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Thursday, August 31, 2006

. : Raymond & Bernice on U.S. MTV? : .

Intriguing: Currently still busy with work to do, but I'll be back on my feet once the weekend rolls around, so I'll post more updates tomorrow. I've been very intrigued with ads on TV in the US. Specificly on MTV & MTV2. Direct TV satellite service have been airing ads promoting their International packages. In the ad I saw there was first some Korean shows in quick clips, then all of a sudden Raymond Lam enters the promo with scenes from "Tai Chi". Vincent Zhao also in Tai Chi was shown. Bernice was quickly shown in a swift scene from "Strong Sword". The ad then closes with Vincent Zhao on a horizon. I really wanted to upload it so everyone can see but it was on TV so I have no clue to get it on my computer. I must have seen the ad about 10 times now on MTV, I think they also air on other networks but I'm not sure. Its just so weird to them on U.S. TV, I wonder if they know they're getting exposure on national TV in the U.S. Anyone else here seen the ad?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

>>> I Found It !! <<<

. : Kevin Cheng's Mini Concert: I spent some time hunting for it. It turns out, it didnt actually aired until yesterday in Hong Kong so now its finally released.

. : Special Concert Guests: Miriam Yeung, Raymond Lam, Niki Chow, Hins Cheung, Ivanna Wong, and Karen Tong....

*Please Do Not Repost Download Link Without Giving Proper Credit Linking Back To The Site, Thank You*


. : Brief Comment:
The show is condense because it was aired on HK TV. Its approximately 26 minutes long. I wish there was more, cant get enough of Kevin. Its only 127 MB so its quite easy to DL. My favorite part of the show is when Raymond performed with Kevin, they sang the Themesong for Yummy Yummy. They explain they became good friends since filming in Singapore for Yummy Yummy. Raymond has really good body language when he performed. I also really like Niki’s duet with Kevin singing the UTCOL theme.

>>> Picture Highlights <<<

Friday, August 25, 2006

: : : TVB-G Superhero Satire Parody : : :

. : To The Rescue, Not Really... This isn't really a reacasting so dont get confuse. This is solely for fun. I just tried put fun twists on which TVB artsites are parody of the heros that we are know. Dont take it personally, they are only for fun. If it goes well I'll do more. I'm gonna start a real recasting of superheros soon as suggested by Jayne.

The Flash-Linda Chung: Faster than a bolt of Lightning, Quicker than the Speed of Light, its the Flash, No... Its Linda Chung! Linda is moving at an unprecedented speed. TVB gave her first leading role in less than a mere 1 1/2 years in "The Bitter Bitten". Breaking even Charmaine Sheh lightning fast record to the top, and is even on the same track as popular Bernice who got her first leading role in her fourth year. Linda is still going strong with her second leading role already filmed, and currently working a grand production. Will she ever slow down?

Catwoman-Maggie Cheung Hor Yee: If you thought Catwoman was the Cat's Meow, then you definitely never heard of Maggie Cheung gossip history. Known for being very Catty, and not getting along with several actresses that she has worked with. This catwoman has striked many times, just look back at her "critiques" of Kenix Kwok & Jessica Hsaun after the Best Actress Award in 2003, and her reportedly not getting along Charmaine Sheh while still filming War & Beauty. I must admit, I would be more intimadated to be lock in the same room with Maggie than any other fa dans. *Cough* Queen B...

The Invisible Woman-Anne Heung: Anne Heung and the Invisble Woman both share similar Super Powers. The power to remain unseen by people. Anne Heung has pick up this neat power in the last few years as she was demoted to supporting roles. She tried to control her power in her excellent potrayal in "The Charm Beneath", but her power took over and she remain unseen to people. She "ended up" with a leading role in "Au Revoir Shanghai", but once again her power proved too hard to control as it was made a Warehouse series.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Asia’s Blog + The Double Vision is Back Again!

. : Brief Blog: I’m kinda preoccupied right now with work, but I felt a little unease because I haven’t updated so I worked on this Fashion Double Vision piece to post. These are some of the last double visions I have, sob :( If you find any please help me out and send them to me. Greatly appreciated. Enough about me. The Kevin Cheng Concert was just a couple days ago with guests like Niki Chow, Raymond Lam, & Miriam Yeung, I’m trying to find time to actually find where to download it. I’ll have picture highlights later on. If you know where I can Download it please let me know. If I find it, I cant promise but I’ll try to upload it.

