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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Excited For Forensic Heroes II

I'm most exited over one series that will start filming soon. Forensic Heroes 2! Filming is scheduled to start about early or mid September.

The Addition To The Cast

Joining the leading cast will be Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng. (FH2 is dubbed as the modern version of Witness To A Prosecution so Charmaine is would be an interesting addition since she was in WTAP II.) Also keep an eye out a fresh group supporting actors as victims & culprits. Since artistes like Fala Chen, Lai Lok Yi, Natalie Tong, Charmaine Li, ... all appeared in "one shot" roles in the original they more than likely won't return. I predict fresh faces like Suki Chui, Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Tracy Ip, & Sharon Luk will join.


35 or 40 Episodes? Earlier sources said 35, but now I'm hearing 40 being thrown around. I prefer 40, but I'm afraid it might get dragged out.

Frankie Lam's Role Will Be Smaller? Based on politics inside the company once again. When the original was filmed he was still under TVB Management, now he's not, at one time he even considered filming for ATV & I-Cable against TVB so...

Linda's Role Will Be Greatly Bigger? Things have changed since the original. her popularity has risen even higher than Yoyo so will she be leading over her like in HOG?

Will Charmaine & Kevin play villains? Still up for debate. Wouldn't it be interesting if one played a good character and emerged as a stone cold villain in the end? OH WAIT, Kevin & Charmaine already had roles like that in The Ultimate Crime Fighter/Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre 2000. So I hope it doesn't happen because it just wouldn't be fresh.

Another Love Square? Bobby (Charmaine's interest) <3 Charmaine <3 Yoyo (Kevin's interest <3 Kevin

ALL are still buzz/rumors/speculations. Anything can happen. We'll just have to wait and see...


[X] Bobby Au-Yeung-Finished Filming "Cold Encounter of the Third Kind".
[?] Frankie Lam-Most Likely Filming In Mainland.
[/] Kevin Cheng-Almost Done Filming "Walking With The Enemy".
[/] Yoyo Mung-Wrapping Up Filming "Walking With The Enemy".
[/] Linda Chung-Finishing Filming "Golden Destiny".
[X] Charmaine Sheh-All Projects Done-In Hawaii Taking a Holiday-Returning Soon..


Comments on "Excited For Forensic Heroes II"


Blogger Charlotte said ... (6:22 AM) : 

Wonderful!! I hope it'd be released as soon as possible!


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