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Friday, August 31, 2007

A New Chapter In Life

Life As I Know It has finally changed. I started college. Initially I was really nervous about it but I guess I calmed down a bit when the time actually came. The people in College are so different from High School. It's human nature for people to adapt to new surroundings, but a part of me doesn't want to change. Alot of people have changed though. The people who have changed are just people who are self conscious around so many people that they feel are better than them so they start to lose who they are to become someone they're not. I think I know exactly who I am and I hope to be the same girl with the same outlook on life. "Just be yourself" is probably the best quote to say.

In terms of TVB I would probably describe it as jump from "Heart of Fencing" to "The White Flame". HOF & Sunshine Heartbeat are really sweet mini-series that's about high school life and sports. I loved them when they came out because of their sentimental values. Now, I feel my life is like "The White Flame". If you remember the first part of the series was about Charmaine Sheh & Sammul Chan training to nurses at the training academy. It was just like college, they lived in dorms and they went through training classes. Most people don't even remember this series, but the first part of the series made a deep impression me. It's a spin off of Healing Hands and the storylines interconnected. Sammul Chan was the male lead. I think its funny when people say Sammul never lead a series before.

Anyways, I'm really in a state of shock at how much work college is. I really need some time to get used to it. I won't be updating as often anymore, but I'll do my best.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


What exactly is "Kawaii"? Well, it's the Japanese word for "Cute". "Kawaii" is also part of popular culture in Asia influencing the way girls dress, wear make up, and even act. It has also evolve into a form of beauty in women's standard through out the world now. There's an attraction of two forms that is very mainstream. Women who are tall (5'7-5'11), slender, and posses a strong beautiful face are often label as "Couture" (French for High Fashion) and "Elegant". And now another form of beauty has taken over, girls who are maybe about 5'2-5'6 , with baby faces, and youthful personalities are labeled as "Kawaii" or "Cute".

So who I consider to be very "Kawaii" TVB artistes?

Vivien Yeo: I really like her. She has a baby doll face, and a sweet smile. Even though she's 5'9 her Kawaii side shines brighter. I wasn't at all surprise Japanese producers and advertisers were highly interested in her. I know people aren't accepting of her yet because of her Mandarin accent (She's Malaysian), but I don't mind. Diversity is a good thing, it would be a very boring world if everyone was the same.

Leila Tong: She was a child actor and now she's famous for great acting and of course her baby face. She always has a joyful look on her face, and a very youthful smile. Her innocent persona is another factor making her very Kawaii.

Selena Li: She has a honey sweet face, and exude cuteness. Her soft spoken personality, and alluring look are also reasons why she is Kawaii.

Shirley Yeung: It's my opinion that this girl never ages. Since winning Miss Hong Kong 2001 she still looks like hasn't aged a day. Her innocent smile with dimples, and her baby doll eyes are the main traits that make her very Kawaii.

Tavia Yeung: Youthful face, fun personality, plus the alluring look in her eyes make her very Kawaii in my opinion.

Others: Besides them there are others I quite Kawaii like Nancy Wu, Yoyo Chen (Ironically name 'Kawaii' in The Best Selling Secret), and Suki Chui (I find her just kind of Kawaii, but not really that much). Who do you guys find Kawaii?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Family Link/The Green Grass of Home/A New Breath of Love

Currently I'm watching these three series. No, really I'm just watching The Green Grass of Home & A New Breath of Love along with On The First Beat. I finished The Family Link already. I'll save my opinions on "OTFB" for another as I miss out on one part of the series that I will have to go back and watch.

The Family Link: Sheren Tang was truly right when she said some people will not understand this series completely. You really have to put yourself in their position to understand the hardship of being a housewives in Hong Kong. It's so ironic that this series aired alongside with Heart of Greed because the storylines are on opposite ends of the spectrum. The HOG family fought over a $600 million fortune, while the TFL's families fought to make ends meet. The storyline was interesting, it was basically based on Women in search of something important to them in someway.

