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Monday, October 31, 2005

TVB Generation's Pic of The Month for October

*Click To Enlarge*

TVB lightning ceremony, this picture is huge. Use it as a wallpaper if you want. See if your favorite actress is in the front or not. Sorry, I'll save you the trouble if you're looking for Jessica Hsuan, she wasnt there.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Booo! Scary, It's TVB Generation halloween fright fest! My Treat With One Trick. Can you pick which one? Its also kinda scary though... Have fun, but stay safe. - Asia

Featured Artiste: Sammul Chan

Sammul Chan Kin Fung, orginally name Chan Yan Yiu officially entered the entertaiment circle in 2001 in the series Reaching Out. However alot of us didn't recognized his existence until he stared opposite Charmaine Sheh in White Flame. After follow by many successful, and not so successful series like Survivor's Law, Point Of No Return, The Vigilante In The Mask, My Master Is Wong Fei Hung, and Guts of Man. His absolute break out role was in Triumph in the Sky playing a rich boy. Towards the end of the series was where he sparked popualrity points with fans by taking on one of the pityful parts, when he was left out of being a pilot with s4, instead had to take on the burden of taken over his dad's company, he also didn't end up with Michelle.

Much promotion came after that as he was chosen to be one of the six TVB Olympic front idols along with Ron, Raymond, Kenneth, Bosco, and Lai Lok Yi. However, he was and still is not a TVB contracted artist so he had to twice, even triple as hard to get more spotlight from the other five. This is evidence is series like Survivor's Law overshadowed by Raymond, My Master Is Wong Fei Hung overshadowed by Bosco, and The Academy & Guts of Man overshadowed by Ron. On the other hand, Sammul delivered his best performance to date in The Academy, it brought tears in my eyes. He finally was given his first leading male role in When Rules Turn Lose (unreleased) opposite of Myolie and Liza. He was in his first movie and release his first single. Both of which were of the Gospel genre, because Sammul was raised in a spiritual Christian family. This really reveal a side great character and discipline in him. He is currently filming a new series with Adam Cheng, Anne Heung, & Leila Tong, in hopes of furthering his popularity with another hit.

Cheers to Sammul ( not Samuel) to even greater success, the sky's the limit, created a triumph...

Funny Criticism I heard:
-"He has a huge forehead, its like a five head"
-"His head is shaped weird, looks sorta like a a peanut"
-"What's wrong with his lips? Funny looking..."

My Response: Everyone's special in their own way, It would boring to have just 2,000 Louis Koo look alikes in every series you watch. Sammul is very talented, he deserves everything that he is given, he works hard for every last ounce of it by shedding pounds of sweats for its return. Bravo Sammul!

My Ratings (1-4) of Sammul:
Acting: 4
Looks: 3.5

Fashion Police: The Victims

Very Desperate Housewife

Sonjia looks like a mom, and Joe the dad. She is literaly wearing a cooking apron. I dont know what event she was at, but it seems like she's about to walk to the left in the kitchen and bake us some cookies. Don't you guys just love the patterns and the hair, I went and hug my mom after seeing this picture.

The Nikki Witch Project

Is it me or she's wearing shorts shorts over sweat pant. Ok, just checking. I know for a fact this wasn't a costume a event, so why is dressed like a witch? Totally decked out in black with vampire bat's nest around her, and crow's feathers on her hair.

She Just Wont Learn

Ok Nikki is now at an event where its OK to wear a costume, but she didnt't. Instead she repeats the same mistake. She wore "Daisy Dukes" short shorts over sweat pant again. Most hard headed person of the week.

Cover Girl & Guy of the Week

*Cover girl & guy of the Week are artists who were able to show great character in photos that appeal to fans similar to the US's "America Next Top Model".*

Cover Girl: Linda Chung

In Linda Chung's case I chose her for Cover Girl of the Week because she did something out of character. She always been so plain or "Vanilla", never doing anything, wearing anything in public that a typical girl on street wouldn't. I dont mean a costume in series. She wore this get up for Toshiba, which she must thank them for shedding a new light to her. She looks cool, and actually looks like she's having fun.

