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Sunday, October 29, 2006

>>The Banner Saids It All: No not that. Yes I am aware of the first pic. I saw it on photobucket while looking up "funny trophy". Seriously, who would make a golfing trophy that looks like that. I thought it wassorta funny so I added it to the banner. The title basicly sums up everything about this multipart piece presenting random awards.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

. : Warehouse Queen of the Year-Anne Heung: Rough year for Anne. Alot artistes pray for their series to get good ratings, but Anne on the other hand must pray that her series will air as she has two warehouse series under her belt this year. Its hard to gain more popularity when your series dont air in HK. In the beginning of the year, everyone thought that Nadia Chan had it bad when she had "Strike t Heart" + "Trimming Success" become warehouse series in back to back years, but "Trimming Success" made it out & manage to get good ratings.

Its pretty sad to spend months filming and have it only available overseas for rental. At least she had "Bar Benders" which aired this year, however her part was so tiny. It wasn't even much a supporting role, it was more like character acting. "Au Revoir Shanghai" where she was the lead female was warehouse but to be fair it wasn't all that great. The stupid thing was "Face To Fate" was actually a good series.

. : Most Welcome Back Artiste-Florence Kwok: I was so happy to see Florence return to TVB. Watching her back brings me back to the old days where all the original fa dans were still at TVB. Her acting seems so effortless, I guess its because she is so experience. A change from other supporting actresses who need more acting classes because their acting seems so generic. I also welcome back her spunky personality and attitude. I remember seeing her on Super Trio many of times, she was so funny. Especially the episode where she teamed with Cutie Mui, Bobo Chan, & Angie Cheung.

Florence didn't have that much competition to win most welcome back artiste this year. The only other note worthy contender was Astrid Chan. But I figure I dont have much to go on with her. Her role in FH was so small. I think she had like 15 minutes of onscreen time. Is it just me or Florence had the same amount of screen time as Linda Chung, yet she wasn't even included in the poster. Florence's character in "Men In Pain" was also very likable so I thought it was enough grounds for me to present her this award.

More Awards In A Future Post, Stay Tuned...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

>> TVB-G Dating Game: 39th TVB Anniversary PART II <<

I Predict Kenix Kwok's Date Will Be... Nobody!: Why nobody? Simple. Kenix wont attend this year's anniversary. She is currently filming in mainland plus she isnt a TVB contracted artiste so she doesnt have to worry too much. Kinda wierd that she was the hot favorite last year and all eyes were on her, and this year she didn't even attend the lighting ceremony.

I Predict Frankie Lam's Date Will be... Linda Chung?: I think Frankie will attend this year's ceremony because he has a really good relationship with TVB with the added success of "Forensic Heroes". He's a married man so he might fly solo but if they were to arrange a date I think Linda would be his date because they were paired up on FH. (Frankie is my back up prediction to Linda if the Raymond prediction fail)

I Predict Gigi & Moses Will Be Dates Again: Well, hear me out on this one. Gigi was Moses's date for like a split second last year. As soon the ceremony started we all saw that Gigi was accompanied by Bowie Lam all night from the opening routine to presenting the awards. I think Gigi will be Moses's date for the night again because of their upcoming series "Super Cops".

It was so odd that TVB arrange Niki Chow to be accompanied by Bobby Au-Yeung & Michael Miu. They weren't in any series together plus, I think that Niki doesn't even know Bobby or Michael. Yoyo went solo last year, that surprised me alittle. But whatever, its all in the past.

I Predict Bobby & Yoyo Will Be Dates This Year: Despite Yoyo being Ekin's girlfriend, I doubt they'll be dates. I think Bobby & Yoyo will be dates simply because of the success of "Forensic Heroes" and them being a onscreen couple in the series.

I Predict Michael's Date Will Be Sheren Tang: I have a hunch that they will be dates this year. I predicted this because of the casting in the upcoming grand production "FWSY".

All On Eyes Also On Myolie: The other lady of the night Myolie Wu who is battling it out against Charmaine Sheh for the Best Actress Award. I know alot of guys really love the Boscolie pairing, but I'm pretty sure they wont be paired up again. Instead, I Predict Myolie's Date Will Be Andy Hui, because of their pairing on "To Grow With Love".

