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Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Does It Take? PART II

How Far Will Talent Over Beauty Take You?

I did Part I a while back (For Part I: CLICK HERE), and as requested by love_kevin on shoutbox, here is the female version and Part II I promised.

Basicly I'm spotlighting female artistes who dont necessary have all the qualities of conventional and idealistic beauty, but rather beauty and talent on the inside. I will also analyze how much success they have found. These women aren't necessarily the picture of idealistic beauty, tall, slim, slender with an hour glass figure, perfect bone structure, and the three measurements of a pageant queen but they do have that special something that wins us over.

The Personality of Nancy Sit: Nancy shines with so much personality, she is looks like she is always glowing with happiness. That happiness tends to rub off on viewers so I think that is why she is so popular. Her acting and singing is amazing, her comedic skills are one of the best. Although she doesn't look like a 5'8 Runway Supermodel, she still found great sucess because of big personality that wins people over. Dont get me wrong though, I think Nancy is extremely pretty with an outline of classic beauty.

The Humor of Rain Lau:
What do you when you feel a little down? Turn on a comedic Rain Lau series. Although she doesn't appear in as much series as she used too, I still find a sense of happiness when seeing her a new series because provides alot humor for us. Although she is amazing with comedy she doesnt stop short their, her dramatic acting is also great. I think she doesn't act as much she did in her earlier days because she is married with kids now. I have to say the peak of her career was in the 90's when had big roles in series like Demi God Semi Devil 1996, her roles are alot smaller now.

The Charm of Lydia Sum: The definition of a TVB veteran. She probably started out in the entertainment industry decades before I was even born. Lydia is labeled TVB's Treasure, they always have her and Liza Wang as one of host of the anniversary show, except for this year because she was ill. I think people love her because of her charm, she is very charismatic especially when she is hosting. She doesn't do alot acting anymore, but viewers will never forget her because she has been around for so long. She was formerly married to Adam Cheng and I'm sure we all know her daughter Joyce Cheng Yan Yee.

The Joy of Kingdom Yeun: Another lady of humor. Kingdom Yeun's comedic skills are probably one of the best. She brings alot of joy because of her comedic abilities. I love the fact that she doesn't try too hard and wear skimpy outfits and excessive make up in public, but instead she dress as she normally would and tries to be true to herself. In public she is somewhat of a tomboy, even playing one of Welcome To The House, but she still shines through feminine beauty with a strong sense of humor. Although she isn't a leading female, she still manages to make her role significant no matter how minor it is.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

::: Hotties With Bodies PART II :::

I did Part I all the way back in May, I continued it because it was requested by :) on shoutbox the day before. If this feature gets good responses from the reader then I'll try my best to continue it.

If you missed PART I: CLICK HERE. Now on to Part II.

The Alex Fongs:

>>Alex Fong Lik Sun: Well, I think everyone knew he had a great body. He has shown his fit body many times in advertisements and in the news. He does alot of swimming, and jogging so I think that's his secret to a great body.

>>Alex Fong Chung Sun: Often refer to as the "Old" Alex Fong to diffrentiate between the two. I bet you guys didn't know he was in such a good shape for his age. Age is just a number anyways. I was surprise to see this picture at first not because of his age, but because of his busy filming schedule, its great that he still finds time to workout.

. : Moses Chan: Yeah, I know, this is a really old picture but its a great representation of Moses's great body. Although he's not shirtless, you can still see that he has great abs and pecks. Its my first time using the word pecks, I used to called them man-boobs, but my friends laugh at me saying when they're muscles on a man's chest they're called pecks.

. : Francois Huynh: Mr. Hong Kong 2006. Francois took this picture for TVB's 2007 calendar. His has unique image kinda different from other TVB manage artites, he looks like the Hollister and Abercrombie type of asian guy. Francois has that really hot California surfer body that isn't overly muscular, but still very well toned. If you're wondering how to say his name, its pronounce-(Fron-Swa), I think its French.

The Somewhat Molested At TVB Anniversary Celebration:

: : : Kevin Cheng: I've shown this picture before in the past. Kevin trained and workout for about 3-4 months in the gym and on the tennis court to shoot this advertisement for the same company Tavia Yeung is shooting bust enhancing advertisements for. Imagine that, getting paid to get in good shape and enhancing your bust, what a world we live in... Kevin has nice pecks and abs.

: : : Kenny Wong: In my opinion his body gave his a career a jump start. Eversince he appeared in The Dance of Passion practicly shirtless throughout half the series he's infamous for his chizzle body. Advertisers pay him to take off his shirt on a regular basis. I must say he's in awsome shape. He's probably the most overated male body in TVB entertainment.

How Ironic: I started this post last night, and when I saw the news this morning at AF there was an article about HK Clebs posing half naked pictures for a photobook which helps numerous charities. If this post just isn't enough flesh for you, CLICK HERE, to see other male celebs that posed for the photobook who include Alex Fong Lik Sun, Chilam Cheung, Andy Hui, Aaron Kwok...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm A Little Confuse...

