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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

>>> So Happy That The TVB Online Community Has Changed So Much

Just a little commentary on what I have been observing. TVB fans online have changed alot over the last 3 years. When the award results came out I expected what expect every year, but for someone reason it was alot less than a couple years back comparatively. TVB fans now voice their opinion in agreement or disagreement rather than just hating on them for no reason.

For example, when Gigi Lai won two years ago, I remember arguements going for days on ends. Em's Tagboard at TVB Space had not conversations but arguements criticizing her, take it from me, I was pretty fierce. Of course there were people that defended her, but her fan base wasn't as big as it is today. It came to a point where criticizing her acting became old so they started pointing out her flaws like how she breaths when she talk. I was reading the comments, and I thought to myself is this really necessary?

But in the last two years, "haters" as we call them have started disappearing. They're still around but in my opinion considerably less. I think everyone has mature and realize its not really worth it. So far, only a small hand full of comments I've seen in numerous forums have been alright mean for no reason comments, but the rest are all constructive comments. And I applause that change.

Finally people realized that- "Its not the winners fault that they won & you disagree, but its 30% Audience Voting & 70% TVB Executive Vote that gave them the win & you disagree." Once people understood that they stop hating on the artistes because deep down the artistes are people with feelings too. They really had no control over it.

I think its pretty uncalled for when people say stuff like Charmaine doesn't deserve those, Kevin doesn't deserve that, or Linda doesn't deserve to win this. Give your opinion and say who deserved it, but dont call others undeserving. But at least it decreased from the last few years which makes me really happy to be part of the TVB online community. This year's results may come as a shock, but the winners dont really have that many haters...

Now that I got that off my back... Part II of the Satire pics are coming, I'm still uploading & working it on it. So happy that we can actually have a laugh over the anniversary and just chill out.

Comments on ">>> So Happy That The TVB Online Community Has Changed So Much"


Blogger Em said ... (6:58 PM) : 

Totally agree that things have changed over the years - maybe people have just grown up!! I remember the incident on the tagboard back in 2004, that was crazy.. glad people aren't so extreme any more!



Blogger Asia Choi said ... (7:22 PM) : 

the 2004 incident seem like was yesterday because they took to the extreme back then. I've grown since then and I think other have too like you said. Life probably took over, and they grew up to realize there are other important things in life.

It feels good to surf the internet with a more mature TVB online community now.



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