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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lookie Lookie, Some More Look Alikes:

TVB-G Riddle: Krusty band member Chucky is the Sharon Chan look alike. The pictures below show both Krusty member, so who is Chucky and who is Jan? Can you the tell who is who, and who looks like who?

Krusty: Jan & Chucky *Submitted By bobthebrick*

The Lovely Sharon Chan:

Monday, February 27, 2006

Loving "Under The Canopy of Love"

Under The Canopy of Love: I'm currently watching "UTCOL", and I'm loving it. This series is so romantic & sweet, but still manages to sneak in tons of humor. The entire series was put under a very soft video effect like its glowing from an aurora. The light hearted drama is much deserved. So many good series are out now and its only the beginning of the year, I cant wait until all the grand productions are released. But for now I'm very tempted to blow off everything and watch "UTCOL" for the rest of the day and maybe tommorrow too. Nothing like relaxing & enjoying some good TVB series...

So far the series is unfolding pretty well. Turns out Kevin isn't really rich. I could have sworn his character look like a young tycoon the previews & trailers. Niki & Kevin met each other in the show when they are at a restaraunt and Kevin loses his PDA, and Nikki is holding it for safe keeping. Turns out they knew each other when they were little, and Niki actually had a crush on him and they just havent realized it yet because its been so long. Its a very classic love storyline.

The Cast is impressive I must add. Consisting of Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Claire Yiu, Charles Szeto, Natalie Tong, Angela Tong (First Apperenace since her Lei Siu Ho role), Mimi Lo (Long Time No See), Vivien Yeo, Johnson Lee, Lily Hong, Ha Yu, Ha Ping, Chong Pui Chi, Lo Weng Han. It's first week rating was good, 30 points, the third series after anniversary to get 30 on its first week. TVB might be crawling out of the slump.

Under The Canopy of Love Themevideo:
~~>*Click Here To Watch*<~~

Very Funny & Amusing Scene:

Priceless: This is one of the funniest scene. Kevin & Bosco were just working out at the gym, and when they are in the saunna, Bosco flex to show how fit he is to Kevin. Bosco performed quite a magic trick when his towel accidently fell off, Now you see it and now you dont or is it the other way around. The look on Kevin's face was absolutely priceless.

I didn't have the software to crop the RVMB Episode, but I found the short TVB Clip at the tvcity website. If want to DL it, Click Here:

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Return of the Underdog Heroes:

A Story of Triumph, Hardship, but Never Regret... Its a "dog eat dog world", but the underdogs will always prevail.

If you were not with us for the last underdog piece let me refresh some things that might make reading this a little bit more meaningful. The term Underdog is given to anyone or everyone who is under-rated, under-appreciated, and under-estimated. TVB is home to several underdogs who are waiting to bite back. Underdogs also has another meaning to their names, soon to be victorious. Somehow, it's always told that they always strike back with fury. To get a more detailed intro. or read more about the last underdogs (Kevin & Anne) Click Here. And onw on to our feature presentation:
A Couple of Underdogs:

"The Tangy & Sweet: Joyce Tang"

Joyce Tang has definitely tasted almost all the flavors in her career span. She endured through tough times, and been through times of glory. She is definitely one of the most beautiful TVB actress, but we will find in life looks aren't everything. I personally took notice of Joyce when starred in Armed Reaction I & II. Joyce fought alongside TVB fa dan Esther Kwan, which brought success to the series and gave birth to the future sequels. Her breakthrough was when she took on the plot twist in AR II of being an undercover agent raped. The performance was so powerful, and the story was so great TVB decided make another sequel. AR III this time was missing Esther Kwan so Ada Choi was to fill in for her. In the beginning of filming many were saying Joyce will step up and play lead female since she has been with the series for so long. However, when filming was finished she revealed that it was an equal lead, and later when it aired Joyce was played off as the second female lead. AR 4 was even worse when TVB had so little faith in her that they had to import in Yoyo Mung. To be blunt, Joyce was the third lead and not equal to Yoyo, which equals a supporting role.

Supporting roles were glued to her like crazy after AR III until 2004. She "supported" series like Witness To a Prosecution, Ups and Down a Sea of Love, and the Driving Power. Finally in 2004 TVB promoted her and gave her the lead to not one, but two series! But get this TVB also gave Joyce not one, but two warehouse series! Talk about getting her hopes high. Placebo Cure and Summer Heat were both locked in the vault and still havent been aired in HK. That year was very bitter sweet for her. 2005 was the first year Joyce was excluded from the TVB Calendar, this was definitely the year where TVB showed their greatest de-appreciation of her. The hardship didnt stop there, she was made third feamale lead (Supporting) again in the Prince's Shadow to Sheren Tang and Tavia Yeung. Sheren was no big suprise because she is a veteran, but Joyce had atleast half a decade of acting experiences over Tavia. Discouraging, but nonetheless Joyce moved on and join the cast of Women On The Run hoping for frequent exposure because its a sitcom, but the sitcom failed. She then decided to leave TVB, but later reported that she will return in March of 2006. She is still currently in Mainland searching for better opportunities. I wish Joyce the best because she truly deserves it. Hoping one of our biggest Underdog will become one our biggest success.