>>> The Fashion Double Vision <<<

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk & Melissa Ng: No, it’s the dresses that is causing the double vision but yet the accessory. Both Maggie & Melissa wore these pear shape diamond pair of earrings. Maggie wore at the Cannes Film Festival & Melissa wore it to last year’s TVB anniversary.

Vivien Yeo & Sharon Luk: Vivien Yeo & Sharon Luk (Last Year’s MHK 1st R.U.) both wore the black and white stripe blouse at sort of function but I’m not sure which though. So who do you think it looks better on? *Credit To jcheng & Em*

Bernice Liu & Stephanie Cheng: Both Bernice & Stephanie wore this gray & black stripe backless dress. Bernice wore it to Next Magazine’s TV award presentation & Stephanie wore it to the 2006 Mr. Hong Kong competition. I personally find that it looks better on Bernice because Stephanie is a little short to pull it off.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

>>> Our Emotions <<<

>>>Mixed Emotions<<<: School has started again for me & mix emotions are going through me right now. I thought this would be the last year I have with all my close friends together before we graduate and go our seperate ways to different colleges. But alot of my friends left anyways either graduated early (I was suppose to too, but couldn't go through with it) or went to different schools. That sadden me. I am also worn down by the work load at school, but I must admit it takes my mind of things. I miss the days where I could spend more time blogging & going out with my friends. I really would like express emotions I feel that I'm sure we can relate to by way of our favorite artiste's pictures.

. : Gloomy : .

One of the most depressing emotions you can feel. Ella's picture excellently depicts this emotion that I'm sure we all felt before. This emotion runs through us most likely after a hard day of work or school. Ella's picture with added blurriness almost makes you tired with her. The expression in her face makes me feel like I can relate to her. This picture definitely evokes alot of emotions, excellent photography job.

. : Uplifted : .

Unfortuantely I do not feel this emotion very often. It takes alot of drive and motivation inorder to evoke this emotion in us. I rarely feel uplifted. I believe people who are able to evoke this emotion in others are the most talented. Sonjia's picture gives you a sense of this emotion. I guess its because its kinda mysterious but the message is there. Her wings is made me feel uplifted was the central emotion of the photo. After looking at the picture, it makes you want to take a deep breath and get on with life in search for this emotion.

. : Enchanted : .

I almost never feel this. I could only hope to reach this stage soon. They said the feeling of enchantment is the emotion you feel when you get married or when attend your senoir prom with your young love. Overall its a magical feeling that is captured in Myolie's picture. I guess its beacuse it mimics the Cinderella fairytale so its so lovely to look at. If only we can feel enchanted every minute of our lives.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

>>> Miss Hong 2006 Commentary<<< *NeW DL LiNkS!*

The Show: I enjoyed last year's show alot more. This year's show was kinda boring. Some parts were very chatty especially the almost 10 min. long debate between Eric, Nat, & Tina. The childhood skit was kinda pointless, it was only interesting because Myolie was performing. The performance by Se7en wasnt really my cup of tea. I would have love to have seen someone else like Joey Yung, Kelly Chan, or Eason Chan.

The Winners: I'm over all happy with the results. It was surprsing that Janet Chow made into the top 3. I was disappointed that Joyce Wong, & Zurine Cheng didnt place. Hong Kong basicly sweep up the leftovers from the Miss Chinese International Toronto pageant 2004 because both Aimee & Janet competed but walked away empty handed.

They're Fake!! Aimee Chan winning was rumored to be an upset for all the other contestants. All the rumours that Aimme had plastic surgery on her chin & a boob job is true in my opinion. As I woman I have to say those boobs are definitely fake, you can just tell! Women must wear super tight push up bras to get the same results. All she is wearing is regular bikini. The other contestants seem very upset that she won ( I would be too if I lost out to a girl that won beacuse of her boob job), Aimee's crown was "accidently" knocked off her head while they were crowding around her *wink wink*.

