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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

PART II: Roger & The Writings On The Walls.

Q: Will Roger follow steps? A: Of course he will! Roger's mother died this year, I remembered reading that he said he was sad that she wasn't able to see him get married. Since then Roger has been working nonstop to earn money to get married. Is TVB so cheap that their top actor cant afford to married? Honestly I admit that the answer to this has been carved on the walls of TVB history all along. Every "Golden Boy" or "Yat Gor"(First Brother, for those who like to call them that) have left TVB after achieving the success they were amining for. This isn't their fault since TVB is apparently very cheap, and filming is harsh. This is absolutely unavoidable and history will sure to repeat itself. Great of TVB's past includes Chow Yan Fat, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow, Simon Yam, Andy Lau, Gordon Lam, Louis Koo, Gallen Lo & etc. all have been gone, and they're all also are enjoying great wealth and success elsewhere like mainland and the big screen. But dont worry when Roger leaves someone else will definitely step up and be the replacement. Roger himself was once considered a replacement for Louis Koo and Gallen Lo. So the cycle will always continue. So who will it be next, Bowie? Moses? Kevin? Raymond? Ron? We will be sure to find out, the question is when?...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Couple Name Game

TVB Fans these days are truly of a whole new generation with creativity, or rather lazyness. Instead of typing both the names out, fans are now combining them as a compound like chemistry. This might have been sparked when American celebs Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck became simply Bennifer. So I wanted to share combination I've seen & some I tried to make up and thought was funny. Play it & ponder alittle to relax after all the articles these last few days.


Bosco+Myolie= Boslie? Boscolie? Myosco? _________?
Myolie+Ron= Ronolie? Myron? _________?
Louis & Jessica= Just LJ?! Louissica? ____________?
Gigi+Bowie= Gowie? Bigi? _________?
Raymond+Tavia= No Clue? _________?
Moses+Bernice= Monice? _________?
Charmaine+Chilam= Charlamaine! __________?
Kenix+Frankie= Kenkie? Franix? _________?

As you can see I'm not great at this game, but can anyone come up with something better? Shared it on shoutbox.

Monday, November 28, 2005

PART I: Will Roger Follow Footsteps?


Roger is no doubt TVB's number one actor, and is now the Golden Boy symbolicly. He has won the Best Actor award twice now. But what's next after winning the prized award every actor yourn for, not once but twice. Of course one option is following the footsteps of TVB past Golden Boys like Louis Koo, and Gallen Lo. They both have also won The Best Actor award, and as you all can see they're not exactly still hanging around TVB. They have spoke out alot saying they still have have a good relationship with TVB, but no series film by them lately. Louis Koo last TVB series filmed was "Step Into The Past", back when Sonjia was still kind of a newcomer. Gallen was the "W Files" with Yoyo Mung and even declared during the time of airing that it would be his last series with TVB for a while. Many don't come back because of the money, which TVB infamously known for being very cheap. Roger has been showing symptoms of the "Golden Boy Effect" already with him filming mainland series fairly more. But who can blame him with the low pay, that's Roger only choice inorder to save money to married long time girlfriend Cindy Au. Doing a couple of mainland series on the side pays the bill because the earnings are alot more decent. However once people get use to the good life with high incomes, little small payments wont seem that satisfying anyore...

TUNE IN FOR PART II: Roger & The Writings On The Wall!
Lots More To Talk About...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Feature Artiste: The Charming Jack Wu

Beneath His Charms:
The Charming Pretty Boy in TVB series, Jack Wu Lok Yin. Gaining vast popularity by the seconds. Jack is definitely not a newcomer as he has been in the entertainment cirle for considerably long time now. However, this is because he pursued a singing career beforehand. He was only recently discovered by alot of fans through watching him in series. Many notice right off the bat his height. Jack is 173 cm or 5 feet 6.8 inches tall, justing barely meeting the minimal requirements of the TVB 13th acting class and other recruitment programs which is 5'7. TVB problaly rounded for the sake that they saw something in him because he had prior experiences in the industry. Great decision made them I must say. I've actually read a fan commenting "He might be short but his muscular body sure makes up for it" which I have to say is not a lie. By looking at him you might reasonably guess that he's still in his teens between the age of 17-19. Born in August 23, 1977, Jack is actually 28 nearing the 30's. Jack could be listed as a agedefyer in his rights.

