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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

>>> The HK Press Is Scary!! <<<

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>>>Signing Your Privacy Away... The life of celebrity almost always mean that you must give up privacy. I say the HK press, but pretty much all members of press over the world are fixated on following the celeb's every move. The big stories every reporter goes after are stories of secret love, but sometimes they blow things out of proportion. However, sometimes they manage to actually uncover a real story.

I found this magazine scan that was pretty... umm... interesting? The press caught Sharon Chan coming out of Kevin Cheng's house in the morning just one minute before he came out. They took pictures of both of their cars that were park in front of their house. Its almost like when the pictures were printed, you're busted! But somehow there wasnt much controversary over it, I think they had a really good explaination for it, plus Sharon was later runmoured with Raymond Lam so that might have killed it. The press was really pushing this "ladies man" image on Kevin in 2004 after he was rumoured with Mandy Cho, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, & Sheren Tang. I think they were trying to say he was a playboy that was able to get women of any age group to fall for him.

The HK press have been on hot pursuit on almost every celebs now. You can recall recently, Moses Chan was said to have spent the night Angela Tong's house. As Kevin also said to have spent the night Niki Chow's house. The press also took actual pictures inside the celeb houses when they were intimate, for example, Leon Lai & Gaile Lok, Daniel Wu & Lisa S., and Stephen Fung & Karen Mok. And of course who could forget the scandal last year with Joey Leung & Queenie Chu. All I have to say is Cheers to our lives with privacy!

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