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Sunday, April 30, 2006

TVB-G Video of the Week: 2002 TVB Anniversary

Sorry Again Everyone: I think everyone has noticed I haven't update in the last 3 days or so. I feel so bad, but I really had to buckle down since my AP English Exam is on Monday, I'm very nervous. My next AP is on the 10th. Thank everyone for the support, and for understanding.

TVB-G VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The video of the week is a pretty long video that sums up the 2002 TVB Anniversary with alot of behind the scene clips. I found it a really time ago, and figured its about time to spotlight it. Alot of tearful moments between good friends. This was the year, Gallen Lo won Best Actor, Flora Chan won Best Actress, Moses Chan won Most Improved Male, and Myolie Wu won Most Improved Female. All of the prize winning moments are featured, as well as emotional moments of friendship.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Step Into The Past": Flora Chan

This Is Rare: Flora's beauty is a type I consider very rare when I do Step Into The Past features. Almost everyone actress that was featured look better as they aged, but Flora is a different story. I remebered when I first saw Flora's debut in many her first TVB series ever, she look so amazing beautiful, but as the years past I kinda lost admiration for her beauty, but gain more for her acting. Watching Healing Hands II, and watching Hard Fate, I was so astonish by the changes. Bottom line, I think Flora still looks pretty, but the youthful Flora just so beautiful that it tends to make me think she isnt as prety anymore.

======= Flora Chan of the Past ========

========= Flora Chan of the Present ==========

Monday, April 24, 2006

Family Ties: Niki Chow & Kathy Chow

Sisters Sisters: Before everyone gets confuse by the name I should explain. Alot of people mistake Kathy Chow Hoi Mei for being Niki's sister, but she isn't. Niki's sister is also named Kathy Chow, but Man Kei not Hoi Mei. The two of them share an erie resemblance that shows only on certain pictures, other times you would even know they were sisters. In the pictures below they look very much so alike.

All About Kathy: Kathy Chow Man Kei actually achieved fame before Niki did, she is an author who is known for writing about touring restaurants in Hong Kong. She also has achieved Supermodel status. Kathy has been making news lately because she was the hot guest at Justin Lo's concert, "she dressed so sexily with her sweet frangrance" that it made Justin Lo forget his lyrics on stage. She is no doubt pretty, Kathy was even a prestigious judge at last year's MHK. The one thing that caused alot of stir, and rumours between the sisters were the plastic surgery report. Reporters were trying dig info. out of Niki to have press release saying Kathy had breast implants, which she obviously did if looked at her older pictures. But nomatter what, both are not only sisters, but the best of friends.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

(¯`·._.·Asia's Blog: Random Blogging Bonanza·._.·´¯)

MUCHO MUCHO IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be taking two big AP Exams (College Credit Exams) in about 2 1/2 weeks. Its on Chemistry, and English. I'm so nervous, because Chemistry is one of the 3 most failed exams. I'm studying very hard, for these exams, and in the next 2 1/2 weeks I might not be able to update on a certain couple of days. PLEASE forgive me, its really crunch time for me. I will be back on track once its May 11th, and I've taken both. All I have after that are regualr exams and SAT. MUCHO GRACIAS, THANK YOU, DO DZE SAAI, SZE SZE, CAM ON. Asia

The Feeling: Absolutely amazing that I found the pictures that expresses my emotion towards all these ridiculous academic exams.

LMAO! MUST READ! Its nice to know we have alot role models in Hong Kong like Jordan Chan. Apparently he was at a promotion heavily populated with kids, and he decided to flick everybody in the crowd off. The HK citizens have no idea what that means so they went crazy cheering because they thought it meant the same as Number 1 thumbs up. This site is read by alot of international readers so I would like to explain what that means. Giving the middle finger is the equivilence of telling them "Screw (F**K) You!" in North American culture. I decided to make these two pictures our pictures of the Month.

~TVB-G Pictures of the Month~ Congrats Jordan! You Did Us Proud!

GOD WHY DO YOU TEASE ME!!!! SOBB... It's bad enough that I'm all tied up with work, but then I was hit in the face with this news. Sonjia going to Thailand with not just Ron, not just Raymond, not just Kevin, but all three! By show of comments on shoutbox, how many of you guys are jealous of Sonjia?

Brief Kevin News: Kevin's Trimming Success will air in HK on May 15th after La feme Desperado. This is Kevin's first leading performance, but second to air, because it was warehoused. This is also the first Nadia series to air in HK in over three years. *Credit To Kitson for the News*
*Screen Captures of Kevin in Thailand (Click To Enlarge)*

Saturday, April 22, 2006

>>> Look Alikes - Sharon Chan & Kathy Chow Hoi Mei <<<

>>Realized<<: When I first saw Sharon in Dream of Colour I kept getting a feeling like I've been watching her series for a long time, because she just looks so familar. I couldn't really put a face on it though. My first instinct was she looks like Kelly Chen (Check Out That Look Alike Post Here: ) so that why she looks so familar. I just realized recently she looks alot like one of favorite former TVB actress, Kathy Chow Hoi Mei. Younger generations of TVB viewers problaly wont remember her, but you'll definitely start to get some memories of her because she was in alot of great TVB series. In my opinion, she is one of the prettiest TVB actresses there were at that time. So do they look alike?

