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Saturday, February 18, 2006

"Moments of Love", A Treasure Box of TVB Movie Virgins:

Short Intro: So I didnt know that Bernice had a movie, but I knew Ron had a movie though. After realizing how slow I was with movies and how TVB artistes are "hidden" inside them, I went on the hunt for more movies. I search around at my local video rental store and found Ron's first movie ever. I also discovered while watching the movie alot other familiar faces from TVB series like 2R's Race Wong (From Heart Of Fencing), Don Li, Deep Ng, Natalie Tong, & Vivien Yeo. This was the first movie for some of them too. I thought this movie was awsome, Ron's acting was great not wooden at all like they said. Vivien Yeo from Into Thin Air took my breath away, she was awsome even with the little acting experiences. Lets dig a little further into this lovely movie I wished I had on Valentines Day, P.S. It took alot hardwork gathering everything for this so hope you all enjoy it:

Moments of Love


Cast: Ron Ng, Race Wong, Yan Ng, Hins Cheung, Steven Cheung, Don Li , Deep Ng, Natalie Tong, Macy Chan, Vivian Yeo, Wilfred Lau, Liz Kong...

The Skinny:This movie presents five different teenage love stories that all take place in Mongkok, a novel panorama in Hong Kong city.
  1. Tank (Ron Ng) and Strawberry (Race Wong) are just like a fair of foes.
  2. Dobi (Deep Ng) and Wiz (Macy Chan) have split apart due to serious quarrel and Dobi opens a "release-your-emotion" company.
  3. Yuki (Yan Ng) meets a university student called Ronald (Hins Cheung) who wears orthodontic braces. An incident has allured a mysterious man who keeps sending short messages via mobile phone to Yuki.
  4. Ah Sing (Steven Cheung) discovers a piece of posthumous paper sticking on the brick. He and his girlfriend Siu Fong Mak (Natalie Tong) decide to look for the one who wants to commit suicide.
  5. Ah V (Yeo Siew Hui) is young and liberal to sexuality. She determines to seduce her class teacher Mr. Yeung (Wilfred Lau). He, who is married, just cannot resist the seduction of Ah V and sleeps with her in the end.

Mini Commentary With Larger Plot Summary: Youth romance about five relationships all coming to a head in the overcrowded district of Mongkok. The stories are well-meaning but uneven, as are the actors, some of whom annoy more than charm. Mainly for fans of the stars, or genre completists who miss the Feel 100% heyday. If you must see a similar film from 2005, probably The Unusual Youth would be a better bet.

A group of younger Hong Kong faces gets their big screen shot in Moments of Love. The story of five crisscrossing youth romances, Moments of Love gets immediate cred for good use of its overcrowded Mongkok location, plus a couple of bonus points for the occasional telling moment. It also gets a quick dismissal for an abundance of useless moments, annoying storytelling devices, and sometimes uninteresting acting. But hey, at least they tried.

Ron Ng leads the cast as a marketing peon who engages in a fiery professional/personal spat with colleague Race Wong. Meanwhile, a high school student V (Vivian Yeo) begins to pay too-close attention to her young teacher (Wilfred Lau). Sassy waitress Yuki (Yan Ng) begins getting mysterious text messages, and she thinks they're from a cute guy (Don Li) who's been giving her the eye. Sadly, she spends more time running into geeky guy Ronald (Hins Cheung), who wears pronounced braces and sings karaoke pretty damn well. Sing (Steven Cheung) discovers a suicide note, and looks for the writer to placate his girlfriend Fong (Natalie Tong), but his behavior starts to get a little loony. Finally, loutish Doby has a nasty breakup with his girlfriend Wiz (Macy Chan), which involves him shouting at her despicably. Regretting his outburst, he opens a business where customers pay to express their angry, and sometimes violent feelings towards him.

As youth romances go, Moments of Love has its positives. The occasional rumination on love and youth manages to work, especially in light of the film's disjointed narrative. Some of the actors are decent, if not noteworthy, and director Billy Chung uses his Mongkok location exceptionally well. Though the stories themselves sometimes lack credibility, they do seem to take on more life when set against the teeming masses on the Mongkok streets. Unfortunately, the film also possesses its share of missteps, including mistimed attempts at comedy, sometimes unearned sentiment, and a performance from Deep Ng that should have been reined in via riot police, or at least a good straitjacket. Furthermore, the film is far too cursory (Five stories in only 90 minutes?) to truly affect. There are some moments in Moments of Love, but ultimately they're rather mild ones.

Comments on ""Moments of Love", A Treasure Box of TVB Movie Virgins:"


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