I Predict Bosco's Date Will Be Tavia Yeung: I know I also said Steven's date will be Tavia but this another one my back up prediction. I predict this because Bosco & Tavia are paired up on the upcoming series "Storm In a Pool".

Monday, October 23, 2006

>> TVB-G Dating Game: 39th TVB Anniversary PART I <<

*The Dating Game: If you guys watched last year's anniversary and read news about the show, you probably saw that TVB paired up their artistes as dates for the night. If they going to do it again this year, who would be paired up for the night? Here are my predictions in contrast with last year's actual dates for the night.

I Predict Raymond's Date For The Night Will Be... Linda Chung??: They have been in the news alot mostly because of rumors of their romance. I think TVB might pair them up because of the new series filming-"Storm In A Pool". But TVB might want avoid this pairing as it might cause more rumors. However, I also have another prediction if this one fail me. (See Bernice)

I Predict Sharon's Date Will Be... Raymond Cho!: Nothing complicated, it just because of the pairing I read about them on Welcome To The House.

I Predict Bernice's Date For The Night Will Be... Raymond Lam: HAHA, this the back up prediction. I read a news article about how friendly Bernice & Raymond were, and how were really enjoying each other's company at the Lighting Ceremony. Hopefully this one wont fail me...

I Predict Kevin's Date Will Be... Niki Chow!: This was a no brainer prediction for me. TVB wants to perfect their image as an onscreen couple. They were paired up on UTCOL & now the new series filming, "The Most Beautiful 7th Day" so I'm pretty sure they will dates for the night.

I Predict That Ron's Date Will Be... Toby Leung... : Eh. I know you guys dont really love Toby Leung, and the coupling in "Men In Pain" wasn't really all that great, but I think they'll be dates for the night because like I said they were paired up in "MIP", and most likely in "FWSY" also.

I Predict Tavia's Date Will Be... Steven Ma!!: They were paired up in "Land of Wealth" so that's what I'm basing on. Its better than pairing Steven up with Elaine Yiu...

I Predict Jessica Hsuan Will Be Paired Up With... ???: I Honestly dont know about this one. If I was to guess, I would guess... Michael Miu or Joe Ma.

All Eyes On Charmaine Sheh: She is the hot favorite who is leading the polls right now, so who will be her date? Joe was her date last year because were gonna start filming "Maiden's Vow" at the time. It would be redundant if they are dates again. I Predict Charmaine's Date Will Be... Roger Kwok because the anniversary series "Glittering Days".

Friday, October 20, 2006

>>> Bosco Wong News Commentary

Hi Guys, I was just catching up with some news. And I ran through a really ridiculous article on Bosco Wong apparently taking advantage of Fala Chen while they were on "King of Games" just because he slightly had his hand around Fala. The reporter really went out his way, even interviewing a psychologist. I find it stupid and pointless. I think its hype just because they're both celebs. I'll explain in a little bit...

If you haven't read the article,

Exhibit A: Take a look the video below, its a clip of Bosco Wong, Fala Chen, Kenny Wong, & Francois Huynh posing for the 2007 TVB calendar. I brought up the video because if you watch the video then you'll see Fala getting sunscreen rubbed on her body in a bikini. The guy rubbed it from her arm & even pull up her bikini strap and rubbed under it. Yet there is no big article saying he was taking advantage of Fala.

I'm looking at the video, and I'm thinking Fala Chen is very "open" to let that guy touch her like that on network TV. By the way, thats not her boyfriend but just a random staff on the set. She doesnt seem to mind at all so I dont think its a big deal to her.

