took only one take to get it right. Bosco even joked that Kevin was a better kisser than Myolie and Niki Chow is a lucky girl.


You guys are very wise to highlight and read more because I have one thing to say... Gotcha! That piece of news is Fake. HONESTLY, Who actually fell for it?? Be honest, even if it was for a second. If you guys want post comments "that may give it away as a prank" please post it under this Blog Post and not the C-Box so I can see how many other people I can fool. That picture was photoshopped by me to prank a friend of mine.

OK. Let explain what happened. Me & my good friend Mia went to our lecture class this week and she saw this really cute asian guy she likes. There no more seats left so we were forced to seat next to him with me sitting closest to him. She has the biggest crush on him so it was so awkward for her. After a 20 minutes, he took his pen and move it over to my notepad on my desk. He then wrote on it "Hey. My name's Andy. What ur's? ###-###-7379". I then wrote back, "My name is Annastasia but call me Asia". THEN, Mia saw me & got mad! I was like OMG! It wasn't my fault! We were cool about it though, she just thought it was funny after a while, but she said jokingly she will get me back.

The next day, she Saran Wrapped my car! It was kind of hard getting it off and nearly broke my new Candies Stiletto Pumps doing it. It was kind of funny but I knew I had to get her back. Remember, Never go to bed mad, stay up and plot your Revenge! I suddenly remembered Mia is a HUGE Bosco Fan. She has a like a bunch of posters of him, all his series, and is a member at all his forums because she actually thinks she has a chance with him lol. So I decided to photoshop that picture and tell her Bosco just revealed that he's actually gay. As I was photoshopping I cringed because I couldn't believe how real it looks. I'm so bad at Photoshop.

The next day I showed her the picture (Without the Water Mark). I told her Bosco came out to HK media and proclaimed that he is gay and in a relationship with Kevin Cheng. She Gasped, put her hands over her mouth, and ran to her bedroom. I put my ear to the door and I was like OMG!!! She was crying! I couldn't help but laugh. Then I realized this was wrong so I yelled that it was just a prank. I almost bad for doing it lol. In the end it was all cool.

I will forever remember this as "My Big Fat TVB Prank" Starring Kevin Cheng & Bosco Wong and Produced by Asia Choi.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr. Hong Kong 2008

(Winner Michael getting much love from the Foreign judges, not losing face for the men in Hong Kong)

OMG! I loved this year's show. I watched it with my girlfriends Crystal & Taryn on Direct TV. I was like a bachelorette party for us. Taryn is white so she never seen the show before. She loved it! She kept on screaming at the TV, it was so funny. It was so fun.

This year's show was so entertaining and the quality of the contestants were amazingly hot. There were three international contestants from the U.S. There was one well known male supermodel. A Hins Cheung (#9), Takeshi Kaneshiro (#8), A Farenheit member (#6), and Nick Cheung (#8) look alike. You click the pictures on the left to see the contestants.

I actually like the talent portion of the competition more than the swimsuit competition this year. I'm very happy with with results I'm hoping my favorites will get contracts with TVB.

This Year's Winner is #12 Michael Tsu Wilson. He's from Nevada U.S.A. He did an amazing job winning over the 700 female judges with the most votes out of all the contestants. At one point he said "Ladies, you all are gifts from heaven, beautiful stars in the night." I was like WOW, what a line! lol. If a guy tried that line on me........ I would totally fall for it.

He's the first winner from the U.S. (Matthew Ko is from Canada, Francois Huynh is from France, and Benjamin Yuen is from Hong Kong). Sadly I learned that Michael has turned down a contract offer from TVB to continue his education at Brigham Young University. WOW! Brigham Young! He's smart!

My Second Favorite is #3 Alan Wan from New York. He has that boy next door look. He reminds me of a High School crush I had. I feel so excited for him. He left New York to venture to HK and became a Finalist. I saw his friends from NY leaving messages saying how proud of him they are on YouTube. Yes, he's mixed.