Sheren's character was In Search of Stability.
Cecilia Yip's character was In Search of Vanity.
Kiki Sheung's character was In Search of Harmony.
Leila Tong's character was In Search of an Answer.

Out of all the storylines I found Kiki Sheung's story to be most interesting, I was touched by it. the story I found least interesting was Sheren & Michael's. Michael's Tse's cross dressing dilemma got really daft really soon. On a personal note, my mom loves this series and absolutely hated Heart of Greed because she said HOG was dillusion. I don't know if it's because of her influence, but I like TFL more HOG.

The Green Grass of Home: I love this series! Christine Ng really shines in this series. Her storyline is so interesting, especially in the beginning with her workplace & people stabbing her in the back. I hope by the end of the series she gets revenge on all of them. Her hair & fashion in this series is perfection. Isn't it also so ironic that in this series Kingdom Yuen's family can't seem to get along if their life depended on it and Kingdom was also in Welcome To The House & their family was so Happy Go Lucky. It's sad to say the Christine's family reflect most of the family I know. I'm looking to forward see what will happen next.

A New Breath of Love is the mainland series Raymond Lam did before he film Heart of Greed. Despite what some may think, there are more artists I like other than just Kevin Cheng that I would rent a whole non-TVB series to watch them. Raymond Lam is now one of them, before that there was Michelle Ye, Ada Choi, etc. Anyways, I really like this series. It revolves around so many relationships and how in way or another they interconnect. The sceneries in this series is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING. Shanghai is so beautiful.

.: One Thing They All Have In Common is Cheating Men In Their Storyline :.

A Wise Woman By The Name of Samantha Jones From Sex & The City Once Said...
"Men cheat for the same reason Dogs lick their balls... Because they can ."

Well, all three of these series cheating men seem to be part of the theme. In The Family Link Al Wai cheated on Kiki Sheung with a younger women while abandoning his family. SOmewhat true to the saying "Love stops at 50. Once the boobs drop, the loving stops." In The Green Grass of Home cheating men were everywhere. Savio Tsang cheated on his wife with Leanne Li, Evergreen Mak cheated on Kingdom Yuen with Sherming Yiu, and Joel Chan cheated on Suki Chui with Chan Man Yuen. In A New Breath of Love, Raymond Lam's character to be me was somehwat of a scumbag. He's a player they toy with girl's feelings. I'm on episode 18, I really hope Tammy Chen finds out he has girlfriend and dumps him soon.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

. : Health Does Matter : .

Its seems like every year when an Artists celebrates a Birthday or Chinese New Year they ask for good Health. Being in my youth & never really had a major illness I was naive enough to think "why would they ever ask for that?" I always thought they should ask for Wealth & Popularity. In recent years & presently my Health have been not so good due to some moderate conditions, I finally realize why TVB Stars are so keen on Health.

We really don't give TVB Stars enough credit. I find them to be more than just "actors who read scripts" as some people see them. They're really wise people with great perspective on life. I really admire Maggie Cheung Ho Yee. Before she was diagnosed with her Thyroid Disease I found her to be a great actress, but she had a rough personality of course because of her "Fued" with Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, & Charmaine Sheh. Now I see as a changed person. She had Wealth & Popularity and her Health force her to take a near 2 years leave.

Although I always say I hope she comes back soon and film TVB Series I feel now she should put her Health first. She looks like she has fully recovered base on pictures but we can never know for sure. Her disease seems to be very serious: I can definitely see the disease has taken a toll on her. I hope she regains her health soon.

After downloading Mr. Hong Kong 2007 in High Quality I noticed there seem to be something uneven about Maggie's appearance. Besides her softer voice I couldn't pin point what it was until now. When she looked into the camera I notice she has become "cross eyed". Is this just me? Does anyone else see it?

