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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Father & Sons/TVB Weekly Pictorial

Next To Be Aired on TVB will be Father & Sons after Devil's Disciple ends this week on the 8:35 Time Slot. This TVB's counter defense against ATV's Grand Production "Return Home" starring Adam Cheng. They are bringing in their rating's lucky charm Bobby Au-Yeung. The storyline obviously will be about Father and Sons, so the male cast will dominate this series.

Last year there was La Femme Desperado (The Heavily Female Influenced Series), and then Men In Pain (The Heavily Male Influenced Series) which was terrible. This year The Family Link is heavily female influenced, now comes Father & Sons. Lets just hope its nothing like Men In Pain.

The Ensemble Cast: Bobby Au-Yeung, Wong Hei, Ha Yu, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Anne Heung, Evergreen Mak, Halina Tma, Lai Lok Yi, etc.

Photo Credit:

>> Characters Map <-->CLICK To Enlarge <<

Cover Boys: I lost track of which issue is new and which is new, but I think this one was recently published before the Miss Hong Kong winners issue. I really like the pictures in this issue, HOT! I'm used to Kevin being very clean cut, but he looks pretty sexy with facial hair for his new series "Walking With The Enemy". I think Bosco would have look alot better if he didn't have that hair do he's sporting for "WOIL 2007". Anyways, really interesting pictures from them Fencing, to Arm Wrestling, and Vogueing. Photo Credit:

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Monday, July 30, 2007


Some Show Gags From Current Series Airing In Hong Kong, "On The First Beat" took quite a "Beating" in the newspaper during its airing with several articles bringing gags from the show like Michael Miu's killer from "The Academy" is now a police in the sequel. I don't know how they notice these stuff but it seems to be a trend now to spotlight these gags, people who realize them probably get something like a free Apple Daily T-Shirt.

Devil's Disciple: Before it even aired in Hong Kong it was pointed out Wayne Lai spoke English saying the word "Round", but Producer Lau Kar Ho (Also Heart of Greed's Producer) said he said "Waan". Now its pointed in the scene where Kevin's character King Lui is imprisoned a Sound Microphone appears onscreen, while in another scene while Kevin is on a boat a camera with antenna & microphone also appears onscreen.

The Drive of Life: I'm not watching this series yet so I'm a little unclear of what's going on, but apparently in the 7th episode Michael Wong's character is holding a magazine and its suppose to be 1994. One problem, you can see Joey Yung in the back cover, the picture is from her 2003 ad for a slimming company. Viewers don't understand how it can be since Joey was only in like Secondary School in 1994.

Not 100% clear about this one either since I'm not watching but apparently in the 8th episode of TDOL the Electricity and Water goes out, but the fan in the background is blowing almost as loud as the woman talking.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

War & Beauty Vs. Heart of Greed

In The Past Few Years I would say the two Most Critically Acclaimed Dramas are War and Beauty & Heart of Greed. So which is better? I'm not even going to beat around the bushes, I personally think War & Beauty is alot better. The Script for War & Beauty is very solid and very well written while Heart of Greed to me goes through some dragging effect due to some un-needed dialogues and of course the 90 billion scenes of Linda and Raymond bickering & fighting. I was on the edge of my seat watching War & Beauty through out the entire series. On the other hand, Heart of Greed has parts where it gets sketchy like in the beginning 10 episodes which was basically "zzzzZZZZ....". The characters in WAB are more well developed while HOG's characters seem to stop short in terms of them being believable.

The Storyline in WAB stick to together like glue, while HOG has its occasional plot holes. Like when Linda first was interviewing for the job at Raymond's office and she see a picture of him and girl with a baby. She thinks he's married but turns out she's his sister. Then why wasn't she included in all his flash backs dealing with his family troubles? She looks like she's about maybe 5 years older than Ray so you can say she's like off at college, the family doesn't seem like the have the money to send her anywhere. When Raymond's character [Spoilers-Highlight]: died in a car accident Linda told the Doctor & the Cops he has no other family members. I was like WTH? This was brought up in several forums, so much for a "great script"...