The Hottest Guy in the competition is #10 Dickson Wong! He's Koni Lui's boyfriend. I've been hearing so much about him in the press. I kept hearing Dickson and I thought he is white, turns out he's mixed but he mainly speaks Cantonese. He's actually a very well known supermodel in Hong Kong for Model One Agency. I think his bone structure and body is amazing. He was my girlfriend's favorite.

#1 Andy is apparently is popular among the HK Celeb scene. He has alot of celebrity friends. Someone wrote in a forum on Baidu that Bosco Wong doesn't like him because he tried to court Myolie Wu. I think he's actually cute but his performance during the competition was not very good.

I think #6 Joey Law did a great job too winning the Youth Group Award. My favorite bit from the show was Christine Ng bringing out her oxygen mask when Alan Wan came out in his swimsuit.

You watch the whole show here:

Host: Miriam Yeung, Carol Cheng, & Anna Yau.

Female Celeb Judges included Myolie Wu, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Selena Li, Ella Koon, Kiki Sheung, Krystal Tin, Vivien Yeo, Suki Tsui, Sharon Chan, Rabae Yeung, Jade Kwan, Yumiko Cheng, Mandy Cho, Shermon Tang, Leanne Li, Heidi Chu, Janet Chow, Kayi Cheung, Loretta Chow, Lily Ho, Edelweiss Cheung, Skye Chan, Sire Ma, Samantha Ko, Almen Wong, Rosemary, Ana R., Mandy Lieu, Elyse Sewell (SHE's FROM AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE 1!), & many more...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

CATFIGHT!! Erica Yuen Vs. Tracy Ip

The press made this out like it was the HK version of Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell. I took an interest in this because the claws really came out with these girls. They were really good friends who compete along side each other during Miss HK 2005 but then Tracy apparently back stabbed Erica to Ms. Lok Yi Ling. Soon after that Erica left TVB.

Now Erica called out Tracy by saying she's a gold digger. She dates & goes on vacation with old rich men for their wealth after her break up with Don Li. She bought a mansion worth $300 million HKD and a brand new sports car. She claimed she invested in stocks. I don't believe that for a sec and so do most people in Hong Kong. I think she MIGHT be another fame whore and gold digger like Michelle Reis who I can't stand now because she's a craddle robbing tramp who broke up people's family & detroyed marriages.

I think TVB agrees with what I see because they just frozed Tracy because of all the negative press. Upon further investigation they apparently found out she was the one purposely spreading all the rumors to the magazines in order to promote herself. TVB has now stopped all her work. I can't believe she did that!

Tracy thinks Erica
has a little too much attitude and should mind her own business.
And Erica thinks Tracy has a little to much tainted money and a honey roasted ham on her head.

And I would have to agree with... ERICA... lol


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carol Cheng Having an Orgasm Onstage

NOTE: In order for this video to play properly make sure to turn volume of the YouTube player all the up before you view it.

Take notice at 0:05 to 0:12.

Carol (Dodo) Cheng gives the most shocking reaction to a scoring ever according to some. It gives new meaning to "I'll have what she's having." There were viral comments about it in many forums for the Mr. Hong Kong 2008, I finally uploaded the infamous clip. You can see the female celeb judges laughing at Carol in the background.

I'll have a review & rundown of the whole Mr. HK show later this week.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ada Choi & Chilam Cheung in Who's The Winner 2008

I was alittle shocked when I heard it. ATV is remaking Who's The Winner. I remember watching all three Parts when I was young. It was probably ATV's highest rated and most popular series in the 90's. Hong Kong viewers really loved the series because it's plot around casino & cards and the overall storyline. The series had 3 parts to it and each parts had very bigs names for the 90's like Chan Ting Wai, Joey Meng, Jacky Lui, Paul Chun, Nick Cheung, Eddy Ko, Margie Tsang, Christine Ng, Ken Tong, Simon Yam, and Kwong Wa. I can't believe they would risk the reputation of the originals because the remake might flop.