Maggie also was known for bust and curves after her endorsement for "LF", the beauty enhancement company that was started by Marianne Chan Miu Ying. (Also recently famed Maggie Shiu for her curves.) Anyways, I remember Natalie Tong mentioning she wish she could have curves like Maggie Cheung. However, if you watch Mr. HK you can see she's almost completely flat and is no longer the near "D" cup advertise in magazines for "LF".


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wishing Kevin a Joyful & Blissful 38th Birthday! Kevin Still Looks Absolutely Banging. He's doesn't look a day over 30.

"Now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the grave,
I've been kissed by a rose on the grey."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Excited For Forensic Heroes II

I'm most exited over one series that will start filming soon. Forensic Heroes 2! Filming is scheduled to start about early or mid September.

The Addition To The Cast

Joining the leading cast will be Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng. (FH2 is dubbed as the modern version of Witness To A Prosecution so Charmaine is would be an interesting addition since she was in WTAP II.) Also keep an eye out a fresh group supporting actors as victims & culprits. Since artistes like Fala Chen, Lai Lok Yi, Natalie Tong, Charmaine Li, ... all appeared in "one shot" roles in the original they more than likely won't return. I predict fresh faces like Suki Chui, Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Tracy Ip, & Sharon Luk will join.


35 or 40 Episodes? Earlier sources said 35, but now I'm hearing 40 being thrown around. I prefer 40, but I'm afraid it might get dragged out.

Frankie Lam's Role Will Be Smaller? Based on politics inside the company once again. When the original was filmed he was still under TVB Management, now he's not, at one time he even considered filming for ATV & I-Cable against TVB so...

Linda's Role Will Be Greatly Bigger? Things have changed since the original. her popularity has risen even higher than Yoyo so will she be leading over her like in HOG?

Will Charmaine & Kevin play villains? Still up for debate. Wouldn't it be interesting if one played a good character and emerged as a stone cold villain in the end? OH WAIT, Kevin & Charmaine already had roles like that in The Ultimate Crime Fighter/Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre 2000. So I hope it doesn't happen because it just wouldn't be fresh.

Another Love Square? Bobby (Charmaine's interest) <3 Charmaine <3 Yoyo (Kevin's interest <3 Kevin

ALL are still buzz/rumors/speculations. Anything can happen. We'll just have to wait and see...


[X] Bobby Au-Yeung-Finished Filming "Cold Encounter of the Third Kind".
[?] Frankie Lam-Most Likely Filming In Mainland.
[/] Kevin Cheng-Almost Done Filming "Walking With The Enemy".
[/] Yoyo Mung-Wrapping Up Filming "Walking With The Enemy".
[/] Linda Chung-Finishing Filming "Golden Destiny".
[X] Charmaine Sheh-All Projects Done-In Hawaii Taking a Holiday-Returning Soon..


Monday, August 13, 2007

<3 The Age of Love

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket "Are You Old Enough To Know Age Doesn't Matter?"

"The Age of Love" is a TV Show that just finished airing here in the U.S. It had concept slightly different of other Reality/Love TV Shows. A 30 year old pro tennis player had to pick a love out of two groups of women. One group in their 20's with the youngest being 21, and another group in their 40's with the oldest being 48. The show wasn't highly rated because viewers just was not interested, because they all knew he would go for the younger woman. In the end, he chose a 25 year old over a 48 year old. Viewer's instincts were right.

The concept of "Age Doesn't Matter" is very popular these days. However, contrary to what you might have thought this post was about, I believe Age Does Matter. Hence the oxymoron opening question. Through the last few series in recent years which feature older woman/younger man relationship a new phrase was coined, "Big Sister" relationships. I think its total BULL, and everytime I hear it I thing its the stupidest thing ever. What kind of world do we live in where we say we're open to these types of relationships, but we call women who are in it "Big Sisters" like its incest or something. Though these relationships are made mainstream by movies, tv series, etc. but in reality there aren't that many of these type of relationships, and barely any of them ever work out. In La femme Desperado, Raymond Lam & Melissa Ng were in a 'Big Sister' relationship, but in real life Melissa's secret husband is confirmed to be older than her, and Ray's current rumor girlfriend (Linda Chung) is actually younger than him.

