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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Featured Artiste: Sammul Chan

Sammul Chan Kin Fung, orginally name Chan Yan Yiu officially entered the entertaiment circle in 2001 in the series Reaching Out. However alot of us didn't recognized his existence until he stared opposite Charmaine Sheh in White Flame. After follow by many successful, and not so successful series like Survivor's Law, Point Of No Return, The Vigilante In The Mask, My Master Is Wong Fei Hung, and Guts of Man. His absolute break out role was in Triumph in the Sky playing a rich boy. Towards the end of the series was where he sparked popualrity points with fans by taking on one of the pityful parts, when he was left out of being a pilot with s4, instead had to take on the burden of taken over his dad's company, he also didn't end up with Michelle.

Much promotion came after that as he was chosen to be one of the six TVB Olympic front idols along with Ron, Raymond, Kenneth, Bosco, and Lai Lok Yi. However, he was and still is not a TVB contracted artist so he had to twice, even triple as hard to get more spotlight from the other five. This is evidence is series like Survivor's Law overshadowed by Raymond, My Master Is Wong Fei Hung overshadowed by Bosco, and The Academy & Guts of Man overshadowed by Ron. On the other hand, Sammul delivered his best performance to date in The Academy, it brought tears in my eyes. He finally was given his first leading male role in When Rules Turn Lose (unreleased) opposite of Myolie and Liza. He was in his first movie and release his first single. Both of which were of the Gospel genre, because Sammul was raised in a spiritual Christian family. This really reveal a side great character and discipline in him. He is currently filming a new series with Adam Cheng, Anne Heung, & Leila Tong, in hopes of furthering his popularity with another hit.

Cheers to Sammul ( not Samuel) to even greater success, the sky's the limit, created a triumph...

Funny Criticism I heard:
-"He has a huge forehead, its like a five head"
-"His head is shaped weird, looks sorta like a a peanut"
-"What's wrong with his lips? Funny looking..."

My Response: Everyone's special in their own way, It would boring to have just 2,000 Louis Koo look alikes in every series you watch. Sammul is very talented, he deserves everything that he is given, he works hard for every last ounce of it by shedding pounds of sweats for its return. Bravo Sammul!

My Ratings (1-4) of Sammul:
Acting: 4
Looks: 3.5

Comments on "Featured Artiste: Sammul Chan"


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