I was wondering who would be part of the cast because those are pretty big shoes to fill. Next Magazine said the new producer of the series promised a TVB Fa Dan would lead the cast. I thought for a while it would either be Kenix Kwok or Maggie Cheung Hor Yee. To my surprise they found Ada Choi to headline the series being the focus of attention. I was alittle puzzled by this since Ada has a contract with TVB. Turns out she found a loop hole in the contract which allows her to film mainland series. ATV decided to film this series under their mainland company name so Ada would be able take part. Very smart! 2 Million HKD is a big payout for Ada for just one series. She seems really excited about the series by looks of her blogs. They also were successful recruiting Chilam Cheung. I haven't seen him in a TV series in ages. I think Kenneth Chan, Pinky Cheung, and Gilbert Lam might be a part of it too, they're usually included in all in big scale ATV productions. If I'm not mistaken filming started a couple months ago but there hasn't been much press about it.

Maybe I might give this series a watch. I would be interesting seeing Ada becoming the headliner in the series, after all, the originals were all headlined by men. However, this might become an issue if ATV decides to air it while TVB airs The Gem of Life.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Asia's Personal Blog: Congrats Graduates!!! And soon to be'z

Since I wasn't around to blog during the graduation months of April-June, I would like to take this opportunity to say Congrats to all the graduates of 2008. Congrats Grads! Whether it be High School or College. It is an amazing accomplishment. You will remember the moment for the rest of your life.

And for those who close to graduation, enjoy the moment. I know not every momen
t will be good but in the end it will be worth it. You're one step closer. Good luck!

Throughout this busy & hard year I have to say I've had an amazing time in College. I've met so many new friends and learned so many new things. Here some lessons I've learned about college people starting college this year might appreciate and current college students might concur with.

1. Do not dorm or room with your close friends. Dorm with a complete strangers or acquaintances. Dorming with them will encourage you to go out and meet new people. If you dorm with your close friends you might never leave your dorm, like my friends who are hermits and never leave see the day light.

2. Go to class. I know so many people that are squandering so much money by never going to class and then failing their test.

3. Learn to balance partying and studying. This is probably the main thing people have a problem with.

4. Know that some of your friends WILL change. Some of my friends have started drinking/smoking/having random sex. Don't be too weirded out.

5. Long distance relationships seldom work out. Sorry you hopeless romantics but I haven't seen one work out yet. My good friend openly cheats on his girlfriend... Men...

6. Contrary to what a lot of people think and say, you do NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR MAJOR 88384756399302 TIMES. Pick something you are passionate about. If you absolutely hate biology or chemistry then maybe Med school is not for you. If you hate math then avoid engineering. You will never change your major if you pick something that you like... and you'll save a lotta money too =]

7. Have FUN! Do not study 24/7....

8. STUDY! Do not party 24/7...(yes, I realize that these 2 rules are the same as #3... but it's that important!)

9. If you bring a rice cooker with you to college, all the white people will think you're awesome. HAHA

10. Freshman 15 does exist. Go to the gym or eat healthy.

11. Get used to going to bed real late if you live in a dorm. Things will keep you up late until maybe 2 or 3. Even later on exam week.

12. is your bible. Use it well. It's correct almost 90 percent the time. Be weary though, if you go through college just taking all easy A classes... you won't do so well if you plan on taking test like MCATs/PCATs/DATs/Boards...

13. Flash cards are your friends. They seriously do help in studying =/ Even though I never use them... I should start though

14. Just like highschool, join some clubs =P They look good on your transcripts if your trying to get into a particular College in your University.

15. Get a feel for your professor. If your professor doesn't like to be interrupted, then just shut up. If your teacher doesn't like you to be late, then try to show up on time. And for the love of god, put your cell phones on silent. If you get on your teachers bad side, you are screwed for the semester.

16. If you're going to a big scale college, get used to walking everywhere. My friends have to leave dorm like 30 mintues before class just to walk there.