With so much limelight shinning on the 'big sister' relationship people lose sight of the traditional older male/younger female relationship. These marriages have actually been the most successful. The fact is all women is do not like looking old. When your husband looks younger than you, then it simply makes you feel old & look old. Men also age alot slower than women, they "mature" & look more rugged while women just simply get older. Besides that you have to admit, older men have more mature perspectives and have their priorities straight. When you're a young girl dating someone 5-10-15 years older than you seems like you'll never do, but I've learn as you age & meet more people who have experience with love you'll be more familiar with the concept because it will be common. Women seem to be more comfortable in these relationships.

Any Celeb. "Big Sister" relationships will be brought to attention nomatter what's the difference, 2-4 years is all it takes to cause a stir. But when it comes to the opposite, not even a 12 year or up difference will matter. Here are examples of some true relationship & trustworthy rumor relationships in the HK entertainment circle. There are just so many of these, we'll be here until tomorow if I named all.

Cindy Au: 16 Dec, 1979 ==> 15 Years <== Roger Kwok: 9 Oct. 1964
Gaile Lok: Aug. 22, 1980 ==> 14 Years <== Leon Lai: 11 Dec, 1966
Niki Chow: 30 Aug. 1979 ==> 10 Years <== Kevin Cheng: Aug. 15, 1969
Bernice Liu: Jan. 6, 1979 ==> 8 Years <== Moses Chan: 16 April, 1971
Linda Chung: April 9, 1984 ==> 4 Years <== Raymond Lam: Dec 8, 1979
Kenix Kwok: 27 Nov. 1969 ==> 2 Years <== Frankie Lam: 19 Dec 1967

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Name Is Fame

After watching so many HK Variety shows I had an overwhelming feeling to write this post.

I was wondering how desirable Fame is in the eyes of people entering the entertainment industry? I'll be the first to admit I dreamed of being a TVB artists, but I woke up to reality. Back in the day, you only had about maybe three possible ways of entering Show Business or as its better known as "showbiz". But specifically to enter TVB, you either entered a pageant, TVB's acting class, or you have some sort of connection. These days, there are billions of ways to enter with new Variety shows & competition like Minute To Fame, Beautiful Cooking, etc. We even have a Mr. Hong Kong for men now. This is a dream for TVB because they will always need hosts for small shows, and extras on the set.

Winners of these shows, and finalists who got the attention of the press will usually get their 15 minutes of fame as a jump start to their career, but other seem to be stuck doing minor jobs. I see so many pretty Miss Hong Kong contestants fail to win the title, but still pursue an acting career. I see most for about a year before they completely disappear. The truth is I think you need to rise above and beyond to survive. I saw so many talented Mr. HK contestants who excel but they still failed, because in the end only 1 person can win.

Its just pitiful to watch TVB's "Deal or No Deal". Not because there are people are really desperate for the money winnings, but also the girls in the show. They're known as the Deal or No Deal girls, formally refered to as "Kam Tin Siu Jze". I recognize every single of them. They're either Miss Hong Kong contestants who didn't win or TVB extras or character actors. I know that some of these girls are University graduates from MHK, but its weird to see them putting everything aside to pursue fame. It's such a shame that TVB uses this show as a "dumping ground" where they unload all their cheap labor who are in search of fame. I would be really happy to one of them make it to the top.

If I were them would really envy actresses like Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Suki Chui, ... They are so lucky to recieve the blessing and support of TVB. I think to successful you should be in it for FAME and not Money. Be persistent and patient. Most importantly be confident, walk into the TVB studio like "you're walking through hell in gasoline soaked pajamas."


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mr. Hong Kong 2007 Is...