When I first saw anon's request on shoutbox for me to comment on the recent news about Ron & Ella, I was thinking sure I'll just take a look at the news. Once I read the two article, I felt surprise. But after a while, I was like-did I read it correctly? So I went back to read it again, and lets just say I'm a little confuse.

But my exact reaction was something like this...


Ella's answers were so unclear and hard to understand. People commented on the first article saying it meant they were going out now they are broken up so thats what I thought at first. But between the two article, Ella still denies rumors with Ron, but she admits to going to his house to get her stuff back, however she wouldn't call it a split since they weren't really dating, and they will only see maybe only for work, but they're still friends.

Be Confuse, Be Very Confuse...

So my conclusion to this whole thing is... Despite in the last year or so they denied having a close relationship and even saying they would rather not make money than work together, they really did have a close relationship. They weren't dating according to Ella, but she kept her stuff at Ron's house, so I think that they were friends... With benefits lol...

But they're not broken up and didn't split since they weren't really dating, so lets just say they are "broken off" now. But what made their relationship turn a little sour all of a sudden? Dare I say it? I think its because of Toby Leung, Ron & Toby are working together again after MIP for the The Drive of Life and maybe more sparks flew. Thats just what I think...

What Do You Guys Think?

Friday, November 24, 2006

>>> The TVB Dinner Party <<<

2006星光匯聚大派對, The TVB Dinner Party (A.K.A. TVB Banquet, TVB Extravaganza) isn't the award show or the celebration. Its another event that was held on November 17th in Hong Kong. However it wasn't aired until Nov. 22 on TVBE (Payvision), the earlier schedule said Nov. 23, but I guess it was broacasted sooner. I still havent found where to download since it wasn't aired on the regular TVB channel.

I think Kitson said he has it, but he's a little busy with exams to upload it. I know how exams can be so I understand completely, lets just wait patiently. I'm still keeping an eye on other forums so I'll let you guys know what I find. The actual full show does exist, I know that for sure, because here's a clip of the actual show that was broadcasted on TVBE,, its only Kevin's part but sorta runs into Angela Tong's part. They did it like last year where they introduce the performer then they perform.

Until then you can watch clips of the even that was posted on

The Condense Version: Its about 5 Minutes long, it shows a little bit of the red carpet, and most but not all the performances in short. Kenneth Ma impersonating Ekin Cheng & singing to Yoyo Mung is very funny.

Exclusive Pre-Show Coverage, Interviews, & Insider At The Show (A MUST SEE!!) :

. : PART I (8:38 Min.) :

. : PART II (7:04 Min.):

. : PART III (2:06 Min.):

Video Credit:
Kevin Cheng's Fans Club -

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Best Wishes!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

>> Watch The 2006 TVB Anniversary Celebration <<

>> Credit and Special Thanks To lemontea For Uploading The Anniversary Show For Us <<

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

My Recent Variety Shows Viewing...

Deal or No Deal: I love watching Deal or No Deal in the U.S. and just started watching the HK version. I just finish watching the Anniversary night addition. Kevin Cheng was on, along with his support group, Ben Wong, Vinci Wong, Raymond Cho, and his mom from UTCOL). Ben & Raymond had horrible luck, they pick all the cases with big numbers for Kevin. Overall Kevin did really good. He won 100,000 HKD. I'm looking forward to the next episode, if I'm not mistaken, Charmaine is on next week.

Sales Presenation 2007: This year's presentation was really special. I love the HD promotional clip of Kevin, Bernice, Moses, and Sonjia, it was so beautiful. I'm really looking forward to variety shows like Beautiful Classroom. The only down side was it only showed selected series to preview. My top 3 must watch list in the presentation are:

1. Exquisite Beauty (Ada Choi, Astrid Chan, Anne Heung, Joe Ma, Joyce Koi, Bernice Liu,..) I want TVB to make this series so bad. But maybe change up the cast, particularly the lead male role which right now is given to Joyce Koi.

2. Tale of a Mythical Quest (Sunny Chan, Linda Chung, Benny Chan, Halina Tam, Nancy Wu, ...) I love mythical fantasy series!!! Its been so long since TVB made one. Its reminiscent of Journey To West.

3. The Most Beautiful Seventh Day (Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, ...) I love UTCOL, and I love light hearted romance series so I'm definitely looking forward to watching it.

>>TVB Anniversary Celebration 2006<<

This year's show was great. I heard people say its boring, but I disagree. Yes, there were times where it was it started to get a bit dull like half way through the Beautiful Cooking, but besides that it was overall entertaining. I must say the opening dance number was a bit tacky though.

The atmosphere was so much more fun & relax because the awards were out of the way.

My favorite parts of the show were the Crossdress Men Dance (very funny, Louis Yeun was hilarious), "15/16" (That Liza Wang clip surprise the heck out of me. She was so spunky, didn't expect TVB to let her dress so revealingly. There were so many siu sungs in the clip, I saw Louis, Ekin, & William So in the background.), and the Wax Museum.

