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Sunday, October 29, 2006

>>The Banner Saids It All: No not that. Yes I am aware of the first pic. I saw it on photobucket while looking up "funny trophy". Seriously, who would make a golfing trophy that looks like that. I thought it wassorta funny so I added it to the banner. The title basicly sums up everything about this multipart piece presenting random awards.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

. : Warehouse Queen of the Year-Anne Heung: Rough year for Anne. Alot artistes pray for their series to get good ratings, but Anne on the other hand must pray that her series will air as she has two warehouse series under her belt this year. Its hard to gain more popularity when your series dont air in HK. In the beginning of the year, everyone thought that Nadia Chan had it bad when she had "Strike t Heart" + "Trimming Success" become warehouse series in back to back years, but "Trimming Success" made it out & manage to get good ratings.

Its pretty sad to spend months filming and have it only available overseas for rental. At least she had "Bar Benders" which aired this year, however her part was so tiny. It wasn't even much a supporting role, it was more like character acting. "Au Revoir Shanghai" where she was the lead female was warehouse but to be fair it wasn't all that great. The stupid thing was "Face To Fate" was actually a good series.

. : Most Welcome Back Artiste-Florence Kwok: I was so happy to see Florence return to TVB. Watching her back brings me back to the old days where all the original fa dans were still at TVB. Her acting seems so effortless, I guess its because she is so experience. A change from other supporting actresses who need more acting classes because their acting seems so generic. I also welcome back her spunky personality and attitude. I remember seeing her on Super Trio many of times, she was so funny. Especially the episode where she teamed with Cutie Mui, Bobo Chan, & Angie Cheung.

Florence didn't have that much competition to win most welcome back artiste this year. The only other note worthy contender was Astrid Chan. But I figure I dont have much to go on with her. Her role in FH was so small. I think she had like 15 minutes of onscreen time. Is it just me or Florence had the same amount of screen time as Linda Chung, yet she wasn't even included in the poster. Florence's character in "Men In Pain" was also very likable so I thought it was enough grounds for me to present her this award.

More Awards In A Future Post, Stay Tuned...

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