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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Feature Artiste: The Charming Jack Wu

Beneath His Charms:
The Charming Pretty Boy in TVB series, Jack Wu Lok Yin. Gaining vast popularity by the seconds. Jack is definitely not a newcomer as he has been in the entertainment cirle for considerably long time now. However, this is because he pursued a singing career beforehand. He was only recently discovered by alot of fans through watching him in series. Many notice right off the bat his height. Jack is 173 cm or 5 feet 6.8 inches tall, justing barely meeting the minimal requirements of the TVB 13th acting class and other recruitment programs which is 5'7. TVB problaly rounded for the sake that they saw something in him because he had prior experiences in the industry. Great decision made them I must say. I've actually read a fan commenting "He might be short but his muscular body sure makes up for it" which I have to say is not a lie. By looking at him you might reasonably guess that he's still in his teens between the age of 17-19. Born in August 23, 1977, Jack is actually 28 nearing the 30's. Jack could be listed as a agedefyer in his rights.

Jack & TVB:
His first role in TVB series was on "King of Yesterday" playing Kwong Wah's cousin having one of the smallest role and the least lines of that series. Gradually he made his way up the ladder in "Not Just a Pretty Face" opposite Nancy Wu as Roger's brother. This is where I started to take noticed of him. He suprised me when he played a second lead (big supporting) role along with Myolie Wu in only his third series. The series, "Net Deception", ended not airing at all in Hong Kong because it was deemed a warehouse series. Sadly, Jack then didn't have any other serial that aired inorder to capitalize on his popularity for a while after because he wasn't constantly filming. He did take some time to go to Switzerland with Angela Tong to film a special show. He then follow with another warehouse series, "Ten Brothers", which has yet aired in Hong Kong and only released overseas.

Then came good news that TVB will promoting Jack more because they have adopted him into their "Jade's New Army" with other up and coming stars. After several months of fans not seeing his face, Jack broke the dry spell with "The Gateau Affairs" with big names like Bobo Chan, Joe Ma, Annie Man and Myolie Wu. The show earned fairly decent ratings. After about a month Jack fans received the good news that Jack's series "Real Kung Fu" will be an anniversary series. The bad news came when it did not receive good ratings at all, almost dreadful. He was linked to his costar Charmaine Li because of joking accusation by Timmy Hung. The worse part for alot of Jack fans was that TVB had him a sissy role in the series. Strangely, the damage was minimal if any were present. His fan sites are still strong with alot of registered fans, his forum at sites are still very lively in discussion, and work for him are still lined up. Why? Jack is very loveable, and easily adored among viewers. There is no reason I can think of why anybody would hate him so why not just love him. There is something magical in his smile that will take care of the rest...

To Jack Wu, High Hopes, Big Potential, and Great Success!

My Rating of Jack:
***** 4 Stars
What's your Rating of him?

Comments on "Feature Artiste: The Charming Jack Wu"


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