#7 Benjamin Yuen Wai Ho

Name : Yuen Wai Ho, Benjamin
Age : 26
Height : 5 feet 9 ½ inches (About 177 cm)
Weight : 159 pounds
Occupation : Director of Urban Services
Education : Privately Cerified Institution
Nickname / Nickname : Ben, Bun
Birthplace : Dong Guan
Constellation : Taurus
Zodiac : Chicken
Personality : Calm, Frank
Expertise/strengths : Playing Guitar, Fitness/Working Out.

The Two Runners Up Were: #2 Michael Chiu (Youth Group Winner)/#11 Wu Chi Wai (Mature Group Winner)

*So happy he won, I actually predicted something right. I was really disappointed with the Miss Hong Kong results, but at least the Mr. HK results are satisfactory.

Maggie Cheung looks like she has fully recovered, and Christine Ng looks like she is at it again. The VIP Female Guest Judges included Christine Ng, Anne Heung, Sharon Chan, Fionna Yuen, Angela Tong, Fala Chen, Margaret Chung, Mandy Cho, Suki Chui, Sherman Tang, Erica Yuen, Yan Ng, Cecilia Yip, Tacy Ip, Aimee Chan, Koni Lui, Janet Chow, Kayi Cheung, Grace Wong, Loreeta Chow, Lily Ho, Almen Wong, Ana R., Samantha Chow, Tiffany Lee, Ankie Bui, Sarah Song, ...

>> WATCH NOW-ONLINE: The Mr. HK Show Torrent for TnPlace members is here: It will about Sunday-Monday if you want to wait for TnPlace to upload it. It took a while but I digged up these links where you guys can watch it in the mean. My Chinese has its limit, but luckily I can read enough to navigate lady.qq. The video quality isn't the best, but it loads very fast if you're on a DSL connection. PLEASE Credit me if you repost anything, I will greatly appreciate it.

> PART 1 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (Contestant's Intro.)
>> PART 2 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (MC Intro. & VIP Judges Intro.)
>>> PART 3 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (Talent Competition)
>>>> PART 4 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (Talent Competition#2)
>>>>> PART 5 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (Swimsuit)
>>>>>> PART 6 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (Interview)
>>>>>>>PART 7 CLICK HERE TO WATCH << (Fala Chen & Vivien Yeo's Belly Dance/Mr. HK Contestant's Acrobat. MUST WATCH! These guys are amazingly talented! Mr. HK Group Winner/Final Winner also Chosen.)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

: : : Mr. Hong Kong 2007 Coverage : : :

Mr. Hong Kong will be held this Saturday. Expect a VIP List of Guest female celebs as usual from actresses to models. It will be Hosted by Carol (Dodo) Cheng, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, & Anna Yau.

Here's everything you need to know about the competion. FIRST, There's only 12 contestants this year, its either hit or miss like Miss HK, there's a couple of good quality men & some ehh... SECOND, as far as we know the competition should remain the same way, based on Votes judging by Talents, Physique, & Personality. THIRD, it should be alot funnier than Miss Hong Kong, it always is in my opinion, MHK has a more serious atmosphere. FOURTH, this year's contestant are alot less buff, they are divide up by two age groups now. I have about 3-4 favorites I hope would win. I learn from my mistakes this time, I didn't based everything on the TVB Portraits like I did with Miss HK. They are so misleading. I watch the a couple of Mr. HK Specials, and I based on personality too. It just so happen the Top 2 Hot Doors chosen by the press is my favorite too.

Here Are The Contestants
[FROM Left To Right]
#1 Zico Hau #2 Michael Chiu #3 Ryan Ngaan #4 Jackie Cheng #5 Derek Wan #6 Leo Lee #7 Benjamin Yuen #8 Jacky Lee #9 Kelvin Lam #10 Raymond Sin #11 Wu Chi Wai #12 John Chun


Meet TVB's New Signing! Lucky #7 Benjamin Yuen has the press obssessed with him. Particularly The Apple Daily & The Sun who seems to be in love with him. They even digged up his Friendster, and I have no idea why they zoomed into his nipple so don't even ask me. I really like him, he looks like a mix between Deric Wan & Daniel Wu, and in video he looks like a Donnie Yen look alike. They think he will win, because it seems like the last few years the winners are all English speakers. Regardless, he's pretty much guaranteed a contract with TVB.