I think The Cast basically amounts to the same Star Power. HOG just looks like its so big because they stuff the poster with almost everyone in the cast. By the way, why is Bosco infront of Raymond, Linda, Susanna Kwan, or even Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu, or Michelle Yim? His role was smaller than them and had less screentime. If they could WAB could have added more artistes to the poster like Jade Leung, Kenny Wong, Rebecca Chan, etc.

Reading This you can probably see that I favor WAB alot more just simply because I feel its an Absolutely Spectacular series, while my feeling towards HOG is that its a good series, very enjoyable but its not like "OMG, its the GREATEST SERIES EVER!" like people say. The ending seem like they went easy on it in preparation for a Happily Ever After ending, I didn't buy it nor did I liked it, at all.



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI really need to clean up the site. Can't believe it will be August on Wednesday, just about three more months until the TVB Anniversary, YAY, time flies. Anyways, I really need to fix up the site, I've neglected to do so for months. The phone and avatar has been up since Chinese New Years how sad is that? And the Top Searches is god knows how old. I don't think I can ever leave this Layout entirely since I had it for so long, I don't think I can go through with it, its like giving up my baby. Plus, site items like Viet Releases update wouldn't look right on any other layout. I guess I'll spend some time tomorrow tweaking up the site tomorrow hopefully I can finish by Tuesday. I'll see what I can do, I'm feeling a Fashion Show Theme would be cool after watching MHK.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

TVB & Hong Kong's "Housing Projects"

Just a spark of curiosity, what's the big deal with living in "Housing Projects" in Hong Kong. I notice TVB made a couple of series where the stories intertwine with living in the "housing projects".

In Life Made Simple Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan's character both lived in a "housing project community". Jessica's character seem to really bother living there, and she made it her business to do anything to get out of there. When she wanted to marry Bosco's character his mom looked down on her for living there. I must admit the housing from this series was pretty bad, but the housing project community in The Family Link looked good, similar to one in the picture above. Yet people still looked down on Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip, Kiki Sheung's character alot in the beginning. Their houses look like an apartment complex or condos over here in the States. And really the "Projects" or better known as "The Ghetto" in the U.S. are 100 times worse.

So what kind of housing would be considered respectable in Hong Kong? The mansion in The Brink of Law? By the way, that mansion estate in that series, which I've seen before in some movies is like a dream house for me. I really want to live in Hong Kong one day, and I think the type of house in the Family Link looks like a good starter home for someone who just moved there and has only "starter budget". Would it be accurate to say a respectable housing community in Hong Kong would be the one liek in Welcome To The House? Whatever, just curious.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Couldn't Help But Notice The Similarities...

Jessica Hsuan = HK Top Model: Her poses in photoshoots/pictures eem to kind of resemble some America's Next Top Model Pictures...

-Walk The Dogs--Jess/Christina from ANTM Cycle 4-

-Alter Ego-Jess (Nice vs. Naughty)-Tyra Banks (Good vs. Evil)-

Miss Hong Kong 2007 Is.... #3 William Hung! Oh wait actually its #3 Kayi Cheung: The press recently described the newly crowned MHK Kayi Cheung as being a William Hung and Urshula Wong look alike. I actually notice the William Hung thing a while back. I finally set out to explore this a little further. Here are my findings... I'll be nice, Kayi is slightly better looking, but the resemblance is definitely there... The ironic thing is a William Hung quote was used in this year's show.

