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Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Does It Take? PART II

How Far Will Talent Over Beauty Take You?

I did Part I a while back (For Part I: CLICK HERE), and as requested by love_kevin on shoutbox, here is the female version and Part II I promised.

Basicly I'm spotlighting female artistes who dont necessary have all the qualities of conventional and idealistic beauty, but rather beauty and talent on the inside. I will also analyze how much success they have found. These women aren't necessarily the picture of idealistic beauty, tall, slim, slender with an hour glass figure, perfect bone structure, and the three measurements of a pageant queen but they do have that special something that wins us over.

The Personality of Nancy Sit: Nancy shines with so much personality, she is looks like she is always glowing with happiness. That happiness tends to rub off on viewers so I think that is why she is so popular. Her acting and singing is amazing, her comedic skills are one of the best. Although she doesn't look like a 5'8 Runway Supermodel, she still found great sucess because of big personality that wins people over. Dont get me wrong though, I think Nancy is extremely pretty with an outline of classic beauty.

The Humor of Rain Lau:
What do you when you feel a little down? Turn on a comedic Rain Lau series. Although she doesn't appear in as much series as she used too, I still find a sense of happiness when seeing her a new series because provides alot humor for us. Although she is amazing with comedy she doesnt stop short their, her dramatic acting is also great. I think she doesn't act as much she did in her earlier days because she is married with kids now. I have to say the peak of her career was in the 90's when had big roles in series like Demi God Semi Devil 1996, her roles are alot smaller now.

The Charm of Lydia Sum: The definition of a TVB veteran. She probably started out in the entertainment industry decades before I was even born. Lydia is labeled TVB's Treasure, they always have her and Liza Wang as one of host of the anniversary show, except for this year because she was ill. I think people love her because of her charm, she is very charismatic especially when she is hosting. She doesn't do alot acting anymore, but viewers will never forget her because she has been around for so long. She was formerly married to Adam Cheng and I'm sure we all know her daughter Joyce Cheng Yan Yee.

The Joy of Kingdom Yeun: Another lady of humor. Kingdom Yeun's comedic skills are probably one of the best. She brings alot of joy because of her comedic abilities. I love the fact that she doesn't try too hard and wear skimpy outfits and excessive make up in public, but instead she dress as she normally would and tries to be true to herself. In public she is somewhat of a tomboy, even playing one of Welcome To The House, but she still shines through feminine beauty with a strong sense of humor. Although she isn't a leading female, she still manages to make her role significant no matter how minor it is.

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Blogger j00ky said ... (4:30 AM) : 

Woahh.. when did Rain Lau get married and have kids???


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