Miss Hong Kong Vs. Mr. Hong Kong: TVB got a big surprise when the ratings for the show came in. the show achieved an average of 25 points peaking 31. The Mr. HK recieved an average of 25 peaking at 29. Although it looks like MHK won but TVB must not be very happy about this. To put it in perspective the MHK pageant cost about 10 times more than the Mr. HK show to produce. The Mr. HK has been signed on for another year, the producer of the show is the same producer from Minute To Fame must be very proud to achieve success in only the second year while the MHK have been around for decades now. I think people are more interested in humor, the Mr. HK resembles the humor Beautiful Cooking with male contestants so people might have tuned in to have a good laugh here and there. The MHK pageant is very low on humor.

Absolutely Disgusting & Embarassing: Another mistake was the swimsuit. They recieved many complaints saying it was too thin & I absolutely agree. The Mr. HK show recieved some complaints with swimsuit last year so they made it an effort to make sure paddings were added. I thought it would be the same with MHK but I was wrong. Looking at the pictures below the swimsuit looks pretty normal, but the big controversy was that the contestant's "cameltoes" were exposed in the crotch area. The swimsuit was way too tight & thin. I feel so sorry for Janet & Suki. If that was me I cry for days because I was exposed to millions of people in an awkward position.

>>Thanks To Hithere05 for uploading & sharing! <<
*please do not repost link without giving proper credit to hithere05 & linking back to the site*

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

>> Ka Wing's Special Day <<

Happy Birthday Kevin!!: Nothing much to say but happy Birthday. I call myself a hardcore Kevin fan, but I didnt even remember his birthday last year. Alot of other fans posted comments in forums saying Happy Birthday but I somehow forgot. I felt guilty and a little ashame to say I'm a Kevin fan after that. I guess I'll make it up by giving this shout out this year.

So how old is Kevin? Well I'll let you find out if you dont already know. If I didnt know I would have guess he's about 25 years old. Kevin is well known to be the most surprising age artiste so you can guess to aim higher. Care to discuss or share his real age on shoutbox?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

>> The Love Calculator <<

A Brief Word From Asia: I thought this was a very interesting article entirely submitted by one of TVB-G's frequent contributors Lavendar_Bluez. Lav. told me that calculates love percentage and its not set on random so its quite interesting to read about. Without further ado I turn it over to Lavendar_Bluez:

Using a love calculator made by the official calculator website of all calculators, we have come up with these results with the girls as the main focus. Here are some of the selected actress that will be calculated with two actors:


Tavia Yeung & Ron Ng chance of a successful relationship – 77%
*Put you comment here about what you think about the results*

Tavia Yeung & Raymond Lam chance of a successful relationship – 87%
*Put you comment here about what you think about the results*


Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong chance of a successful relationship – 63%
*Put you comment here about what you think about the results*

Myolie Wu & Ron Ng chance of a successful relationship – 85%
*Put you comment here about what you think about the results*


Leila Tong & Ron Ng chance of a successful relationship – 95%
*Put you comment here about what you think about the results*

Leila Tong & Bosco Wong chance of a successful relationship – 74%
*Put you comment here about what you think about the results*


Credit Pics: I found them on google but if you know they are yours just let me know, some of them already has your name on it but if its cut off it was only to fit with the theme! Thanks! -Lavendar_Bluez

Saturday, August 12, 2006

>>> Drum Rolls Please... <<<

Your Miss Hong Kong 2006 Winners Are...

.:Miss Hong Kong 2006 WINNER: #13 Aimee Chan
.: 1ST RUNNERS UP: #15 Janet Chow
.: 2ND RUNNERS UP: #5 Koni Lui

Finalists: #1 Amy Tsang, # Suki Tsuei

Special Awards:

Audience Favourite: #13 Aimee Chan
Miss International Goodwill: #13 Aimee Chan
Miss Photogenic: #15 Janet Chow
Miss Tourism Ambassador: #8 Suki Tsuei

The More To Come: I'm currently downloading the show. I'll update with picture highlights, final thoughts, and commentary a little later on. Stay tuned to news outlet like TVB Space for additional news coverage. Overall I'm happy with this year's results.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

>>> The HK Press Is Scary!! <<<

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

>>>Signing Your Privacy Away... The life of celebrity almost always mean that you must give up privacy. I say the HK press, but pretty much all members of press over the world are fixated on following the celeb's every move. The big stories every reporter goes after are stories of secret love, but sometimes they blow things out of proportion. However, sometimes they manage to actually uncover a real story.

