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Monday, April 17, 2006

*. : ~Ancient Hair Salon De La TVB-G~ : .*

Ancient But Modern: I always love the ancient hairstyles in nostalgic series. As TVB progressed the ancient hairstyles gets more modern, and so much prettier. The ancient hairstyles and wigs created in the 80's & 90's were pretty, but some were just average looking. The 2000's is when TVB broke out their top notch ancient hair dues. I spent some time searching for some of my favorites I've seen from the 2000's.

#1 Favorite: The War & Beauty Collection- I've never really like the hairstyle with the HUGE vertical bee hive of fake hair on top, none those really impress me that much. However, when WAB released I was captivated by their hair dues. They were all so unique, beautiful, and original. The designs of the flowers on the hair were so beautiful, and for once it actually look like real hair, not artificial ones wrapped around cardboard. The winter look was even prettier, I've never seen fur combine with that type of style, but it makes for spectacular hairstyle, so beautiful.

#2 Favorite: The Conqueror's Story Collection-One of the things that made that series very interesting for me was the hairstyles, particularly Maggie Cheung's. She had like seven different hair dues design especially for her, and all of them looked spetacular. I also love all the jeweleries, and accessories on the hairs which complimented them beautifully.

The Honorable Mentions: There is so many other ancient hairstyles that I really like, but since I cant name all I'll just do some honorable mentions. I really like Tavia Yeung's hairstyle in TOB, it look so pretty and modern with like a Japanese touch. I found this picture while doing a Google image search, alot pretty ones. I really like Sonjia and Nancy's, I thought those are very modern. I've seen girls with Nancy's hairtyle at Homecomings & Proms, well sorta...

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