: : : : : : : : Ms. Sharon Chan Man Chi : : : : : : : :

: : : : : : : : : Ms. Kathy Chow Hoi Mei : : : : : : : : :

Friday, April 21, 2006

-TVB-G Fashion Double Vision-

The Double Vision: Back for another round of fashion double vision, I've been storing up on the double visions, and also found alot new and interesting ones so stay tune for more double visions.

Rain Li & Myolie Wu: In all fairness Rain wore this red and white pattern dress first at Mont Blanc anniversary event, and Myolie wore it soon later at the Next Magazine TV Awards ceremony with a an addition of matching earings, and subtraction of the hat. So who does it look better on? I pick Myolie because of elegant hair combined with her matching red lipstick on. *Submitted By Jayne*

Fiona Sit & Gigi Lai: Fiona wore this dress to this year's HK Film Awards, and Gigi wore it for the spread in TVB magazine's popularity issue, mostlikely arranged for her. So who does it look better on? I pick Gigi because of her model like stature bringing out more beauty, and the fact that she has her hair down compliments the black part of the dress beautifully. *Submitted by Tammy & Huong*

Angela Tong & Gigi Lai: Angela Tong wore this green pattern dress to Next Magazine's TV Award ceremony, and soon after Gigi wore it to the DOP promotion. It was even pointed out by a reporter. So who does it look better on? I really dont like this dress, because it looks like a sun dress not very elegant, but rather a little cheap looking. If I must pick, I would have to say Angela because she is wearing a softer makeup tone perfect for this type of spring color dress, Gigi's dark makeup is overpowering the dress. *Submitted by Tammy & Lamoure*

Maria Chan & Sonjia Kwok: I believe I've done this one before, but it was submitted by QuackieChau at a better angle now. So who does this look better on? I actually picked Maria, because of her curly brown hair complimenting the ruffles on the dress.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Step Into The Past": Benny Chan

To Step or Not To Step: That is the question. Benny Chan is Charmaine's "Rumored" couple, and one of the new favorites after rewatching some of his old series and new ones like the recent A Pillow Case of Mystery, and currently The Bitter Bitten. I decide to step into his past out of curiosity to see what he looked like in the past.

Way Back In The Days: I went a little farther then I usually do, because if do step we should take a big step. Benny was so adorable when he was a baby. Some of the cutest baby pictures I've seen.

The Middle Era: Uhmmm.... Heh..... So.... That's the younger Benny... The top two pictures he does look diffrent, but cute with most of the difference being seen in the hair. The bottom two pictures are just a little weird for me though. The hair color, the hairstyle, the look are just a little ackward for me. The noticeable difference is Benny's smile, and teeth. He didnt smile with teeth until he had them done cosmetically, but I dont know if it was braces or it was just restructured with porcelain teeth.

The Present Benny: The Benny we all know, I must admit he looks alot more cute now. His fashion style, and hairstyle are so modern. He also smiles with confident and all his teeth with a BIG noticeable difference. Overall he has change for the better.

Monday, April 17, 2006

*. : ~Ancient Hair Salon De La TVB-G~ : .*

Ancient But Modern: I always love the ancient hairstyles in nostalgic series. As TVB progressed the ancient hairstyles gets more modern, and so much prettier. The ancient hairstyles and wigs created in the 80's & 90's were pretty, but some were just average looking. The 2000's is when TVB broke out their top notch ancient hair dues. I spent some time searching for some of my favorites I've seen from the 2000's.

#1 Favorite: The War & Beauty Collection- I've never really like the hairstyle with the HUGE vertical bee hive of fake hair on top, none those really impress me that much. However, when WAB released I was captivated by their hair dues. They were all so unique, beautiful, and original. The designs of the flowers on the hair were so beautiful, and for once it actually look like real hair, not artificial ones wrapped around cardboard. The winter look was even prettier, I've never seen fur combine with that type of style, but it makes for spectacular hairstyle, so beautiful.

#2 Favorite: The Conqueror's Story Collection-One of the things that made that series very interesting for me was the hairstyles, particularly Maggie Cheung's. She had like seven different hair dues design especially for her, and all of them looked spetacular. I also love all the jeweleries, and accessories on the hairs which complimented them beautifully.

The Honorable Mentions: There is so many other ancient hairstyles that I really like, but since I cant name all I'll just do some honorable mentions. I really like Tavia Yeung's hairstyle in TOB, it look so pretty and modern with like a Japanese touch. I found this picture while doing a Google image search, alot pretty ones. I really like Sonjia and Nancy's, I thought those are very modern. I've seen girls with Nancy's hairtyle at Homecomings & Proms, well sorta...

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