HK Sex & The City: For Some Reason Halina Tam & her Fiancee remind me of Carri Bradshaw & Mr. Big from Sex &amp;amp; The City. Halina & Sarah Jessica Parker seem to have that look, while Mr. Big played by Chris Noth have the same persona as her fiancee in real life. Mr. Big is a player in the show, while Halina's fiancee is known as The Miss Hong Kong killer because he has dated many MHK's like Anne Heung.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Threat of Love II

One thing I like about my video rental store is that they still do VHS rentals. It comes at a cheaper price plus once and a while the VHS tape they recorded over contain parts of another series at the end. Its great to see old series to just rewatch parts again, and sometimes I get series I never seen before which sparks my interests in watching it. I always wanted to watch The Threat of Love II a.k.a. Loving You II, but every video store I go doesn't carry it anymore. I was able to watch one episode that wasn't recorded over yesterday.

Loving You II-"This TVB series consists of ten individual tales dealing with various aspects of human relationship, love and sex. Every story has its own theme. The Threat of Love uses a romantic and heartwarming way to tell stories of modern day relationships, bringing out the delicate and fragile emotions in a realistic manner." So basicly its ten short stories that tackle taboo subjects like fedility, love/money, sexual orientations, and of course sex itself. The episode I watched was about condoms and I was so surprise that TVB was open enough to make a storyline about it. The sex talk was open too, Shirley Yeung's character openly asked for sex from Kevin Cheng saying "Come on, love me like you did this morning", and he responded "I'm tired, you don't understand a man must use up and give off alot more than a woman". I was so surprise to hear that from a TVB series. There were other "open" dialogues even from Sir Chung King Fai.

The Ensemble Cast would be considered a Grand Production cast by today's standard with artists like Nancy Sit, Sheren Tang, Lawrence Ng, Kevin Cheng, Sir Chung King Fai, and Shirley Yeung. Since 2002 (The Year of Production) Sheren, Kevin, and Shirley has had a surge in popularity. The cast is a HUGE reason why I want to watch it. Each cast member has to play 10 different characters somewhat giving the cast of Maiden's Vow a run for their money. The series has mixed reviews, people over 30 don't seem to be very fond of it.

Does any one know where I can watch it online?? In any languages will be fine, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Hungarian...... I just want to watch it so bad!! :(


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Love This Picture! I find it so amusing and relaxing, filming doesn't seem so bad as what we hear. At least they have enough spare time to play mahjong. I somehwhat envy them, I really want to have leisurely time like that playing Mahjong. I LOVE MAHJONG! Sadly my family is like most families in the U.S. are, really living a fast paste life. They're the "I'll meet you guys back here around 8:00" type so we don't sit down and play stuff like this. Only one of my friends knows how to play, can you imagine how sad of a game that would be. But I have a game on my computer call "Hong Kong Mahjong", which is even more sad when you think about it...

The most fun I've ever seen anyone have with Mahjong was in Virtues of Harmony I with Bondy Chiu, Cutie Mui, Joyce Chen, & Yvonne Lam. Personally, I thought their chemistry was built on Mahjong.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bosco Wong's Very Questionable Fashion Style

I Haven't Commented On Anyone's Fashion In a Long While. It finally took Bosco Wong to lure me out of my cave. It has come to my attention his fashion taste has become the subject of conversations. Some of which really offends me, people call his style "Gay". A family member of mine is gay, and he has gone through so much under this society of tough scrutiny. I think people shouldn't use the word gay in describing how someone dresses in a negative manner, in example Bosco. I would definitely not use gay to describe his fashion taste.

Anyways, the picture that pushed me to commenting his fashion is the picture at the far top. I've seen alot from Bosco including things like leather leg boots, jacket, and cap with a purple stripe shirt to a pink & white combination outfit with what look's like a woman's blouse. Of course he also had his share of floral shirts and pants or stuff I dare not save to my computer, but that outfit had to be brought to attention. You have to draw a line somewhere, that line should be somewhere between a man and a woman. He wore at last week's JSG, it looked like an explosion of bad taste and bad hair in the women's section of a department store. The necklace and lite violet inner top just made things worse. Not to me mean, but that's the worse hairstyle I've ever seen on a man. Do you guys know if its just curled or did he get a perm?