Jack & TVB:
His first role in TVB series was on "King of Yesterday" playing Kwong Wah's cousin having one of the smallest role and the least lines of that series. Gradually he made his way up the ladder in "Not Just a Pretty Face" opposite Nancy Wu as Roger's brother. This is where I started to take noticed of him. He suprised me when he played a second lead (big supporting) role along with Myolie Wu in only his third series. The series, "Net Deception", ended not airing at all in Hong Kong because it was deemed a warehouse series. Sadly, Jack then didn't have any other serial that aired inorder to capitalize on his popularity for a while after because he wasn't constantly filming. He did take some time to go to Switzerland with Angela Tong to film a special show. He then follow with another warehouse series, "Ten Brothers", which has yet aired in Hong Kong and only released overseas.

Then came good news that TVB will promoting Jack more because they have adopted him into their "Jade's New Army" with other up and coming stars. After several months of fans not seeing his face, Jack broke the dry spell with "The Gateau Affairs" with big names like Bobo Chan, Joe Ma, Annie Man and Myolie Wu. The show earned fairly decent ratings. After about a month Jack fans received the good news that Jack's series "Real Kung Fu" will be an anniversary series. The bad news came when it did not receive good ratings at all, almost dreadful. He was linked to his costar Charmaine Li because of joking accusation by Timmy Hung. The worse part for alot of Jack fans was that TVB had him a sissy role in the series. Strangely, the damage was minimal if any were present. His fan sites are still strong with alot of registered fans, his forum at sites are still very lively in discussion, and work for him are still lined up. Why? Jack is very loveable, and easily adored among viewers. There is no reason I can think of why anybody would hate him so why not just love him. There is something magical in his smile that will take care of the rest...

To Jack Wu, High Hopes, Big Potential, and Great Success!

My Rating of Jack:
***** 4 Stars
What's your Rating of him?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Michelle Ye Vs. Michelle Yip?

(Yes, I do know they're the same person) Just to bring everyone up to date TVB will airing "The Herbalist's Manual" at the same time as ATV's "Central Affairs". This is rivalry at its finest. Michelle is now caught in middle as a tool for battle. This couldn't have been better for her because she's getting twice the publicity and exposure. These show couldn't have been more opposites. One an ancient series about medicine, another a modern drama about the business world. I think its the outcome of this rivalry battle that will be the most entertaining. This fight will problaly be determined in three rounds. Round 1 went to ATV because TVB practicly gave up Michelle's promotional power by not asking her to publicize "The Herbalist's Manual". Round two will be the reaction of viewers and their liking of both series. The most important and the final punch is the overated ratings of how many people actually watch and which one did better, this is usually no competetion because TVB series almost always get better ratings no matter what. SO LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Source: Ellie@ Hong Kong Buzz

Friday, November 25, 2005

TVB Anniversary Show, The Must See Wrap Up!:

This year TVB decided to completely change how the Anniversary Show used to be. Less performances, which made it so slow & so boring. It is mostly awards now, because apparently thats what everyone was tuning in for the last few years. So they scrap the Top Ten Favorite Character Awards, The Best Chemistry, and change the Extraordinary Award (which were mainly given to veteran stars who play supporting roles) into to the best supporting. So it was basicly suppose to be an HK Emmy Award show. Without the performances you feel a bored because all you hear is speeches, after speeches, and of course exceptance speeches. Let make some comparison from the last from two years:

2003 ===> 2004 ===> 2005

The mood and overall atmosphere was alot less festive, and more like "I'm only here because the company makes it mandatory to come." The overall celeb crowd was alot smaller as you can see. Tons of star were missing that were present in the last two years. Some noticable ones are Gallen Lo, Maggie Cheung, Chilam Cheung, Sheren Tang, Nick Cheung, Maggie Siu, Ada Choi, Wong Hei, Lawrence Ng, Steven Ma, Dayo Wong and the list goes on.

The Materialistic Items: We will come to learn that its the little things that are important. Did you guys notice how they didn't officially begin the show with the lighting of the giant globe anymore, but a cheesy scrolling crystal ball we all can buy at like a toy store. And of course the most noticable thing:

And the TVB Anniversary Award for Ugliest Trophy Goes To... 2005's! This year TVB had the ugliest trophy in the world. It makes me wonder if Bernice, Kenix, and Moses really wanted it. If you look closely the thing looks like a combine rip off of both the Emmy's and the Oscar's.