17. Make sure you actually LOOK at your schedule when you're registering for classes. Do you have 10 minutes inbetween class for a 30 minute walk? And don't take go crazy and take more than... maybe 17 credits max. And don't be lazy and take less than 12 credits. And for you doctors/dentist/pharmicist, try not to take more than 2 sciences a semester. It gets overwhelming if you have 3 or more.

17a. For summer courses, don't take 2 sciences. It sucks hardcore. Just take 1 science and some other class.

18. REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! People are not stupid and they will try to sign up for the best teachers right away. You should try to register right on your registration date! Going to a large scale university will make it hard for you to make your schedule because the classes are based around the professor and when he feels like teaching. However, if you go to a community college it's mad easy.

19. Textbooks are expensive. If you can get away with getting a book at discount store than do it. The book stores at the university are crazy about the prices. Also, try to get books from friends.

20. Going to college or a university is a brand new start for you. Everything you achieved beforehand means absolute nothing now. If you didn't do too hot in highschool don't let that bring you down. I believe succeeding in life isn't all about natural intelligence(although it's a nice added bonus =O). If you work hard and stay dedicated then you'll be able to over come anything. This can also go the other way around, if you breezed through highschool, don't think for a second you can do the same with college...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

TVB-G Fashion Report «·._.·´¯)

My first full dive back into the TVB Fashion pool. My Fashion major in High School was so much more fun than my Biomedical major in college now... Still, you can take the girl out of Fashion but you can't take the Fashion out of the girl.

Remember, these fashion commentaries are all harmless & not that serious.
"All is fun in Love and Fashion!"

The Fashion No No'z

Myolie Wu's Patched Dress: It could have been a pretty dress if it wasnt sewed together and patched up with different fabric colors with visible thread seams. Just because you're on show called "When Dogs Love Cats" you don't have to wear what Dogs & Cats sleep on.

Raymond Lam's Capri Pants with Loafers: There are things girls wear that guys can wear but just shouldn't. Capri pants is one of them.

Tracy Ip's Magazine Skirt: This skirt is completely made up of softly laminated magazine pages. Tracy loves being on the tabloid mags so much she wears them now.

Moses Chan's Tight V-Neck & High Top Boots w/ Straps: A tight button up V-neck top matched with a tight pants does not go with strapped boots, especially on a guy.

What's Hot In Fashion

Knitted Hats Are In! These knitted hats have become very popular among celebs, it looks very youthful when matched with the right outfit.

Sexy Black Stockings: Black stockings or panty hoses are in. Less is more, the black stockings reveal the shape of the legs giving a sexy look but keeps it classy but not showing too much skin. It looks best when matched with a dress with some color.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Promotion Gimmick This Olympic,TVB?

I'm so surprised TVB didn't jump on this opportunity to promote talents. The 2004 Olympic saw the creation of the "Olympic Six" consisting of Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Kenneth Ma, and Lai Lok Yi. It wasn't very successful at the time but in the near future was quite effective under the guidance of Virginia Lok Yi Ling. I'm so surprise Mrs. Lok did not come up with a promotion tactic to go along with the 2008 Olympics especially when it's being hosted in China. I was sure that they would have took this chance to showcase the upcoming female artistes. Guess not... Let's go down a quick round out to see how successful the "Olympic Six" became.

Raymond Lam: The most heavily promoted male artist in TVB History! More so now than ever. I thought Louis Koo got the super VIP treatment, I had no idea... There's a 99% chance he will win Best Actor this year.

Ron Ng: He was so popular back in 2006 & early 2007 my High School wanted him to be our Homecoming King (Not Really). He still is popular now but not as much as he was back then because issues like disputes with his then record label Sony BMG. I still say his popularity and career is a success.

Bosco Wong: Very successful career at this time especially with the airing of War of In Laws II this year. Recently going in drought in leading male roles though. Nonetheless, a another successful promotion.

