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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phoenix Rising / The Hypocrisy Controversy

I Just Finished Phoenix Rising last night. I dont want to say any spoilers, but the ending is unbelievable. I was quite shocked at how everything went down. Krystal Tin, Louisa So, and Leila Tong all did an excellent job. In my opinion Louisa's villainess role far surpasses Susanna Kwan in Heart of Greed. And if it airs, Leila Tong will be the top contender for Most Improved. Krystal will probably grab a Best Actress nomination too.

I'm was so surprised when I logged on this morning. When I was reading the C-Box there were alot of comments about a post on Metal's TVB Musing blog. I read everything including the post, and since there was a request for my opinion I'll briefly express what I think. Well, before I start I just want to say I support him on the fact that it's his blog & he can say what ever he wants. I also posted a comment on his blog so dont worry I'm not going behind his back. My opinion is completely different from what he thinks though. I wont address his post directly because we are friendly affiliates and don't want people to mistake it as something else but I'll say this:

*In the past I have said I miss High School since graduation. But in the last few weeks of College I have said I dont miss High School at all. I have also said I'm confident I'll get an A+ in my Eastern Culture class, but just yesterday I said to a friend I just hope i can get a B in that class. Does that make me a hypocrite? No way. These statements are Contradictions not Hypocrisy. These contradictions come as a result of many possible things like a change of hearts or a lost of confidence.

*A Hypocrisy comes with a proclamation, and an action in 99.9% of the time. For example, I say to everyone I'm against fur & I condemn it because it's murder. Yet I take the action to go out and buy a fur coat I thought was pretty to wear to a Gala. That would make me a hypocrite. Two statements that contradict doesn't add up to a hypocrisy in my opinion.

That's all I have to say. It's my two cents, take it or leave. I have some major Homework to do. Stay cool people!!

I almost forgot!
Her Birthday is tomorrow, I probably wont have time to say it tomorrow so I'll say it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Parallel Yet Unparallel

I've been away for a while now and once again i'm really sorry. But it is what it is, I can try my best to update when I can. ;)

Although I've been away I've kept an eye what's going on in the entertain biz. I've found things that are parallel on some level with the TVB world, but in a way kind of unparallel as well.

LEAVE CHARMAINE SHEH ALONE!!!! You guys have probably seen the Chris Crocker video a.k.a. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! It's like almost everywhere I go now the Charmaine bashing is rampid. It's mostly criticism for her acting in DOL and people blaming her for the low ratings. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with her acting. Personally I think alot of people are just jumping on the band wagon. I'm absolutely dying to see if anyone would post a video as a satire to Charmaine! If they do, I guarantee you he'll end up all over the Hong Kong news.

Just to be clear though I in no way am saying Charmaine is Britney Spears. Britney is complete mess. Charmaine has her act together, as a matter of fact she's probably one of the most well structured actress at TVB right now. I applaude how she's handling everything with grace. Hence why there is some unparallelism (Is this even a word lol).

Scandalous! Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical was caught in a scandal where nude photos of her were uncovered. It reminded of Yoyo Chen who was rumor to Ms.A the mysterious actress who had revealing clip of her revealed. This is unparaellel because Vanessa's career is actually going up because Hollywood loves scandals while Yoyo's career is going down hill because TVB is conservative.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Phoenix Rising

ARRGGHHHH!! This series is so frustrating to watch! Don't get me wrong though, it's a briliant series. I heard Great reviews for the series so I rented it. The storyline is very well crafted. The characters are well developed. I watch Krytal Tin alot in movies, and I think she's amazing in PR. I'm on episode 12. So far here's how I feel.

I Think That...
Krystal Tin's Character Is Gulliable.
Louisa So's Character Is EVIL!
Leila Tong's character is Foolish/Semi-annoying at times.

It's frustrating to watch because of everything that goes on is just so... uhhh... I don't know how to describe it.. People who saw it probably know what I mean. It glorifies the theme of brutal survival of the most cunning similar to War & Beauty in my opinion. I hear the ending is "Breathtaking & Not Like Any Other Endings" so I'm curious to see how it turns out. Please don't blurt out any spoilers.

Just a side note, is just me or Louisa So looks "slightly" older than Krystal Tin. I thought it was strange Krystal was the older sister of the two. Also, Leila's character Sophie is only suppose to be like 3-4 years younger than Louisa & Krystal yet Leila looks like she's 10-12 years younger.

More when I finish watching it...


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random TVB Blurbs

I had some free time today in the Library so I catched up a little on what's going on in the TVB world. Here are random news & thoughts that were running through my head.

* "The Ultimate Crime Fighter" will air October 8th according to Kevin's official site. This means it's technically not an Anniversary series since an anniversary has to start airing it's first episode in the month of November & before the 19th (The exact anniversary date). Tradition mandates one series must be ancient Ancient & Modern. I wonder which series will do the honor?

* Moses Chan will more than likely win Best Actor this year since they're airing his series a month before the anniversary giving him proper time to build up more popularity & hype going into the award show fresh off everyone's mind. I REALLY like Moses so I'm definitely very happy for him.

* I wonder how the structure of the casting for TUCF will be. Moses Chan & Yuen Biao are suppose to be leading actors but its apparent something came up with Yuen Biao, because his filming time was greatly down sized. Thus Kevin was added as a "Guest Star". On the female side, Gigi Lai & Yoyo Mung are the lead, but don't forget Maggie Shiu is a "Guest Star" as well. Raymond was a guest star in HOG & we all know how that turn out. *Cough* Stole the Show.

*From some of the previews pictures, the 2008 TVB Calendar will turn out very good.

*Forensic Heroes II started filming. Strangely Shirley Yeung popped out of nowhere & joined the cast. People were focus on Shirley & Charmaine because of their past rumors, but I could care less. I was more interested on why I didn't see Linda & Shirley even talk or take a picture together. (I personally havent seen any) When they were filming Always Ready & The Bitter Bitten they were photographed alot together. They seem like really good friends & I saw back stage clips of together at the TVB anniversary, but things seem cold between. I suspect they had a falling out.

Where In The World Is Asia?

I feel absolutely awful I haven't updated in this long. I was actually online checking my college e-mails, but I dare not even show my face up here. I felt so sad to see how the blog is just like abandoned now. In a way I really neglected it. I know, I'm the biggest cry baby in the world... Other webmasters have work or school too, but still can manage to update frequently like MetalAZNWarrior, SehSeh, ... Well, to be honest, I'm not as talented as them. College isn't so much difficult as it is hectic for me right. I had to file alot for tuition, but thank god my scholarships & grants finally kicked in. And of course there's the heavy work load, but I'm starting to adapt to it now. Right now I'm trying to get more hours at work when I have free time off from school so I can buy a laptop and update in between breaks from classes. Well, Best of luck to everyone who just started school too!

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