The Wax Museum was SO HILARIOUS! It drew a 40 points peak, but also about 28 complaints. Most of which were directed towards the stripping of Kenny Wong and Kevin Cheng's nipple pinch. Eric Tsang really got carried away, but I guess it was all for humor. I made some snaphot of what was so controversial just in cases you guys didn't see it. Dodo Cheng was so loud, she was always yelling nonstop. But it was really funny when the artistes got their revenge.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

>> TVB Anniversary Celebration Gallery <<

To View TVB Anniversary Celebration-Full Gallery:

TVB Celebration: Pictures includes TVB Anniversary games & skits like "15/16", Beautiful Cooking, Blowing Candles, The Girly Dance, The Wax Museum... There were alot games & skits, check out the full gallery. Cant wait to watch the celebration and the Sales Presentation. More news will probably be release soon.


Friday, November 17, 2006

>>> TVB Award Show Satire Pictures PART II <<<

Once Again, These Satire Pictures Are Only For Fun. DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Show Narration: TVB Anniversaries, fun for the viewers, but devastatingly boring for TVB artistes. Dont believe us? Just ask any of these artistes.

Yay! (Applause). Finally the moment we've been waiting for, bring on the booze! Hope all these cheap TVB wine are enough to make us forget this boring night.

Bowie Lam: ha ha... real funny Ms. Lok, not giving the award... I can't help it if I'm cocky...

Steven Ma:
You should have been here Mr. Chan, I grabbed both their legs. Plus you should seen the look on Bowie Lam's face when he didn't win.

Talk about being ignored...
Joe Ma To Self: Its ok... Just act natural, smile, and hopefully blend in with the cool crowd...

Unknown Vetaran Actor: uhhh... Drools... This is the hilight of night, better yet my life, I could go any second now. More Drools...
Charmaine Sheh To Self: eww. Save me Ms. Tsang! Yuck, drools!

Charmaine Sheh To Self:
Now that's more like it!

Kenny Wong Thinking To Self:
I still got it... Ron & Raymond aint got nothing on me cuz I'm still super fly, oh yeah. (humming to self: Do a little dnace, make a little love, get down tonight...)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

>>> So Happy That The TVB Online Community Has Changed So Much

Just a little commentary on what I have been observing. TVB fans online have changed alot over the last 3 years. When the award results came out I expected what expect every year, but for someone reason it was alot less than a couple years back comparatively. TVB fans now voice their opinion in agreement or disagreement rather than just hating on them for no reason.

For example, when Gigi Lai won two years ago, I remember arguements going for days on ends. Em's Tagboard at TVB Space had not conversations but arguements criticizing her, take it from me, I was pretty fierce. Of course there were people that defended her, but her fan base wasn't as big as it is today. It came to a point where criticizing her acting became old so they started pointing out her flaws like how she breaths when she talk. I was reading the comments, and I thought to myself is this really necessary?

But in the last two years, "haters" as we call them have started disappearing. They're still around but in my opinion considerably less. I think everyone has mature and realize its not really worth it. So far, only a small hand full of comments I've seen in numerous forums have been alright mean for no reason comments, but the rest are all constructive comments. And I applause that change.

Finally people realized that- "Its not the winners fault that they won & you disagree, but its 30% Audience Voting & 70% TVB Executive Vote that gave them the win & you disagree." Once people understood that they stop hating on the artistes because deep down the artistes are people with feelings too. They really had no control over it.

I think its pretty uncalled for when people say stuff like Charmaine doesn't deserve those, Kevin doesn't deserve that, or Linda doesn't deserve to win this. Give your opinion and say who deserved it, but dont call others undeserving. But at least it decreased from the last few years which makes me really happy to be part of the TVB online community. This year's results may come as a shock, but the winners dont really have that many haters...

Now that I got that off my back... Part II of the Satire pics are coming, I'm still uploading & working it on it. So happy that we can actually have a laugh over the anniversary and just chill out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

>>> TVB Award Show Satire Pictures PART I <<<

These Satire Pictures Are Only For Fun. DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Charmaine Sheh- I won twice. And what biatches? You can't touch this...

Myolie To Self- All that weight gain for nothing...

Liza Wang: Crickets Chirping...

TVB Announcement: To ensure that there is no hanky panky we are enforcing a gender segregated seating chart this year. Also, to stop more negative rumours about Bosco, we arranged Liza Wang to be closest female seated next to Bosco. Try taking advantage of that Bosco! We stop you dead at your track.

Steven Ma- No hank panky ay? I'll show them! I'm a legs man...

Andy Hui- Dude! What are you doing grabbing my thigh?! Get your hands off!

Raymond Lam- I dont care, I have nice legs...

Raymond & Joe- (Applause) Go Steven! Way to rebel!

Gigi Lai To Self: Bernice and her cleavage... pssh... Who does she think she is?! I'll show the press who stole the spotlight tonight!

TVB Stage Personel: Oolala!! Whistle!

Sheren Tang: NO Gigi! Cover your self up with this!

Conversation #1: Bosco-"Hey Ron, look at what Joa Ma is wearing..." Ron-"LMAO!" Ron & Bosco- "hehe..."

Conversation #2: Bowie-"Hey Kevin...", Kevin-"What?", Bowie-"Doesn't Moses Look Drunk?"

Bobby To Self: I have nobody to talk to so I'll just
make funny faces...


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