Marco Ngai-"One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure"

Marco Ngai is brilliant actor with so much experience. He can only be described as TVB's Trash and Mainland's Treasure. He was consider one of the 90's biggest and hottest actors, but times have changed. The majority of fans these days are at a younger age and won't find him as appealing anymore. Marco is greatly talented and skilled not only acting. Marco had alot martial arts experience perfect for Wuxia type series. Often time people do realized that because he does a very built body since she has practicing it since she he was very young. However TVB doesn't do as much martial art series as 90's anymore to cast him, plus those leading roles would be saved for up and coming actors. Marco like his girlfriend Joyce was also in the AR series, and pretty much got the same treatment when Frankie Lam was imported in the fourth installment.

Marco is best remembered for his role in the classic Return of Condor Hero alongside Ekin Cheng. In contrast Ekin is now one of HK biggest star in both TV and Movies not to mention Music, and Marco is still in the same place if not worse. The best depiction of how he was under-appreciated by TVB was the role given to him in To Catch The Uncatchable. He had the sloppiest role, and it was borderline character acting. Somehow, Marco did the role justice and was completely in character bringing the role to a whole other level. Marco gave one of his best performances as one of best villain in TVB history in Split Second. However, the grand production was one of the lowest rated series of the year so TVB basicly shelved him to the side and ignored his breakthrough performance. The Prince's Shadow was pretty much the same deal, fair ratings so it basicly left him in the same position. Marco decided to leave TVB for halfway through last year to film in Mainland. The press had it that Marco is a hot favorite to many Mainland directors, even introducing Joyce to them with hopes to brighten both careers. Marco has return to film in the new CIB series with Bowie Lam, and Maggie Siu which girlfriend Joyce was originally plan to be one of the leads. Marco is definitely not any lead, considering Wong Hei and Bowie Lam are both in contender. Marco has come back, but will this underdog bite back?

The Underated Test: Both Marco & Joyce have been in dozens and dozens of TVB series, but can you name atleast 6 series that have been in that I didnt mention. If you can than there was hope left for this underdog couple, but if you can't than you know first hand how underated they are.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Asia's Collection: "Drawing Inspiration" Cont.

Intro: I finally found some time to put together some more pictures, and uploading it. Just to recap, the collection is consist of famous pictures also similarly redone by TVB artistes, maybe from drawing inspirations. If you missed it the last part, catch up with the first two entries. Asia's New Collection- Asia's New Collection: "Drawing Inspiration" I (Maggie Siu & Jeri Lee's Diamondback Lust, and Mandy Cho & Marilyn Monroe's Wind Blowing White Dress)

Anne Heung's Male & Female Alter Persona: These poses are depicting one the most famous photo theme in the history of modeling. The male & female reverse role playing is the ultimate transformation trick done in photography. It was done so many times. Anne Heung also added an entry to the category, I also saw Maggie Cheung also doing this trick. One inspiration used as an example was the male & female alter ego done by America's Next Top Model Eva.


Sonjia Kwok & Victoria Secret's Angel Wings: Victoria Secret came out with the theme of using wings on model over six years ago. The wings represented traits possessed by women making them heavenly, lovely, and divine. Sonjia redid her version of the angel wings for Osim. She just looked so stunning with those wings, so lovely with the nature's essence of green.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Step Into The Past": Kevin Cheng

The Change: Kevin indeed looks very different. One noticeable change is the shape of his face, he used to have a very round face, and now he has very a well structured long face. He also had like a baby face, but he just looks so hot now with the appeal of a mature man. His hair made him a bit feminine especially when its complimented with his baby face, but his new hair style definitely makes look alot more masculine. Overall I think the change was for the better.

Stepping Into Kevin's Past:

Present Day Kevin:

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Underneath It All: Hilary Tsui

Brief Intro: For those who dont know, Hilary Tsui is Eason Chan's fiancee, she acted in couple TVB series in the past so someone of you might recognize her.
*Submited By Lamoure / Photo Credit-Asianfanatics Gallery*

Hilary Tsui Without Makeup: Very pale skin tone, sorta like when you're sick. Her lips are very dark in but kinda in a pretty way like a mix between purple and pink roses. Other than that she's a human being just like one of us with flaws.