Except the Emmy's and the Oscar look so beautiful in solid 24K gold, while TVB's looks gold plated like a first grader made it. Compare it with the last two year's, which looked alot better:

The Tradition Lives On: Every year the stars have a traddition to see who can slaughter the most innocent animals as they can by wearing the most fur. The statistic is that 50% of the actresses wear fur to this. And they're all real fur, because they're designer made. I give you exibit A, three of the six actresses are wearing fur:

~My Overall Rating of The Show on a scale of 1-5 stars is: ~
*** ** 3 Stars

Thursday, November 24, 2005

New Poll Topic:

NOTE: I'm an honest person, and I always give credit to where it is deserve. This poll was inspired by a similar poll at the late TVSS. Unfortunately it shutdown before results were out. I added ALOT more names, and polish it up a little. I really want to know what you all think. Since polls take so much room now:


Which of the following TVB stars has the most unique & striking English names?

Sammul Chan,Sonjia Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Kenix Kwok, Bosco Wong, Ellesmere Choi, Evergreen Mak, Queenie Chu, Bowie Lam,
Myolie Wu, Halina Tam, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Sunny Chan, & Deep Ng.

TVB Viet Releases This Week:

Latest This Week:

New-Ten Brothers-Moui Anh Em : Ep.(4-7)
Revolving Doors of Vengeance-Khach San Phong Van : Ep.(10-12)
Healing Hand III-Ban TayNhan Ai 3 : Ep. (21-24)

Downnload Section Updated:

New Songs by Myolie Wu _ One Plus One, Nikki Chow_He Has A Girlfriend, Alex Fong_ABC are ready for download. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Look Alikes?

Mariane Chan

Halina Tam

Monday, November 21, 2005

Nikki's Win Lose Situation:

I'm a big fan of both Nikki and Bernice, so I'm not a Nikki hater or biase. But between, Bernice & Nikki, Bernice deserved the award more. Bernice in her career span I'm sure have been in at least 10 series each with chronoligical improvements. Nikki on the other hand only has been in two series that aired, Hard Fate & The Gentle Crackdown. In both series she plays the exact same character type. Both characters are tom boys with the same attitude. The roles were played well, but showed no variety. Bernice's has played a princess, a strong will lawyer, a tough cop, a determined doctor-just to name a few, and in each series there was a clear difference in her charcater and acting. This was a big mistake. There were boos in the audience when Nikki won. I dont think its from Bernice fans like people have said, but true critics who saw that this was rip off. Lets all commend Bernice for her gracefulness through out this whole unfortunate ordeal. Nikki is now seen as public enemy number one to all Bernice fans which made her lose some fans from when she was neautral, making her win a lose.

Triumph In The Sky II: Special Update-It’s Been Shelved!!!

For Those Who Have Not Heard , Please Read This News Article:

Credit To: Fuzzybear @

TITSII, which was scheduled to begin production in Jan 2006, has been shelved. This is due to a request from the series' main sponsor Cathay Pacific. TVB is preparing two new series for cast members like Liza, Jessica and Ron instead. Ron will star with Damian Lau in something called 'Nam Yan Zi Fu', while Liza and Jess will cooperate on a nostalgic series.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly
Thanks To: Toomanysidesofme for posting the important info.

The Break Down:

No, I'm not talking about the fans who had the break down upon hearing this, but more info. and a basic summary. As you read, Cathay Pacific which is one of Asia's major Airline decide to "request" for it to be shelved . Cathay Pacific was also a major sponsor of the original. I suspect that its problaly a money issue that they're disputing. I've heard rumours that half way through the original, Cathay ask for the airplanes in the series to say "Cathay Pacific" instead of the made up "Solar" for promotional purposes. However the "Solar" was already embeded into many scenes ahead of time because it is special effects.

