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Monday, July 23, 2007

ATV Is Lame

lol, ATV is really pulling out the big guns now. I heard they're airing a Grand Production just to show some force and not lose face during the Drive of Life fever. Which I didnt get because they're airing it during the Devil's Disciple time slot. Supposively its because they heard fans are very critical of DD so they wanted to capitalize, how cowardly... I don't think DD is all that bad, it's OK, not the greatest but not the worst.

This series doesn't look appealing at all. I watch all 3 of ATV's most recent grand productions-Central Affairs, Central Affairs II, and No Turning Back so I was curious to see what's all the fuss is about. I can honestly I'm not interested at all. I liked CA I & II, and No Turning Back, but I think I will definitely skip this for sure because I dont know anyone except for Adam Cheng.

Young artists usually lead over at TVB but over ATV lets just say its a different story. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel young....
By the way, I keep on hearings ATV is recruting artist with a HUGE budget, if they have so much money why are their production 90% of the time so crappy? Most of the storylines are poor, the lighting is bad, the video quality isn't clear, and the directing is bad too.


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