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Saturday, July 28, 2007

TVB & Hong Kong's "Housing Projects"

Just a spark of curiosity, what's the big deal with living in "Housing Projects" in Hong Kong. I notice TVB made a couple of series where the stories intertwine with living in the "housing projects".

In Life Made Simple Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan's character both lived in a "housing project community". Jessica's character seem to really bother living there, and she made it her business to do anything to get out of there. When she wanted to marry Bosco's character his mom looked down on her for living there. I must admit the housing from this series was pretty bad, but the housing project community in The Family Link looked good, similar to one in the picture above. Yet people still looked down on Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip, Kiki Sheung's character alot in the beginning. Their houses look like an apartment complex or condos over here in the States. And really the "Projects" or better known as "The Ghetto" in the U.S. are 100 times worse.

So what kind of housing would be considered respectable in Hong Kong? The mansion in The Brink of Law? By the way, that mansion estate in that series, which I've seen before in some movies is like a dream house for me. I really want to live in Hong Kong one day, and I think the type of house in the Family Link looks like a good starter home for someone who just moved there and has only "starter budget". Would it be accurate to say a respectable housing community in Hong Kong would be the one liek in Welcome To The House? Whatever, just curious.


Comments on "TVB & Hong Kong's "Housing Projects""


Anonymous Lisa said ... (10:20 PM) : 

lol the mansion in brink of law is for the extremely wealthy families.

The older government housing apartment lots are very small (even smaller than the ones in Family Link) and some owners still have maids!!

the newer apartments are pretty standard, 2 or 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom. not as big as the one in welcome to the house though.

I think the thing that's in right now over there are the luxury condos with the ceiling to floor glass windows, modern furniture, a view of the harbour and hk skyline, etc.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (10:32 PM) : 

The house in The brink of Law seems like dream house, but I owuld be happy with the newer apartment orthe stanard one you mention. Those luxury condos sound really good too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:04 PM) : 

Just think of the housing projects in U.S.--People living in the projects have sub-standard wage, little education, gangsters and dealers hanging around to sell and engage in gangster activity, family/social problem(husband or wife gambling, yelling at each other), substance used issues...

Altough, the condition in U.S. housing projects is no better than Hong Kong, but their situations is similar.

If people move into a nice housing project like the affordable housing projects in Family Link, their lives would be alright. But if they move into one bad housing project, their lives would be similar to the people living in U.S. housing project. And one place full of tragic stories is Tin Shui Wai. A famous lyricist wrote about it in Hacken Lee's song.


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