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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Super Trio Show Criticism: right or wrong?

Super Trio Supreme (a.k.a Super Trio Wonder Trip)
Hosts: Chin Kar Lok, Wong Cho Lam, Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen (from left to right)

Super trio show 8th season had aired a total of 3 episodes so far. I was really anticipating to watch it when I first saw all those funny pictures of the first episode. It's probably the longest running gameshow in Hong Kong. Its first debut was actually in 1995. Wow! It'd been 13 years!

So what is with all the complaints? Viewers claim that the show contains violent, cruelty, and inappropriate behaviour that could affect children. I got to admit, the show does contain games that could be inappropriate for children to watch, but it's indeed very entertaining! I'm almost finish with the first episode and it's very hilarious! This game involves body contact (the famous seaweed/card transfer game), intelligence, and fast movements. It's really weird, but we tend to love gameshow that involves a bit of violence right? But the purpose of this gameshow is to entertain viewers isn't it? Therefore, I absolutely don't think that there's anything wrong with displaying a bit of violence that could be entertaining. (Please note that this is base only on my point of view.)

This is probably why viewers think that the show is inappropriate?

Body contact and a bit of violence is probably why viewers think that the show is inappropriate. The older generation might not like these kind of actions, but it's the 21st century and displaying these type of action is quite normal. Because I live in the States, these type of actions are really normal and familiar among my surroundings, while in Hong Kong, some things are more conservative than others. I guess this is the reason why the older generation had file the complaints against the game show.

Other than that, the game show is overall fun and entertaining!

One of the games from the first episode is adapted from the Japanese game show, "The Human Tetris". It's a must watch because it's very hilarious! Basically, the foam board will display a body structure and the contestant have to somehow fit through it so that they can successfully go to the other side. If not, they will fall into the water. It might look easy, but it's actually very hard! The picture of Charmaine Sheh clinging onto the board is just priceless.

The first Super Trio Show (Season 1)

Wow! What a difference right? Eric looked so young back then! By the way, Jordan Chan used to be one of the host for the Super Trio Show.

Super Trio Supreme (Season 8)

If you're interested in watching more of episode 1, click here


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where have Asia been?

Where have Asia Been? As you guys have noticed, Asia have not post for a very long time. She has some medical problems and is trying to catch up with her school work so she doesn't have much time to update the blog. However, when she has the time, she will come back and update again. Please continue to support the blog!

Words from Asia: "My health is weak right now. As for what I have, I would like to keep it medical issues private. I think I will be completely fine soon. But my professors have graciously let me make up all the work I missed during the time I was out so I'm very busy as of right now. I think I will return to update soon, but I dont exactly know when."

My name is Stacy and I will continue to help Asia update and keep this blog alive! As for the Latest TVB Viet Released, Asia will continue to update when she has the time. Asia and I have decided to work together and keep this blog alive. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a message in the chatbox or E-Mail us.

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