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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Analysis of New TVB Series

“Trendy Lawyer”. New Serie clearly about law. This is probably the Justice serie this year for TVB. By looking at the cast I don’t sense it being a big hit for ratings. Anne Heung should be commended though for snagging another leading female role, next to “Shanghai Legend”. I’m glad to see her get back to leading and not falling into supporting roles like in Hidden Treasures, Love Bond, and Beneath The Charm. Adam Cheng is also back in his first TVB serie since “The Prince’s Shadow” last year, however I‘m not really fan of Adam Cheng. Leila Tong is also apart of the cast, she looks so young to be lawyer but definitely the cutest lawyer I’ve seen. Sammul Chan is suppose to play a “bad boy“. I’m a Sammul Chan fan but he kinda looks more like “boy who likes boys”. No offense to anyone.

"Keung Gim Gong Woo". A martial arts serie of the mythical type. This serie is very reminiscent of last year’s “Twin of Brother”. Very cool costume but I think Sharon Chan got short ended. The leading males are Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng. I don’t know who is the has the bigger part though. There were news that TVB is mad at Kevin for rejecting their serie with Steven, Sonjia, and Tavia so they had to replace him with Moses. However I read another article saying it wasn’t true, and the both of them equal lead. The article also said that Kevin rejected because he didn’t wanted to shave his head, while Kevin said it was because he needed more rest. I can understand why he needs rest, considering he has a history of hereditary high blood pressure and had to be hospitalize during filming of Burning Flame II. The female lead is Bernice, first leading role if I’m correct . Shirley and Sharon are supporting female, Sharon is most likely the villain.

*Credit To TVB... On The Spot for pictures and title translations.

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