#10 Raymond Sin the Kenneth Ma look alike is also a hot door. I admit he does resemble Kenneth. Raymond seems to be a very lucky name to have in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong so he might have luck on his side.

I also like #8 Jacky Lee & #9 Kelvin Lam. They have a very good possibility of winning too.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

>>> Rivals Part I <<<


(Rivals is basically TVB-G Showdown without me choosing a winner but rather giving my opinion.)

So why are Bosco Wong & Kenneth Ma Rivals? You would think other current popularity holders to young girls like Ron Ng & Raymond Lam would Bosco's rival, and you would think Sammul Chan is Kenneth's rival, but why did I put them against each other?

Just think about it. How many actors get the chance to move up in the ranks of leading actors? Not many, Bosco Wong moved up last year with Devil's Disciple & The Price of Greed, which initially was both warehoused. A shaky start to being a leading actor, he then went back into his Supporting Actor phase in Dicey Business & The Gem of Life. He's currently filming WOIL II, which is dominated by the female cast. Kenneth Ma ventured into the leading class with support and nominations from many producers, he lead Survivor's Law II & the new series with Leila Tong & Kate Tsui. He's currently filming The Four Constable, dominated by the male cast.

If Kenneth's leading series are successful, I think his career will go alot farther than Bosco. Honestly I like Kenneth alot more than Bosco. He has personality that is congenial, he's charming but not too over the top and he gives off a the feeling of humbleness. Bosco to me tries to hard to be funny & show off personality, and it comes off too strong. He gets annoying at times because it appears so immature. He should tone it down like Raymond, Kenneth, & Sammul and he'll be more congenial.

Kenneth will be more marketable in the long run, because he's never really been an actor who banked on teeny popularity. He's the oldest out of the Olympic Six, he's in his 30's already. If he can successfully prove his status as a leading actor then he'll move into the class of resident TVB leading actors like Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Steven Ma, Bowie Lam, Roger Kwok, etc. and not having to worry about moving back to supporting. That's my opinion, call me biase if you want but that's what I think.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Say AAAAH...

The Cast of Devil's Disciple delivers yet another "interesting" picture. I ran into this picture while looking through Kevin's Baidu. I got a good laugh out of it, its just a priceless picture. That's James in the middle, he's the Thai singer who sang with Kevin & Bosco for the Thai theme for Devil's Disciple. He looks like he's alittle clueless and feels ackward about what's happening. I can see why some fans see a "Brokeback Mountain" chemistry between enough to make a Music Video about them. It was posted on C-Box just a while back. I heard the The Apple Daily was spotlighting it.

The video is described as "A totally made up love interest between Bosco and Kevin... gay, but funny... a double dose of charm.". The editing is really clever, if I didn't watch [DD] & wasn't so intuned to the TVB world I would have believe it 110%. I'm very open minded so I actually found the video to be very cute, especially the part with the snow.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

To Live With No Regret

I've regret doing many things in my life, and not doing many things in my life. One thing I regret is my experience in High School. When I was still in High School I really dreaded coming to school everyday and I was always looking forward to college. Even when it came to the last weeks of school I skipped Fridays just to avoid waking up early. Now I really miss High School, I've met so many great people there, had so many fond memories. It was just simple time in my life where I lived the carefree life. Although there were the usual High School drama, but I never really cared. Looking back I can laugh about many things like having a crush on a teacher Sophmore year, he was this really cute 25 year old teacher who just graduated. He was half asian so he would always sees me as someone he could talk too. There were a couple of moments of "Love" & so many crushes, but lets not talk about that. I would really give anything to relive the last couple days of High School over again.