Well the bottom line is whatever conflict they are having the dedicated fans gets punish by the delay, or quite possibly its future cancellation. When a series is shelved, it puts a big question mark on it. So who knows what will happen, but for now Liza and Jessica will be in a nostalgic(ancient) series, and Ron will be in a series with Damian Lau(which sounds mind blowingly boring at the first impression). I am very angry that this is happening, and I'm sure other fans are too. TVB really set our hopes high for a big let down. Lets just all pray its only delay not the sour ending we fear.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fashion Police: TVB Anniversary Edition

The Good:

Sammul came with a Shanghai Hero persona with his stripe scarft wrapping him loosely. I like the new high lights in his hair.

Angela Tong went with a conservative touch, very different from dresses she usually wear to events like this because there was none of her infamous cleavage in sight.

Yoyo was really smart wearing this dress because the ruffles made an illusion that caught people's attention because Yoyo as you guy know is a little flat chested. Great techique tought in fashion classes.

Kenix was a like a virgin in pure white, with a very classy feather hat to top her off. Frankie on the other hand looks like he was going to bar. Who wears jeans to something extravagant like this? But I give him credit for having the ability to take the attention away from Kenix.

The Bad:

Shirley wore this rainbow pink fish scale type dress which looked awful. This was worse than last year's purple princess disaster.

Maria looked amazingly cheap. Her coffee drinking habit really shows in her yellow and brown teeth. Plus the dress was ugly.

Liza was sporting these dresses from the Martha Steward window curtain looking collection which look ridiculous. Especially the second one that made her look so fat.

The So So:

Nothing special about Nikki's dress, its something you can find at any Wal-Mart in the women's section.

Joe & Kate & Charles: mediocre...
Charmaine: Like the pink dress and fur, but she just needs to lose that flower garden growing on the head.

Linda: I dont love it and I dont hate it.

Ella: I like the white feather or fur looking wrap, and the pearls, but the dress is very ugly and old fashion.

Ron and Tavia: Too casual, its something people would wear to like MTV Hip Hop awards but not this.

Nancy and Leila: Lovely dresses if they were to wear it to the club(nancy) or a funeral(Leila).

The Kinda Weird:

Myolie- She looks very cool, but weird, because she looked like an anime mermaid. I guess its personal style. Bosco looked very charming and handsome as always.

I did not like Christine's dress and how look like she was about to take off her seaweed band around her neck and make everyone some sushi.

Moses looked alright... Gigi looked a bit strange with the hair, the dress, and the makeup-very mythical snake demon looking.

The Great:

The actresses, they all look very beautiful after a couple of outfit changes. With a few minor exceptions this picture was at the peak of perfection.

Jessica & Roger: She looked very elegant with the her silver satin dress which displayed high fashion at its highest peak, loves those matching diamonds. I love how Roger's outfit matched his eyes, and hair-very dashing.

Raymond was the king of cool in his very youthful suite. Sharon was slamming in this British pattern coture. VA VA VA VOOM- Bernice stole the show with her amazing femine hour glass figure displayed in this beautiful cocktail dress with diamonds ices making her TVB Generation's Cover Girl of the Week. Kevin was glowing in his tall, dark and handsome composer. Looking like an Irish god in green, he takes home TVB Generation's Cover Guy of the Week.

last but not least, Lady Anne was stunning while striking poses on the red carpet in this Shanghai meets Marmalade red dress which looks spectacular.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Drum Roll Please...Yeahhh! Boooo!


*Just a brief recap, and commentary. I understand not every watched it yet, or are not in a location where its a available to them. So I'll give those fans some time. If you know where to download it, please help those friends out on the shoutbox if you can. If I find it first I'll try to post it.

Best Actor: Roger Kwok(Life Made Simple): I love Roger but this is a slap in the face to other actors like Moses and Michael who did do a great job with their characters and put a spin on it. Roger's character didnt change at all from Square Pegs so why give him two award basicly for the same acting job.

Best Actress: Liza Wang(WOIL): As expected, no big suprise. Better luck next year Kenix, you're still young. Liza however might have thrown a temper tantrum, if she didn't win because she doesn't have anymore years to spare.

Best Supporting Actor: Ha Yu(My Family): This was unexpected, as you know Wayne Lai was my pick but poor Wayne was cheated out. The series to me wasn't all that great, the role was very appealing, and his acting wasn't really that deserving.

Best Supporting Actress: Angela Tong(Life Made Simple): Awsome! She was my #1 pick for this award. Very happy for her. Finally found her place under the sun.