Asia's Video Commentary: I cant wait to see the unveiling of the 2007 calendar. Kenny Wong is showing off his now infamous body in the video, glad to see him being promoted. Francois Huynh (This year's Mr. Hk) is looking extremely sharp. I think TVB is marketing him as the "Hollister Model", he really does look like the Abercrombie & Fitch type. Bosco Wong was very cute, I thought it was funny was he accidently fell, hope he wasn't really hurt though.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

>>> More TVB Lighting Ceremony Clips <<<

These Clips Are Courtesy of Triumph2004, Thanks So For Uploading Them! If You Have A Youtube Account Drop A Comment & Thank Triumph2004. :D

Leo Ku - TVB Medley at 39th Lightning Ceremony: >> Really love his rendition of The Saviour of the Soul Theme By Andy Lau In This Clip (It was also the Theme of ROCH 83) <<

Welcome To The House Skit at TVB 39th Anniversary Lightning Ceremony: >> They did another parody of DOP, Kingdom Yeun said she was Ada Choi lol. They also did a LFD & FH Parody. Its funny to all the artiste's reactions <<

Liza, Charmaine & Roger at TVB 39th Lightning Ceremony:

Joey Yung at TVB 39th Anniversary Lightning Ceremony:

Roger at TVB 39th Anniversary Lightning Ceremony:

Charmaine Sheh - "Carmen" at TVB 39th Lightning Ceremony:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Does It Take?

How Far Will Good Looks Take You?
Will Personality or Talent Take You Farther?

An intersting subject that came up in a conversation between my friends & I. I thought it was buzz worthy to do piece on because there was really no winner over the debate. We were talking about what it takes to be an actor these days. There was really two sides to the debate. Good Looks against the Personality & Talents.

It used to be back in the 1980's & early 1990's nomatter where you live HK, Australia, UK, Canada, US... if you had the look, you had management companies coming after you. But in recent years some of the most sucessful actors to rise to the top have been less than attractive. I saw a special on "E!" saying people who generally already moved into their 30's stopped caring about looks, movie & tv viewers at that age & older usually prefer to see people they can relate to.

It was a little hard to understand at first but I finally got it. My opinion on this is that Good Looks CAN take you far, however personality & talents MIGHT take you farther. And if you have more than one of the above you have a slight advantage. People without talents believe or not do make it to the top, for example Paris Hilton, not much to say about her except if partying is a talent she is set for life, which she is by the way regardless. But if you're good looking but you absolutely CANT act if your life depended on it, then I guess modeling is the other alternative route. Lets see who are examples of actors who necessarily aren't the best looking but manage to make their to the top.

The Talents:

Bowie Lam: hmmm... Bowie isnt exactly eye candy, but his talents definitely took him to the top. A couple years back he was running into some donkey years where his career & poularity was flat until WAB tok off. People really started to notice his acting talents. In my mind he's an example when talents prevail.

Lawrence Ng: What do you guys think of Lawrence Ng? I honestly dont remeber one series where he wasn't the lead male. I guess his acting talents is deniable but once again he is another actor who rose to the top without good looks. Lawrence to me looks like someone who fix computers for living, strangely I always thought he looks like my dentist. In some of his early series he looked more pale & skinny then some of the actress he was opposite of. But somehow he gets paired up with some prettiest actresses in TV series history like Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung.... He had good chemistry with some of them but some fell flat.

Both A Huge Personality & Talents:

Mr. Charming #1-Bobby Au-Yeung: I always have enjoyed watching Bobby's series. He is an excellent actor with tons of charisma & a glowing personality. He can do both dramas & comedies, its pretty easy to understand why his series always gets high ratings in HK. I think he was destined to be at the top.

Mr. Charming #2-Wong Hei: No fancy or striking english name needed, Wong Hei is our Mr. Charming #2. This guy is a terrific actor & he also has a extremely fun personality. He's also very adventurous & daring. Back then I didn't find him attractive because people always said his eyes are perfect example of when an actor needs double eye lid surgery, Wong Hei really just looks like a common guys at a mall. There were a couple of series where you might remember seeing him going through some acne problems, but he still shooked it off. After a while I found that eyes are really cute, & his personality really overshadowed everything else. I absolutely love to see Wong hei in series now.

More of Good Looking, The Females Counterparts Later... Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

>>> TVB Lighting Ceremony

YAY! The TVB Anniversary & Award season is finally here. The Lighting Ceremony was held yesterday, the actually anniversary shows like the Jade Singers Anniversary are just around the corner.

Looking at where the artistes were arranged to stand always interest me because its a way to tell who TVB values. On Liza Wang's side were Ada Choi, Melissa Ng, Sheren Tang, Niki Chow, Louisa So and Christine Ng. On Carol's side were Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung. Bowie Lam and Roger Kwok were at the center of the second row. I can barely tell any other male artistes in the second row, I think next to Roger is Kevin then Raymond, and on Bowie's side is Moses Chan & Steven Ma. I'm waiting for the official wallpapers to be release.