Kenneth Ma: Persistence will pay off. This is true in his case. He is receiving a big push by TVB. In the last year or so, he was given 3 leading male roles (Survivor's Law II, Hidden Master, & Speech of Silence). People don't realize it but he is technically higher in the promotion ranking than Ron & Bosco.

Sammul Chan: He's not a TVB Management artist. He had a chance to sign with them back in 2006 but turned them down and announced it publicly in the press. It was clear TVB was very upset by this. Right now, he still gets supporting roles in series but don't coun't on a promotional push.

Chris Lai Lok Yi: He really did get the short end of the stick of the six. Even after HOG help propelled his popularity alittle he is still getting the same level of acting roles. He's the only one out of the six that might be in hot waters with the recent promotion of Stephen Huynh and Matthew Ko instead of him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miss Hong Kong 2008

As an annual tradition I watched Miss Hong Kong this year. Sad to say, the show was very boring. It was such a letdown considering last year's show was very entertaining because they made it like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This year's show was OK in terms decorations and staging but it's overall production was very dull. The contestants were very unrehearsed. They very sloppy with their dances and were extremely slow when it came to synchronize routines like they forgot what to do next. Sad to also say this but the quality of this year's contestants have gone down.

Here are my critiques of the winners...

Miss Hong Kong 2008-Edelweiss Cheung

Her name is pronounced [E-DELL-WISE] but written like the flower which is actually pronounced [EH-DAL-WEEZ], weird... She was recently called the worst Miss HK by many netizens because of her looks but mostly because of he behavior. She had her pictures taken when she was caught making out with her boyfriend in public, clubbing, smoking, and drinking. There's a fine example for young girls to look after in Hong Kong........ There's rumors she won because she knew one of the judges. I think she's not a very good choice for Miss Hong Kong too. If you remember, last year's winner Kayi Cheung was called the worst winner in the last 20 years but I got good news for you Kayi. Everyday is a new day baby, believe that! Edelweiss Cheung is quickly coming after that title.

To me she looks like a less prettier version of Fala Chen. One of her eyes is very noticeably bigger than the other, especially when she smiles. She's the tallest Miss Hk ever standing at 5'11, that's 6'3 with heels on... Even though she's very tall, her figure is not very good, it's kind of bean pole looking. There were plenty of other tall contestants in the past more deserving of the crown than her like Carrie Lam (5'10), Koni Lui (5'9), or Loretta Chow (5'9).

Here's her TVB "Beauty Shot", I use the term loosely...

1st Runner Up-Skye Chan

I think she won 1st Runner Up because she performed well during the competition. To me she looks so much older than her age. I think its because of her really defined squared shape jaw. It also makes her look a bit too masculine.

Another TVB "Beauty Shot":

2nd Runner Up-Sire Ma

She looks kind of pretty during the pageant night when when she was glamed up with make up but before the pageant she was not that pretty to me at all. She extremely short when you see her full body on video.

She won Miss Photogenic........ Uh, yeah......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BRAVO Bosco!!

As some of you guys might remember, Bosco and I didn't end on good terms before I went on a hiatus lol. I called out his fashion sense because of his over the top feminine wardrobe. What really set off the critique was a really horrendous outfit he wore to JSG about a year ago (On the Left). If any of you guys would like to re-read the whole post here is the link: CLICK HERE.

Anyways, one year later I think Bosco might have heard about all the critiques by netizens in forums and maybe my post (Not! HAHA). The priceless shirt he wore to a Moonlight Resonance event won me over. It's hilarious! I think its great that he's able to make fun of himself. I didn't see the shirt until yesterday though because most of the pictures were of Lee Si Kei and some newcomer you guys might have heard of named Raymond Lam =D

The Shirt Reads: "I Am Just An Ordinary Fashion Victim"
LOL! Bravo Bosco, Bravo!