Cover Guy: Bosco Wong

I picture is just so playful. I love it because it makes Bosco look so relatable, because he looks like he could be one of my friends riding his bike a the park, and not a big time TVB star that dont care about you, unlike alot other artist give out the idea. He makes people care about him, the picture kinda make it out like he's about to fall, and you just want to help him up. Makes me a little dizzy, but warms my heart.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Glamour Shot & Redemption for Gigi

Gigi redeeming herself with this Glamor Shot of The Week, even all the Gigi Lai haters out there really must agree with me that this shot beautiful. Gigi was posing at a live promotion event for "The Charm Beneath", looking good for at live shot is very hard considering that its not a photostudio that can retouch it. Her makeup looks amazing, her figure is awsome, and lastly her costume & hair were magnificent. Feminity to the most elegant style.

Rumours This Week:

"Rumour King" of the media, Ron Ng have been recently stirring things up. Rumours that he dumped Myolie Wu and gone back to Leila Tong have died down. Next was Ella Koon, and the alligation that she was the third party in breaking Ron's realationship with his Ex. Jen. Ron new target is apparently Nikki Chow. They met through working at an event with other stars. A Newpaper publish pictures of them holding hands, but Nikki claim it was because of the "Angle which the pictures were taken". Ron seems be romanticly link with any female he works with. Ron will be working with Liza Wang, and the ever seductive Jessica Hsuan. So you guys know what that means, watch out Liza Wang! You're Next...

Bad Hair Day/ Make Up/ Smile: Gigi Lai

Smile, on you're on candid camera! I know Gigi dressed like this for a fashion show, but my god she looks like a mess. Her face is all wrinkle, the make up is borderline prostitute, her hair is just "bad". She looks very robotic, and smile seems so over the top, and fake. However, she managed redeem herself in the Glamour Shot.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Photo Talks: Subject-Aviator Glasses \O-O\

Gigi: Hey everybody, Yuk Ying here, check me out my new Aviator glasses.

Yoyo: Woo, look at my brown Aviator shades.

Moses: See my sad face, its because I left my Aviator shades at home.

Ella: Dont feel too bad Moses, same thing is happening to me.

Kenix, Ron, & Joe: We love the Aviator!

Sonjia: Hey guys, dont forget about me. I'm wanna be cool too, I just bought my Aviator.

Roger & Jess: Hahaha... aviators sun glasses? That went out when we stopped wearing them. Losers!

Stupid Side Note: Gigi, Moses, & Yoyo's pic has got to be the most symmetrical picture I've ever seen, weird.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fashion Police

The Hit!

Michelle Yip did a really good job with this outfit. Very colorful, but not over the top. Elegant and poise are the words to Michelle in this outfit. Lets go now to some who didnt quite pull off the colors.

The Missed!

Tracy Ip, this year's Miss Hong Kong. Poor thing, she's new at this so she's a little confused, and lost. I think she was going for something like Michelle's dress with colors, but fail miserably. I like to think of this as a generation dress. It has a skirt from the 70's, a belt from the 80's, a top from the 90's, and necklaces that went out three years ago. I dont know why I get a feeling this isn't the last we're gonna see from Tracy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Look Alikes?

Look Alikes For This Week:

Sharon Chan:

Kelly Chen:

Think Anyone Else Look Alike? Let Me Know.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tales of Two Cities: Louis & Jess.

~ Louis And Jessica is no longer just a fictional couple depicted in DI 4, but now a fairy tale to fans. Everybodys' favorite couple however did not end up together in the series. The tale will now be told in an image story with the concept of the two cities, because a picture is worth a thousand words, with the exception of a few captions... ~

Hong Kong~~~ Hollywood

The Innocent Angel That Gets Her Heart Broken...

The Third Party Vixen That Comes In Between...

The Mighty Hero That Falls For Under Temption...

The End?... To Be Continued In DIF 5?

Quick TVB News Flash...

TVB's Sales Presentation Will Take Place Nov. 11

Credits to Fuzzybear

This year's sales presentation will take place on 11 November. Previously TVB have comperes introduce the clips, but this year they're doing it in the form of a grand musical. The artistes will introduce the clips with a song-and-dance routine, and this will help highlight their potential to the business clients. Artistes who will take part include Nancy Sit, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, child star Jacky Wong etc. Bernice Liu will also participate if her schedule allows it.

All TVB management-contracted artistes will attend a gala dinner with TVB's biggest clients on 16 November.