Kitson said he will upload the Lighting Ceremony & post it on Sunday so I guess we can watch it then. For now, I uploaded a clip of the ceremony on Ent. Scoop, just a brief preview of the show.

External Link:

Additional Clip, Thanks Kat!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

>>> Asia's Two Pennies On Current Events <<<

HAHA, I thought this picture is funny so I'm using to scale the current events. I've been away for a while so I catched up with everything the last two days. These are just my opinion so dont get mad, because once again they're just my opinions.

My Two Pennies On The Ekin & Yoyo Romance

My god! before I was away, I already thought there are way too many news about this couple. But like days and days later there is still enough news TO DROWN ME! As I was surfing through the 90 million articles about them I was thinking is this really necessary? The press is shoving this down our throat. I'm like, we get it, geez! So they're going out, I give them my blessings, but life goes on! On a scale of 1-5, I give it a .5 on the meter just because the press has blown it up to something bigger than I can stomach.

My Two Pennies On Joe Ma In Da Club

YES!!! Finally, there's a reason for me not to like Joe Ma! I never really was a fan of Joe Ma, I was kinda tired of seeing him in so many series, but I would never purposely dislike anybody for no reason. But this is definitely a clear right of way for me to use. Joe Ma was caught clubbing, then leaving drunk with an attractive female intimately. He was photographed in Taxi behaving intimately, then spending the night. I think he's a definitely some piece of 'work'. His wife & son are in France so I guess he couldn't keep in his pant. Even if nothing happen in the house, I think if you have a WIFE AND A SON, you shouldn't be out clubbing even if they aren't around! Another clear double standard. I bet if Kenix went clubbing while Frankie was away the press blow out of proportion a million times worse than this. I must admit, I'm surprise he's even slightly frozen by TVB, because this is alot worse than Kate Tsui talking about sex on the radio. I give this a 3.5 on the scale.

My Two Pennies On FWSY

Awsome! I actually am anticipating this, but this wont out until like a year later. I am extremely impress with the cast. Its definitely a Grand Production material cast. And the HKD 1 Billion estimated budget is definitely an eye opener. The only that concerns is that usually really long series gets tiring after a while. Keep in mind Grand doesnt necessarily mean Great, because I think we've all seen alot of grand productions that were flop. Lets just hope this one delivers a spectacular show that makes it into HK TV history. I give this a 4.5 on the meter.

Friday, October 06, 2006

: : : UTCOL's Impromptu "Sequel" : : :

Once again sorry for lack of recent updates, I promise I'll try to put up more updates soon & put the site back running.

Now on with today's mini update, I was just browsing around and I saw that the Costume Fitting for "The Most Beautiful Seven Days" was held today. Actually, I was rather surprise since I read in the news that filming wouldn't start until December, but I'm not complaining. This just means it will be out sooner.

I also read that it will be film in Hokkaido Japan, a very beautiful setting since its famous for its gorgeous land sites & pretty pink cherry blossoms. I think it will make a lovely setting. I think this time they should add a soft lite pink glow to the series like they did with yellow glow from UTCOL.

The Cast can only be describe as "Easy On The Eyes". The female cast consist of really pretty girls like Niki Chow, Natalie Tong, & Selena Li. Is it just me or Elaine Yiu looks like she changed alot, she really revampted her look. Suki Tsui from this year's MHK who was the hot favorite also joins the cast. The men are also Extremely Easy On The Eyes, Kevin, Bosco, Eddie Lee, Joel Chan San Chung, & Sam Chan definitely has the handsome side of series covered. I think they'll be more news about it tomorrow.

. ; Costume Fitting Attendees: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, Suki Tsui, Eddie Lee, Sam Chan, Chan San Chung, Charmaine Li, Evonne Ho, Lau Dan, Kiki Sheung, Chun Wong, Chen Ho Wai, Ha Ping, Loh Ying Kuan, Selena Li, Stephanie Che... (Usually more cast members are added later on also) >Credit To Kitson<

First Look At The Cast of "The Most Beautiful Seven Days"

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