Hilary Without Makeup: Wow, it looks like she's a whole other person with a different skin tone because of the foundation, and blush pink lips. Very cute smile.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Asia's Personal Blog: America's Next Top Model Contestants Cycle 6 Revealed

Not Really TVB related, but ANTM is about to begin their cycle six. Some of you might have seen ANTM also on jade pearl. If you're interested the picture on your left is all on the new contestants (Click To Enlarge). You might notice there is an asian girl for the first time in like over 3 seasons. And she is from my hometown Tampa FL. There's two pictures of her, for some reason she reminds me of Queenie Chu. She doesnt look that pretty because her teeth is kinda sticking out, but she looks very pretty in the yellow photo being the center of attention. Maybe she'll take way better pictures once the show starts. I must add that she is tall for an asian girl. I will be supporting her. =]

Full Photo Spread of All The New Contestants:;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;cf=mm

Gina - 21, translator, Tampa, FL UPN's 'America's Next Top Model, cycle six'Photo: Jim DeYonker

Another Case of Look Alikes: Anne Heung & Mandy Chiang

Sisters Sisters? Its strange how they look like sisters. Both have the same facial structures, same nose, same chin, same smile, same eyes, and even same eyebrows. See for yourself:

*Submitted By Bao*

Anne Heung & Mandy Chiang - Exibit A:

Anne Heung & Mandy Chiang - Exibit B:

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bernice Liu's Solo JSG Debut

TVB's JSG show is considered to be the Hong Kong version of MTV's TRL, and we have seen many TVB artistes making their live debut here. Bernice Liu Bik Yee for the first time made her JSG debut last week along with another "Yee", Joey Yung Cho Yee. Her performance was awsome, she must have been practicing alot. Alot of fans were cheering for her and throughout the entire song you can hear fans singing along with her. There was one part where she puts her finger in her ear to adjust the earphones to see if was its intune or not I guess, but it looked so professional when she hit the high right after. She looked like a season pro thats been in the music business for a while now. I guess that this will be very sentimental clip to keep so I uploaded it for everyone to see. Its only her singing though, no Joey, its exactly 1 min 33 sec's.

Just Want To Watch It?:

Be The Proud Owner of This Sentimental Clip *New DL Link*:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

"Moments of Love", A Treasure Box of TVB Movie Virgins:

Short Intro: So I didnt know that Bernice had a movie, but I knew Ron had a movie though. After realizing how slow I was with movies and how TVB artistes are "hidden" inside them, I went on the hunt for more movies. I search around at my local video rental store and found Ron's first movie ever. I also discovered while watching the movie alot other familiar faces from TVB series like 2R's Race Wong (From Heart Of Fencing), Don Li, Deep Ng, Natalie Tong, & Vivien Yeo. This was the first movie for some of them too. I thought this movie was awsome, Ron's acting was great not wooden at all like they said. Vivien Yeo from Into Thin Air took my breath away, she was awsome even with the little acting experiences. Lets dig a little further into this lovely movie I wished I had on Valentines Day, P.S. It took alot hardwork gathering everything for this so hope you all enjoy it:

Moments of Love


Cast: Ron Ng, Race Wong, Yan Ng, Hins Cheung, Steven Cheung, Don Li , Deep Ng, Natalie Tong, Macy Chan, Vivian Yeo, Wilfred Lau, Liz Kong...

The Skinny:This movie presents five different teenage love stories that all take place in Mongkok, a novel panorama in Hong Kong city.
  1. Tank (Ron Ng) and Strawberry (Race Wong) are just like a fair of foes.
  2. Dobi (Deep Ng) and Wiz (Macy Chan) have split apart due to serious quarrel and Dobi opens a "release-your-emotion" company.
  3. Yuki (Yan Ng) meets a university student called Ronald (Hins Cheung) who wears orthodontic braces. An incident has allured a mysterious man who keeps sending short messages via mobile phone to Yuki.
  4. Ah Sing (Steven Cheung) discovers a piece of posthumous paper sticking on the brick. He and his girlfriend Siu Fong Mak (Natalie Tong) decide to look for the one who wants to commit suicide.
  5. Ah V (Yeo Siew Hui) is young and liberal to sexuality. She determines to seduce her class teacher Mr. Yeung (Wilfred Lau). He, who is married, just cannot resist the seduction of Ah V and sleeps with her in the end.

Mini Commentary With Larger Plot Summary: Youth romance about five relationships all coming to a head in the overcrowded district of Mongkok. The stories are well-meaning but uneven, as are the actors, some of whom annoy more than charm. Mainly for fans of the stars, or genre completists who miss the Feel 100% heyday. If you must see a similar film from 2005, probably The Unusual Youth would be a better bet.