With the economic recovery, TVB has also secured many sponsers for their annniversary grand prizes. These include a cash prize of HK$380,000 and a Mercedes Smart Roadster convertible worth HK$220,000. There are also three mainland property developers fighting over the sponsorship for the house/apartment prize. TVB hopes the developers will agree to a joint-sponsorship so they can give away all three houses/apartments. All in, this year's anniversary prizes will total over five million HK$, making it the highest in TVB history.

Monday, October 24, 2005

"Everbody Loves Raymonds"

~Everybody Loves Raymonds, but Which The Most?~
My Ratings: Scale From 1-4

~Raymond Cho~
Looks: 3

~Raymond Lam~

~Raymond Wong~

*Feel Free To Rate Them Yourself On Shoutbox...

Random, but Funny submitted by Yuki Tang

Yuki Wrote: When I saw this picture I didnt know what to say. I thought Myolie was trying to get some good publicy to take a picture with this fan. But she look a little repulse by him. Its almost like her facial expression shows that kind of being force to take a picture with him. She just looks uncomfortable like someone's holding a gun to her head.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Important Announcement! May I Have Your Attention, Please!

I have decided to make this site more interactive. I've so many of you guys are saying things that are so interesting in forum, but only a couple of people read. So many of you ask to sumbmit article in mails. So I will post anything you send to me to post that is interesting. All credit will given to you, I will even post your picture if you want. I plan to launch sections and articles like:

-Age Defyers
-Featured Artist
-Fashion Police
-Analysis of New Series
-Look Alikes
-Glamour Shots
-Picture of the Month
-TVB Viet Releases of the week.

* Which you all can sumbmit if you like...

Look Foward To: TVB Generation Awards after the TVB inorder not to steal the limelight. With categories like Most Hated Actor/Actress, Most Beloved, Least Improve, and Mostly likely to get fired... And TVb Generation competion for future TVB Artist both males and females...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Analysis of New TVB Series

“Trendy Lawyer”. New Serie clearly about law. This is probably the Justice serie this year for TVB. By looking at the cast I don’t sense it being a big hit for ratings. Anne Heung should be commended though for snagging another leading female role, next to “Shanghai Legend”. I’m glad to see her get back to leading and not falling into supporting roles like in Hidden Treasures, Love Bond, and Beneath The Charm. Adam Cheng is also back in his first TVB serie since “The Prince’s Shadow” last year, however I‘m not really fan of Adam Cheng. Leila Tong is also apart of the cast, she looks so young to be lawyer but definitely the cutest lawyer I’ve seen. Sammul Chan is suppose to play a “bad boy“. I’m a Sammul Chan fan but he kinda looks more like “boy who likes boys”. No offense to anyone.

"Keung Gim Gong Woo". A martial arts serie of the mythical type. This serie is very reminiscent of last year’s “Twin of Brother”. Very cool costume but I think Sharon Chan got short ended. The leading males are Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng. I don’t know who is the has the bigger part though. There were news that TVB is mad at Kevin for rejecting their serie with Steven, Sonjia, and Tavia so they had to replace him with Moses. However I read another article saying it wasn’t true, and the both of them equal lead. The article also said that Kevin rejected because he didn’t wanted to shave his head, while Kevin said it was because he needed more rest. I can understand why he needs rest, considering he has a history of hereditary high blood pressure and had to be hospitalize during filming of Burning Flame II. The female lead is Bernice, first leading role if I’m correct . Shirley and Sharon are supporting female, Sharon is most likely the villain.

*Credit To TVB... On The Spot for pictures and title translations.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Triumph In The Sky II Update

* Old photo, but its weird to see how much everyone change so much. Ron, Bosco, Sammul, and Kenneth are so popular now, and Michelle is so popular she doesn’t even need TVB anymore.

As you all may know TVB is planning to film the sequel to Triumph In The Sky. However its having trouble mostly with the cast. This is suppose to be grand production serie so there’s bound to be plenty of high profile artists. The question is which ones?

The Female Cast:

The problem with the female cast is Flora Chan and Michelle Yip left TVB and have denied the offer to come back to film this serie. As a result TVB brought in the “replacements”- Liza Wang and Jessica Hsaun. Problem solve. The word is Myolie Wu isn’t going to be a part of this project. For what reason I don’t know. If she is not coming back who will replace her. Rumors in forums and media have that Charmaine Sheh and Nikki Chow are on the top of the replacement list, which I really doubt they’ll take in part in this especially as replacements.

