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Monday, February 27, 2006

Loving "Under The Canopy of Love"

Under The Canopy of Love: I'm currently watching "UTCOL", and I'm loving it. This series is so romantic & sweet, but still manages to sneak in tons of humor. The entire series was put under a very soft video effect like its glowing from an aurora. The light hearted drama is much deserved. So many good series are out now and its only the beginning of the year, I cant wait until all the grand productions are released. But for now I'm very tempted to blow off everything and watch "UTCOL" for the rest of the day and maybe tommorrow too. Nothing like relaxing & enjoying some good TVB series...

So far the series is unfolding pretty well. Turns out Kevin isn't really rich. I could have sworn his character look like a young tycoon the previews & trailers. Niki & Kevin met each other in the show when they are at a restaraunt and Kevin loses his PDA, and Nikki is holding it for safe keeping. Turns out they knew each other when they were little, and Niki actually had a crush on him and they just havent realized it yet because its been so long. Its a very classic love storyline.

The Cast is impressive I must add. Consisting of Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Claire Yiu, Charles Szeto, Natalie Tong, Angela Tong (First Apperenace since her Lei Siu Ho role), Mimi Lo (Long Time No See), Vivien Yeo, Johnson Lee, Lily Hong, Ha Yu, Ha Ping, Chong Pui Chi, Lo Weng Han. It's first week rating was good, 30 points, the third series after anniversary to get 30 on its first week. TVB might be crawling out of the slump.

Under The Canopy of Love Themevideo:
~~>*Click Here To Watch*<~~

Very Funny & Amusing Scene:

Priceless: This is one of the funniest scene. Kevin & Bosco were just working out at the gym, and when they are in the saunna, Bosco flex to show how fit he is to Kevin. Bosco performed quite a magic trick when his towel accidently fell off, Now you see it and now you dont or is it the other way around. The look on Kevin's face was absolutely priceless.

I didn't have the software to crop the RVMB Episode, but I found the short TVB Clip at the tvcity website. If want to DL it, Click Here:

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