A group of younger Hong Kong faces gets their big screen shot in Moments of Love. The story of five crisscrossing youth romances, Moments of Love gets immediate cred for good use of its overcrowded Mongkok location, plus a couple of bonus points for the occasional telling moment. It also gets a quick dismissal for an abundance of useless moments, annoying storytelling devices, and sometimes uninteresting acting. But hey, at least they tried.

Ron Ng leads the cast as a marketing peon who engages in a fiery professional/personal spat with colleague Race Wong. Meanwhile, a high school student V (Vivian Yeo) begins to pay too-close attention to her young teacher (Wilfred Lau). Sassy waitress Yuki (Yan Ng) begins getting mysterious text messages, and she thinks they're from a cute guy (Don Li) who's been giving her the eye. Sadly, she spends more time running into geeky guy Ronald (Hins Cheung), who wears pronounced braces and sings karaoke pretty damn well. Sing (Steven Cheung) discovers a suicide note, and looks for the writer to placate his girlfriend Fong (Natalie Tong), but his behavior starts to get a little loony. Finally, loutish Doby has a nasty breakup with his girlfriend Wiz (Macy Chan), which involves him shouting at her despicably. Regretting his outburst, he opens a business where customers pay to express their angry, and sometimes violent feelings towards him.

As youth romances go, Moments of Love has its positives. The occasional rumination on love and youth manages to work, especially in light of the film's disjointed narrative. Some of the actors are decent, if not noteworthy, and director Billy Chung uses his Mongkok location exceptionally well. Though the stories themselves sometimes lack credibility, they do seem to take on more life when set against the teeming masses on the Mongkok streets. Unfortunately, the film also possesses its share of missteps, including mistimed attempts at comedy, sometimes unearned sentiment, and a performance from Deep Ng that should have been reined in via riot police, or at least a good straitjacket. Furthermore, the film is far too cursory (Five stories in only 90 minutes?) to truly affect. There are some moments in Moments of Love, but ultimately they're rather mild ones.

Friday, February 17, 2006

"Step Into The Past": Roger Kwok

"Yesterday is nothing but a thing of the Past. Today is a gift, that is why we call it the Present."
-English Proverb

Intro: That is one of my favorite proverb concerning time. I thought it was perfect along side the Step Into The Past feature. The "Step Into The Past" spotlight this week is on Ah Wong himself Roger Kwok. After being the industry for over two decades Roger has definitely changed in many different ways. This acting is at a level of greatness, his level of fame is at superstardom, so did he change physically? Lets analyze.

Back In The Old Days: These pictures were the most dramatic pictures I found Roger's past. I was only planning on picking two to display but these four were so good I couldn't just pick two, so I wanted to show all four pictures. Some noticable difference are the hair very old fashion of course since this was more than a decade ago, the skin tone, the skin itself look like he had a little skin or acne problem, and I didnt know that Roger wears glasses, I wonder if he was wearing it for a role or was it for real. Anyways you can decide for yourself if he changed or not.

Roger Kwok Enjoying The Present:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Belated V-Day Special: ~Lovely Love Song~ *UpDaTeD*

I didn't know so many would like this song. I looked all over the place and found the actual MP3 version from his album. I found two different version of this song. I was excited to find the English version, because now I actually understand the lyrics. I also found a funny remake by the "Dormitory Boys". Enjoy!

First Version: Wilber Pan - Bu De Bu Ai (Have To Love) *Mandarin Version*

New Download Line:

Second Version: Free Style-Y (Please Tell Me Why) *English Version / Korean Freestyle*

New Download Line:

Funny Humour Version: The Dormitory Boys' version of this song. Its funny too see them do role playing as the Wilber and the female artist in the MV. Check it out.

Look Alikes: Charmaine Sheh & Carina Lau

*Note From The TVB Generation Annoucement Desk*: The look alikes feature is pretty popular now, I received so many submissions and suggestions. I'm releasing them a little bit at a time to keep the feature alive, because I dont have that many to keep it alive for no more than 1-2 months. So if you spot a look alike or any other feature specials like Step Into The Past, Underneath It All, or Fashion Double Vision please help me out and send it in to keep updates frequent.

Now On To Our Main Look Alike Special, Charmaine & Carina, Submitted By Bao: Charmaine Sheh, and Carina Lau. Charmaine is one the most popular fa dan currently gracing the TVB Small Screen, and Carina is one the best actresses to ever grace both Hong Kong's Big Screen and TVB's Small Screen.

Charmaine & Carina At A Profile Angle:

Charmaine & Carina Showing Off Their Charming Smile:

Charmaine & Carina At An Up Front Angle:

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