Now that is out of the way and we're completely frank and honest about things, I hope the whole calling him gay will end.


Monday, July 23, 2007

ATV Is Lame

lol, ATV is really pulling out the big guns now. I heard they're airing a Grand Production just to show some force and not lose face during the Drive of Life fever. Which I didnt get because they're airing it during the Devil's Disciple time slot. Supposively its because they heard fans are very critical of DD so they wanted to capitalize, how cowardly... I don't think DD is all that bad, it's OK, not the greatest but not the worst.

This series doesn't look appealing at all. I watch all 3 of ATV's most recent grand productions-Central Affairs, Central Affairs II, and No Turning Back so I was curious to see what's all the fuss is about. I can honestly I'm not interested at all. I liked CA I & II, and No Turning Back, but I think I will definitely skip this for sure because I dont know anyone except for Adam Cheng.

Young artists usually lead over at TVB but over ATV lets just say its a different story. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel young....
By the way, I keep on hearings ATV is recruting artist with a HUGE budget, if they have so much money why are their production 90% of the time so crappy? Most of the storylines are poor, the lighting is bad, the video quality isn't clear, and the directing is bad too.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Last Words on MHK 2007 I Swear

Just a couple more words on Miss Hong Kong 2007 and I'll shut up I promise. I watched the show, I still think the Winner Kayi Cheung is ugly. This disappoints so bad, because I've been watching MHK since I was little, and its a dream to alot of young girls, but seeing someone like her win shatters not only to my way of thinking but I'm sure to others as well. She didnt even perform that well, and her interview wasn't even that good. The girl has a ginormous bun face. I know I'm being so mean, but I'm sorry... When she relinquish her title next year she should include "Participating in MHK has taught me nobody is ever too ugly to be Miss Hong Kong". Watching the show I must say it was running through my mind that MHK that appeared like Anne, Sonjia, Shirley, Mandy, Kate, Tracy, & Aimme look like devine godesses compared to her.

The Show itself was AMAZING! I loved this year's show. I was a complete rip-off of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show with all the backstage scenes and the fashion show/runway theme. At one point even wings were brought out. Well at least they copied and had a good show then try to be all original and got a boring one. This year's production was very entertaining.

The music was Awsome too. A great variety including songs from artists like Gwen Steffani, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, The Pussycat Dolls, etc... The music was very mainstream and reflect what a modern pageant is about.

Ok now I think I can shut up about it.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

What To Do?

I think I'm going to download The MHK Show via Bit Torrent from HD Zone. The speed isn't looking too good at all if you were wondering. If it doesn't pick up I'll stop and just wait for TnPlace to upload it, they're fast but I'm not sure how fast. Please let me know if you see that its been uploaded!

Look! Raymond & Kate were the Special performers. Definitely have to see this. Looks like Raymond really has his hands full with Kate lol.

After the "Reign" comes the Reunion. Miss Hong Kong Reunite!


1st RU===== MHK Winner =====2nd RU


Miss HK 2007 Results

Winner: #3 Kayi Cheung- OMG!!! She's the UGLIEST Miss Hong Kong ever. She's one of the shortest too. She's barely 5'4. All the Pageant sites webmistresses do not seem to be please with the results at all. I cant believe it! The judges are blind. Now I must see the show to see how could she have possibly win.

1st RU: #9 Grace Wong
2nd RU: #7 Lorretta Chow (She Should Have Won!)
Finalists: #4 Mandy Wong, #14 Candice Chiu

Top 8 :
1 Joey, 6 Anita, 3 Kayi, 9 Grace,
4 Mandy, 7 Lorretta, 5 Destiny, 14 Candice

Miss Photogenic: #9 Grace Wong-She's Photogenic???
Miss International Goodwill:
#9 Grace Wong
(Grace Wong-Image Below)

>>>>Results Credit To: Miss HK Beauties <<<<

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