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Sunday, July 29, 2007

War & Beauty Vs. Heart of Greed

In The Past Few Years I would say the two Most Critically Acclaimed Dramas are War and Beauty & Heart of Greed. So which is better? I'm not even going to beat around the bushes, I personally think War & Beauty is alot better. The Script for War & Beauty is very solid and very well written while Heart of Greed to me goes through some dragging effect due to some un-needed dialogues and of course the 90 billion scenes of Linda and Raymond bickering & fighting. I was on the edge of my seat watching War & Beauty through out the entire series. On the other hand, Heart of Greed has parts where it gets sketchy like in the beginning 10 episodes which was basically "zzzzZZZZ....". The characters in WAB are more well developed while HOG's characters seem to stop short in terms of them being believable.

The Storyline in WAB stick to together like glue, while HOG has its occasional plot holes. Like when Linda first was interviewing for the job at Raymond's office and she see a picture of him and girl with a baby. She thinks he's married but turns out she's his sister. Then why wasn't she included in all his flash backs dealing with his family troubles? She looks like she's about maybe 5 years older than Ray so you can say she's like off at college, the family doesn't seem like the have the money to send her anywhere. When Raymond's character [Spoilers-Highlight]: died in a car accident Linda told the Doctor & the Cops he has no other family members. I was like WTH? This was brought up in several forums, so much for a "great script"...

I think The Cast basically amounts to the same Star Power. HOG just looks like its so big because they stuff the poster with almost everyone in the cast. By the way, why is Bosco infront of Raymond, Linda, Susanna Kwan, or even Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu, or Michelle Yim? His role was smaller than them and had less screentime. If they could WAB could have added more artistes to the poster like Jade Leung, Kenny Wong, Rebecca Chan, etc.

Reading This you can probably see that I favor WAB alot more just simply because I feel its an Absolutely Spectacular series, while my feeling towards HOG is that its a good series, very enjoyable but its not like "OMG, its the GREATEST SERIES EVER!" like people say. The ending seem like they went easy on it in preparation for a Happily Ever After ending, I didn't buy it nor did I liked it, at all.


Comments on "War & Beauty Vs. Heart of Greed"


Anonymous triumph said ... (12:06 AM) : 

I agree that if you compare HOG with WAB. WAB is absolutely more "stunning". But I also love HOG because it also teaches you a lot of things. I don't think I need to say anymore about WAB as we have been discussing so much about it ever since 3 years ago and some of the scenes in the series are still quite memorable in my mind. :)
But HOG gives a different feeling. If WAB focuses more on the ideology of life, HOG deals with the everyday problems/conflicts that exist within a family. Each family has the problems of its own Maybe because I also have experienced problems within my own family, of course the problems might not be the same as in the series, but still I could be able to see the similarities and therefore, make a better connection with HOG. Of course, I'm not talking about the money fighting plot, but all the little events that happen in the series all come together to bring out a realistic aspect of a family within the society. How to be able to deal with the members within your own family and understand their natures is something that I truly appreciate from this series. :)


Anonymous triumph said ... (12:28 AM) : 

Of course, HOG isn't perfect as you have pointed out a few loop holes in there. But still it's still quite enjoyable. And watching the series kinda depresses me a bit as it kinda reminds me of my family....If you are don't hate my family or anything lol...we make contacts and are very peaceful with each other lol... but of course there are existing grieve that are hard to say :)...just like the title of the HOG themesong "Unspeakable"....hehehehe :)


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (11:18 PM) : 

I completely agree with you Triumph, all your points are very valid. I just want to say I think HOG is a good series with good merits, but in comparison WAB is better thats why I wrote post. All these points are great I think you should write a review and opinion piece on HOG.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:56 AM) : 

I reckon HOG is better. Different genres set in different times. Its hard to compare.


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