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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Feature: "Step Into The Past"

Intro: Its almost strange how much people change physicly and personality wise. Since we don't know the artiste's personality, then lets just analyze how much they have change physicly over the years. So lets step into the past and launch this new feature with our first two changed artistes Louis Koo, and Kenix Kwok:

Louis Koo: These pictures show how much Louis have change. The past pictures shows how his facial structure grew, his face looks like its longer. It also shows a very big change in skin tones because of his infamous dark tan and bronze skin. His body build has change drasticly, Louis is very muscular now with a very heavy muscle tone. His style of clothing change as modern fashion change, and so did his hairstyle. To sum it up, Louis looks even hotter now than 12 years ago.


Present Day:

Kenix Kwok: In the past pictures which were taken right when Kenix first entered the industry shows her in whole other look. Her change isn't that extreme, but there's definitely a big change. Her facial structure also seem to have grown a bit longer. I think she mainly look so different because of her "Styles"- hairstyle, haircolor, makeup-style, and her style of dressing... Overall she looks alot prettier present day, its strange how she looks prettier now then when she was younger.


Present Day:

*See big changes in stars, help TVB Generation out by sending pictures you spot or simply a suggestion*

Monday, January 30, 2006

*Fashion Double Vision Part III*

These are some new entry to the TVB Generation's Fashion Double Vision Feature. Most of these are courtesy of our readers who sent in help.

Angela Tong & Myolie Wu: This is very popular dress apparently because I've seen everywhere. Its an award type dress too because everyone has worn it to an award show of some type. Submited by Linda Luu

Raymond Lam & Hacken Lee: Both wore this same suit with a slight change in inner shirts, Raymond wore it to the TVB Banquet and Hacken to the JSG awards. Submited by LiLi

Bosco Wong & Ron Ng: Very cute and colorful shirt, they're good friends so maybe they were borrowing? Submited by Jayne

Anne Heung & Rabaee Yeung: Anne wore to a night gala, and Rabaee wore this to a some sort of promotion event, but I wouldnt exactly wear that revealing dress around that many little children especially in broad daylight...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Lunar New Years Everyone!

Graphic by Twistiee

Happy Lunar New Years Everyone! Have a Great Year of the Dog!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!, Kung Hei Fat Choi!, Cung Hy Phat Tai!

TVB's Underdogs

The Underdogs, Under-Rated, Under-Appreciated, & Under-Estimated...

So what is an "underdog"? You might have heard term the underdog team in sport as its most commonly used. The term is given to anyone or everyone who is under-rated, under-appreciated, and under-estimated. TVB is home to several underdogs who are waiting to bite back. The Underdogs also has another meaning to their names, soon to be victorious. Somehow, it's always told that they always strike back with fury. For example, try to think back to when Bosco Wong was an underdog to artistes like Ron & Raymond, now he is in the same league as them and is as popular as them. The first two underdogs on TVB Generation's list is:

Anne Heung:

Anne Heung started out as leading lady when she first entered the indutry with almost all leading roles. Her first role was in DIF 4 with almost everyone hating her because she she broke up the beloved couple LJ, but somehow she manage to recover and gain her first leading role "Legend of Lady Yang" which won alot of rave reviews.

However, those are only a thing of the past. She is now lucky to even be considered for a leading role. She had tiny roles in like "Hidden Treasures", and "Love Bonds". Her acting was magnificent in "The Charm Beneath", but the show received bad ratings so Anne was again screwed over from a good thing. Her fate started to turn when she accepted a leading role "Au Revoir Shanghai" when she was fourth in line for the role. Its considered a bit degrading to accept a second hand job or in her case fourth, but Anne handle it with humbleness, and grace. She then signed with TVB again in hopes for more leading roles. She was then given a role "Bar Benders" with Adam Cheng. In press pictures Anne looked like she snagged another leading role, but really she didn't. The leading female is actually Lousiana So, who didn't show up to the costume fitting ceremony. Anne wasn't even included on its poster in the 2006 highlights.

She is truly under-rated, under-appreciated, and under-estimated. However, when TVB closes a door they open window. I have faith in Anne to win back and strike back with her first leading role in a while and a supporting that holds another opportunity.

Kevin Cheng:

Mr. Kevin Cheng is a singer from the 90's making it as a TVB artsite. He began his carreer actually as a ATV artiste in maybe two or three series at most, one notible one was "Mermaid Love" with Roger Kwok. He then was recruited by TVB and signed with them. He did a short drama sitcom for TVB in "Loving You II". He then appeared in his first TVB series ever, "Slim Chances" with Fennie Yeun and Lydia Sum. From there he received a role in the grand production "Burning Flames II".

His carreer seemed to taking off, but still somehow underated. He apeared in a couple more series before becoming a leading man like in "Not Just A Pretty Face". He was warehoused for the first time in "Placebo Cure" with Joyce Tang and Sunny Chan which still hasn't crawl out of the warehouse. He recovered from there with a leading role in "Yummy Yummy", but nobody seem to realize that he was leading and not Raymond. Long story short, the series got poor ratings and he became under-appreciated by TVB. He was included in the "All About Men" album, but everyone on that alum was overshadowed by Ron Ng, even veteran singers like Hacken Lee, Eason, and Ekin Cheng so it didn't do much for his popularity. His next series is "Trimming Success" with Nadia Chan which I've heard nothing but good things about it. Long story short again, it's warehoused and only released overseas. Apparently TVB was planning to broacast it in HK in January, but "A Pillow Case of Mystery" took over and will be airing instead.