By the way, his hair actually looks really good now. Cool color, nicely style, very suave.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catch Me Now's Vixen

Catch Me Now did not catch my attention at first. For the most part I couldn't figure
what it was about without reading the in-depth synopsis which at the time I was alittle lazy to do lol. Long story short, I rented it anyways.

The series is actually very interesting and well scripted. I thought the whole storyline would just be this cat and mouse game between Damien Lau and Joe Ma but there was so much more to it. The near ending was very sad, very few series make me cry. Johnson Lee's character made a huge impact on the storyline.

The whole show's limelight was stolen by... Drum rolls please... Koni Lui. Throughout its airing I only remembered seeing Koni Lui at sponsored promotion events I wasn't sure why until now. Her popularity spiked big time! Even now she's at promotion events daily and in news almost everyday. Her role as "Long Leg Crab" is a breakthrough role. She made Damien's squad interesting, otherwise it would be a bunch of dudes in organized crime again. Her acting is very good for her first performance, very natural, outshining Aimee Chan (who edged her out in winning Miss Hong Kong 2006) and even... dare I say it? Fala Chen. I sense she's one of those naturals like Maggie Cheung Ho Yi and Kenix Kwok.

Her body is sick! I'm a girl and I was even eyeing her. She seems very comfortable with her height and embraces it which is good. Sometimes actresses look uncomfortable onscreen with their height if they're tall. She's very pretty, dubbed a Shu Qi look alike. I predict she will be even more popular in the future...

OH I FORGOT TO MENTION, Her boyfriend in real life, supermodel Dickson Wong and Mr. HK Finalist is one of the hottest men I've ever seen! Lucky gal!

Forensic Heroes II

ah.. Very much anticipated for me. Here's how I felt about it...

Bobby Au-Yeung was held back by Yoyo Mung. She had less screentime and he is romantically linked to her in the series so he in turn had less screentime when it came to scenes involving love & relationship.

Yoyo Mung is slowly becoming a dull actress. I used to praised her as her acting improved and I thought she had beautiful legs and a supermodel figure. Ever since she started dating Ekin Cheng she seems to think she's too big for TVB now. There were reports of her having an attitude and constantly coming late so that's why the producer cut her screentime. Her acting in FH II was not very good. I think she realized she would have half the screentime so she only did half the acting job.

Frankie Lam: In my opinion he was the lead actor in this series. He had the most screentime hands down compared to everyone else. Its good to see that TVB isn't playing favortism game since Frankie isn't a TVB Management contracted artiste. He gave a very good performance.

Charmaine Sheh: I like her character in the beginning. Towards the middle I felt it was wrong of her to be with Kevin while she had feelings for Frankie and pretending nothing was wrong. Towards the end she finally realized she belongs with Kevin after "the series of events" that happened. Charmaine's acting is very good. She was a cop in DIF 4, and Angels of Mission too but she brought a completely new spin to the character keeping it fresh.

Kevin Cheng: His character became a charity case. He has good intension but it seem like people only cared half as much if it was some else. It was really towards the end that his character got to shine but it came with a very pitiful price. Overall, I think he delivered a good performance.

Linda Chung: I thought her death in the beginning was very sad. Frankie Lam's intense crying added alot of sorrow to the situation. We all of course know that Linda had to be killed off because of scheduling conflict with filming. It didnt really buy how she did died though. Yoyo only could only grap hold of her scarf and not her arm so she ended up about 3 feet closer to the explosion (if even that). I'm no bomb expert but common sense saids if Yoyo survived, Linda should have survived too.

The Series itself was very good. I felt some of the cases should have had alittle more build up and development. Some of the cases were unpredictable, I'll give you that. I thought the more well known stars acting in the roles would be the culprit 100% of the time but the producer switched it up so you can't really tell.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quality of TVB Series Over The Last Year

So has it Gone UP or DOWN ???


To me, this year there was a balance with quantity and quality. There was always a decent TVB Series to watch which is a great thing since it's main purpose is to entertain us and it would pretty hard to do if there was only a small handful of series that is released yearly. If they were to only focus on the quality a few series yearly then there would only be very little series to watch.

