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Friday, August 03, 2007

TVB-G Fashion Double Vision

Bitter Sweet: Its been about over half a year I think since I did a Fashion Double Vision. I really like this feature, and I know alot of people like it too, but it has become so difficult. Its almost like artists know that people are spotlighting them wearing the same stuff so they do their best to avoid it. Here's some findings that I found.

Jessica Hsuan & Sonjia Kwok: Sonjia Kwok wore this dress at this year's Miss Hong Kong in her stage appearance. I knew the dress looks familar but I couldn't pin point who wore it before. Suddenly I remebered Jessica Hsuan wore it two years ago at TVB's 38th Anniversary in 2005. I personally I don't have a favorite on who looks better on it, but I like Jessica's neclace better & Sonjia's bracelet better as well. I must say wearing a the same dress two years after the original appearance is a big fashion DON'T in the entertainment industry.

TVB Artists Vs. Hong Kong Top Models: What happens when TVB artists wear the same clothes as the Models who are paid grandly to wear them for a living. Models look better in these clothes almost 90% of the time because they're so tall. These dresses were probably sponsored to the TVB artists.

Sharon Chan Vs. Kathy Chow Man Kei: Sharon Chan wore this dress when the Lady In Red CD first came out. Kathy Chow is of course known as Hong Kong's highest paid model, and Niki's sister. I think Kathy looks better in this. Not because of the height though, because Kathy is only taller than Sharon by .25 inch (Sharon-5'8.75 / Kathy-5'9). I think Kathy looks better in it because her hair is down and styled very nicely. This dress looks better with hair worn down not up.

Gaile Lok Vs. Bernice Liu: Bernice wore this dress at last year's TVB Artist's Party. Gaile Lok is Leon lai's girlfriend and is currently ranked the #1 model in Hong Kong. I actually like it better on Gaile, it looks like a better fit to her body, while it looks a little "baggy" on Bernice. Once again I think it has to do with the height, Gaile is 5'8.5 while Bernice is 5'7. This a Fendi couture dress. By the way, that's Lisa S. (Selesner) standing next to Gaile, she's Daniel Wu's girlfriend, she's really tall, about 5'11.

Sonjia Kwok Vs. Ana R.: Sonjia wore this dress at last year's TVB Artist's Party as well. Ana R. (Rivera) is one of Hong Kong current top model. She's famous for dating someone name Mr. Chow, who looks to me like a young playboy with plenty of cash to spare. Ana wore this same dress with an added decorative pendant at a Nokia function. I think it looks better on Ana once again because of the height, her dress is complimented by her elongated neck. (Ana-5'9.5 / Sonjia-5'6).

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Comments on "TVB-G Fashion Double Vision"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:14 AM) : 

i don't think that jessica's and sonija's dress is the same dress, just very alike! you can see that front is different! but i really appreciate fashion dubbles - so amusing! thanks and keep up!


Blogger adeline said ... (4:45 PM) : 

i think jessica's n sonija's dress are slightly diff?? but asia.. u r great to be able to find similarities.. i wldnt even rem


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:05 PM) : 

Its the same dress, but Chanel. The front looks different because jessica's picture has a strong flash that evens out the dress in the front without the outline.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (7:23 PM) : 

I think you are talking about the outline with the crystals on Jess's dress, but its the same. the strong flash made it blend.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:44 AM) : 

hmm.. i agree.. i dun think Jessica's an Sonija's are the same..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:03 AM) : 

i can see that the chest part that looks like a 'U' is bigger on Sonija and that the fabric isn't the same. it's hard to tell if it's the same or just very alike design... does anyone have another pic tp compare??


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (12:20 AM) : 

It seem its hard to tell because of the chest design but I assure its the same, the flash made Jessica's chest design blend in while Sonjia has a good contrast so you can tell.


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