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Saturday, January 28, 2006

TVB's Underdogs

The Underdogs, Under-Rated, Under-Appreciated, & Under-Estimated...

So what is an "underdog"? You might have heard term the underdog team in sport as its most commonly used. The term is given to anyone or everyone who is under-rated, under-appreciated, and under-estimated. TVB is home to several underdogs who are waiting to bite back. The Underdogs also has another meaning to their names, soon to be victorious. Somehow, it's always told that they always strike back with fury. For example, try to think back to when Bosco Wong was an underdog to artistes like Ron & Raymond, now he is in the same league as them and is as popular as them. The first two underdogs on TVB Generation's list is:

Anne Heung:

Anne Heung started out as leading lady when she first entered the indutry with almost all leading roles. Her first role was in DIF 4 with almost everyone hating her because she she broke up the beloved couple LJ, but somehow she manage to recover and gain her first leading role "Legend of Lady Yang" which won alot of rave reviews.

However, those are only a thing of the past. She is now lucky to even be considered for a leading role. She had tiny roles in like "Hidden Treasures", and "Love Bonds". Her acting was magnificent in "The Charm Beneath", but the show received bad ratings so Anne was again screwed over from a good thing. Her fate started to turn when she accepted a leading role "Au Revoir Shanghai" when she was fourth in line for the role. Its considered a bit degrading to accept a second hand job or in her case fourth, but Anne handle it with humbleness, and grace. She then signed with TVB again in hopes for more leading roles. She was then given a role "Bar Benders" with Adam Cheng. In press pictures Anne looked like she snagged another leading role, but really she didn't. The leading female is actually Lousiana So, who didn't show up to the costume fitting ceremony. Anne wasn't even included on its poster in the 2006 highlights.

She is truly under-rated, under-appreciated, and under-estimated. However, when TVB closes a door they open window. I have faith in Anne to win back and strike back with her first leading role in a while and a supporting that holds another opportunity.

Kevin Cheng:

Mr. Kevin Cheng is a singer from the 90's making it as a TVB artsite. He began his carreer actually as a ATV artiste in maybe two or three series at most, one notible one was "Mermaid Love" with Roger Kwok. He then was recruited by TVB and signed with them. He did a short drama sitcom for TVB in "Loving You II". He then appeared in his first TVB series ever, "Slim Chances" with Fennie Yeun and Lydia Sum. From there he received a role in the grand production "Burning Flames II".

His carreer seemed to taking off, but still somehow underated. He apeared in a couple more series before becoming a leading man like in "Not Just A Pretty Face". He was warehoused for the first time in "Placebo Cure" with Joyce Tang and Sunny Chan which still hasn't crawl out of the warehouse. He recovered from there with a leading role in "Yummy Yummy", but nobody seem to realize that he was leading and not Raymond. Long story short, the series got poor ratings and he became under-appreciated by TVB. He was included in the "All About Men" album, but everyone on that alum was overshadowed by Ron Ng, even veteran singers like Hacken Lee, Eason, and Ekin Cheng so it didn't do much for his popularity. His next series is "Trimming Success" with Nadia Chan which I've heard nothing but good things about it. Long story short again, it's warehoused and only released overseas. Apparently TVB was planning to broacast it in HK in January, but "A Pillow Case of Mystery" took over and will be airing instead.

Kevin is definitely under-rated, under-appreciated and under-estimated. He has never made it on the top ten leading actors category in any of the past anniversary ceremonies. In my opinion TVB just doesn't have enough confidence in Kevin. His next series in line to be aired if "Trimming Success" doesnt make it out of the warehouse is "Under The Canope of Love" with Nikki Chow and Bosco Won. He is also in a new series called the "The Devil's Disciple" with Bosco as an equal lead. Hopefully this underdog will bite back soon.

Comments on "TVB's Underdogs"


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