Kevin is definitely under-rated, under-appreciated and under-estimated. He has never made it on the top ten leading actors category in any of the past anniversary ceremonies. In my opinion TVB just doesn't have enough confidence in Kevin. His next series in line to be aired if "Trimming Success" doesnt make it out of the warehouse is "Under The Canope of Love" with Nikki Chow and Bosco Won. He is also in a new series called the "The Devil's Disciple" with Bosco as an equal lead. Hopefully this underdog will bite back soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Look Alikes: Foreign Stars Edition

First: Korean superstar Rain (Bi) who shares a striking resemblances with this year's Mr. Hong Kong Matthew Ko.

Rain & Matthew Ko:

Second: Rain also shares a resemblance with Steven Ma. If you look closely at there facial structure and eyes they look very alike. *This was suggested by bobthebrick*

Rain & Steven Ma:

Last: Last but not least is last year's MCI first runners up Fala Chen who shares very uncanny resemblance with American atress Jessica Alba who you might know as the invisible woman from the "The Fantastic Four". The two have a very similar bone structure with almost the exactly same charmy smile.

Fala Chen & Jessica Alba:

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"A Look Into The Future"

Myolie Wu:

Intro: Ever wonder what your favorite TVB artistes might look like in the future? I dare not ponder what, but rather who. Everyone is bound to get old eventually, but how would they look is the question. I decided to hunt down older faces of the future from today's artistes. It is already hard enough to find look alikes of the present day so the future look was even more difficult. The first up we have Myolie Wu. Myolie is no doubt very pretty so what will she look like about let say in 10-15 years? I think Myolie will grow into a Carol Cheng type classic beauty. Both have great acting skills and fall into the same type grace and elegance. Most important is that they bare a striking resemblance like mother and daughter.

Carol Cheng

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Asia's New Collection: "Drawing Inspiration"

Intro: This is the first portion to a new "collection" that I recently got started on. Since I'm a fashion major in my school academy, I come across alot of modeling photographs. I was very suprise to find alot these famous pictures are also similarly redone by TVB artistes, maybe from drawing inspirations? I was thinking about submiting the collection to TVB Square's Battle of The Fans Group B, but I dont know if I can since I'm also a sponsor. If not, take mine's as an example to start your own if you want.

Maggie Siu & Jeri Lee's Diamondback Lust: Maggie Siu did this ad for the slimming company LF, and redid a famous commercial model's ad. Jeri Lee is a model that got her break through this picture and this became one most famous pose used in modeling.

*Click To Enlarge*

Did Maggie Siu Do This Pose Justice?

Mandy Cho & Marilyn Monroe's Wind Blowing White Dress: Mandy also did this ad for slimming company, and she drew inspiration from Marilyn Monroe's infamous wind blowing white dress.

*Click To Enlarge*

Did Mandy Do Marilyn Monroe's Wind Blowing White Dress Pose Justice?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

*Presenting Fashion Double Vision Part II*

The last part was very well recieved so lets continue with another batch of Fashion Double Vision courtesy of TVB Generation's Fashion Guru Linda Lu.

Bernice & Winnie Sum / Mandy Cho & Charmaine Sheh
*Click To Enlarge*

Gigi Lai & Cecilia Cheung

Shirley Yeung & Joey Yung

Saturday, January 21, 2006

TVB Square's Battle of the Fans:

*** ***

TVB Generation has paired up with TVB Square to run this fun contest called "Battle of the Fans", please join and have fun ;-) I urge everyone to participate & join in on the fun. This will no doubt will one of the greatest TVB celebration on the Web. Visit the link for full details.

And Your Winners for the Miss Chinese International Pageant are...

Miss Chinese International 2006No.7 LU, Yi Hui (Ina) Johannesburg, South Africa.

Miss Chinese International 2006 1st Runner-upNo.6 KANCHANAWAT, Tanida (Ginney) Bangkok, Thailand.

Miss Chinese International 2006 2nd Runner-upNo.9 KONG, Pooi Yee (Annabelle) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Finalists: #1 Crystal Li (Vancouver), #12 Elva Ni (Toronto)


Miss Young 2006No.6 KANCHANAWAT, Tanida (Ginney)
Miss Friendship 2006No.9 KONG, Pooi Yee (Annabelle)
Ceramic Culture Ambassador: #17 Tracy Ip (HK)

The Wrap Up: The Hot Favorite as expected, but there was some unexpected outcome. This is the second year in row that Hong Kong didn't get into the top three, but this time around not even the top five. After Tracy Ip won the MHK there was alot of rumors flying causing alot of bad press. Kate won the Miss Cosmopolitan Beauty award last year, but Tracy only a ceramic award (Considered only a joke award given before the pageant). And now she has to live this down also. I feel so bad for Tracy. These MCI contestants will also soon be doing a screen test being leaving. We might have ourself TVB's first South African, & Thai actresses and another Malaysian actress to cheer for.

The Next Pageants & Competition Schedule: Mr. HK 2006 {July} & MHK 2006 {August}

Credit To: Miss HK Beauties, Miss HK Gallery, & Tvcity for Pictures.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thank You TVB Generation Readers!

Image hosting by Photobucket
TVB Generation's 50,000 Hits

It's just a small memorable milestone for this site. TVB Generation also just turned four months old since opening in October. Thank you for all the support TVB fans.

Underneath It All Part III: Cutie Mui

Cutie Mui With Out Makeup: Cutie Mui is most famous for her lovable role on Virtues of Harmony. Offscreen & without makeup, she still shines with a beautiful smile & showing her sweet personality.Ella Koon even said that Cutie has one the best personality out of all her good friends.

Cutie Mui Glamoured Up: Wow, even onscreen she didn't look this beautiful. Lovely, but makeups are covering her up. Somehow her her larger than life personality still shows.

Remember, TVB artistes are humans too. Underneath it all they are one of us. Not perfect, but nobody is. What is most important is what's inside.

*If you spot a star without makeup please help TVB Generation out & send it in to keep this feature alive*

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