Most Improve Actor: Bosco Wong(WOIL): No disputing this award winner. The very deserving Bosco won as expected. Give me B-O-S-C-O, what does that spell? Bosco! GO BOSCO!

Most Improve Actress: Nikki Chow(Gentle Crackdown): This was big suprise because Nikki isnt a contracted TVB artist, but I guess if you deserve you deserve it. I Thought Bernice or leila was going to win for sure.

Best Series: War of the In Laws: Not suprise at all! Considering both Liza & Bosco won and it had I think the highest average rating this year.

(Keep up with the lastest information at our partner news sites. I'm going leave some time for every to see it, and I'll do a wrap on thing s like fashion, and potential conflicts that might arise.)

Are You Satisfied with the winners? Voice your opinion on shoutbox...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Final Thoughts On The TVB Anniversary Show

The TVB Anniversary Show will be held in about a day from now. I will do my brief commentary, because after it airs nobody will care anymore. I'm sure this year will also bring huge controversy like the last two years has, especially in the best actress category.

Best Actress: This can only go two ways. TVB may give it to Liza because she has with them for so long so they decided to give it to her, or give it to Kenix because she is young so they want to please her fans and younger viewers.

Best Actor: Nothing much to talk about. Roger wont win because he already did in 2003. So its either Moses or Michael. It's pretty much the same deal like the Liza, and Kenix. Veteran
or the most popular.

Most Improve Female: Bernice, Nikki, or Leila? Bernice, Nikki or Leila?? huh, Bernice. She was almost everywhere this year. TVB usually give this award to someone who is about to leave the supporting class and into the leading like Bernice recently did with her new series with Kevin and Bosco. Nikki had the biggest chance, but since she is not a TVB artiste her chances are cut in half.

Most Improve Male: No questions ask, no competetions. Hands down its definitely Bosco Wong's year. There is nothing to argue about this because its pretty much a done deal.

Best Series: It doesn't take a fortune teller to predict its either going to Revolving Doors of Vengeance or War of the In Laws. Its either going to be decided by the results of the other awards or simply ratings.

Opposite Ends of the Nancy Spectrum:

Both Nancys' are special in the their own way, but they're opposite in where they are and progressing in their career.

The Hong Kong Oprah: The big sister to all the TVB actresses, Nancy Sit. Long time dedicated veteran along side with her old timers, but big timers Lydia Shum, Dodo(Carol) Cheng, and Liza Wang. One of the prestigest host of the TVB anniversary show almost every year and always held her standings in the front row every year at the Lightning Ceremony. Best known for playing the adorable mother on VOH, but the role only takes up less than a centimeter on her career timeline. The legendary success of Nancy Sit, The Veteran.

TVB's Little Girl: The little princess of TVB, Nancy Wu. She was the winner of TVB magazine model search contest. She has been label a newcomer for almost three years now. Recently added by TVB to the front cover with all the newcomers again, even though she was already feature as a newcomer in 2003's calendar along side with Leila, Sammul, Bosco, Lai Lok Yi, and Kenneth. Her career is moving very slow, but at least it's still moving. Reason? Tons of female newcomers entering TVB every year, mostly from pageants. It's apparent that Nancy Wu is going through some growing pain. The developing Nancy Wu, The Newcomer, still.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Pick For Best Supporting Stars

This Year's Sheren Tang of the Supporting Class: Angela Tong

Angela is really stepping up her game in the competition. I thought her performance in Fantasy Hotel was great because she perfected the art of playing the annoying role with a hint of seduction. She then improved even more in Life Made Simple shedding her pretty seductive girl role completely and morphed into a humble ugly gal that warms people's heart. Since the series has aired her popularity has gone throgh the roof. This can be describe as the break through role that every "hidden" stars are searching for. Lets just hope she doesn't get short ended like Sheren did last year.

Win Win Wayne!

Wanye Lai has been in the industry an amazingly long time. His best and oldest I can remember is Journey To The West I with Dickey Cheung and Kwong Wah. Both are enjoying tremendous success elsewhere while Wayne is still here doing supporting roles. But the important thing is he is doing every supporting role justice. I really believe that he deserves this award because his performance in Gentle Crackdown is the best out of the entire support actor's list. His humor is what really close this deal for me. Paul Chun is his biggest competetion but I doubt it because he won the Best Extraordinary Award already in 2003. So take it home Wayne!

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