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Saturday, May 27, 2006

: : : : Hotties With Bodies : : : :

"Keep Your Pants On!", No Longer?: The phrase keep your pants on is a popular idiom used in the english language, but I predict I will soon become pale in comparison in terms of popularity because of the recent growth of TVB male artistes competing to take their shirts off. It seems like almost every male artsites are signing endorsements to take their shirts off. Soon enough I think we will start using the phrase keep your shirts on instead. the most popular & recent male artistes taking their shirts off are Bosco Wong, and soon Kevin Cheng. Lets analyze some hotties with bodies.

The VERY Honorable & Notable: These are the first two of many honorables & notable men who also couldnt wait to take off their shirt. First off we have the notorious Michael Tong, who is infamous for his buff exterior, & manly physique. You cant blame him for showing off his body while tanning on the beach, sure enough the press was fast to capture it in photo. Second is Julian (Chilam) Cheung is quite known for being athletic, and here we have one of the rare pictures of him shirtless, I actually didnt know he was this buff.

From Scrawny To Brawny??: Bosco Wong & Kevin Cheng as mention before are on a very a strict diet & workout routine, because they've been endorsed by a slimming company to pose shirtless for future slimming ads. Both are not quite at the condition they want to be at, but Bosco is the first to release his slimming photos. These are just the first couple, Bosco does look like he is adding on muscle compared to the earlier photo taken when he was filming LWOLAP.
He did initially look scrawny with not much of an ab, but now he's showing a little bit more chest, & bicept muscle, and even a six pack growing in. But trust me these wont be the last you'll see of him.

A Hottie Without A Body: The funniest thing I've seen in the last two days has to be Ron's public display of his beer belly. What was even funnier was that the article said Ron boldly wore his rob open to show off his muscles. Ehh, I dont know if you guys see muscles, but all I see is one big flab. I think its sad that Raymond & Ron have been battling out as rivals of the hotties, but we have to see Ron lose in the war of fitness & physique. I remember Ron having a shirtless scene in The Academy, I'm sad to say he was also flabby. But look on the bright side at least he's consistent.

More Hotties With Bodies To Come...

Comments on ": : : : Hotties With Bodies : : : :"


Blogger Jen said ... (4:03 AM) : 

I definitely agree with the Ron being a little flabby! I saw this picture on a different site yesterday and I was like, "OMG! Put your shirt on!" HAHA!


Blogger f_a_J_E said ... (1:22 AM) : 

Wow~ Care to post more of these pictures?


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