The Male Cast:

Its been confirmed that Ron Ng is coming back and the recent news confirmed S4 wil be back. Ron Ng is suppose take over the status in the serie that Joe Ma held. The biggest conflict with the male cast is the Leading Male. Francis Ng rejected the role because of money problems. Louis Koo was then confirm, but then unconfirmed. Louis turn down the project apparently because he didn’t want to spend six month filming at an airport. Alex Fong was then also confirmed and unconfirmed because he wont play a pilot but instead a transit manager, and his schedule was full. As for now there are no more confirmed but plenty of rumors. Rumored replacement in forums and media are Gallen Lo, Wong Hei, and Gordon Lam. I really doubt Gordon Lam though because he was just saying publicly that TVB are more about quantity than quality now.

Stay Tune For More Updates!

My views on the whole Sheren & Gigi situation

The whole sheren losing her status and Gigi gaining momentum story can only be describe as a reality drama. I guess I'm proud of Gigi for improving on her acting and gaining popularity. At the same time I feel sorry for Sheren, she just look pityful in the picture with her one assistance. I dont understand why both cant co-exist as top leading ladies. Does anyone else find it ironic that this is exactly like how the storyline of War and Beauty goes? I felt sorry for Sheren in that serie, and I feel sorry for her now. I hated Gigi in that serie, but I dont hated her that much now though.

Q: When will the drama end?
A: Never, TVB is the center for making Drama. Fictional & Actual...

*On a lighter note, before I end this post, I would like mention that all drama seem to be coming from all the ladies like Gigi, Sheren, Maggie Cheung, and .... You never about fights between like Moses, Bowie, Ron, Raymond and Kevin. "Most poisonous is a woman nature".

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sonjia is Overshadowed

There is no doubting Sonjia Kwok is pretty, after all she was a former Miss Hong Kong and a former Miss Chinese International. However when Sonjia, and Kristy Yeung was at a shoe promotion event she seemed to be overshadowed by Kristy. Honestly, Kristy wore a better outfit, had a better hairstyle, and look younger with her makeup. I don't really know about Sonjia though, she looked old, plain, and kind of short compared to Kristy. I'm not a Sonjia hater, this just my opinion.


This has got to be the most disturbing picture I've seen all month. Isabella Leung looks like a psycho on the loose. Look has her facial expression, she looks crazy. I feel sorry for those babies, you can just tell they're in pain, yet she still was strangling them. Future mother of year right here...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bad Hair Day!

Myolie Wu, usually dresses very elegant, but I guess she was going for a biker chick kind of a look. But she ended up looking alot like the Hong Kong version of Diana Ross. And her make up that day wasnt really make it better, but made the resemblence even more uncanny.

Kenix's hair wasnt that bad. But it's weird, I think so, because it kinda made me want a cinnamon bun. Sort of like the craving I got when watching Princess Layaa in Star Wars. She belongs in galaxy far far away...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fashion Victim Alert!

Worst Dressed Person! Congrats Shirley! Seriously what are you wearing?! Are going to a pretend tea party with those pearls? Are you going to the beach with the outter neclace? Are you a rag doll, or a dress up janitor? What's with the gigantic pockets? Is that a bath robe? I cant tell but you better not be wearing boots with that poor excuse for an outfit. Get well soon Shirley, from your friends at TVB Generation.

Ron I love you so much but where was your stylist? You look like you were looking through a National Geographic magazine, and you're about to wrestle an alligator. Did you seriously take fashion advice from both Sigfrield & Roy and The Crodile Hunter. Wasn't horrible, at least you can still kinda pull it off.

I'm so suprise Sonjia wore this oufit. The top is just screaming "My grandma was knitting this sweater for me, but she didnt finish in time for tonight." There's no bright side to this outfit. If you tried to look at it from another angle it looks like a designer cut a square out of a clearance sweater, which I could done for her for alot less.

Wow! Kate Tsui looks like a teenage prostitute wearing a pink cut up boxer short around her. She seriously must have gotten the inspiration from hookers on the street. And Jerry Lam looks like one of her drunk customer.

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