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Sunday, April 23, 2006

(¯`·._.·Asia's Blog: Random Blogging Bonanza·._.·´¯)

MUCHO MUCHO IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be taking two big AP Exams (College Credit Exams) in about 2 1/2 weeks. Its on Chemistry, and English. I'm so nervous, because Chemistry is one of the 3 most failed exams. I'm studying very hard, for these exams, and in the next 2 1/2 weeks I might not be able to update on a certain couple of days. PLEASE forgive me, its really crunch time for me. I will be back on track once its May 11th, and I've taken both. All I have after that are regualr exams and SAT. MUCHO GRACIAS, THANK YOU, DO DZE SAAI, SZE SZE, CAM ON. Asia

The Feeling: Absolutely amazing that I found the pictures that expresses my emotion towards all these ridiculous academic exams.

LMAO! MUST READ! Its nice to know we have alot role models in Hong Kong like Jordan Chan. Apparently he was at a promotion heavily populated with kids, and he decided to flick everybody in the crowd off. The HK citizens have no idea what that means so they went crazy cheering because they thought it meant the same as Number 1 thumbs up. This site is read by alot of international readers so I would like to explain what that means. Giving the middle finger is the equivilence of telling them "Screw (F**K) You!" in North American culture. I decided to make these two pictures our pictures of the Month.

~TVB-G Pictures of the Month~ Congrats Jordan! You Did Us Proud!

GOD WHY DO YOU TEASE ME!!!! SOBB... It's bad enough that I'm all tied up with work, but then I was hit in the face with this news. Sonjia going to Thailand with not just Ron, not just Raymond, not just Kevin, but all three! By show of comments on shoutbox, how many of you guys are jealous of Sonjia?

Brief Kevin News: Kevin's Trimming Success will air in HK on May 15th after La feme Desperado. This is Kevin's first leading performance, but second to air, because it was warehoused. This is also the first Nadia series to air in HK in over three years. *Credit To Kitson for the News*
*Screen Captures of Kevin in Thailand (Click To Enlarge)*

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