I found this magazine scan that was pretty... umm... interesting? The press caught Sharon Chan coming out of Kevin Cheng's house in the morning just one minute before he came out. They took pictures of both of their cars that were park in front of their house. Its almost like when the pictures were printed, you're busted! But somehow there wasnt much controversary over it, I think they had a really good explaination for it, plus Sharon was later runmoured with Raymond Lam so that might have killed it. The press was really pushing this "ladies man" image on Kevin in 2004 after he was rumoured with Mandy Cho, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, & Sheren Tang. I think they were trying to say he was a playboy that was able to get women of any age group to fall for him.

The HK press have been on hot pursuit on almost every celebs now. You can recall recently, Moses Chan was said to have spent the night Angela Tong's house. As Kevin also said to have spent the night Niki Chow's house. The press also took actual pictures inside the celeb houses when they were intimate, for example, Leon Lai & Gaile Lok, Daniel Wu & Lisa S., and Stephen Fung & Karen Mok. And of course who could forget the scandal last year with Joey Leung & Queenie Chu. All I have to say is Cheers to our lives with privacy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, August 05, 2006

.: TVB-G Picture of the Week :.

>>Sentimental Values: I think this picture has alot of sentimental values. I miss the old days where the original fa dans were still with TVB & we were still enjoying all of their work. Dont expect to see another picture of them together these days, maybe if hell freezes over ( For numerous reasons, read the next passage). Although Flora & Jessica are missing from the picture to complete the whole list, but I think this picture is still priceless.

Where Are They? I havent seen Kenix Kwok since A Pillow Case of Mystery, hope she starts filming again. Marianne Chan is the owner of a big slimming company so she wont likely return to showbiz anytime soon if ever, miss her so much. Esther just had a baby so she's been back in the news in HK, she only films mainland series now. Maggie has been sick for over a year now. Maggie is an interesting fa dan, she doesnt get along with Kenix & Jessica. Maggie doesnt even get along with new fa dans like Charmaine (Read the news back when WAB aired), she has a stuck up image now, but I must admit she's an awsome actress. Ada is back in HK, glad to see her in DOP, hope she films more TVB series. Flora of course is off doing her own thing with numerous production company. At least Jessica is still signed with TVB, at least for now...

Friday, August 04, 2006

>>> Look ALikes Miss Hong Kong Edition <<<

Anouncements: I'm very sorry I wasnt able to update the last fews days. I started school last week, the first week was so hectic. Its getting better now. I also would like to give best wishes to Jayne at Jaynestar. She's going through some family problems (Her dad's health), so really wish Jayne & her family the best.

Last Call!: The downloading of the Mr. Hong Kong Show have been crazy, the link was removed by filefront at 380 downloads. I reuploaded and the download counter is currently at 540 downloads. So surprise there's almost 1,000 downloads of the show. There's still alot of people downloading the 2005's show. I kinda regret not doing more Mr. HK updates now. The posts will soon be pushed the archives so I'll post a permalink in this post so it will be easier (For the 2006 Show Click HERE, 2005 Show Click HERE). Download quick before they expire, I wont reupload the files.

This Year's Miss HK: If you guys havent been keeping up with the pageant just go here to view all the contestants & their names. Decide for yourself the quality of this year's contestants. A handful of contestants this year share striking resemblances to celebrities, this might give them an upper hand.

Aimee Chan & Janice Wei: definitely resemblances especially when they smile. Aimee Chan looks like a more elegant & refine version of Janice.

Zurine Cheng & Cathy Tsui: When I saw her I couldnt help but notice her striking resemblances to supermodel Cathy Tsui. If you look at their faces, its like they're sisters. By the way, if you didnt notice Cathy is the teacher in Sunshine Heartbeat. Zurine is a weird name, sounds like Urine when pronounce it fast.

Koni Lui & Shu Qi: My favorite this year is Koni Lui. She's pretty, tall, & elegant. She looks like younger version of famous actress & Golden Horse Queen Shu Qi. She's pretty popular so it might help Koni.

Melanie Chow & Michelle Ye: Valerie Chow at an angle looks very similar to Michelle Ye. However I feel Valerie isn't as pretty, maybe she'll look alot prettier on the night of the pageant.

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