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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

>>> Rivals Part I <<<


(Rivals is basically TVB-G Showdown without me choosing a winner but rather giving my opinion.)

So why are Bosco Wong & Kenneth Ma Rivals? You would think other current popularity holders to young girls like Ron Ng & Raymond Lam would Bosco's rival, and you would think Sammul Chan is Kenneth's rival, but why did I put them against each other?

Just think about it. How many actors get the chance to move up in the ranks of leading actors? Not many, Bosco Wong moved up last year with Devil's Disciple & The Price of Greed, which initially was both warehoused. A shaky start to being a leading actor, he then went back into his Supporting Actor phase in Dicey Business & The Gem of Life. He's currently filming WOIL II, which is dominated by the female cast. Kenneth Ma ventured into the leading class with support and nominations from many producers, he lead Survivor's Law II & the new series with Leila Tong & Kate Tsui. He's currently filming The Four Constable, dominated by the male cast.

If Kenneth's leading series are successful, I think his career will go alot farther than Bosco. Honestly I like Kenneth alot more than Bosco. He has personality that is congenial, he's charming but not too over the top and he gives off a the feeling of humbleness. Bosco to me tries to hard to be funny & show off personality, and it comes off too strong. He gets annoying at times because it appears so immature. He should tone it down like Raymond, Kenneth, & Sammul and he'll be more congenial.

Kenneth will be more marketable in the long run, because he's never really been an actor who banked on teeny popularity. He's the oldest out of the Olympic Six, he's in his 30's already. If he can successfully prove his status as a leading actor then he'll move into the class of resident TVB leading actors like Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Steven Ma, Bowie Lam, Roger Kwok, etc. and not having to worry about moving back to supporting. That's my opinion, call me biase if you want but that's what I think.


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