Maybe all these feelings are just fears of me not being able to adapt to college completely yet. People in High School cared about me, while the people in College like the staff really seem to be just out to be making money. I'm glad the students are still friendly though. But I'm 110% sure I'll miss college when I graduate, because I missed every stepping stone so far in my life, Elementary School, Junior High, High School...

I've realize over time I've change alot from the girl I used to be. When I started TVB Generation I was only 16. I was juggling High School life, and I thought I had it hard. I was so naive and wrong. I went from blogging about trashing TVB stars, to having a full spirit of creativity making new features for the blog. Since then my spirit died down with life being so busy & hectic. But I realized whenever I blog I feel like the girl I was when I was in my Junior year of High School. Its mix feelings of sadness, reliving the "old times", with some happiness. As more people read my blog, and the more affiliates I make I see have fast time has past.

Some things I regret not doing in High School is knowing my School's Alma Matta, Not wearing any school T-Shirts unless I had to, and baiscly not living it to the fullest. Now I know why so many people love watching High School theme classic movies like "Never Been Kissed" & "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion". Hopefully I can change the many things I regret ten years from now at High School reunion.

I know this wasn't really a TVB post, but I was something I really wanted to get off my chest. Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 03, 2007

TVB-G Fashion Double Vision

Bitter Sweet: Its been about over half a year I think since I did a Fashion Double Vision. I really like this feature, and I know alot of people like it too, but it has become so difficult. Its almost like artists know that people are spotlighting them wearing the same stuff so they do their best to avoid it. Here's some findings that I found.

Jessica Hsuan & Sonjia Kwok: Sonjia Kwok wore this dress at this year's Miss Hong Kong in her stage appearance. I knew the dress looks familar but I couldn't pin point who wore it before. Suddenly I remebered Jessica Hsuan wore it two years ago at TVB's 38th Anniversary in 2005. I personally I don't have a favorite on who looks better on it, but I like Jessica's neclace better & Sonjia's bracelet better as well. I must say wearing a the same dress two years after the original appearance is a big fashion DON'T in the entertainment industry.

TVB Artists Vs. Hong Kong Top Models: What happens when TVB artists wear the same clothes as the Models who are paid grandly to wear them for a living. Models look better in these clothes almost 90% of the time because they're so tall. These dresses were probably sponsored to the TVB artists.

Sharon Chan Vs. Kathy Chow Man Kei: Sharon Chan wore this dress when the Lady In Red CD first came out. Kathy Chow is of course known as Hong Kong's highest paid model, and Niki's sister. I think Kathy looks better in this. Not because of the height though, because Kathy is only taller than Sharon by .25 inch (Sharon-5'8.75 / Kathy-5'9). I think Kathy looks better in it because her hair is down and styled very nicely. This dress looks better with hair worn down not up.

Gaile Lok Vs. Bernice Liu: Bernice wore this dress at last year's TVB Artist's Party. Gaile Lok is Leon lai's girlfriend and is currently ranked the #1 model in Hong Kong. I actually like it better on Gaile, it looks like a better fit to her body, while it looks a little "baggy" on Bernice. Once again I think it has to do with the height, Gaile is 5'8.5 while Bernice is 5'7. This a Fendi couture dress. By the way, that's Lisa S. (Selesner) standing next to Gaile, she's Daniel Wu's girlfriend, she's really tall, about 5'11.

Sonjia Kwok Vs. Ana R.: Sonjia wore this dress at last year's TVB Artist's Party as well. Ana R. (Rivera) is one of Hong Kong current top model. She's famous for dating someone name Mr. Chow, who looks to me like a young playboy with plenty of cash to spare. Ana wore this same dress with an added decorative pendant at a Nokia function. I think it looks better on Ana once again because of the height, her dress is complimented by her elongated neck. (Ana-5'9.5 / Sonjia-5'6).

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