I actually like it better the way it is. Many series with different genres, subjects, time periods, sequels, & etc... for all of us to be able to pick and choose from. Of course there will be hits and of course misses but rolling the dice is part of life. Overall, I say the quality has actually gone... UP with storyline and plot improving. To be fair the majority of the misses were filmed years ago or not very recently like Tai Chi.

What Does This Really?
It will mean alot to some but absolutely nothing to people who are biased towards cast. In a given TVB year, if there is an increased in the amount of series with their favorite artiste or artistes then the quality has increased to them, if not, the quality has gone down regardless of how good it is. Just keep that in mind, and decide for yourself whether you find the quality of a series to be good or bad and not let anyone sway your opinion too much.

Anne Heung's Retirement

Very sad indeed,

I agree with some the critics that she isn't exactly the best actress but she is a decent actress. She serves a very familiar face. I would refer to her as one of my generation of supporting class actresses. She started out when I first started to become interested in TVB series. For that, I did enjoy her appearance in TVB Series.

She will be forever known as the third party that broke up Louis & Jessica in DIF 4. Now only Jessica remains at TVB out of the trio from the infamous love triangle. She also had many other memorable & pitiful roles in series like Golden Faith.

Best luck to Anne & her future endeavors!

Friday, August 08, 2008

While I was Away From The TVB Fandom

(Gordon Chan & Charmaine Sheh Gazing at the moon in The Crimson Saber)

I realized alot of things while I was away from the TVB Fandom online. One of which was that you can find inner Peace with yourself. It would always make me mad when people hardshly criticized actors, actresses, and series for no apparent reason except for their personal biased. But after being so far away from it all, I did not care anymore about competition, promotions of artistes, and TV Ratings. I found enjoyment in watching TVB Series with a carefree attitude like I used too when I was really young and I was truly enjoyed watching artistes delivering their performance whether it was good or bad.

TVB Series had finally took me into a moment of peace & tranquility again. It never felt so good to be back & lost in the moment.

(Moses Chan & Ada Choi Enjoying the Scenery in Where The Legend Begins)

Some Things Never Change...

Dear loyal readers of TVB Generation,

I know me abruptly ending updates on the blog was wrong and I am very sorry. However, during the past year or so alot has happened. I developed a health issue that I'm still treating, it was my fault for not taking care of myself. My mother was also laid off so I had to move back home to help out while still going school. I've had a very stressful & busy year, but I've always thought about this blog. It is a very sentimental part of my life. I started it & ran it since 2005 when I was just a 15 year old girl. Now I'm a 19 year old woman with responsibilities. I've actually been visiting this blog quite frequently in the last few months but I have been too ashame to post or say anything.

I've realized so much has change. New and fresh blogs with innovative ideas and designs are everywhere now. I remembered when there was only a few TVB blogs around like SehSeh's Blog, ToomanysidesofTVB, HK Buzz, TVB Chinese News, & TVB Musing. Now you can spend days just surfing TVB Blogs. It makes me think the TVB world online has moved on to another "Generation". It makes me feel very sad to think about how much life & everything in general has changed along with it.

However, it still makes me happy that people still remember this little thing called TVB Generation. I still see alot of regular readers here. I also was searching for tvb g... just less than a nanosecond from typing in an "e" to completely type "tvb gem of life" on google and the phrase TVB Generation popped up. It was one of the most touching feeling I've felt all year. I can't believe after so long people are still searching for TVB Generation. It was then I decided even though I might not be the same girl that ran this blog into it's personal peak anymore, but I will still do my best as a woman to revive it so at least its alive. I know not as many people are still reading this but it really doesn't matter to me, I'm just happy to see people still here expressing their opinions which is what the blog was originally created to do.

I will do my best to update this blog for you guys. Updates will be brief but I will be completely honestly about my feelings and my opinions like I used to be.

Yours Truly & Always,

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